Actions 115 Separatist Instigators Killed In Nigeria

Actions 115 Separatist Instigators Killed In Nigeria


Since the case of such a creative agitator, there has been surprising news from the Nigerian state. Nigeria is suspected of carrying out a murder that nearly killed 115 people. This is allegedly due to the Nigerian security forces who began to use excessive force on the person.

Not only ordinary people, but the police were also affected by the actions of the separatist instigators. In fact, there have been at least 127 police officers who fell while securing the violence that was raging.
This was also directly acknowledged by local media and said there were about 20 police stations and the offices of the election commission which were also attacked. This was revealed directly by one of the media on Friday, August 6, 2021.

The Biafran indigenous people are a prohibited movement to seek independence for the Igbo ethnicity. There is even the militant wing of the Eastern Security Network or what can be called ESN which has to accept the alleged violence.
However, when they were suspected of committing violence, the IPOB or Biafra Indigenous Peoples rejected it outright. The IPOB also said that the amnesty could be regarded as one of the security forces’ countermeasures.

The security forces referred to by the Biafran Indigenous Peoples include the military, police, and the intelligence services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is even said that the State Department’s intelligence agency or DSS has succeeded in killing dozens of men who used weapons.

Not only armed men but also civilians were killed. Because these attacks are carried out everywhere. So, it’s only natural that this resulted in many victims falling for each other. Nigeria is well known for frequent conflicts so that foreign investors, online businesses, entrepreneurs are still reluctant to invest in the country.

This was also confirmed directly by the World Human Rights Watch, who participated in documenting up to 115 Nigerians. The killings of the Nigerians were carried out by security forces estimated to be around March to June 2021.
Before the incident that happened to Nigerians, the massacre had occurred before July 2021. At that time there were about 5 civilians, 4 soldiers up to 40 attackers were killed on the same day.

Exactly on a Sunday due to clashes in volatile areas. And is thought to be southwest of Niger just near the border with Mali. It was said directly by the government of Nigria. It is said that as many as 100 terrorists or several heavily armed people using motorbikes began to surround the village of Tchoma Bangou. The massacre was carried out on a Sunday at exactly 3pm.

This was expressed directly by the Niger Ministry of Defense in a statement read live on state television. But the statement did not reveal who was suspected as a result of the attacks that occurred at the time. The Defense and Security Forces allegedly reacted strongly when the attack began. Even this began to result in heavy casualties on the enemy side. The government also confiscated evidence such as motorcycles, and various weapons. Call it like AK47 to machine guns belonging to the enemy. Because Tchoma Bangou is a place in the Tillaberi area. This place is in the border area with Mali to Burkina Faso. This area is also commonly known as the “three borders” area and is often the target of jihadist groups. Even his party has banned motorcycle traffic day and night for 1 year.