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Open Letter To Ambassador George Obiozor

By O. A. Igwe,
Chairman, New Biafra National Congress

(Thursday, October 21, 2004)

Comments To New Biafra National Congress

"New Biafra National Congress is no longer asking the Federal Government of Nigeria, rather, we are demanding that the government should stop harassing, intimidating, arresting and killing members of MASSOB"

Dear Ambassador George Obiozor:

New Biafra National Congress is sending this message to you essentially because you are the official representative of the repressive government of Nigeria in the United States. This is an official warning to the diabolical regime of President Olusegun Obasanjo to stop harassing, intimidating, arresting and killing the members of MASSOB-Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra.

These people have done nothing except protest against the injustice of Nigeria towards the Igbos and its allies in the delta. The entire world is also watching the silence, if not the direct complicity of the Presidency in the destabilization of Igbo and Delta states by political and business renegades. The entity now known as Nigeria can exist without us. New Biafra National Congress in alliance with MASSOB will no longer watch as Nigeria continues to harass, arrest and kill its members in Nigeria.

We are continuously watching and paying close attention to the various incidents where Nigeria through its security operatives have gone to the headquarters of MASSOB in Okwe, Ebonyi State to harass, arrest members, kill and confiscate Biafran properties.

When the rights, liberty and happiness of a people are no longer guaranteed as expressed in a constitution that is supposed to protect them, it becomes their right, their duty to find alternative security for their future. We have a right to freedom and liberty that Nigeria has denied us. We will develop a genuine democracy where the rights of all citizens will be protected and respected.

New Biafra National Congress is no longer asking the Federal Government of Nigeria, rather, we are demanding that the government should stop harassing, intimidating, arresting and killing members of MASSOB. New Biafra National Congress is demanding that all members of MASSOB currently in Nigerian detention facilities be released immediately.

Our approach to the struggle to liberate the Igbos and its allies in the Delta has been and will always remain non-violent. We have not fired any bullets but you have consistently laid siege at MASSOB headquarters and offices and fired your bullets in attempt to kill the leadership and members at sight. We will not diminish the importance of our cause or ridicule our attempt to liberation by responding or retaliating with the same arrogance, in human and diabolical means you have chosen. We will continue to engage your system of hate and oppression with the same dignity that identifies our non-violent attempt to divorce the Igbos and its allies from the oppressive entity called Nigeria.

In a recent town hall meeting in Houston, you painted a very rosy picture of Nigeria. If Nigeria is functioning properly as you claimed, then

    *Why is MASSOB agitating for a new freedom for its people through non-violence?
    *Why are the Ijaws through their leader Dokubo Asari trying to blow up the oil installations in the Delta area and threatening the lives of foreigners who work in the oil fields of Nigeria?
    *Why did the Nigeria Labor Congress strike?
    *Why are schools closed so many times in a calendar year and the educational system in ruins?
    *Why are jobs not created for students who now roam the streets of Nigeria as thugs, armed and ready for somebody to rob and possibly kill?
    *Why are the healthcare system and infrstructure in ruins?
    *Why is the government not listening to the voices, pain and suffering of its citizens?
    *Why is the level of crime, poverty and desperation so outrageous in a country you painted as utopia?

The creation of Nigeria as one entity has been false from the beginning. New Biafra will unite the Igbos, Ijaws, Ibibios, Efiks, Kalabaris, etc. New Biafra will represent the voices of the people long silenced who seek freedom from years of injustice, hunger, disease, fear, freedom to have a say in their own destinies. New Biafra will reverse the economic decline of the Igbos, Ijaws, Ibibios, Efiks and Kalabaris, political disenfranchisement and the obvious and growing inequities that have undermined the future generations of these people.

Let there be no mistakes there will be internal and external political opposition from the same people New Biafra National Congress and MASSOB are fighting for. There will be legal challenges and possible tragedies. But when New Biafra resurrects and finds its freedom through non-violence, the Igbos and its allies in the Delta will be stronger, better and ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

As Nigeria continues its wayward attempt to destroy a people, a culture, we will continue to show Nigeria the olive branch. We will continue our struggle for freedom and democracy through non-violence but New Biafra National Congress must warn the reckless government of Nigeria that peace has limitations.


O. Anthony Igwe
New Biafra National Congress

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