Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Yesterday, Tuesday, May 28, at about 2115hrs (Nigerian time), on my way from the office, as we got to Ojota in Lagos,  just before  the pedestrian bridge, we saw a young man who had been knocked down by an articulated vehicle,  lying down helplessly with a huge crowd clustered around him, yet nobody could offer the immediate assistance required. Nigerians should always learn to help at any given time. God knows how long the guy had been on the ground before my arrival. [ Report By Sunday Omojiade; Email: ]
Masterweb will like to publish your report, so if you witness any newsworthy event, send such to for consideration for publishing in either our Masterweb Reports or Daily News section.

*Photo Caption – Ojota bus stop, Lagos, Lagos State (Photo December 2011)

 [ Masterweb Reports: Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu reports ] - There has been the usual noise making by perfidious politicians and other such rabble rousers of questionable character,   who in their dubious quest for relevance are  requesting   that Chinua Achebe be immortalised  through the naming of streets and other national institutions after him. It is either these unscrupulous politicians are suffering from bouts of “amnesia” or they are engaged in sheer deceit which after all is their stock in trade. If the hustling “lootocrat” politicians scratched their heads hard enough or pooled  the  wool  of  deceit from their eyes, they  would very well  remember  Achebe as a  man who never shared their sadistic  world of vanity, oppression, injustice  and corruption.   Chinua Achebe is an intellectual warrior and sage who literarily wore a “halo” of integrity,  humility and chastity around his head  until  the end of his journey on this earth.
Unlike the monumentally corrupt and morally bankrupt sadists, psychopaths and fraudsters who populate the Nigerian political class, invested in nothing other  than  the  vandalisation of the nation and dehumanisation of  the citizenry, Chinua Achebe feared neither  God nor  man.  Donned in battle fatigue and dug into the trench, he waged endless wars against the serial mis-rulers of Nigeria and against racist imperialists like Joseph Conrad who in his book “heart of darkness” caricatured Africans as wild beasts lacking in any civilisation. His book “a man of the people” published in 1966, derided  the blatant corruption and excesses of  the post colonial leaders while “the trouble with Nigeria” published in 1983 remains  the most  surgical, daring, audacious  and  stinging truth spoken to power  and is an indelible and timeless testament of Nigeria’s unrelenting  curse of bad leadership in the five decades since independence.

Rather than the easy choice and option of participating in the lucre and lure of Nigeria’s decrepit, primitive, ignorant and unconscionable leadership cabal, Chinua  Achebe stood in firm and uncompromising   opposition against them. He repeatedly  turned  down  national awards from the Nigerian government  as a form of protest  against the corruption, insensitivity and misrule of the Nigerian establishment.  Chinua Achebe was never a man who ran away from a good  fight in the cause of justice and equality, and it was a fight he undertook  through thick and thin, through toil and sweat  until he passed on to immortality,  to reside where angels dwell.

For a man like Achebe who abhorred and indeed  battled  the  Nigerian government  over  corruption and misrule,  it is nothing short of an abomination to propose as some dubious  politicians are doing the naming of Nigerian roads or institutions after him. The Chinua Achebe that I know would never have accepted such a tainted idea in his lifetime, definitely not with the ongoing looting and misrule by those who constitute Nigeria’s government.  It would thus amount to a desecration of Achebe’s values and character for anything originating from the present misrulers of the Nigerian space to bear his name.

Indeed  Achebe does not need to be immortalised for he is already immortal.  His life, work, legacy and character are etched in stone. As I did a scan of the  media over his burial, I counted more than twenty  international  publications from as far away as India to as near as Uganda that reported his burial. The electronic media was also agog in different parts of the globe with graphic reports of his burial. The global media took note of the passing of a legend  and all without exception described him as a literary icon and  a social crusader who fought relentlessly against corruption and misrule. Such an applause and recognition by an unbiased global audience is more than anything a testament of  his place in history.  Such a man thus;  does not need to be immortalised for his work, life and times has already immortalised him.

However  If the unscrupulous politicians in whose company Achebe would never  have been  found are serious about their so called  immortalisation of  Chinua Achebe, they  can do so by stopping the looting of the nations coffers,  the oppression, dehumanisation and pauperisation of the citizenry, the sponsoring of  ethno-religious conflicts and other acts of violence,  the rigging of elections and arming of thugs,  godfatherism  and  mediocrity in government.  These, amongst other measures   that enthrone social justice, good governance and leadership by example are the only possible altars upon which he can be immortalised  by  Nigeria’s decadent politicians.

Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu ( ).

