Nigerian Timeline

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From slavery to colonialism, wars, 'oiled' poverty and now uncertianty. God save Nigeria.
'Country no good, all we get na palava.' 'Na reason why we dey play so so music here.'

The Ugly Faces in Pictures - Slavery, Wars, 'Oiled' Poverty, Religious Intolerance, Uncertainty.


    16-18th Centuries - Slave trade: Millions of Nigerians are forcibly captured and sent to the Americas. ....More - 1   ....More - 2

    1830s-1886 - Yorubaland plagued by civil wars. ....More

    1960 - Nigeria gains independence. ....More

    1962-63 - Regional and ethnic tensions from controversial population census.

    1966 January - Prime Minister, Balewa and others killed in a military coup. Major-General Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi takes over as head of state.

    1966 July - Ironsi killed in counter-coup, Lieutenant-Colonel Yakubu Gowon takes over as head of state.

    1967 - Eastern region secedes as the Republic of Biafra, sparking bloody civil war. ....More

    1969 - Nigeria bans Red Cross aid to Biafra ....More

    1970 - Biafra surrenders and reintegrated into Nigeria. ....More - 1   ....More - 2

    1975 - Gowon overthrown, flees to Britain, replaced by Brigadier Murtala Mohammed.

    1976 - Mohammed assassinated in an abortive coup. Lieutenant-General Olusegun Obasanjo takes over as head of state.

    1979 - Alhaji Shehu Shagari wins 1st general elections after civil war.

    1983 January - Nigeria expels more than one million illegal aliens saying they were taking jobs from Nigerians. Move is condemned abroad.

    1983 August, September - Shagari re-elected amid accusations of election rigging.

    1983 December - Major-General Muhammad Buhari takes over power a in bloodless coup.

    1985 - Ibrahim Babangida overthrows Buhari and declares himself president and embarks on structural adjustment program. The naira loses value by 400%.

    1993 June - Babangida annuls elections when preliminary results show victory by Chief Abiola.

    1993 August - Babangida forced to hand over to an Interim National Government.

    1993 November - General Sani Abacha overthrows interim government, takes over as president.

    1994 - Abacha arrests Abiola after proclaiming himself president.

    1995 - Ken Saro-Wiwa, writer and activist against oil industry pollution of Ogoni homeland, is executed, European Union imposes sanctions on Nigeria, Commonwealth suspends Nigeria's membership.

    1998 - Abacha dies under suspicious circumstances, army appoints Major-General Abdulsalami Abubakar new president. Abiola dies in custody under disputed circumstancesr, one day before he was to be freed.

    1999 -General elections. Olusegun Obasanjo wins and is sworn in as president.

    2000 - Adoption of Sharia law by several northern states. Clashes between Christians and Muslims on the Sharia controversy result to hundreds of deaths.

    2001 - Ethnic fighting in Benue state displaces thousands. Army soldiers sent to region kill more than 200 civilians, in retaliation for the abduction and murder of 19 soldiers.

    2002 January - Blasts at Lagos munitions dump kill over 1,000. ....Click For Anger follows Lagos blasts

    2002 February - Clashes in Lagos between Hausas and Yorubas kill over 100 people. Thousands of Hausas flee city.

    2002 October - Cameroon awarded disputed Bakassi peninsula by the International Court of Justice.

    2002 November - Over 200 people killed in four days of rioting caused by Muslim anger over the Miss World beauty pageant taking place in Abuja. The pageant is relocated to Britain.

    2003 April - Olusegun Obasanjo relected in general elections that opposition parties rejected results. International election observers cite serious irregularities.

    2003 July - Nine-day nationwide general strike called off after government agrees to lower fuel prices.

    2003 August - 100 people killed, over 1,000 injured in ethnic clashes between Ijaw and Itsekiri people in the Niger Delta town of Warri.

    2004 May - State of emergency declared in Plateau State after more than 200 Muslims are killed in Yelwa in revenge attacks by Christian militia. Counter attacks are launched by Muslim militia in Kano.

    2004 August/September - Clashes between rival militant gangs and intervening government soldiers in Port Harcourt claim over 500 lives according to Amnesty International, Nigerian authorities refutes number claiming only a casualty figure of 20.

    2005 July - Paris Club agrees to write off two-thirds of Nigeria's $30bn foreign debt.

    2006 All Through - Niger Delta militants attacking pipelines and other oil facilities and kidnaping oil workers. ....Click For '06 Chronology of Nigerian militants' Attacks

    2006 February - Over 100 people killed in religious violence in Muslim towns in the north and in the southeastern city of Onitsha.

    2006 April - With the help of record oil prices and a well managed Finance Ministry, Nigeria becomes the first African nation to pay off its debt to the Paris Club of rich lenders.

    2006 May - Over 150 killed in an oil pipeline explosion near Lagos. Nigerian Senate rejects third term constitutional ammendment that would have allowed President Obasanjo third term in office.

    2006 August - Nigeria hands over disputed Bakassi peninsula to Cameroon under the terms of a 2002 International Court of Justice ruling.

    2006 September - President Olusegun Obasanjo sends Nigerian Senate a report by EFCC( Nigeria's anti-corruption agency ) accusing his deputy( Atiku Abubakar ) of diverting millions of dollars of public funds( Petroleum Technology Development Fund - PTDF) to private business interests. Atiku links Obasanjo to controversial PTDF account. Both trade accusations. Atiku goes to court demanding restraining order on the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) , the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the National Assembly, "their servants, agents and privies from acting or further acting on the reports of the EFCC and the Administrative Panel of Inquiry" indicting him. ....Click For Leaders swap claims   Click For Growing tendencies towards break-up

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