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Satellite Dish NTA Satellite Dish

Receive NTA  & Over 100 Other TV Stations - United States, Canada & Mexico

*On receiver only.

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What does Warranty Cover?

Our receiver carry one year warranty that covers:
  • Defects in material or workmanship that occur during normal use
  • Parts and Labor to repair failed unit
  • Return shipping from the repair center back to the customer

What Warranty does NOT Cover!

Warranty does not cover:
  • Shipping to the warranty center
  • (International Orders Only) Return Shipping
  • Failures caused by "Acts of God" like lightning, power surge, flood, etc.
  • Failures caused by faulty installation
  • Failures caused by use of products not supplied by warrantor
  • Water damage
  • Damage caused by abuse to the product
  • Batteries and cosmetic parts (cabinet, etc.)
  • Shipping damages 
  • Unauthorized modifications
Returns that are not covered by warranty will be charged at repair rate.
"No problem found" will be charged $25.00 for bench time.

*Steps to take for Warranty or Out of Warranty Repairs will be emailed to customers after purchase, upon request.

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Direct all questions and inquiries to - By Mail: and By Phone: 414-442-5133 ( USA ) or 414-807-0329 ( USA )

Please note that our equipment enables you to receive signal transmitted by the TV station. If a station for any reason decides to stop broadcast our unit will not be able to receive any signal. We are not liable in any way for such failure.

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