*Photo Caption – Late Prof. Chinua Achebe 

 [ Masterweb Reports: Ikechukwu Enyiagu reports ] – Recently and ongoing, Ahiara, Mbaise of Imo State has become the waves in the news as both priests and adherents protest what they consider to be a papal oversight in their home churches. It's to be recalled that most of the decay we experience in Christianity in the name of Pentecostalism all over Nigeria today is as a result of fallout between the Holy See and the early Christian world. It started with muffled opinions and voices and grew to gatherings of adherents with anti-Roman-Catholic-mindedness. Then it became a world of Protestants and Pentecostals. The high-handedness of Rome in handling the misunderstanding within the early church sowed the seed of further diverging views even when the Holy Spirit keeps calling us to converge to God. Then, many faithful died for what they believed; today many still die in their hearts. When shall we understand that love remains the only power which holds us all in God?
During the recent ordination of Monsignor Peter Okpalaeke who was slated for the office of the bishop of Ahiara Diocese, Bishop Ugorji delivered a sermon from which I take out this exceptional excerpt:

"Rudely demanding for front office jobs in God's vineyard is disrespectful to the owner of the vineyard.  The Pope is only a foreman in God's vineyard. He takes instructions from the boss. When you disrespect the Pope, you disrespect his boss and that is what these Mbaise Priests have done in demanding for front office jobs. In due time, he will pick as he sees fit." - Bishop Ugorji

According to available data, the newly-ordained bishop is from Ontisha Province. And ex-seminarian of the Vatican City claims that Cardinal Arinze brought nepotism to the Igbo catholic community. FURTHER, Okoro said, “He (Arinze) wants to use his power to put his people everywhere in the church. Awka has 180 priests, 5 bishops and one Cardinal, while Mbaise has 750 priests and no bishop. Possibly, the Ahiara parishioners could neither understand any spiritual rationale in the continued exclusion of their priests from bishop-hood even when statistics shows that their commitment, exemplified by their mass sacrifice to catholic celibacy, is second to none, nor could they stomach the taxation without representation which the neglect seems to insinuate.  Maybe Bishop Ugorji and his Pope (assuming he was speaking on behalf of the Pope) should explain to us all if it's better to settle misunderstandings in the church as the twelve apostles did when the Hellenistic Jews complained against the Hebraic Jews because their widows were being overlooked in the daily distribution of food Acts 6:1-4 (), or to take the stand of our today's Pentecostals in claiming that God is a key in their hands alone with which they decide who, what and where to open or shut, contrary to Biblical expressions. Now, I know that majority may assume the overused false stand that the Pope, Bishops and priests have the final say in their spiritual affairs, but supposing you find the Bible to differ in this rule which has divided the church more than it united us, would you stand out speak and act on the truth you now believe, seeing that it's only with God can one or many be truly said to be in majority?

As this anomaly unfolds, one may even be tempted to wonder if Mbaise people should not have first looked at the so called ‘God’s ultimate authority on earth” and see the damage it's done to the psyche of the entire Igbo race before they further campaign for a bishop from wherever. 750 priests! And they are not yet qualified for a single bishop? No! They should not question the Pope's wisdom or even that of the bishops - including all the priests who defecate on God's altar by abusing God's children from the anus!  So they insist.

When they, like their 'Pentecostal' sisters, insist on total submission, they should ask themselves: do we totally submit to God ourselves? For all the years they have extorted the souls of the Igbo from the spirit of the land, the Igbo have gone from good to bad; and now the worse is unraveling. When they consider themselves as the final say, I pray them to remember that even God Himself, who is forever the beginning and the end of all that has life, has, often than not, reasoned with men and that, most times, men have won him over. It’s so because, above all else, He seeks fellowship; He yearns for our union of mutual understanding with Him. But no! The Peters and Paul of today would rather that nobody questions them, including when they sodomize your teenage sons and abuse your little daughters! Paul was a new comer in the circle of the apostles; he was not even a disciple. But he openly rebuked Peter, the so-called "Rock," when he found out that Peter was being influenced by the very cunning and conniving spirit of the antichrist which has taken center stage in most of today's Nigerian churches (Galatians 2:11-21). Peter took correction and, at one time, even testified that Brother Paul, the corrector, had a higher spiritual insight (2Peter 3:16). One, from today's Catholic Church, would have expected Peter to bark at Paul and ask him to sit down or leave the church as Bishop Ugorji pontificated in his homily:  "If those disrespectful Priests so badly wish to be Bishops, we have well over 41,000 Christian denominations. There is room for more, each with their own Pope and they can rest assured that he who is not against the Church is with the Church but they need not be of the Church."

