Do This Way Every Day!

Prevent COVID-19 Disease, Do This Way Every Day!


Cases of COVID-19 have not decreased since 2019. In fact, a number of countries have become soft food for the epidemic from day to day. Various information that has been circulating in the internet media illustrates that we must not be weak in eradicating the disease. Because online slot lovers are still fighting the pandemic by doing everything they can.

Several reliable sources as well as facts from a number of people also believe that there are still many ways out to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Because the last few years the world seems to have faltered since the first time the epidemic spread. Always staying at home is not too good without doing anything. Especially for the unemployed who still have not found a new job or have been laid off.

So how to prevent the spread of the corona virus so that all residents can smile again like they used to? What is certain is that this review has summarized it in its entirety and is based on facts from various health experts. From that, we will immediately start with the first point, namely;

COVID-19 is a very dangerous infectious disease. But unfortunately some people still do not believe in the power of the plague. Because they are always busy doing activities regardless of health protocols. However, as stated by several health experts, the solution to prevent it is to often sunbathe every day between 8 and 10 am. Because the hot sun at that moment can help to kill all kinds of viruses.

In this case, doing these activities can also be felt by sitting, lying or standing. The optimal duration for sunbathing is between 10 and 30 minutes. Presumably the sweat has been pouring all over the body, then that is a real goal. After that start to consume warm water and vitamin foods. So what is clear is that a corona-class disease will go away.

In addition to sunbathing, health experts also recommend exercising regularly. Even though it doesn’t depend on the clock, at least do it every day by spending a maximum of 1 hour. 5 am is the most appropriate time to exercise such as running, walking, cycling and others. Because the most important thing is how the body can produce excessive sweat.
As experienced by the country of Indonesia, the case of the corona virus is indeed increasingly powerful. However, the locals have been dealing with the disease by doing regular exercise every time. It doesn’t matter if they have to be tired, exhausted and exhausted. Because their goal is only to be free from a deadly plague.

And the last thing to do is worship according to their respective beliefs. Because of course every religion has a handle on life that can save its people from various negative situations. Although currently various places of worship are temporarily closed, this should not be used as an excuse to be lazy in praying and asking for protection.

As do Muslims all over the world. They also do not stop – stop begging for forgiveness so that everything is avoided from things – things that are not desirable. Tolerance between people is very necessary so that life in the world is more prosperous. Because the most powerful way to take care of yourself is to pray every day without breaking. If this is always done Tuma’Ninah, it is certain that the COVID-19 disease will end soon.