Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

 [ Masterweb Reports: Emmanuel Arinze reports ] – I am not one to make much fuss about media reports beyond profiling and updates. By virtue of my profession, my involvement with virtual and terrestrial media – local and foreign – usually does not transcend the bounds of neutral analysis. But, I must admit that, there have been times when I have had to cast off my aloof toga and join the fray of “glocal” (global & local) debate to air my personal view on pertinent matters where sitting on the fence rankles against the grain.
In the course of my media analysis, I have also been intrigued by a trend I have observed between two parties dear or aggravating to some Nigerians; that is the person of Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and the entity called Sahara Reporters. Truly, both parties elicit different reactions from Nigerians for various reasons. But, it appears the party with the biggest voice is not always fair to the other and is consciously attempting to undermine the credibility and dehumanise the other party.

From my findings, it appears that since Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala came back to Nigeria for a second stint at the helms of the country’s finance ministry, she has not really done much to merit the positive reportage of Sahara Reporters. All I have read on Sahara Reporters’ site about the woman have been one negative press or the other.

But, then, this was only a theory that I had no empirical basis of proving as a fact. So, I decided to conduct an independent survey to ascertain the veracity of this claim. I spent hours going through the gamut of Sahara Reporters’ website and consulting popular search engines to get raw data on Sahara Reporters’ coverage of the person of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala in the space of 25 months. The results of my findings can be viewed (for discerning people to see and make their conclusion ) at (<=Click On Link to Be Taken to Findings).
Judging by the foregoing where out of 41 mentions profiled in 25 months, 32 of them are negative, 8 are indifferent and only 1 is positive, it is obvious to identify the standpoint of Sahara Reporters where the person of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is concerned.

For a medium like Sahara Reporters to have only one positive out of 41 reports about anyone says a lot about how evil such person must be, doesn’t it? My findings leave so many questions unanswered, is Okonjo-Iweala that bad? Is she so wrapped up in evil that she deserves only one positive report out of 41 Sahara Reporters’ mentions in 25 months? In fact, can anyone be that bad? Can there be more than meet the eye in Sahara Reporters’ coverage of the person of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala? Why does Sahara Reporters have more negative things to say about the finance minister than the other media? Why is Sahara Reporters always the first medium to break negative news about NOI? I leave the answers for the discerning minds to conclude.

Emmanuel Arinze, an Abuja-based Research consultant, reports from same city.

*Photo Caption – Omoyele Sowore, Publisher of Sahara Reporters (Left);  Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (Right).

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - History is not a heroic story, nor memory a block of marble inscribed with imperishable words of grief and rage. In Tony Blair’s account of this act of inhuman cruelty, in his book A Journey (Published: 9 Jun 2011), he wrote "It is amazing how quickly shock is absorbed and the natural rhythm of the human spirit reasserts itself … We remember, but not as we felt at that moment.” How time flies, how terrific time devours our dearest and dreadful memories, how we are striped of realities and left with reflection. Personally, I remember the shock of that moment perfectly…even though I didn’t watch the live clips of the incidence – I doubt if any Nigerian of my age watched the live streaming anyway…that afternoon I was roaming a flea-market with my mum doing last minutes shopping as I prepared to resume for Senior Secondary school…I recall a ‘now-funny’ exclamation – a market-version of the breaking news. It came from the wheel-barrow pusher who was helping with our grasps. He said to me as my mum bargained on (in Yoruba) “friend, are you aware the world is ending today?” “What? How do you know” I asked with my........Read More
*Photo Caption - New York twin towers burning from the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. 

 [ Masterweb Reports: Paul C Nwabuikwu reports ] – Abuja, September 10, 2013: Earlier today (September 10, 2013), Saharareporters published a scurrilous and totally false story titled “Nigeria's Finance Minister Okonjo-Iweala Forced THISDAY Publisher to Sack Editor” on its website.
The report claimed that the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala called the Publisher of THISDAY Newspapers, Mr Nduka Obaigbena last Saturday to demand the sack of the Saturday Editor of the paper, Mr Laurence Ani over a story she was allegedly unhappy about.

It further alleged that as a result of the action, the editor was asked to go on compulsory leave.

The story is a total fabrication. The alleged conversation did not take place. In fact the minister was on a flight on her way back from the United States on the day in question. In other words, the details of the story do not exist outside the warped imagination of Saharareporters.

The Publisher of THISDAY has indicated his willingness to confirm that she did not at any time reach out to him on any such issue or make any such demands as alleged.  

This story is the latest salvo in a campaign of falsehood which Saharareporters has waged against the Coordinating Minister on behalf of its pay masters.

We are certain that the campaign will fail because it is founded on falsehood and Nigerians can see through the antics of this disreputable medium.

