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* Buhari, Atiku Prepare For New Election
* Nigerian Lawmakers Move To Sack Iwu
* Nigerian to oversee AU southern Sudan peace deal
* Everton FC coach doubts Yakubu's age
* Anxiety as Yar'Adua knows fate on Tuesday
* 'Obasanjo, el-Rufai Left N1.2trn Unexecuted Contracts'
* Detained Nigerian journalist released
* Nigerian female cocaine smuggler jailed 8 yrs in UK
* Yar'Adua plots against Buhari, Atiku
* Nigerian Presidential Election Tribunal Chair Elevated
* 2 Nigerian pilgrims defect in Israel
* Reps probe Nigerian prisons for 300 babies in prison
* Ghana jails 3 Nigerian convicts ten years
* Nigerian rebels want 'proof of life'
* Nigeria to tripple power supply
* Obong of Calabar dies
* ICPC quizzes Duke, freezes wife's accounts
* Nigerian drug smuggler jailed in UK
* 2 Nigerians jailed in S. Arabia for purse Snatching
* Nigerian army spokesman dies in road crash
* Nigerian recasts story of African slavery
* Spain arrests 10 Nigerians for 419 scam
* Nigerian faith healer in whiff of controversy
* Nigerian Senator in Green Card marriage scandal
* Nigeria reverses privatisation of phone company
* Nigerian militants ask Bush to mediate peace talks
* 50 yrs later, 'Things Fall Apart' is still required reading
* For Praising Hitler, Nigerian Risks Jail in Hungary
* Nigerian ex-governors get bail in corruption trials
* Gunmen kill Nigerian sailor escorting gas workers
* Blackouts in Nigeria may worsen
* American avoids falling prey to Nigerian scam
* Nigerian lecturer, student, rape & rob undergrad
* 3 killed in Nigerian religious riots
* Nigerian Senate Orders Arrest of NNPC Boss
* Nigerian smuggler could be kicked out of UK
* Morocco arrests 2 Nigerians, 1 Ghanaian for drug-trafficking
* Nigerian states press for more oil cash
* Nigerian Militants Release Mrs Seinye LuLu-Briggs
* Okiro seizes 400 Police Equipment Fund vehicles
* Experts to review Nigerian governance
* Nigeria to curb imports of "toxic" old computers
* Appeal Court sacks Kogi Gov
* Kogi Speaker takes over as Idris loses appeal
* Unsafe Abortion Kills 55,000 Nigerian Women
* Nigerian scammers turn on the loveless
* Refugees arrive at Nigeria-Chad border town
* INEC got ballot papers 40 days after poll
* Abuja Bans Sale of Alcohol, Sex Workers
* Nigerian, Ghanaian join Gambian Supreme court
* Nigeria orders crackdown on N'Delta militants
* Nigerian emir's son disappeared with contract money
* Nigerian scam targets lonely hearts
* 11 dead in gun battle at Nigerian pipeline
* Nigerian Naval Men Abduct Police Officer
* Ghana 2 - 1 Nigeria: Ghana clip Eagles' wings

AFRICA             Nigeria MasterWeb at:-
* AIDS a threat to Mozambique economy
* Switzerland considers sanctions in Chad case
* WFP workers abducted in Darfur
* New breakthrough in Uganda talks
* Bush winds up African tour
* Situation in Darfur deteriorating
* Kenya 'at risk of fresh violence'
* Horror crash paralyses S. Africa N3 highway
* Tax relief for South Africans
* Sudan army wages deadly strike in Darfur
* Rare cooperation to save gorillas
* Congo rebels massacred 30 during peace talks
* Ghana jails 3 Nigerian convicts ten years
* Violence erupts at DR Congo camp
* Bush moves on after hero's reception in Tanzania
* EU-backed Chad peace process 'dead in the water'
* US drops Africa military HQ plan
* Egypt rounds up Palestinians to deport to Gaza
* China faces fall-out of expansion in Africa
* Bush launches five-nation African tour
* "Hybrids" take back night in dangerous Darfur camps
* Egypt Wins 2008 Nations Cup
* 600,000 displaced in Kenya
* US diplomat says Kenya violence is ethnic cleansing
* African babies being sold into slavery in UK
* Morocco arrests 2 Nigerians, 1 Ghanaian for drug-trafficking
* 7 policemen killed in Algeria ambush
* Annan hopes for Kenyan deal next week
* Kenya lifts ban on rallies
* Fears of Sudan-Chad proxy war
* Fears of backlash after failed coup
* First African human genome has been sequenced
* Chad Capital Under Curfew
* Somali woman stabs pilots, hijacks plane
* Fighting in Chad's Capital Ebbs, but Problems Loom
* ZANU(PF) expels official for challenging Mugabe
* Chad evicting homeless, bocking flight from capital
* Chad president 'in total control'
* Egypt chaining HIV men to hospital beds
* Nigerian, Ghanaian join Gambian Supreme court
* Refugees arrive at Nigeria-Chad border town
* Trafficked children tell their stories
* France Hints at Larger Chad Intervention
* Thousands flee Chad as rebels vow fresh offensive
* Ghana 2 - 1 Nigeria: Ghana clip Eagles' wings
* Ghana and Ivory Coast reach semi-finals
* African quakes kill at least 30
* Fighting Rages for 2nd Day in Chad's Capital

