Marc Marquez

Recovering from injury, Marc Marquez is ready to face the Styria GP


MotoGP fans will soon feel the heat of excitement from a number of world-renowned bikers. Not only that, a number of trusted online gambling sites have also inaugurated the opening of real money betting events. Indeed, the second round of MotoGP in 2021 will be held at the Red Bull Ring, Austria from 6 to 8 August 2021.

Biker from Spain, Marc Marquez who has just recovered from injury is very confident and preparing to face the Styria GP this season. It is believed that the Repsol Honda rider is in a condition that allows him to return to the Double.

Header in Austria.
Had doubts about appearing, but the medical team immediately gave an official statement that the rider had recovered 100%. Reportedly he has also felt a very good change from before. And that’s what made him feel confident to win the race.

Reflecting on the Spanish GP
At the Spanish GP last season, Marc Marquez could not do much because he had to be sidelined for 9 months due to being on the operating table. However, upon his return to the Portuguese GP this season, he also looks very strong and worthy of knitting success. In the race, Marc seemed to suffer because his right hand had a severe accident. Even though he was successful in the German GP, ​​Alex Marquez’s older brother still regretted Honda’s decision to keep his younger brother down. He also asked Honda to continue to give the best so that his team’s performance would increase in the next series.

Make Time For Family
This summer vacation has made Marc even more grateful to be able to spend time with his family. Indeed, the rider numbered 93 has plenty of time to recover his physical health without having to be in the arena.
“This summer was very special for me, because I was able to gather with family and friends. It is so important for recovery. Because my mind and health are getting better,” Marquez said as reported.

Practice With Motocross
As a professional racer, Marquez has his own way to restore his stability before returning to asphalt. During the holidays, the 28-year-old rider still raced on a motorbike. On the one hand, he also takes the time to practice by riding a motocross to feel the atmosphere of this season. “I will never give up and keep fighting to get better conditions. By spending time on the bike, it was really able to get my mind back on the real track,” said Marquez.

Can’t wait to ride the RC213V
Marquez began to impatiently want to immediately ride the RC213V on the arena. Although he understands that the Red Bull Ring is not an easy track, he is very optimistic that he can give his best when the race starts.
“The track this time is not as easy as before. However, we will continue to work hard. I’m too excited to chime in with the RC213V. When I saw the grandstands and the cheers of the crowd, that’s when my desire to win really rumbled, “said Marquez.

Stuck in the Middle Standings
Currently, Marquez’s position is still stuck in 10th place in the standings. The 6-time world champion rider has only won 1 time at the German GP. Marquez’s supporters began to believe that the rider could triumph again at the Red Bull Ring. Because he is a racer who does not know how to give up before breaking the dominance of the other best riders.