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'Nigerian school teacher threatened'

Mr. Jimi Ogunlalu

(Monday, August 22, 2005)

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"We do not know the authencity of Mr. Jimi Ogunlalu's claims and story. We publish his emails as they were sent to us."

Dear Editor,


I am Mr. Jimi- Ogunlalu, a teaching staff of PPTESCOM Ikeja and formerly of Birch Freeman Senior High School, Surulere, Lagos. I do hereby inform all men and women of integrity, civil societies, educationists, international agencies, etc that I am being victimized for exposing exam malpractices in the UME Jamb of Saturday, May 7, 2005.

l am being victimized by Mr Ayodabo, the D.E, Mushin PPTESCOM Zonal Office. He instructed the M & I to tell me to report at M & I, Mushin on monday, July 25, 2005. M & I said they are investigating a case of threat to my life for exposing exam malpractices.On Wednessday July 27,2005 the head M & I, Mr .Ajibade told me that from Thursday, July 28, 2005 l should be reporting to M & I office Mushin and not to my school again from 8am to 4pm .l have been sitting on a wooden bench since Monday from 8am to 4pm. l have a backache and l am hypertensive.This victimzsation of reporting from 8am to 4pm and sitting on a wooden chair and in the same Mushin LED with everybody hostile to me for exposing exam malpractices is detrimental to my health.

ln a letter dated 11/7/2005 informing the Commissioner of Education, Prof.Adekunle Lawal of threats to my life in section (f) I said ".......................I am appealing for a passionate request to be transferred immediately to a school in either Lagos Mainland or Kosofe LED. Mushin LED is not conducive to me". This was because of the hostility by teachers, M & I, principals in Mushin LED to me and threats to my life.

By making me report in Mushin LED from From 8am to 4pm, the D.E.and PPTESCOM are exposing me to danger. I should be transferred to another LED.

On Tuesday April 13, 2004, Mr Ayodabo was told to leave the room where the disciplinary committee handling exam malpractices at Mushin Community High School, Idi-Araba, in which 47 answer scripts with forged signatures were discovered in the May/June 2003 SSCE WASSCE and which I exposed to the press because I said Mr.Ayodabo punitively transferred me, for this and for the fact that Mr Ayodabo is the Godfather of the Mushin Caucus, the group perpetrating exam malpractices in Mushin LED said I must be punished.

Every man and woman of integrity, civil rights groups, the press, NBA etc should write (a) Prof Adekunle-Lawal, Commissioner for Education in Lagos State Nigeria. (b) Prof Tunde Samuel, Special Adviser on Education and (c) The permanent Secretary PPTESCOM, Ikeja requesting for my transfer to a school in lagos Mainland or Kosofe LED immediately. Help stop this victimization because I am a crusader exposing exam malpractices.

Yours faithfully,

Jimi Ogunlalu

Alhaji Nuhu Ribadu, EFCC Chairman
Alhaji Nuhu Ribadu, EFCC Chairman Cries Out in 2004

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Another Email From Jimi Ogunlalu


I Mr. Jimi Ogunlalu of Birch Freeman Senior High School Akobi Crescent Surulere, Lagos. I do hereby inform the Federal and Lagos State Governments, the SSS, police, civil rights activists, international agencies, EFCC, ICPC, NGOs, on the threat to my life and that of my family for exposing examination malpractices in all Mushin Schools, Lagos, Nigeria being perpetrated by a group called "mushin caucus" which is known to all principals and head teachers in the primary and secondary schools in mushin. The caucus is protected by the mushin N.U.T and Director of Education Mr. Ayodabo.

(a) One Mr.Sotunbo, a member of the inner caucus phoned me on friday June 10, 2005 saying that they will kill me for exposing them to JAMB, EFCC and ICPC.

(b) Meetings have been had by their inner caucus to send assasins after me for exposing them.

(c) Mr. Kadiku of Arch Bishop Aggey Senior High School Mushin phoned me at exactly 5:10pm on Friday, July 8, 2005. He threatened to kill me for informing the Ministry of Education Alausa Ikeja, Lagos of the exam malpractices perpetrated during the Nov/Dec SSCE WASSCE 2004 by the Mushin caucus when I was invited by the ministry on Wed., July 6, 2005.

A formal letter of complaint will be sent to the Director Generals SSS, Abuja and Lagos.

Everybody should help stop exam malpractices in lagos State and all Mushin schools in particular.

Yours faithfully,

Jimi Ogunlalu

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An Email From Jimi Ogunlalu to EFCC

Alhaji Nuhu Ribadu
EFCC, Abuja

Dear Alhaji Ribadu,


On Tuesday, May 7, 2005 10 memoranda on exam malpractices were sent to you and a copy of the report on the exam malpractice that took place on Saturday, May 7, 2005 which was to be given to Professor Salim since then the content of the letters has been given to the corrupt jamb officials and the jamb officials gave photocopies of the letters{3} to their collaborators MUSHIN CAUCUS. My life has been threatened since then. I have sent a letter to you about the threat through the Lagos office on Monday, June 20, 2005. Pursuant to section 46 of the EFCC act of 2004 "interpretation" which states, Economic and financial crimes means the non-violent criminal and illicit activity commited with the objectives of earning wealth illegally either individually or in a group or organised manner thereby violating existing legislation governing the economic activities of government and its administration and includes----------------------------Embezzlement, bribery, looting and ANY FORM OF CORRUPT MALPRACTICES-----------------etc.

With due respects l want to say selling JAMB or GCE forms in bulk is applicable under financial crimes while exam malpractices comes under "ANY FORM OF CORRUPT MALPRACTICES". Exam malpractices with the explicit details in the ICPC act 2000 and EFCC act 2004 can be investigated either by EFCC and ICPC and offenders prosecuted by them.

As a citizen of Nigeria, a professional teacher and as a crusader trying to bring about a better society I want to say that I am not happy not to have heard anything from the EFCC as regards my memoranda, threats to my life and the leaking by jamb officials of my petitions. I believe so much in Alhaji Ribadu and EFCC, please I want to know the stance of EFCC. Are they investigating or not? Since my last letter WASSCE and NECO exams were done with lots of malpractices. I will be glad to hear from you.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Jimi Ogunlalu
Phone: 080 - 23225929

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