Interview with Alfred Ankamah


    By Ike Enwereuzor

          WBC #.4 jr middleweight contender Alfred "Torpedo" Ankamah made his professional debut 1992

    Q: What are you doing these days?
    A: I just came back from Ghana. I went to go visit my family and everyone was fine. I'm just coming back from the gym, I'm back to work now hoping that Vargas and Winky will step up to the table, the winner can now get to fight for the WBC jr middleweight. We need to fight each other to prove who's the best 154 pounder. Felix Trinidad's a good fighter but I hope he'll stay at jr middleweight to face tough fighters like myself.

    Q: What can you tell us about your fight with Ike Quartey as an amateur?
    A: It was a very good fight. It was in 1988, they wanted me to move 147 pounds unless if I fight Ike Quartey. I went on and took Quartey, it was a real war. They just gave him the decision. It was a very close fight it could have done either way. They wanted Ike to go to Olympics anyway. We trained together as pros too. I know Ike well.

    Q: Who's your current manager?
    A: Cindy Hubert

    Q: Trainer?
    A: Fredy Roach

    Q: How long have you been working with Freddie?
    A: About two years now. We really get along well and I love training with Freddie.

    Q: We read that you and your camp wants to fight Fernando Vargas, could you tell us a little about that?
    A: I'm ranked No.4 by WBC, I hear them talking about him fighting Javier Castillejo. Vargas just lost his IBF to Trinidad. He should fight me an elimination bout first, if he beats me then he can fight Castillejo. I heard they are looking for opponents for him, I'm right here in California. I'll take him on anytime. They robbed me in Mexico for my title and gave it to Kirino Garcia. I beat him twice. They stopped me a minute before the end of 12. I was beating him all rounds untill then, I was just robbed the WBC International title. I want a rematch with Kirino in United States. Then, I promise I'll stop Vargas if the fight is made. Vargas is a good fighter but I don't think he want to fight me because he know how dangerous I could be. He just experienced what a puncher can do by fighting Trinidad, I don't he wants a big puncher like me but he has no choice but to fight me if he want to fight for the WBC belt.

    Q: Your prediction if you ever meet Vargas in the ring?
    A: It will be a great fight boxing fans want to see.Vargas thinks he's carky but he'll have a lot take from me. I wouldn't take away anything from him but I know he can't take my punch, it will be a war. We'll be throwing some bombs. I destroyed his boy Shabita Flores when I was a welterweight he weigh in as a jr middleweight, so Vargas knows me. I weigh in at 149 pounds and Flores was full 154 pounds but I beat the scrap out of him. So they know me.

    Q: Your thoughts on the Vargas-Wright fight?
    A: I think Winky won that fight without a doubt but last two rounds could have made the change.

    Q: Your impression of Roland "Winky" Wright?
    A: He's a good fighter, a little awkaward and he can box, if he comes to slug, I'll take him out quick. I've beaten 3 southpaws and lost to one southpaw. I'm hungry to fight, it's my turn to fight for the world title. I would love to fight him anyday.

    Q: Please, describe your fight with Oba Carr?
    A: I had a bad hand before that fight but I went on to fight him anyway. I had only one hand and he was like a veteran. He just didn't allow me to win. They know I'm a Ko artist.

    Q: Tell our readers about your fight with Rodney Jones?
    A: He's real good but awkaward. I was a better man that night. I knocked him out in the third round.

    Q: What's your impression of Derrell Coley?
    A: He's fast, smart, comes with more pressure but I'll not give him a good fight. I'm ready to fight anyone, I saw him fight Oba Carr. I sparred with Oba Carr many times since after our fight.

    Q: What do you think of a fight with Anthony Jones?
    A: I can beat Jones, style makes fights.

    Q: What were your thoughts on the Tony Marshall-Anthony Jones bout?
    A: I think Jones won that fight, he's a boxer puncher. I don't know Marshall well but I'm not afraid to fight anyone. My goal know is to KO jr middleweight they put in front of me.

    Q: Tell us about your two fights with Kirino Garcia?
    A: They were so nasty, didn't care what happened they started throwing things at us. As far as I'm concern I beat the heal of him twice. We've asked for a rematch but they wouldn't give it to us. I told my manager to do the rematch in USA but they kept pushing me to Mexico. I was so mad before that trip I didn't want to go but they traitened to strip my WBC International belt. I had a bad experience from the first fight after we beat Garcia in Mexico, the fans just started to throw bottles at us. I had to hide, It was a crazy experience I never had before. They wanted to kill us there.

    Q: Tell about your fight with WBA welterweight champ, James Page?
    A: I don't like to give exuses but I can tell you I wasn't 100% at that fight. I was having a shoulder problem, I just told them to stopped it. People still knew I was the man. I was on him in first minutes of the first round but my hand came back so he threw a left hook that caught me. He can punch but I beat myself in that fight, I couldn't fight with one hand.

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