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Nigerian General Forum
You can discuss any topic in this forum, from science, questions, religion, to love, etc. Bad language is strictly prohibited in this forum. No insults nor harassment of anybody. Violators will face disciplinary action.
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Nigerian Political Forum
This forum is for political discussions only. Please use Nigerian General Forum for non-political topics. Political topics include( but not limited to ) topics on the federal, state, or local government, public officers, political parties, activists, activism, etc. Selected topics and/or posts will be forwarded to individuals or entities relating to the subject of discussion. For example, if a topic is on the president, and it is selected, it will be forwarded to the presidency. Some selected topics and/or posts will be forwarded to local papers for possible publication. It is imperative you include a valid email, your full name, phone number(if any) and contact address in all postings. It is an offense to use false personal information.
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