If these 750 priests were traditional priests in one fold, Mbaise may have become our New Jerusalem, "The City of Peace." The Roman Catholic Church, and indeed all these political organizations with Christianity caps, should stand up and tell the world what they have done for the Igbo, most of whose sheepish and unquestionable submissiveness had never been a problem whenever requests were made in God's name. Should that surprise any? No! After all, about 99% of Igbo names derive life only when God becomes the alpha and the omega, the prefix and the suffix. Tell us, I pray thee, what good you have done to the land of the Igbos.

Not even the spirit of Christ resists our selfish prayers the way our religious leaders resist any truth which God has not revealed solely through them. But how can God reveal his mind to you and not to the poor little Joseph in the field (whose crime was that he obeyed his father who obeyed God and that he took food to his brothers in the field) when your self-importance would not even allow you to see that your love for your sheep has long been lacking in our midst?

What we are saying is this: Allow God to direct you and we will willingly follow you. God is neither partial nor is He seeking assurances of His Godness from man's submission and worship. Until Vatican addresses the mistakes of child abuses in the church and until they remove biased commitment to brotherhood in the selection of popes and bishops, I dare say, the wishes of Bishop Ugorgi that the protesting Roman Catholics of Ahiara should become Ahiara Catholics may not be waited long for before it becomes hitherto concealed salvation.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu ( ).

*Photo Caption - A Catholic Church

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - This report issued by the Network on Police Reform in Nigeria (NOPRIN) details why Mr. Mike Okiro, former Inspector-General of Police, is unfit and unsuitable to be confirmed as the Chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC). The report highlights and explains four very substantial grounds of objection to Mr. Okiro’s nomination, namely:- 1. The need to secure the role of the Commission as civilian credible and effective oversight mechanism; 2. Mr. Okiro’s role in popularising extrajudicial executions in Nigeria, an institutional illegality that has become a driver for internal extremism in Nigeria; 3. Mr. Okiro’s candidacy suffers clear and irremediable integrity deficits; and 4. As a person, Mr. Okiro’s partisan interests fail to comply with the Provisions of the Constitution. Each of the reasons summarised above raises insuperable obstacles to Mr. Okiro’s nomination. The NOPRIN and our member organisations believe that in combination, these factors make Mr. Okiro both unqualified and........ Read More
*Photo Caption - Mr. Mike Okiro 

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Indications have emerged as to why the crisis rocking the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) is proving difficult to settle. The reason, going by feelers from the camp of factional chairman, Chief Victor Umeh, is because Nigeria’s First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, is the unseen force behind the group.
At a meeting held by his faction at the house of Chief Ifeanyi Udokwu (Ekwueme Ogidi) last Sunday, May 12, Umeh reportedly told those in attendance of how he in the company of Chief Ifeanyi Ubah and Chief Dan Ulasi recently met with the First Lady in her bedroom in Abuja. Sources close to the May 12 meeting attended by Akunwata Mike Kwentoh, Chief Ifeanyi Udokwu, Chief Dan Ulasi, and Chief Ifeanyi Ubah, among others, quoted Umeh as saying that the meeting held in the First Lady’s bedroom discussed the case at the Court of Appeal Awka which the faction had filed against the newly elected leadership of APGA headed by Chief Maxi Okwu.

Umeh was said to have spoken of how the First Lady allegedly informed them that the Acting President of the Appeal Court, Justice Zainab A. Bulkachuwa, is dependent on her and had agreed to help out as a condition for her being confirmed as the Substantive President of the Court.

Umeh said that to confirm that everything was under control, the First Lady immediately called Justice Bulkachuwa and put the phone on speaker for them to hear. He claimed that during the conversation, the First Lady told the Ag. Court President to ensure that judgment was delivered in the favour of Umeh’s faction despite the argument of Governor Peter Obi’s faction that the National Convention that produced the Okwu-led executive had been concluded before the court ruling. It was there, according to Umeh, that Her Justice assured that the case would be heard immediately and judgment delivered.

Umeh assured those at the May 12 meeting that the case would be concluded on the 24th of this month and that the First Lady had started working on the Supreme Court on the case. He also boasted that he would produce the next Governor of Anambra State and remained committed to Ifeanyi Ubah’s candidature.

A source said that when the issue of the APGA-produced Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha’s decamping to the All Progressives Congress (APC) came up, they had to make a statement against him to be seen as not supporting him. He reportedly assured them that he remained in touch with Okorocha, saying: “You should not worry about Rochas and APC, we know what they are doing.”

