Interview with Peter Oboh

    By Ike Enwereuzor

          British based Nigerian ranked number two in Britian and Commonwealth No.1 light heavyweight contender, Peter Oboh (10-5) 8KO's in his most recent fight January 29, 2001 at Peterborough, England blew away top light heavy contender Chris Davis in eight to emerge as a No.1 mandatory contender for the Commonwealth light heavyweight title. Oboh's popularly known for his impressive knockout of former top light heavyweight contender Ole Klemensten. He fought other fighters like WBO cruiserweight champ, Johnny Neilson, Scot Welch etc. Oboh's expected to fight Neil Simpson for the Commonwealth championship then move into America scene to face the top ten light heavyweights like Michael Nunn, Dariusz Michalczewski, Frankie Liles, Richard Hall, Julio Gonzalez, David Telesco, Antonio Tarver, Eric Harding and then Roy Jones jr. His professional record of 10 wins and 5 losses doesn't reflect his skills.

    Q: Hello Peter, Could you please tell us about your recent fight on January 29, 2001 against Chris Davis held in Peterborough?
    A: It was a good fight for my boxing career. The fight was televised Live on Sky Sports TV. Chris gave me a good fight but I was the man of the house. It was the first time I had ever been given 8 weeks notice to prepare for a fight. It was an elimination bout for the No.1 place for the commonwealth light heavyweight title held by Neil Simpson. I was hungry and very ready for that fight. Chris was very sturborn but I stopped him in the 8th round, he was exhausted after I gave him a 10 blows combination. It was very exciting because two of us are the most dangerous and feared boxers in UK, even Clinton Woods don't want to fight me. I hope Woods will step to to the table now and fight me. I only respect you if you stick to the guns. I've decided that I'll beat Neil Simpson first and take away the commonwealth title maybe April then I'll call for Woods once more then I'll go into American fighters who love to fight.

    Q: Please, tell our readers a little about your professional career?
    A: I've boxed in three different weight classes, light heavy, cruiser and heavyweight. This is because I had to make a living. All my fights untill last one was on few days notice. They always had me as an underdog but I still come out to prevail. I beat Scot Welch but they robbed me and I can go on. I've a new manager now Dean Powell who has the same idea and goals I have, which's to become a champion of the world. I may not have the best record but I have the tools to world champion. I'm happy with the way things are going now, we'll be fighting for the commonwealth championship soon then International title comes next. I'm going to beat Neil Simpson and take his title. I want a rematch with WBO cruiserweight champ, Johnny Neilson, I was called to fight him first time on a two days notice, I had a bad hand and a bad management then. I want to fight him again and I promise him I'll knock him out this time. I don't take anything away from Johnny, he's a good fighter, I respect him but he has to give me an opportunity as a favor I did him before, fighting on a short notice.

    Q:You mentioned Scot Welch briefly, please, describe your fight with him?
    A: It was another fight fight for me, I think I performed well. I was given again two days notice to fight him but my plans was to knock him out. He had just fought Henry Akinwande, so they wanted to use me as a warm up for his next fight but they made the wrong choice. The fight was scheduled for 8 rounds but in the middle of the bout they saw that Scot was tired so they switched it a 6 rounder. I couldn't believe what I saw, they stopped the fight in 6th round and gave the decision to Scot Welch. I said this another highway robbery, it was a funny fight. I proved that I can beat the top and world class fighters. They gave him 3 rounds while they gave me 2 rounds and one round was scored a draw. Too many games in Boxing. They paid me for 8 rounder, I know I won that fight but I've to move on with better things. I know I'm a durable fighter that many don't want to face. I'm so confident, if I fought Roy Jones jr. I'll be the winner. I'll take on Roy Jones for FREE and let the winner take it all.

    Q: Tell us about your fight with Ole Klemensten?
    A: Also, it was a 2 days notice, their regular method. I took the fight to pay my bills but I had a game plan which was to knock him out and I did it in second round. They underestimated me so they couldn't believe what they saw.

    Q: Joe Silvangi?
    A: After, I beat Yuri Leslistratov of Russia, they wanted me to fight Jacklord Jacobs at cruiserweight, two days before the fight Ole Klemensten pull out of their light heavy contest with Silvangi on the same card so they asked me to now to fight Silvangi at 175 pounds. Therefore, I had to go down in weight. I was dehydrated and lost my punch resistance. I lost that fight because of lack of experience in the business. Frank Molney was making me fight even at heavyweight but I'm a natural light heavyweight. I did attack Joe in the earily rounds but I guess I was I went too crazy and got open so he caught me. It was my biggest nightmare.

    Q: What's your impression of Neil Simpson?
    A: He's a good, fast, skillful and clever boxer but I'm 100% confidence, I'll destroy him before 7, if I loose to him then I'll just retire. I've the power to knock him out, I know God's on my side. I have my sight on Dariusz Michalczewski and Roy Jones jr.

    Q: Please, tell our readers about your sparring session with IBF cruiserweight champion, "the Russian Tiger" Vassiliy Jirov?
    A: We had a good session. I prepared him for his last fight with Alex Gonzalez while he prepared me for my fight with Chris Davis.He made my fight easy for me. He's a cruiserweight so he got me prepared for my fight and I got him ready too. Jirov's a very good champion, comes forward and a good puncher. That's the kind of fighters I like. We had a great sparring session here at Lennox Lewis College.

    Q: What do you want to accomplish in boxing?
    A: We want to beat Neil Simpson first then clean up the domestic scene here, go after all top ten light heavy contenders, Dariusz Michalczewski and Roy Jones jr are in our mind for title or non title. I've to prove to the world that I'm one of the best light heavyweights around today.Nigeria has not heard a champion for some time now. I'm in a mission to bring it back again, that I've to achieve for my Country. I want to go back to Nigeria and fight someday. I have what it takes to be a world champion and I'm dedicated. I'm resting for a week after my last fight then I'll get back in the gym.

    Q: Your thoughts on the Botile-Ingle bout?
    A: They should have stopped the fight earilier but his team thought he could surivive it, so they can get a rematch with Prince Naseem Hamed but his health was more important than all that. I pray for Paul. Mbebule Botile was just too strong for Paul.

    Q: Any comments to your fans?
    A: Keep supporting me. I've a new management now we're on a mission to becoming a world champion. Don't give up on me and thank you for your supports. I'm a true worrior who refused to be pull down. I'm a world class fighter who deserves the opportunity too. I'll rematch any of the fighters who put a lost to my record if given opportunity and I promise I'll stop each one of them including Johnny Neilson.Please, let the top ten contenders know that I'm available for them anytime. I'm on my way to becoming a world champion to be dedicated to my hero, Hall of famer and former three-time world champion, Dick Tiger.

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