Soon, Windows 11 Will Come


Windows is the most impressive operating system (OS) for Windows lovers. But recently, Microsoft will present the latest version, namely Windows 11. It is believed that the OS will have a much better impact than the previous version.
For users of Windows versions 7, 8.1 and 10. They don’t need to worry if they want to enjoy the Windows 11 OS. Because they can upgrade the system for free. This had happened in version 10. Where users did not need to go to a number of Computer Centers to get the latest version. Because all downloads in full are available on various sites, especially the official Microsoft site.

Give More Benefits
The presence of Windows 11 is believed to be able to provide more benefits to users. According to Microsoft records, more than 1 billion people are still using OS version 10. It was known at the beginning of March, where versions 7 and 8.1 were still standing with a percentage of 20.7%.

However, Microsoft prefers to call Windows 11 as The Next Generation. Some controversy has also arisen, where version 10 is considered the last release. But now, the party has developed various things to provide satisfaction. So that their latest version will be released in the near future.

Appears First on Baidu Forum
Windows 11 has appeared for the first time on Baidu forums. It caught the attention of The Verge’s journalist, Tom Warren. He said that Microsoft’s latest release will provide more important information that is practically impossible.
Warren also had time to determine screenshots and videos on the Windows 11 Start Menu display. He said that this version was not much different from version 10. But the unique side is that the latest version combines two-screen devices. However, until now he still has not provided details of the actual appearance.
Furthermore, Warren added that there will be other changes that appear in all displays. Xbox games that can only be combined with the Multimedia Interface, but later it will be more unified. And also many interesting sides that will juggle the boredom of the users.

Some of the Features Offered
According to reports from well-known sources, Windows 11 will feature the best features that have never existed. And the following are the advantages of this version, including;
• Later the taskbar icon position looks very flexible. But the original position is in the middle. It is known that the display is more developed version of macOS.
• In the Start Menu, they will remove Live Titles for various Applications.
• It comes with the latest logos and designs. Reportedly almost similar to version 8 in 2012. But still make it simpler.
• Experiencing a redesign that will later provide the best color gradation. Interestingly, the logo is more inclined to the 3D view.
• There will be many different displays. It is believed that there are more options than version 10.
• Presents several options on the Maximize button. These include side by side, grid of three and grid of four.
• Presents the opening theme while the PC is on.
Some of these features are small scale that will be present in Windows 11. Later, Microsoft will also update the Store and other more promising facilities. So many developers have joined to offer the latest applications. The latest news is that they will launch the version at the end of June.