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Editor's Choice Award

Exerpts From Letter That Came With Above Award:- "I am delighted to inform you that your poem 'Madness & Vultures' Feast' has been awarded our prestigious Editor's Choice Award because it displays a unique perspective and original creativity judged to be the qualities most found in exceptional poetry. Congratulations on your achievement. Every so often, as our Editors review the poems that have been presented our Editor's Choice Award, they personally select a few poems that they believe would have a wonderfully expressive quality if read by a professional reader. Your Editor has suggested that you become one of 33 poets whose artistry will be recorded professionally as a special part of a new CD poetry collection - The Sound of Poetry. I'm writing to get your permission to include your poem Madness & Vultures' Feast in this highly acclaimed and internationally distributed three-album collection, scheduled to be released four weeks after we receive all permissions. -Howard Ely, Managing Editor"
Here Is The Winning Poem:-
Madness & Vultures' Feast
In Europe it started big and massive;
Great wars, great loses, great feasts, 3Gs;
Human madness, mankind's zealousness;
We killed, we maimed, we polluted;
The air stenched, vultures rejoiced our madness.

Munition sounds, heavenly jet bombardments;
Destructions on earth, lives hacked away;
We fool, vultures feast and bury loved ones;
The air smell, bones criss-cross the land;
Warriors and people perish, senseless wars.

Whole wide earth besieged with 3Gs;
Wars, loses, senseless feasts, feasts on lives;
Asia arms, Mid E. rocks, Africa fight, Europe alert;
Vultures bury, grow on flesh, exhume as feces;
Bones criss-cross the land, pathetic signs of R.I.P.

Copyright 2002 Chief Charles O. Okereke

The Best Poems & Poets of 2003 Honor
(Library of Congress ISBN 0-7951-5175-6)
Exerpts From Letter That Came With Above Award:- "Congratulations on your accomplishment, Charles. Your poetry will be featured along with a distinguished group of just 200 of the Best Poets that were selected to participate in this special project. And that's not all. To honor the accomplishments of this elite group of talented individuals, we have established a separate contest with over $3,500.00 in prizes to be awarded among you. You will automatically be entered into the final competition, but you must submit a new unpublished poem(if you have not already done so by mail). Prizes will be announced by December 31, with an anticipated publication date of January 2004. We believe you to be one of the most interesting poets we have encountered, so we wish to feature your artistry in this special edition and make this special prize money available to you and the others who have been chosen for publication. You should be aware that you are under no obligation whatsoever to submit any entry fee or subsidy payment, or to make any purchase of any kind. Again, congratulations. The Best Poems and Poets of 2003 promises to be the most exclusive collection of poetry we have ever published. We feel you have a special talent and we believe your poem will add to the importance and appeal of this edition. Your contribution to this project is greatly appreciated. -Howard Ely, Managing Editor"
Some Other Winning Poems By Chief Okereke:-

War Worries
Earth engulfed, coast to coast;
Heat on, within - across;
Hopelessness and desperation;
Earth boils, shakes.

Leaders warn, same accused;
Armories swell, prayers bemoan;
Temperature in heights;
Earth rattles, jitters.

Pendulum dances a ballad;
Conspirators spice rhythm;
Threats consummate alliances;
Worries, threat of war.

Uncertainty molds the days;
Propaganda taint the press;
Minds roam in stress;
Earth worry and ponder.

Copyright 2002 Chief Charles O. Okereke

Endless Love
Divine unending love;
Heaven high, earthly wide;
On a 'plus' reinforced;
Through betrayal, agony and death.

Life hacked away, spirit stronger;
Death glorified from resurrection;
Earthly freedom from anger above;
Redemption for all that dwell.

Endless love, ever unfolding;
Wondrous, bountiful, everlasting,
In loops of love and peace chain;
Earth's engine in watts of mega-love.

Copyright 2002 Chief Charles O. Okereke

Chemical war heads on shelves;
Preservatives the reactors;
Dine food that spoil;
Bunker life with nature grown;
Living to the maximum.

Bite as can cushion;
Munch within the room;
Tame the stress builders;
Flower the dreams;
Longevity the salary.

One day at a time;
A card before another;
Smiles and happiness;
Years to the number.

The grave years afar;
The bones miles support;
Great and Grand the titles;
Near century not decades.

Copyright 2002 Chief Charles O. Okereke

Child Soldiers
Heavens cry, mothers bemoan;
Father, son, trade metals;
Sides slug out, children entangled;
Young minds dance the limbo.

Munition, wars, as toy games;
Battle field as play grounds;
Bullets blow the whistle;
Trenches shield blind shots.

Murder tutorials, the course;
Predation, vandalism, honors;
Grades in white stripes;
Nation wastes her rising suns.

Copyright 2003 Chief Charles O. Okereke

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