Paul C Nwabuikwu
Special Adviser to the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance

*Photo Caption – Omoyele Sowore, Publisher of Sahara Reporters

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - One of the greatest enduring myths in Nigeria is the lie that Yakubu Gowon fought the Nigeria-Biafra war to keep Nigeria united, whereas in reality not only did Yakubu Gowon whose Northern region had originally intended to secede (Araba) after the July 1966 counter-coup cause the unnecessary war through his failure of leadership, his aim for fighting the war was never in the least a genuine desire to keep Nigeria united but purely because of Northern economic interests. The economic interests of the hitherto secessionist North became the principal reason for the volte face from secession to “one Nigeria” after the British government advised the Northern leadership of the economic disadvantages of secession. Thus unlike most civil wars where there is a genuine desire to keep the nation united for patriotic reasons, the Nigeria-Biafra war was an opportunistic war instigated by Yakubu Gowon and the North; not out of a genuine desire for a united Nigeria but for the selfish aims of British imperialism and Northern economic interests which remains the reason and reality of their presence in Nigeria to date. Every conflict is dogged by lies and propaganda, but history always........ Read More
*Photo Caption - Nigeria Ex-Military Head of State, Yakubu Gowon leaving after attending Late Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua's funeral in Katsina, Katsina State May 6, 2010. 

 [ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] – The recent attempt by Atiku and a group of governors to break up the ruling PDP have raised questions on the ability of President Jonathan to deliver himself from self seeking aides and sycophants. One of the greatest tragedies of Jonathan presidency is the array of prayer warriors, boot-lickers, praise singers and all categories of servile groups angling for his presidential attention.
The event of last Saturdays mini convention where a sitting president of Africa’s greatest nation  was abandoned by all but three of his 27 PDP party governors,  Yuguda , Akpabio and Dakingari, calls to question the human management capacity of the incumbent. All the governors who tricked him into dragging PDP on the path of self destruct abandoned him on the day of trouble. Some of them I heard were secretly making supportive phone calls to the group of seven Governors who walked out on him during the convention and pledged their allegiance to the new move.

Having closely monitored the intrigues before, during and after the ill-fated mini convention from both sides of the camp; Jonathan and G-7 Governors, I was personally rattled by the ease at which presidential strategists allowed the Commander-in-Chief walk into opposition trap. Hints of what would become of the congress came after the Obuah-led PDP faction in Rivers state, in an attempt to prevent an Amechi loyalist and Former Deputy National Chairman, Sam Jaja from re-election, suspended him and 15 commissioners from the party few days to the election.

In a similar development, the PDP South West zonal leaders begged Jonathan to allow zonal congress before the mini convention but Tukur told them that a court had suspended the congress and insisted that PDP must obey the court order implying that there would be no congress in the South West PDP before the mini convention.  The disappointed party men interpreted it as another move aimed at frustrating former National Secretary and Obasanjo’s loyalist, Olagunsoye Oyinlola from resuming his position as National Secretary, despite solicitations from the elders of PDP in the zone. In protest their supporters  linked up with the rebel governors.

The case of Olisa Metuh and Kema Chikwe former National Publicity Secretary and National Women Leader who wanted to opt for their adoption by zonal caucus of PDP rather than election, created another ill feelings within the PDP days to the convention. Another case of Abubakar Mustapha former National Organizing Secretary and Vice President Sambo’s candidate whom stakeholders in the North Central Zone wanted replaced by Sidi Ibrahim Bamali was another sore point.

On the other hand, the group of seven governors had planned to continue with their plot to control some offices within PDP NWC despite the knowledge that the Tukur leadership is foreclosing their candidates. They believed that the scenario when 19 governors voted for Amechi during the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) elections will re-enact. To the best of my knowledge, their plot was to earn a surprise victory at the congress; hence they mobilized finances for their favored candidates to reach out to all delegates. However, immediately the presidential horse trading and introduction of 'anointed' delegates list started, they knew their plans will fail.

Obasanjo, Babangida, Tambuwal, notified of the plot by the trio of Anenih, Tukur and Jonathan to ensure total victory for their supporters, decided to respect their elder statesmanship by shunning the convention. Jerry Gana, Senator Ndoma Egba and Senator Ike Ekweremmadu did not do enough to reassure the governors and aggrieved party men that there would be a level playing field.  Gana's theory of using 2012 delegates list of earlier convention was rejected, Ndoma Egba postponed the date of screening of aspirants, creating mounting suspicion. Deputy Senate President Ike  Ekweremmadu wanted Metuh and Chikwe returned at all costs, hence he insisted that vacant positions must be reserved for states where the former officers  came from- a move which did not go down well with PDP stakeholders in the South East including Governor Sullivan Chime, Hon Emeka Ihedioha, and Senator Ken Nnamani. They wanted other aspirants like Chyna Iwuanyanwu, Okey Muo Aroh among others to contest alongside Metuh. President Jonathan who earlier rejected the adoption of Metuh and  Chikwe,  accepted hours to the convention. All these pockets of dissent helped in swelling the morale base of the opposition.

