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    African Super Singer Launches Site, Albums

    Mercy Ngozi Alu Mercy Ngozi Alu displays her CDs
    Mercy Ngozi Alu poses for the camera

    Photos Above:-
    1st Photo - Mercy poses for the camera in African outfit
    2nd Photo - Mercy displays some of her CDs
    3rd Photo - Mercy relaxes in front of the camera
    Mercy Ngozi Alu
    Photo Above: Mercy poses for the camera shortly before a performance - She is beautiful, intelligent( of course a graduate ) and a gifted singer.

    Click To Visit Mercy Alu's Website & Listen To Her Music

    Masterweb Notes:- 
    Mercy Ngozi Alu [ Photo Left: Mercy Ngozi Alu ]
    Her voice rings like angelic rhythms from above. Her name Mercy, also made above for us. Her songs touch all souls that come across them. Mercy Alu is one of the best singers of the 21st century. She is equally beautiful. Miss Alu ranked finalist in the top five for the 2000 Miss Nigeria/USA pageant. She is not only a beautiful talented singer, but very intelligent too! She is a 1999 graduate of Indiana University, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

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