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Friday, July 16, 2004
Nigerian girl to have life-changing operation
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Nigerian girl to have life-changing operation
- Itvregions News

A nine year old girl from Nigeria who suffers from a rare congenital disorder which means she has an overgrown foot is having a operation today that will change her life.

Emade Okungbowa's left foot has grown disproportionately from birth, and it has left her a social outcast. But the good news is, she is now in Britain, thanks to a charity based in Cambridge.

David Donovan and his wife Shirley met Emade at her home last year while carrying out charity work in Africa. They were so touched by her plight they've flown her here. Today she is going to have an operation at the Bupa Lea hospital in Cambridge which is hoped will transform her life.

David from the New Foundations Charity says that just her visit here has already made a difference: "When we met Emade she was reclusive, she did not go to school, she was an object of ridicule in her town. Seeing her change has been amazing, she arrived in our house, she has been through every kitchen cabinet , the dog is exhausted - the child has changed out of all perspective it has been quite amazing." Emade says: "I will be happy, my life will change if my life is good"

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