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    By Ike Enwereuzor

          Trainer, Manager and father of Two-Time champion, "Sugar" Shane Mosley . Jack Mosley who was named manager of the year in 1998 speaks out on his son's upcoming showdown with No.1 mandatory contender, Shannon Taylor on March 10. He discussess his experiences with his Shane since his amateur career, present and future. Here's what he had to say......

    Q: Hello Jack, thank you for taking out time from your busy schedule to chat with us. I've a few questions for you. How is your son "Sugar" Shane Mosley getting ready for his fight with Shannon Taylor on March 10?
    A: Ike, we're doing it the same way we always do, preparing very hard for this guy, we don't under estimate our opponents. We don't change our style, we're keeping things together. We're working hard and staying focus.

    Q: Did you see Shannon fight?
    A: Yes, we always watch tapes, he comes out at you, he could be considered a puncher, he fights similar to Wilfredo Rivera's style but has more power than Rivera. We'll be prepared for him.

    Q: How would you describe Shane's performance against Oscar De La Hoya?
    A: I think Shane did a good job, he did well enough to win. We're now looking for a fight with Felix Trinidad. Many people thought Shane couldn't beat Oscar but we did. He was too quick for Oscar, Shane did enough to capture the title. He boxed well and we're going to do the same here with Trinidad. It will be the biggest jr middleweight fight in history. Both fighters will make about $50 Million dollars. I'm very confident in this fight, Shane will beat Trinidad. Both fighters have defeated Oscar De Hoya, both train and managed by fathers. We got some people speaking from Nigeria and other African Countries to set the fight there. We're waiting for offers. I know Don King will like to see this fight happen.

    Q: Jack, What would be your prediction if such fight was made in Nigeria?
    A: It will be historic, we'll win, can't say it in anyother way. Shane will move up to 154 pounds to challege Felix Trinidad. This fight will be bigger than Trinidad-De La Hoya also Mosley-De La Hoya, both beat Oscar. Shane's the pound for pound, the best in the world, some say it's Trinidad but both are undefeated (37-0). The two have done the same thing so they should fight each other to determine who's the true pound for pound in the world. With Trinidad, we're going to try to do what nobody could do, even Oscar De La Hoya. Trinidad won title from Oscar but many thought Oscar won but Shane beat Oscar convincingly. Trinidad 28 years old and Shane 29 are both undefeated and the two beat olympians. A lot of people didn't think we could defeat Oscar, same as Trinidad. We hope Don will take us serious here. We'll be ready to do it in Africa. It will be the biggest non heavyweight fight in history, bigger than Leonard-Hagler and Hagler-Hearns.

    Q: How long did you participate in amateur boxing tournament?
    A: I didn't really box tournamnet or nothing. We did it for protection. It was something everyone did in the Community I was raised Eastern LA, California. It was just a high school thing, I wasn't organised, just boxed for recretional purposes and working out. You gotta get your respect, I was a very good sportsman.

    Q: Why did you chose to fight?
    A: I came from a tough neiborhood, we all boxed and played other games like basketball, race field.

    Q: When did you start to train Shane?
    A: I started to train Shane when he was 9 years old. He has that style to adapt to other fighters right from amatuers. He has good conditioning and balance tactics.

    Q: Please, tell us some of the amatuer title Shane secured in the past?
    A: Shane had over 250 amatuer fight. He won the National championships, ranked #1 for three striaght years, won the regionals, captured silver in world championships and junior championships. He fought in many Countries like Poland, Germany, Holland Ireland and all over United States.

    Q: What would you say to those who feel that Shane is too little for Trinidad?
    A: Trinidad's a little taller. Shane's 5'9 inche while Trinidad is maybe 5'11, it doesn't matter to us, they said the same thing before we fought Oscar. It doesn't matter if Trinidad is 6 feet and we'll beat him. it wouldn't make any difference to us. We're looking for this Mega Fight. Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada USA want to see this fight. Both fighter should make about $50M a piece. I don't think Don King wants to hear this. This is a lot of money, we'll do what we got to do.

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