Source: News Express 
*Photo Caption - Chief Victor Umeh

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - On 6th day of May, 2013, we addressed a letter to Your Excellencies with the above related caption. The letter is referenced: Intersociety/S/01/05/013/S/E/Presidency/ABJ/FGN. We also addressed another letter to the Executive Chairman of the Federal Character Commission, dated 6th day of May, 2013 and referenced: Intersociety/S/02/05/013/S/E/FCC/ABJ/FGN. Copies of the two letters are attached for Your Excellencies’ perusal and required action. Our writing Your Excellencies again is as a result of topical events of the past days. Apart from the said events, we also find it important and necessary to make the following corrections and clarifications pertaining to our first letter to Your Excellencies. It is recalled that we had in the said letter included the name of AIG (now DIG) Philemon Leha as one of the serving AIGs in the NPF. He hails from Taraba State, Northeast Nigeria. But further checks by leadership indicate that he was promoted to the DIG in 2012 on the heels of the tragic death of DIG Haruna John, who died in a helicopter crash. Also as we rightly pointed out in the letter to the effect that some CPs whom we thought to be from the Igbo-Southeast may most likely hail from the South-south Igbo areas. True to this position of ours, CP Kingsley Omire, who retired statutorily on 21st day of April, 2013 as Bayelsa State Commissioner of Police, is not from Igbo-Southeast, but from Delta State. CP Benjamin Onwuka, who is Deputy Commandant, Police College, Jos, is not from Igbo-Southeast, but from........ Read More
*Photo Caption - Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Intersociety, 41, Miss Elems Street, Fegge, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

 [ Masterweb Reports: Philip Amiola reports ] - The volume of responses generated by my last article entitled, “Gays and Lesbians, We Will Not Keep Quiet!” has put me under responsibility to write a sequel to address genuine concerns raised by some of my readers. First of all, I want to state that my position on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) matters is not based on dogmatic religion, popular culture or subjective morality. Rather, my stance is founded on the universal principles of conscience, common sense and character as supported by scientific and medical research. Against this background, I intend to address issues ranging from instances of homosexuality in animals to questions of individual liberty and challenges with heterosexual marriage as they affect the LGBT debate.
Incidence of homosexuality in animals is no basis for its expression in man. Unlike other members of the animal kingdom which are mainly creatures of instinct, Homo sapiens (man with intelligence) has an intellectual and a spiritual side to him. Man as an intellectual and spiritual being is expected to demonstrate a sense of good judgement beyond instinctive behaviour. Homosexuality is a primordial instinct of animality (the animal side of man as opposed to the intellectual and spiritual) which must be subjected to the higher principles of commonsense and conscience.

Only heterosexual union offers the promise of continued preservation of the human species with healthy societies. Same sex unions are simply a means to satisfy warped passions and shameful lusts; they have no potential for positive contribution to society. Regardless of high divorce rate and other challenges associated with conventional (heterosexual) marriage, it remains the most fundamental institution in every society. Downplaying conventional marriage because of the attendant challenges is like discarding computers because of the prevalence of malware.

Concerning the state's position on the LGBT saga, we must realise that LGBT tendencies have little or nothing to do with the law; and much more to do with discordant personal beliefs and warped value system. Consequently, what we must emphasise is value re-orientation, not legislation. Legislation may work in the short term, but it is sure to fail in the long term. The key to sustainable transformation is re-orientation and right education.

For those who think we must tolerate homosexuality on the basis of "individual liberty", we must recognise that marriage entails much more than emotional satisfaction. Marriage is not a sexual pleasure centre; it's a social unit without which the human society cannot exist. Like any other relationship, marriage exists ultimately for the common good of the society, not for selfish gratification of the persons involved.  Can we honestly say that homosexual unions have any potential to foster the common good of the society? Isn't it interesting to note that proponents of same sex union are themselves products of heterosexual union?

Whilst there are tonnes of facts, figures and research findings that clearly elucidate the peril of homosexual relations, it may not be practicable to present them in a 600-word article such as this; it'll take a treatise or a public debate to do that. I'll probably do a dissertation on this in the process of time. Until then, I'll content myself with engaging my audience via tweets, Facebook posts and brief articles. Like I said in my previous piece, LGBT movements have an agenda to topple the very foundations of our society; and they are committed to it.  Straight people must be bold enough to pursue an opposing agenda with greater commitment.

