United States Residents

European Union Closes Travel Access to United States Residents


The condition of the COVID-19 pandemic this year is very uncertain. Where a number of countries still have not fully succeeded in hacking the deadly epidemic. Recently, the European Union (EU) launched dozens of troops to close access to travel for Native Americans (US) in various regions, especially when they were about to immigrate.
It is known that US travelers are dominated by professional online gambling players. They also feel dissatisfied with the casino buildings in the US which are still not operating properly. And this has triggered the EU not to give concessions to local residents in order to end cases of the corona virus.

Accompanied by Proof of Vaccination
As the BBC reports, the EU is by no means completely shutting down US travelers from traveling on a small to large scale. However, those who really want to cross the border are required to show proof of vaccination in the form of certificates, negative tests, self-isolation and other authentic evidence.

The EU again advised the US that its citizens should not drain the government’s work too much. Because so far, cases of the corona virus in several countries have begun to deflate.

Furthermore, the EU also began to relax access for North Macedonia, Montenegro, Lebanon, Kosovo to Israel. Because some of these countries have a cooperative relationship since some time ago. Even though the EU decided that it should still happen since last June. But the US government, Joe Biden also made a rule that its citizens are not allowed to travel, except for urgent circumstances.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, spoke about the closure of the access. He emphasized that there was nothing more that could be done other than limiting the number of activities that caused crowds.

“A few months ago, we noted an immigration issue from a US citizen. However, the process is not running optimally because some countries do not accept other citizens who enter freely, except for state affairs,” said von der Leyen.
Corona cases start to increase

The EU has made a really wise decision. In fact, cases of corona in a number of US cities are starting to increase. Some time ago, the EU Prokes team recorded that there were 176,742 cases of the Delta variant corona in the US.
In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data (CDC) also states that the number that occurs per week is approximately 147,030 cases.

As happened in Florida, last Saturday some of the patients registered as inpatients reached 75 people. While hundreds of thousands of others only conduct periodic checks and outpatients. On the one hand, Louisiana, Texas and South Carolina are experiencing a shortage of oxygen cylinders. Reportedly the stock of these tubes is rare, because several other countries also need each other.

Vaccinations Ensure Personal Health
A few days earlier, the US was competing to celebrate both free and paid vaccinations. All participants must be over 18 years of age. Based on the report, this figure has reached 63.3% of the total population. While in the EU, the vaccination process that occurred reached 67.4%.

US Trust Medical Expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that vaccination can guarantee personal health. But that does not mean that they are not attacked by all kinds of diseases. It’s just that their immunity level is slightly increased.
According to him, people who do not vaccinate will have a great potential for contracting the corona virus. Until now, the case has become the main monitoring of the US and EU Governments so that their residents remain safe in carrying out their daily activities.