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 Nigerian Daniel Attah to Fight in London
Daniel Attah is a Nigerian Ike Enwereuzor & Daniel Attah
      Daniel Attah is a Nigerian          Ike Enwereuzor poses with "the Prophet" Daniel Attah        

    By Ike Enwereuzor

    Spiritual, courage and strong will have always been words affiliated with this unbeaten Washington DC based Nigerian fighter.

    Daniel Attah, an undefeated young southpaw with numerous impressive wins to his credit who is popularly known in the ring as "The Prophet" originally from Calabar, Cross Rivers State in Nigeria now fighting out of Washington, DC is currntly the North America Boxing Organization (NABO) junior lightweight Champion and rated No.1 in the world by World Boxing Organization (WBO). This young talented southpaw and mover, Attah (19-0-1)1 NC with 8 Knockouts is getting ready for his next fight on October 6, in London, England.

    Attah was first introduced to "the sweet science" at the age of 12 in Lagos, Nigeria. He has accomplished a lot in his brief career winning several medals and accumulated a briliant amateur record of 150-5. He won a silver medal at the IBB International tournament for world peace in Lagos, 1993, captured a Gold medal at "Guama 95" in Cuba and a Bronze medal at the All African Games in Zimbabwe, 1995. Attah also represented his Country in 1994 Commonwealth Games and Olympics 1996 reaching quarterfinals in both events. He won a silver at the World Military Games in Germany, 1994.

    The NABO jr lightweight champion is not afraid to fight anyone in his weight class. Attah, who is scheduled to return to the ring October 6 wants to prove to the world he's one of the real force in the junior lightweight division. Attah has called out for WBC-130 pound champion Floyd Mayweather, WBA champ, Joel Casamayor or IBF Boss, Steve Forbes. Attah, now ranked number-one is more than willing to take on any of these champions.

    "I want to beat the best to be the best, said Attah. "They were not born champions, they are made champions so I can become a world champion too and put my Country in the map."

    There's something special about "the Prophet" you have to recognise, he predicts and always comes to compete and give it all his best. He doesn't even look or act like a fighter, a likable guy who he's very friendly and humble. Attah speaks about his career so far and his upcoming fight, here's what he had to say..........

    Q: How is your training coming along for your upcoming Oct 6, fight in England?
    A: Training is going great. I'm running everyday and go to the boxing gym. We're ready to go. We'll be ready for Michael Gomez, on October 6. I'll not let my fans down.

    Q: What's your impression of Michael Gomez?
    A: I haven't seen him fight before. I'll be prepared for everything.

    Q: Please, tell us about your last fight April in Argentina?
    A: I fought a guy from Argentina in his backyard called Ariel Nistal. I beat him by technical decision. I learn a lot from that fight. I was so lifted in spirits to see many Nigerian supporters at that fight. I never had that amount of Nigerians attend my before. I must thank the Nigerian Consulate Office in Argentina for their warm support.

    Q: Your thoughts on your fight with Ernest Koffi?
    A: There's nothing to talk about that fight. The guy didn't come to fight, he got hit by me but he claimed it was a head butt so they declared the fight no contest.

    Q: Your impression of other fighters in your class?
    There're a lot of skillful fighters in my division like Floyd Mayweather, Casamayor and many others so there's lots of good fight for me out there.

    Q: What can you tell us about your upcoming fight in England?
    I want to invite fans to attend this fight or check it out on TV. This fight should be exciting because we both are fighting for the WBO interim spot, therefore we're fight for a belt. I haven't seen Gomez fight but I'll tell him to be prepared.

    Q: Any words to your fans?
    A: I love all my fans. I thank them for their supports and ask them to continue to pray for me. This time I'll take care of business.

    Q: What do you want to accomplish before you retire in Boxing?
    A: I want to bring positive imagine to my Country,(Nigeria). I'm on a mission to become a world champion.

    Thanks for your time, Attah.
    You're welcome, Ike.

    If you have interest in sponsoring Daniel Attah in his upcoming clothing lines, posters or to become an official Attah Fan Club. To inquire how this can assist you and your company, please email: Dattah2001@hotmail.com

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