*Photo Caption - British Gay Priest Rev. Colin Coward with Nigerian Gay Fiancé Bobby Egbele

 [ Masterweb Reports: Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye reports ] - If anyone had told me a few years ago that a time will come in Nigeria when the authorities will approve the teaching of sexual immorality as a subject in junior and secondary schools, I would have thought that the person had lost his mind. But now, before our very eyes, it is happening, and I lack words to describe the shock among many Nigerians!
Not too long ago, I was shown the topics being treated under the subject called “Sexuality Education” or “Sex Education” which tender kids in both junior and secondary schools in Nigeria are now being forced to learn. Mere kids, some as young as ten or even nine, are put in the hands of teachers, who deploy every energy, talent and creativity to saturate their tender minds with every detail about sexual immorality and the use of contraceptives.

When I first raised alarm on this issue in my weekly column not too long ago, a concerned parent wrote me to say that the ‘Teacher’s Guide’ given to the Integrated Science teachers (who handle this subject) mandates them “to teach the children that religious teachings on issues like pre-marital sex, contraception, homosexuality, abortion and gender relations are mere opinions and myths! They are also to teach the students how to masturbate and use chemical contraceptives (designed for women in their 30s). The ‘Teachers Guide’ equally lays a big emphasis on values clarification; this empowers teenage children to decide which moral values to choose since the ones parents teach them at home are mere options.”

It is difficult to imagine that anyone outside a mental home could have the mind to design such a subject even for the children of his worst enemy! In my view, this clearly qualifies as child abuse, which, sadly, has been endorsed by the authorities. I have reasons to suspect that what some of the teachers would be giving out would be targeted more at titillating their tender victims than educating them! I can imagine how easy it would now become for a teacher who has been targeting a female student to use his creative elaboration of this subject, to get the girl so overwhelmed she would become easy meat.

I am told that there are two main reasons for the introduction of this subject in our schools. One is to empower school children with adequate knowledge about their bodies and how to “safely” indulge in pre-marital sex without falling victims to teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV/AIDS. The second reason is to demystify fornication, give it a positive image, as something to be cherished and enjoyed without any fear, as long as it is done “safely” and consensually. The belief is that with the age-long “superstition” built around sexual immorality which ‘stigmatizes’ it as an evil and sinful activity, some kids tend to go into it with fear and dread, and so develop psychological problems arising from the guilt they feel afterwards.

But these reasons are simply hollow and unconvincing. They are built on the assumption that in the present age, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for unmarried people to abstain from pre-marital sex. Instead of emboldening kids to behave like dogs, why not teach them to value their bodies and maintain their self-esteem by abstaining from immorality as our own parents had taught us? The difference between human beings and animals is the ability to reason and determine the consequences of actions, and then exercise discretion and self-control. Why not tell a kid the consequences of an action and use that to dissuade him from indulging in it?

Looking at the earnestness with which this policy is being pursued despite oppositions to it, one is forced to suspect that there may also be a commercial angle to it. Are we sure that substantial profit is not accruing to the initiators of this programme and their collaborators in government from the sales of the several books being written and printed on the subject? Support may equally be coming from the manufacturers of contraceptives who certainly see in this a lucrative venture to promote and sustain.

Now, how far has this subject helped in reducing teenage pregnancies and STDs in the Western nations where it has been taught, assimilated and practiced for many years now? It is a fact that these teachings have, for instance, been introduced in both the United States and Britain for many years now, but as I write now, I have before me, a BBC report saying that Britain has the highest record of teenage pregnancy in the whole of Western Europe. Also, another report has it that the United States has the highest number of teenage pregnancies in the entire Western world. Again, in the United States, it is reported that new infections of HIV are still on the increase.

That naturally leads us to the contentious issue of “safe sex.” So, what is all this fetish about “safe sex” and how “safe” can sex actually be? The truth is that a lot of studies and findings have effectively punctured the dubious confidence built over the years on condom-use. We know that with an effective magnifying lens, it is easy to see that several objects, especially rubber and plastics, have tiny holes through which very minute micro organisms could pass. I read somewhere recently that “HIV virus is only 0.1 micron in size while the naturally occurring holes in a latex condom is of the order 5 to 50 microns in diameter.” So where then is the “protection” we have heard so much about if the deadly virus can indeed pass through the wall of a condom? Is this not why we have often heard reports of people contracting HIV even though they had practiced the so-called “protected sex”? This is the time to rethink all this stuff behind which some fellows have hidden to pollute the minds of kids with ruinous teachings.

Fortunately, we have one precaution that does not fail. And that is the good old abstinence, which has been proven and tested to be the only reliable protection against deadly STDs and teenage pregnancies? We must hasten to realize that what is at stake here is human life, and should not be toyed with, for whatever reasons. It is becoming increasingly difficult to understand this desperation to create an immoral and ungodly society by misleading the youths? Now, if not for reasons that are less than noble and wholesome, why would Nigeria be eager to import a policy that is failing even in more advanced nations?