When I got wind of the Jonathan approved list of candidates for the election, tagged ‘Unity List’ hours before the election, I remarked jokingly that this list will put PDP on fire. Indeed it fired PDP to Armageddon. What I expected the president to do was to both provide a level playing ground for the election and afterwards parley with the elected officials, or pick some key positions and give to the opposition. I was told that Jonathan actually mooted the idea but Anenih, Tukur, Akpabio,Secondus, Gana, Ekweremmadu, Dickson were among those who vehemently rejected the idea of any concession for the opposition. I told an excited Jonathan strategist who was so sure that they have muscled out what he termed the ‘Atiku-Obasanjo-Babangida-7 Governors gang up’ that there would be a great disgrace at Eagle Square-and he assured that there is no shaking in PDP, until the mother of all shaking took place.

These empty headed PDP strategists and kitchen cabinet did not factor in that lots of powerful persons within the party are already fed up with the arbitrary manner the affairs is being run. They are only waiting for opportunity within the system to vent their anger against Anenih, Tukur, Jonathan and the mini convention provided the opportunity.  Some PDP chieftains who told me that they are in support of the Atiku moves but cannot canvass it openly now for political reasons. This is real problem for PDP, hidden enemies waiting for the right time to abandon the party.

President Jonathan has all the state resources to bull doze his way with PDP, the only problem with  this option is that Obasanjo, Atiku, Babangida, Uba and some others can match presidential finances if they so desire. Jonathan can also use security agents to intimidate others into controlling the PDP but the experience of militancy in Nigeria has shown that the armed forces do not have monopoly of violent intimidation. There are stockpiles of arms in the hands of criminals and it only takes a politician with brawn and funds to turn them into weapons of warfare.

The Way Out

Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan must as a matter of urgency distance himself from all these boot lickers, sycophants, praise singers and those who gave him false impression about the successes of his presidency. He must shun those who goaded him to open war fronts on many sides all in an effort to win the 2015 presidential election .He should maintain dignified neutrality and parley personally with elected party chieftains to win them over his side.
The issue of dropping his presidential ambition as demanded by the G-7 governors is not acceptable. Jonathan has the right to contest in 2015 and nobody should stifle his ambitons, He should also not muzzle the presidential ambitions of Amechi, Lamido, Atiku, Aliyu  or whosoever in PDP, Let the PDP primaries from authentic delegates list determine the flagbearer. The type of presidential interference which frustrated Soludo and Andy Uba in Anambra State Chapters of APGA and PDP is not good for democracy and may not be tolerated by these governors in their respective states. 
The use of arbitrary means in tackling dissenting opinions within the party should stop. Those who know Jonathan personally have affirmed that he is an amiable and diplomatic personality, but once those all knowing hawks surrounds him ,he suddenly realigns to strange advices.

Jonathan and PDP handlers should allow fairness to reign in their party. . Above all the oozing stench of sycophants and praise singers who constantly blind Jonathan’s eyes to realities on the ground is his greatest Achilles hills and can break up the party and I know that many Nigerians would celebrate the breakup of PDP.

Obinna Akukwe ( ).

*Photo Caption – PDP logo

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - The leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law is happy to celebrate the news of the launching of the first international flight at the upgraded Akanu Ibiam International Airport located in Enugu, Southeast Nigeria. The Boeing 737-800 Ethiopian Aircraft, marked ET-APL, was reported to have landed at the airport, at about 12.14pm on Saturday, 24th of August, 2013, with fifteen passengers on board and left at about 2.30pm same day. The aircraft has 158-passenger capacity. Enugu is the old capital of the defunct Eastern Nigeria; one of the original three regions created by the Richards of 1946, on the basis of three major tribes in Nigeria-Hausa-Fulani, Igbo and Yoruba. The creation was done for the purposes of devolution of political powers and decentralization of socioeconomic activities on the basis of equity and fairness. Enugu (hilltop) celebrated its centenary in 2009. The Igbo Race of today is made of sedentary Igbo or home Igbo-represented by the Nri/ Igboukwu and Arochukwu Dynasties with over 1000 years of recorded existence; pastoral Igbo-represented by Agbor Dynasty with over........ Read More
*Photo Caption - Section of Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria. 

