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Here was our last forecast online:-
* Forecasts For Saturday, March 17, 2001.
                                       Hartlepool Vs Brighton
                                       Kidderminster Vs Darlington
                                       Wrexham Vs Reading
                                       Newcastle Vs middlesbro
                                       Gillingham Vs Watford
                                       West Ham Vs Ipswich
                                      *For 3 Draws, Minimum.   Good Games For Permutation !!
* Sure Bankers, Saturday March 17, 2001
                                       Hartlepool Vs Brighton
                                       Kidderminster Vs Darlington
* Forecasts Results For Saturday, March 17, 2001.
                                       Hartlepool...2 Vs Brighton...2
                                       Kidderminster...0 Vs Darlington...0
                                       Wrexham...1 Vs Reading...2
                                       Newcastle...1 Vs middlesbro...2
                                       Gillingham...x Vs Watford...x
                                       West Ham...0 Vs Ipswich...1
*We met 100% of our prediction of 3 Draws, Minimum
                                      And 100% 2 sure bankers
                                      Rejoice!  Rejoice!  &  Rejoice!     What A Great Week!!

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