10 suspects

36 people died instantly on the plateau, 10 suspects became perpetrators of the shooting


Nigeria is again getting a large number of shootings. The shooting took place in Plateu, Nigeria which has killed 36 people. It was recorded through the massacre that occurred. The attack resulted in several buildings in the vicinity began to crumble. The massacre took place at night near the village of Kota Jos in Central Nigeria. This was also said directly by the government who was in an area that was being hit by ethnic clashes.

Through the military spokesman at the time who told that there were several people with weapons began to enter from house to house. This is so that the terrorists or armed people succeed in killing the people there.
The incident took place on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, to be precise in Yelwa Zangnam at night. Finally his troops began to enter the area because there was a bridge that began to experience destruction.

The reason is that Jos is the capital of the Plateau, and the state was even known as the Middle Belt of Nigeria. The place was also used as a place of battle between the Hausa and Fulani groups. The incident eventually dominated the whole of Northern Nigeria especially for the local ethnic group which has a smaller population. This was also expressed directly by the Governor who was in the Plateau State.

Simon Lalong said that the attack happened because of a brutal act. Later the Security Forces will be asked to look for suspects. So far, at least Nigeria has arrested around 10 suspects on Friday, 27 August 2021. Because of the shooting, Nigeria is still carrying out night surveillance rules. This is useful so that Nigeria does not lose his life a second time. Not only life, but also property must be strictly guarded. This was also directly confirmed by the authorities who took part in easing the curfew. This incident was carried out after the attackers managed to kill 22 passengers who were in the same area on August 14.

Many Nigerians suspect that the attacker behind all this is a Fulani. Because only the Fulani have a feud with the Yelwa Zangam community. Not long after that, there was also information from a hospital official in Jos. Hospital officials said about 36 bodies had been brought down from the village. In fact, many say that this year Nigeria has a high case of violence. Even the kidnappings that occur want a ransom if they want the victim to survive. This should also keep you on your toes. Because armed robbery is common in Nigeria.

There are several causes of violence, one of which is poverty. Poverty that occurs can certainly strengthen competition in finding jobs to quality resources. It’s not just poverty, because in the Middle Belt, competition between ethnic groups and religions is getting more complicated. Hausa and Fulani are places containing tens of millions in various parts of Nigeria. Basically, the average Hausa and Fulani people do follow the religion of Islam. But there are still some people who follow a minor religion. For example, in some small Middle Belt groups.