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    (Monday, August 27, 2001)

    By Chief Charles O. Okereke, Nigeria Masterweb

    On August 11, 2001, we published an article titled 'Exclusive: Abdulsalami Agrees To Testify'. Nigeria Masterweb was the only news medium in the world that carried such news, which disclosed General Abdulsalami Abubakar's secret agreement to appear before the Human Rights Violation Investigation Commission( HRVIC ). Our readers sent us several emails wondering how we were able to secure such information that major news networks were unable to obtain. We simply replied to the readers that Nigeria Masterweb(NMW) was born to win free press for Nigerians and the entire world. NMW for this purpose, was set up with all the journalistic apparatus, including intelligence in news gathering and reporting. One of the readers replied to our email with this statement "NMW also stands for Nigerians Must Win"

    It is obvious that for the people to win, democracy must prevail in the society. One of the components of democracy is press freedom, which is a professional sub-classification of freedom of speech and expression. People use words of mouth, and action, to exercise this democratic right without a pen. The press uses the pen in addition to words and action to exercise this right for transparency in governance, unfettered news, justice, and the rule of law in the society. Nigeria Masterweb will through its intelligence apparatus extract and propagate vital news articles for the benefit of mankind. NMW whenever possibly will project , extract, and propagate information on 'news blacked out' issues through its news intelligence apparatus. This is exactly what we did with General Abubakar and the Oputa Panel. The Vanguard issue of August 26, 2001 comfirmed our news report of the agreement of General Abubakar to testify at the Oputa Panel with an article 'Abubakar ready for Oputa *Aides storm Minna to brainstorm'.

    Nigeria Masterweb is here to stay. Count on us always for that exclusive breaking news in Nigeria and around the world.

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