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It is very easy to use this chat room. All you have to do is:-

1. Type in your name or nick name. It best not to use a nick name since this is a family chat room.
2. Click on 'Enter Chat' *Note:- You do not need to type in any Password.
3. The Chat applet will pop up and you are ready to chat by typing in your message and hitting the 'Enter' button on your keyboard.

*Please do not respond to any of the dating(singles) advertisements.

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Chat with Charles O. Okereke( 'Site Administration' )

Family members that need free email account on Nigeria Masterweb should send a request to Charles O. Okereke. The same is applicable to those that want their pictures on the Family Picture Page. If you write poems email such and they will be published on Nigeria/Africa Masterweb. We want the family to grow and prosper, and most importantly love and peace amongst us.

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