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  Interview with Daniel Attah: April 21, Fight

---------------------------------------- Ike Enwereuzor poses with "the Prophet" Daniel Attah ----------------------------------------

    By Ike Enwereuzor

          Undefeated WBO No.1 mandatory jr lightweight contender,"The Prophet" Daniel Attah is expected to have a press conference at the Nigerian Consulate in New York City in April as he prepares to square off against 5th ranked WBO latino champion, Ariel Nistal on April 21st in Argentina. Mr. Attah currently holds a professional record of (18-0-1) * Knockouts and the NABO jr lightweight champion. Attah recently took out some time from his busy schedule to give us an interview and here's what he had to say about his upcoming battle with Nistal...........

    Que: For those of our readers that may not be familiar with you,could you tell us when and where you started your proffesional carreer?
    Ans: I made my pro debut five years ago here in the U.S.A. Que: How about your amateur career, did you win any titles? Ans: Yes I was the Nigerian national champion back home in for 6 years and I ranked #2 in Africa,I've won plenty of titles.

    Que:What inspired you to get into the world of boxing?
    Ans: I use to play soccer back home and while going to practice I would see some people boxing on the field and I decided I wanted to get into it.

    Que: How are you preparing for your April 21 upcoming bout in Argentina?
    Ans: I recently started sparring,I'm in trainning now.

    Que: As for your opponent Ariel Nistal, what should he expect from you?
    Ans: Well actually he asked for me,so if he asked for me then he has something in mind; Therefore I'm in the race and there's no feeling of losing . I dont feel I can lose and I'm going to Argentina for a surprise and I'm gonna give him what he asked for!

    Que: Who could we expect to see you fight in the near future?
    Ans: Actually after this fight I don't want to say. I respect the champions I believe they work hard to get there, but I'm always ready for whatever my promoters and manager comes up with. Right now their asking for the WBO champion. I asked for Floyd Mayweather and Joel Casamayor, I asked for all the guys in the 130 weight division.

    Que: Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
    Ans: I want to be the world champion this year. I don't want to take any chances, I've been working so hard,I've been proffesionsl for 5 years so I just need the opportunity!

    In closing Mr. Attah also added that he is 25 years of age and the one thing he wants most right now is to fight ,aside from being world champion is to fight Floyd Mayweather and other champions. Good luck to you and all the best, Mr. Attah !!

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