WORLD             Nigeria MasterWeb at:-
* Kosovo independence 'terrible precedent'
* Killer who cut off penis of wife's lover says sorry
* Malaysian bloggers warned being monitored
* No survivors in Venezuelan plane crash
* Turkish troops launch Iraq offensive
* Iran continues to enrich uranium
* Moscow threatens force over Kosovo
* Heraldists to Swedish Army: Bring back the lion's penis
* 46 die in Venezuela plane crash
* Violence erupts on Kosovo-Serbia border
* Obama wins votes of US expatriates
* Tiny feudal state embraces democracy
* Anxiety as Yar'Adua knows fate on Tuesday
* 'Obasanjo, el-Rufai Left N1.2trn Unexecuted Contracts'
* US rendition flights "very serious issue"
* Rendition flights landed on British turf
* Editorial: Obama's Chances
* Castro foes want him to face murder charges
* US shoots down rogue satellite
* Shot East Timor President out of coma
* Human Rights boss denied Russian visa
* UN to examine US human rights record
* Monopoly, Battleship to become movies
* US space shuttle Atlantis returns home
* Tension mounts in Kosovo
* South Korea army helicopter crashes killing seven
* Group claims Iran's nuke program accelerated
* Obama and McCain score easy wins in Wisconsin
* Armenian PM wins poll
* Penis mutilator found guilty
* Serbia recalls ambassador to U.S. over Kosovo
* Fidel Castro resigns
* If Kosovo Can Be Free, Why Not Palestine?
* US and European powers recognise Kosovo
* Former boxer fends off eight cops
* Guyana gunmen kill 12 in attack
* Women stopped from voting in Pakistan
* Afghan suicide blast kills 80
* Kosovo sparks other independence claims
* Britain nationalises troubled Northern Rock bank
* 'Muslims should boycott Wikipedia'
* Serbia 'will never recognise' Kosovo
* Kosovo declares independence, Serbia vows to resist
* "Hybrids" take back night in dangerous Darfur camps
* Seven dead in U.S. illegal drag car race
* Fake bomb creates terror in Bali
* Illinois college shooter stopped medication
* Russia writes off its Iraqi debt
* Obama Takes Delegate Lead
* Obama poised to win Virginia
* Obama pips Clinton in Grammy race
* Pakistani ambassador goes missing
* Starbucks to offer free wireless in the US
* Hillary Clinton's manager steps down
* Obama Excited a New Generation of America's Voters
* Obama takes US poll clean sweep
* Japan accuses Russia of incursion
* Five American soldiers killed in Iraq
* 'Osama bin Laden in Pakistan border area'
* Obama rakes in the millions
* Afghan image of US soldier in wins major photo award
* Woman tells court ex-husband cut off lover's penis
* Kosovo independence in 10 days
* Six die in attack on US council
* Indian doctor gets life for filming nude patients
* 3 Pakistani Generals Perish in Air Crash
* 'US ship nearly fires on Iranians'
* Oil extends slide to $87 after big stock build
* Clinton, Obama in Super Tuesday draw
* Heavy mobile use affects sperm quality
* Tornadoes sweep US South, 48 dead
* Video shows al-Qaeda training children
* Saudis Fight Off Inflation by Pooling to Buy in Bulk
* Russia frets over Iran rocket launch?
* Fake bomb, drugs taken on plane
* Disabling North Korea's nuke almost completed
* New Iraqi flag hoists over new cabinet building
* Arab education 'falling behind'
* Obama Closes In on Hillary
* Oil prices fall below US$90 after overnight rise
* Coffee With Colleague Lands Woman in Trouble
* 14 dead today in Sri Lanka
* Iran opens its first space centre
* Charitty begins at home... so does fraud
* New York Giants win Super Bowl XLII
* Thief takes a nap after cookie snack
* Bhutto memoir reveals attack warnings
* Student's mouth-to-muzzle saves tiger cub
* Snowing weather injures dozens in Japan



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