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    Senator Nwachukwu Wins NDP Presidential Nomination

    (Sunday, January 12, 2003)

    Chief Charles O. Okereke, Nigeria/Africa Masterweb

    The National Democratic Party(NDP) selected an influential former general, Ike Omar Sanda Nwachukwu as its presidential flag bearer in the April elections. Ike Nwachukwu is currently a senator, and the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs. He was Imo State Governor from 1984 - '85, minister in the Ministry of Employment, Labour & Productivity 1986 - '87, and Minister of Foreign Affairs 1987 - '93. Nwachukwu was born in 1940 to Chief Moses Maduka Nwachukwu, an Igbo, and Hajiya Binta Kachakulum Katsina, a Hausa-Fulani, and he is married to Gwendolyn Tonyesia Yoyinsola, a Yoruba.

    Senator Nwachukwu can easily be described as the Nigerian rainbow, and a bridge to ethnic harmony in the country. His presidential candidacy can easily be seen as a blessing in a country like Nigeria that has been polluted with ethnic rivalry and mistrust. Senator Nwachukwu popularly referred to as the 'bridge' won a landslide victory at the NDP primary held in Abuja . He amassed whooping 1,219 votes to clinched the NDP presidential baton. Reverend Chris Okotie, pastor of Household of God Church, Lagos, trailed him in the second position with 253 votes. Second Republic Senator, David Dafinone, and former Finance Minister Dr. Kalu Idika Kalu finished in the third and fourth positions with 114 and 91 votes respectively. The convention started late Friday night, and stretched into Saturday morning. There were no documented irregularities, thus the elections could easily be described as free and fair.

    Nwachukwu named Alhaji Aliyu Habu Fari from Taraba State his running mate. Alhaji Fari until yesterday was the party's National Chairman. The senator's landslide victory was followed by an official declaration by Prince Kazeem Afegbua, NDP's National Director of Publicity. His declaration ran thus: "Senator Ike Omar Sanda Nwachukwu emerged as the party's flag bearer for the 2003 presidential elections. In line with Article 27 of the Party's Constitution, the The National Executive Committee(NEC), in consultations with the presidential candidate unanimously endorsed Alhaji Aliyu Habu Fari as the vice president candidate to Senator Ike Omar Sanda Nwachukwu. The NEC of the party commends the leadership of Alhaji Habu Fari, who has been giving sense of direction and focus to the party. The party under Fari has become the fastest growing party in Nigeria and Africa."

    Nwachukwu in his acceptance speech of the presidential baton said his victory was for the party. He said his presidency materializing on the national level in April would give faith to the youths of Nigeria. He added, "they can't have faith in Nigeria if we are unable to give them security, if we are unable to put food on the table, if we are unable to educate them, if we are unable as a people and as government to give them understanding and love". Pointing out that the task ahead would not be easy, Nwachukwu said however that it was not insurmountable adding "we can unitarily and determinedly remove form this country the kind of poor leadership our country has witnessed in the past three and half years". He continued, "the time has come to move our country out of the doldrums of poor leadership", and promised to use the vast natural resources in the country to build a virile economy, to give hope to Nigerians, and pride to the blackman.

    Senator Nwachukwu, a rainbow, a bridge, and a distinguished statesman, as a party member described him, has already put his presidential trail on the information superhighway. He has set up a state-of-the-arts website ( ) for his presidency quest. Sources close to the senator said that he strongly believes given the chance, he would turn the country around to the admiration of the world and to the pride of the people. Nwachukwu according to sources is a respected orator in the country, and a goal getter.

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