Okay, here is another point to ponder: HIV is 500 times smaller than spermatozoa, yet research has established that spermatozoa are able to sometimes pass through the wall of a latex condom to cause conception. Now, if this is the case, are we not by this subject leading our youths through the minefield? The example cited earlier of the worrisome rise in fresh infections of HIV in a place like the US where years of successful sex-education has achieved overwhelming attitudinal change in favour of condom-use should serve to buttress this point.

Now, with this policy in place and flourishing, where is this nation really heading to? What is the use living, if one must live like a dog?

I would, therefore, want to advise the school boy or girl reading this piece to please pause awhile and ask himself or herself what the initiators of this policy hope to achieve in his of her life by giving him or her these teachings? Such a youth should wonder how they still expect him to concentrate on his studies after they have saturated his mind with filthy teachings that only fill his mind with distractive lusts. Now, if his instructors (who are mostly parents) are encouraging him to freely indulge in sexual immorality at this early stage of his life, what type of future leader do they expect him to become? After “empowering” him to go on the rampage, wouldn’t they have succeeded in giving him a disease deadlier than even the AIDS they are presuming to save him from – which is the destruction of his moral fibre? What is the guarantee that he would be able to build a healthy family afterwards, by shunning the promiscuity that this subject is surely preparing him for, and which, as we all know, results in the proliferation of broken homes which has become the nightmare of the Western world?

It is instructive that The Guardian on Sunday, July 18, 1999, carried a report that a cross section of American college (mostly female) students are regretting the limitless freedom their parents had allowed them and have resolved to devote themselves to pursue a “no-sex” campaign. But in Nigeria in 2013, sexual immorality has been deregulated and democratized.

Right now, there appears to be some serious regret soaking the consciousness of many in the Western world, because of the moral wreck many children have become. But they are now helpless, because, it seems to have become too late, and things have gone out of hand. They now wish they never gave a perverted interpretation to freedom at some point in their history.

But poor Nigerians, we are always distinguished by our peculiar eagerness to always gobble up everything Western, no matter how rotten or destructive. Go to the people in Nollywood, and ask them why they are going so wild and immoral and the answer you will get is: That is how they do it in Hollywood. See what I mean?

But concerned Nigerian parents cannot afford to be intimidated and just watch helplessly as some fellows whose intentions are less than noble go all out to ruin their kids for them. And so, they should be able to ask: To what extent should the government interfere in people’s lives and families? Where does the government derive the authority to invade somebody’s home with ungodly teachings and inflict them on the person’s kids, just because he gave his kid to the government to educate in their schools? Shouldn’t an open and clear expression of disaffection towards this gross violation by stakeholders lead to its reappraisal and possible removal from the school curriculum?

Again, and very importantly too; most people have strongly accepted and hold very dear to their hearts the teachings they have received from the religious faith of their choice (which we as civilized people must respect) that sexual immorality which is a grievous sin against God attracts eternal damnation; and they are eager to ensure that both themselves and their kids escape this terrible doom; how then can we accommodate and respect this their belief (which is sacred to them) in this current effort to teach and encourage their children to freely indulge in fornication? Should we just dismiss and callously tear down a belief they hold so sacred and dear, and with which they have determined to successfully raise their children to become morally healthy kids? As if it does not matter?

It is time to rethink this policy and remove it from the school curriculum since it denies a large a number of people the option of choice. Many parents are not even aware that such a teaching is being generously forced down the throats of their precious children, thereby destroying all they have taught them at home.

Certainly, there are centres where some NGOs have established to propagate these pro-pre-marital sex teachings. Interested parents can take their children to those centres, while the objecting parents are spared the trauma of watching their kids being subjected to a menu they firmly believe is terribly unhealthy and ruinous. Their right to dissent must be respected.

*Photo Caption - Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

 [ Masterweb Reports: Obienyem Valentine reports ] - May 1 is set aside universally for workers/labourers; it is known as “Worker’s Day”. Typical of Nigerians, being a public holidays, most people now use the day to celebrate their birthdays or those of their children. Some see it as a day to hold important meetings. Yet, there are some who do not know what to do with the day. Rather than reduce it to Epicurean feast and as a day when workers convey in Eagles Square with the President in attendance, it ought to be a day in which symposia, seminars, conferences and rallies are organised. Whatever fora should be dedicated to expounding the ideals and dignity of labour.
One of the misconceptions of the past was the idea of treating labour as something degrading and utterly undignifying. Because of this misconception, people would rather buy or engage slaves to do their work for them, lest they be looked down upon. By degree, this culminated in feudalism, where the feudal lords had their work done for them by the serfs. At this time, the idea of a gentleman was misconstrued as persons with literary tastes; those who were inclined to liberal education. These people had a peculiar perception of a gentleman as one who wanted education for its own sake and thereafter would employ people to do their work for them rather than the indignity of doing those work themselves.

