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Nigeria Masterweb News Report

    Gov. Udenwa in D.C. June 24

    (Sunday, June 9, 2002)

    By Chief Charles O. Okereke, Nigeria Masterweb

    Nigeria Chief Achike Udenwa, Governor of Imo State, Nigeria, will arrive Washington D.C. June 24 on official visit. A banquet reception in his honor has been scheduled for the same day by the Imo Trade Office. A program/events brochure is being put together for the occasion. Advertisement spaces in the brochure are still available, but going fast. To reserve a seat at the banquet, or a space in the program/events brochure, contact Honorable Ike C. Ibe, Imo State Trade Representative, Imo Trade Office, Washington D.C. Governor Udenwa is expected to undertake a tour of selected cities in the States, after his homage reception in D.C. There is every reason to attend the banquet reception, because that will give attendees the opportunity to meet the governor and address questions or concerns to him; above all give him compliments if he so deserves. The rates for advertisement in the program/events brochure are as follows. Full Page $100.00 Black & White, $150 Color, and half page $50.00 Black & White, $75 Color. The Imo Trade Office can be reached by phone at 202-293-3801.
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