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Masterweb Symbols ( Flag, Logo, Anthem )

1. Flag

The black colours of the flag represent Africa, the origin of Masterweb. The white colour represents the peaceful orientation of Masterweb towards African democratization and industrialization through grassroot mobilization and information dissemination; it also represents the peaceful nature of Africans before the partition of Africa. The greens represent the great geographical agricultural endowment of Africa. The reds bordering the greens and white represent the civil strive and wars that have scuttled Africa's agriculture, industrialization and peace.

2. Logo

Masterweb Logo

The crowned lion represents Masterweb's cyber leadership of Nigeria and Africa.

3. Anthem

Masterweb uses as her anthem, the unofficial African anthem God Bless Africa composed by her Founder/CEO, Chief Charles O. Okereke. Refer below to listen to different versions of the anthem.

God Bless Africa Anthem ( Masterweb Anthem, also Unofficial African Anthem ):-
*God, Allah, all the same

*Click to Listen to the Followng Versions
Vocal Short Version
Instrumental hymnal
Band Martial Version
African Drums Version
Band Martial Drums Version

[ God Bless Africa is an African Union Award Winning anthem ]

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Quotes by Masterweb Founder/CEO, Chief Charles O. Okereke

- "Peace and justice are of prosperity, human rights and freedom. These are the main elements of humanism, which is not of tribe, race, group or section, but of God's love and human conscience. Music and media guided by His Grace are vehicles of everlasting peace and justice."

- "Let the guns implode, the wooden barrels decompose to fertilize a vibrant agriculture, and the metallic barrels and structures melted for industrialization. Let the ensuing abundance fill up the greedy and the rest of society for the complete healing of Africa."

- "The cross of grief and pain from predators and oppressors in disguise as leaders or liberators ceases with age, but the people live from age to age through generations. Eventually, the nation reverts to the people. Time on your side."

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