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    Turkish Wins Miss World Crown

    (Saturday, December 7, 2002)

    By Chief Charles O. Okereke, Africa/Nigeria Masterweb

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    Miss Agbani Darego Azra Akin, a 21-year-old Turkish model and dancer won the Miss World 2002 crown on Saturday, bringing to an end an event that incited deadly rioting in Nigeria and was moved to Britain. A total of 92 contestants from different countries took part in the contest. The contest remains popular even though it was disrupted by violence in Nigeria and threatened in Britain by feminists. Alexandra Palace, the venue of the pageant, was sold out, and millions watched it on television in 142 countries. It was not telecast in Britain. "Our thoughts go out to the families who have suffered, and we hope that Nigeria recovers swiftly and will finally be recognized for the beauty it possesses," U.S. co-host Sean Kannan said in the show's only official reference to the Nigerian violence. Amina Lawal, the Nigerian woman sentenced to death by stoning by an Islamic court for adultery, was paid tribute as the event climaxed. A statement read on behalf of the contestants paid tribute to "all humans across the world who are threatened and abused."

    The show was described by feminists as anachronistic and sexist. The contestants stressed brains and social conscience as much as physical assets in keeping with Miss World's new slogan for a politically correct age, "Beauty with a Purpose". On a serious note, a lawsuit had been filed by a Nigerian woman, who claimed she was owed 500,000 pounds ($787,000) by Miss World organization from a fund-raising dinner. This resulted to Miss World's assets been frozen by the court. Julia Morley, Miss World organizer, was quoted as saying that was "sad and mischievous", and that she had no assets to be frozen.

    The Miss World contest was founded by British entrepreneur, Eric Morley in 1951. Morley died last year weeks before the 50th anniversary celebration of the event. The pageant's motto is ``beauty with a purpose,'' and among this year's contestants were lawyers, businesswomen, architects and a doctor. Next year's contest(Miss World 2003), will be held in China.

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