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    Nwachukwu To Improve Nigeria's Image

    (Saturday, January 18, 2003)

    Chief Charles O. Okereke, Nigeria/Africa Masterweb

    Mediocrity, corruption, unemployment, crime, tribalism, discrimination, and other counter productive societal attributes would be managed down to their lowest comparative international levels. Nigeria would be uplifted in high glory amongst nations, to occupy its rightful place as the giant of Africa, and the biggest black nation in the world. Nigerians in the diaspora for the first time in twenty years would contemplate returning to work in the comfort of fatherland. Advanced Fee Fraud(419) would be addressed, with favorable results of 4-19(April, 19th) election. A favorable election according to The National Democratic Party(NDP) presidential flag bearer, Ike Nwachukwu, is one that would unequivocably produce him the next president of ailing Nigeria. All other statements contained up to this point in this article were how Nwachukwu summarily described the country under his leadership. Senator Nwachukwu to further buttress his case was recently quoted with this statement: "As a former foreign minister, I know what it takes to have good relations with other countries."

    Nwachukwu enjoys unfettered support in the NDP. His landslide victory in the primary attests to this. NDP National Publicity Secretary, Mr Kenny Martins, speaking to newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja, stated the party would begin a nationwide campaign tour this weekend. The tour would start from the South-East, the geo-political zone of the presidential flag bearer, Ike Nwachukwu. Martins said, "we believe that it is now the turn of the Igbos to run the affairs of this country."

    Ike Nwachukwu is currently a senator, and the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs. He was Imo State Governor from 1984 - '85, minister in the Ministry of Employment, Labour & Productivity 1986 - '87, and Minister of Foreign Affairs 1987 - '93. He was born in 1940 to an Igbo father, a Hausa-Fulani mother, and is married to a Yoruba wife. Political analysts see his rainbow heritage as a plus for him in the next elections. Ike Nwachukwu is popularly referred to as the 'bridge', as many see him as the 'mesiah' that would relink Nigeria's rival and bickering ethnic groups. Thousands of people have died in ethnic and religious violence since the return to civilian rule in 1999. This period is widely cited as the bloodiest since the Nigerian civil war. Ethnic and religious rivalry and mistrust persist in the country.

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