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    Nigeria 2006 Census Figures
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    FCT & Total Census Figures

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    Nigeria's counting controversy - No-one knows how many Nigerians there are - and until now the authorities have been too afraid to find out. Legend has it that one out of every five black people on Earth is a Nigerian. But that can only be an assumption, for every headcount held in Nigeria in the past 30 years has ended in national controversy and with strong allegations of population inflation. The last census was carried out in 1991. Its figures - which are regarded only as being marginally less.......   More 

    Nigeria census reveals no change - Figures released from Nigeria's census say the country's mainly Muslim northern states accounted for just over half of the country's 140m population. This is roughly the same result as shown in the last census 15 years ago. The northern state of Kano was the most populous with 9.4 million people, just ahead of Lagos state with nine million. Previous results have been mired in controversy, but the issues of religion and ethnicity were deliberately excluded from March's questionnaire. The results maintain the status quo, despite claims by.......   More 

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