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Nigeria Electoral Revolution Maiden Message

By Electoral Revolution Planning Committee

A Segment of Ray Power FM ( 100.5 FM Dial ) "Vision Nigeria" Broadcast of Wednesday, February 17, 2010.

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Nigeria Electoral Revolution Planning Committee February 2010 Maiden Message

Our planned Nigeria Electoral Revolution is on the verge of its launch stage. The Electoral Revolution Planning Committee has been able to reach Nigerians initially on the Internet through the media efforts of Nigeria Masterweb, and now the message is spreading through the patriotism of Ray Power FM and Nigerians sending out text messages on their handsets. Thank you great Nigerians.

On behalf of the Electoral Revolution Planning Committee we announce the development of a website for our patriotic maiden project and all enabling softwares and blueprints. The website will be launched by the end of this month or shortly thereafter. Upon the launch of the website, all Nigerians who believe in change would be required to register as members of the organization for the electoral revolution. Registration would be free and could either be done on the website, or on-land through the completion of a form as would be directed. The objective of the electoral revolution is to usher in the people's choices as leaders and prevent the imposition of false leaders on Nigerians. We can achieve this by organizing ourselves, uniting and guarding our votes in supporting the right candidates for elective offices.

The count down for the launch of the electoral revolution has started. Continue sending out text messages about the revolution and also spread the news by words of mouth. Complete details of the revolution project would be published on the website and discussed here after launch on Ray Power FM.

Power to the people! Great Nigerians!!

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