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BBC News Online
Tuesday, 11 September, 2001, 14:58 GMT 15:58 UK
Terrorist attacks on the US
The first attacks dominated the New York skyline
The world is reeling from the worst terrorist outrage in history. Four hijacked planes are deliberately crashed causing death and devastation in New York and Washington DC.

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America's darkest day

The moment the second plane his the twin towers

Just before 0900EDT in New York an aircraft flew into the north tower of the World Trade Center, minutes later a second plane flew into the south tower. A third plane later ploughed into the Pentagon building in Washington DC.

 James Robbins reports

Eyewitness horror
A woman is carried away from the scene of the devastation

As the magnitude of the disaster became clear New Yorkers gave their accounts of the calamity which had befallen their city.

 Click here to see the eyewitness accounts

America pledges revenge

George W Bush addresses the nation

President Bush addresses the nation on TV and hints that at a strong US response against the "terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbour them".

 Click here to watch President Bush's statement

Washington under fire

The Pentagon is the symbol of America's super power status

Some reports say up to 800 people may have died when a third hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon. The Mayor of Washington has declared a state of emergency in the city. But despite the carnage, the capital city is refusing to be bowed.

 The BBC's Rob Watson reports

UK security stepped up

Tony Blair said Britian would stand

The UK's airports, cities and government buildings are on heightened security alert following the terror attacks on the US. All private aircraft have been grounded and no flights allowed on the normally busy flight paths over London until further notice.

 The BBC's Margaret Gilmore reports

A famous landmark

The World Trade Center was the fourth tallest building in the world

The World Trade Center, situated in New York's financial district, was once one of the most potent symbols of the financial might of the United States. It provided one of the most popular postcard views of New York and - along with the Statue of Liberty - symbolised the city to many people.

 The BBC's Fergus Walsh on the history of the World Trade Center

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