Such conceptions in the past made labour, especially menial ones, to be so disdainfully treated. Because of this perceived lack of dignity, the concept of labour suffered the poverty of misconception. Even highly placed work, such as the type that lawyers do were lowly graded. A gentleman must not engage in forensic debates; he has to contract a lawyer to plead on his behalf. If the legal profession, as other professions, was treated this way, consider what was the fate of menial workers. Because of the ranking of labour, labourers were paid wages that did not guarantee lives of frugal comfort, afterall it was only fit for slaves.

Have we forgotten so soon that the wealth of nations arecreated by the work of labourers. If man ceases to work, humanity will be in trouble. Whatever way we look at it, work is a positive human act. It is gratifying to any reasonable man to turn to service energies, which would otherwise be wasted or misspent in idleness or mischief. The vice of sloth implies the virtue of work. The principle of activity, accordingly to Hegel, whereby “the workman has to perform for his subsistence”, gives man a dignity which “consists in his depending entirely on his diligence, conduct, and intelligence for the supply of his work.

Besides working for subsistence, there are many other reasons why man finds it useful to work. It is even suggested in some quarters that labour saves man from a boredom he fears more than the pain of labour. Our world is filled up with variety of amusements and diversions that man invents or franticallypursues to occupy himself when work is finished. The satisfaction of labour is therefore as peculiarly human as its burdens. Not merely to keep alive, but to keep himself productive and positively human, man is obliged to work.

When you look at our society, you see variety of work. Some are employed in government establishments: Civil Service or Public Corporation; some are employed in private sectors; some are self-employed; there are others who are unemployed. Wherever one works, the principle of dignity of labour,laborare dignitatem, implies that whatever one does that feeds and enables him to be clothed should be respected and not degraded or treated with contempt. To respect a particular job implies that the worker should approach his work with all sense of responsibility and diligence. In return, the job should be able to offer him a reward (salary) that will enable him live as a human being. This is the spirit of Pope Leo’s encyclical entitled: Rerum Novarum (“Of New Things”), where he submitted that “Equity commands that public authority show proper concern for the workers so that from what he may receive will enable him to be housed, clothed and secured, to live his life without hardship.”

In spite of the increase in salary by the present government, an average Nigeria worker, in public and private sector, cannot live the life of frugal comfort. Let us, by way of illustration, bring the minimum wage question in issue. The minimum wage of the Federal Government is N18,500 Supposing a worker lives in Abuja, where the house rent for a room (face-me-I-face-you) apartment in the ghettos of Airport road or Idu Karimu is about N5,000, the monthly NEPA bill is about N2000, monthly transport expenses to the place of work is about N4, 000, feeding at N300 per day translates into N3,000. I do not want to go further into medical bill, clothing etc because the expenditure profile is already very high You can imagine what it will be when the concerned worker has a family and one or two dependants. Off course, the talk of dignity of labour will not make much meaning to him. Such a job that do not translate into improved living will not inspire respect befitting jobs that are worthy of dignity.

What about those that push wheelbarrows, the cleaners, street sweepers, drivers e.t.c. Dignity of Labour says that they have to respect their jobs, since it is through these jobs that they keep body and soul together. But what of Nigeria, and other countries where the pay package or what this category of workers earn cannot sustain the life of frugal comfort? Is it possible for the doctrine of dignity of labour to make meaning to them? This is where there is conflict about the principle. The question therefore is: “Is labour worthy of dignity in Nigeria?”

Doubtless, in Labour issues, Nigeria is lagging. What we have in Nigeria is dead as opposed to living wages. Dead wages make for pauperism, as is the case with Nigeria. Beside oil companies, banks, international organisations domiciled in the country and few public corporations, there is scarcely anyestablishment, privately or government owned that pays living wages. This is why the attitudes of civil servants to work are often viewed with understanding leniency. Often they do not approach their work with required seriousness since most of them do other things to make ends meet.

The only way out of this is for government and all those who are engaged in policy formation to take the opportunity of this worker’s day to reflect on the real plight of Nigerian workers. It is only when labour is backed with commensurate returns that the doctrine of dignity of labour should become fully realisable, it is them that one can, with all justification, ask workers to live above board. This is the plain truth.

*Photo Caption - Obienyem Valentine

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - An interactive session of Anioma leaders and representatives of Anioma associations and organizations in diaspora from countries across five continents met on Saturday, April 13, 2013 with a prominent Political Economist, Professor Patrick Okedinachi Utomi, to kick start the series of interactive sessions in the search for a viable Anioma candidate for Delta State Governor in 2015.
The meeting was initiated and facilitated by Anioma World Assembly (AWA). AWA Chairman, Dr. Charles Oseji, in his opening remark noted that:

“Anioma World Assembly (AWA), an inter-continental interest group which represents leadership of all Anioma Associations in diaspora, embarked on this mission to ensure that a tested and viable candidate with enviable track record emerges as Delta State Governor in 2015”.

AWA is partnering with twenty-six Delta State organizations cutting across ethnic divide, local and international, by collaborating with diverse advocacy groups in designing a platform to vet candidates of Anioma extraction with a view to presenting to the entire Delta State with a candidate without “excess baggage” that would be acceptable to all ethnic nationalities in the state.

AWA’s guest at the interactive session, Professor Pat Utomi, decried the deteriorating security situation in THE COUNTRY. He expressed concern that development in Delta is not where we should be compared with some other South-South States; and expressed relief that the State has begun to do something about Schools where we had followed far behind Rivers State. He noted that we are still behind Akwa-Ibom State and emphasized that we should focus more on the future than on passing the bulk about who to blame about the past.

Prof Utomi condemned the politics of personal aggrandisement by current Nigeria leadership and queried the viability of quick fix regime of rent seeking being promoted as economic empowerment. He decried the extent of poverty in the land which has greatly reduced the quality of life of PEOPLE OF NIGERIA.

He noted that in a recent review of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) publication- ‘The Human Development Report’, Human Development Index (HDI), a composite index measuring average achievement in three basic dimensions of human development- a long and healthy life, knowledge and decent standard of living, indicates that Delta Region is at the same level with Northern States.

Utomi, pointed to how UNICEF Country Representative lamented on the state of Niger Delta Region during a recent presentation at Lagos Business School (LBS), and more recent concern expressed by stakeholders at BRACED Commission Retreat held in Akwa-Ibom State.

He emphasized that his mission in Public Life at any level, including the Gubernatorial one in Delta State, would be to replace politics with governance pointing at his effort to create a Silicon Valley around Illah, Delta State, about ten years ago which was deliberately frustrated by the then Government of Delta State.

Prof Utomi indicated that he shares the yearnings, wishes and call of the good people of Delta State of different ethnic extraction to become actively involved in Politics in Delta State, and promised to make himself available to such service.

He emphasized that Delta People should focus on finding persons of capacity, commitment, character and compassion rather than ethnic origin. He indicated that he would be active in that regard through the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) or through any other Party that it may become part of.


· Anioma World Assembly (AWA) resolved to and urges politicians in Delta North to pursue cooperation and collaboration with Delta Central and Delta South Senatorial zones as no zone can independently produce a governor for the entire state without the support of the other zones.

·AWA believes in in equity, justice and fair play, a united Delta State and open to working with all lovers of progress for the common good of all Deltans.

· AWA is vehemently opposed to and rebuke the double standard of Delta politicians and their rent seeking cabals who place their personal interest above the common good of Deltans and perpetuating poverty and underdevelopment in Delta State.

·AWA believes that the survival of the oppressed and impoverished Deltans in the current political and democratic dispensation in Nigeria rests on presenting a common front and forging a political alliance across Delta North, Delta Central and Delta South Senatorial zones.


Anioma World Assembly (AWA) is the union of Leaders and/or Accredited Representatives of Anioma Associations in diaspora working towards the unification of Anioma people in Diaspora.

Motto: “One People Boundless and Indivisible”

Our mission is to improve upon lives of Anioma in their various communities by mobilizing the caring power of concerned individuals around the world to advance the common good of inhabitants of Anioma Nation.

Aims and Objectives:

(a) To advocate for Anioma at the highest level
(b) To internalize Anioma matters and work for the general good of Anioma
(c) To seek to attain one global Anioma voice by perfecting a global Anioma Union.
(d) To render selfless and positive services for the wellbeing of Anioma

Anioma nu, ofu obi, udo’oganihu


Dr. Charles Oseji, AWA Chairman (Atlanta, USA.),
Collins Uche Moweta, AWA, DSG Publicity & Media (Moscow, Russia),
Echiemeze Chizekene Ofili, AWA Secretary General, U.S.A

*Photo Caption - Map of Nigeria showing Anioma