 [ Masterweb Reports: Odogwu Obinna reports  ] – I remember few years ago when Awka people, particularly the ones in Diaspora were spitting out fire, thunder and brimstone on Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State for allegedly neglecting their kingdom. They accused him of taking developmental issues that concerned Awka town unserious. I’m quite aware that some groups threatened to ‘shut down’ the government house if the helmsman refuses to repent of his ‘sins’ and fix Awka to exude the light of capital territory which it is called. I occassionally stumbled on newspaper publications where they were blowing hot; stressing why the area should be like Enugu or Owerre if not better. Of course, no right thinking person should cast aspersions on the people who are not only fighting for their own democracy dividend but a place where Anambrarians can truly call their state’s capital.
During that period, some people like me who come from the age-long marginalized people of Awka-North opened wide our voices in plea to the government with a hope that we would be remembered equally. We girded up our loins in all facets. I remember communities of Amanuke, Urum, Ugbene, Ugbenu, Isuaniocha, and others, all in Awka-North cried out blood, and perhaps, still crying to be ‘consoled’. At least, if not for any other thing, we share certain things in common, and during the Nigeria–Biafra civil war, some Awka people took solace in Amanuke and others.

While all these were going on, some respected Awka sons and daughters were calm but not quiet! They watched the drama unfold, scene after scene; perhaps, to see what the climax would look like. In a society where there are weak people, Igbo adage supports the need to have strong ones so there would be enough characters to suit different occasions.

Fortunately, Awka kingdom is favoured with illustrious sons and daughters who hold key positions in the government; two of who are Sen. Ben Obi, the Special Adviser to the President on Inter-Party Affairs; Hon. Emeka Nwogbo, representing Awka North and South at the House of Representatives and others. In every state, there are always people drawing the attention of the government to their locality; and Anambra is no exception.

Mr Peter Obi from day one signed 177 pacts with different towns in Anambra state and every community wants to be favoured more. He is not a spirit and your ‘hook can catch him when you fix his favourite bait’! And that perhaps is what Emeka Nwogbo and other illustrious sons of Awka kingdom have mastered. The duo belong to same political party and as such understand themselves.

The face of Awka capital territory has changed very significantly today. One with prior knowledge of the area who visits it now will know for sure that angels have began treading on their soil. Mr. Obi is angry. May be the fire and brimstone they rained on him have hit his eyes, and he is now taking revenge on the roads and other developmental areas. He has ransacked all the nooks and crannies of Awka, creating roads. Apart from Onitsha, Awka can today boast of the best network of roads in the state unlike before. All the gutters of the existing roads have been fixed. The Authur Eze avenue which gained notoriety because of the ravaging effect of flooding has lost its potency. Lives over the years, were lost to flooding there, while few rescued.

Gov. Obi did not stop at that. He has clamped down on the schools in the area. There is no public school in Awka which does not boast of receiving government’s attention. Particularly, Capital City Secondary School, Awka which gained notoriety for housing some bad eggs due to its prior dilapidated nature, is today a unique citadel of learning through the instrumentality of the government and Emeka Nwogbo who descended on the school like thunder and lightening!

Even though it is a responsibility of every government  to her people, at least for the social contract, this Obi-led government deserves commendation, even as I remind him about Awka-North.

*Photo Caption – Governor Peter Obi

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Chief Willie Maduabuchi Obiano is APGA flag bearer in Anambra gubernatorial elections to hold on November 16, 2013, having won  the primaries. He polled a total of 817 votes to clinch the party ticket; a total of 1072 delegates participated in the congress. There were seven aspirants cleared to contest the ticket by the party screening panel headed by Alhaji Tayo Sowunmi. Two of them withdrew from the race. Mr. Pat Obianwu withdrew from the race shortly before voting started, saying he stepped down for Chief Obiano and called on his supporters to vote for him. He said his decision to withdraw was to ensure APGA won the governorship election. Prince John Okechukwu Emeka withdrew by proxy shortly before the commencement of the election; he did not show up at the venue of the congress and did not give reasons for his withdrawal.
Chief Willie Maduabuchi Obiano Profile ( By Phil Chinwuba )

Chief Willie Maduabuchi Obiano holds a B.Sc. Second Class Upper in Accounting from Unilag (1979) and an MBA in Marketing also from same university. Chief Willie Obiano is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).
Chief Willie Obiano was John F. Kennedy Essay Winner 1974 at CKC and holds a national Merit Certificate for outstanding service during his NYSC(National Youth Service Corps) in Benue State, Nigeria in the 1979/80 Service Year. Chief Willie Obiano is the President AMP8 (Advance Management Programme) of Lagos Business School for Ten years running. Chief Willie Obiano is also a 2006 BNV (Building New Ventures) CLASS member of Harvard Business School, Boston USA, also Standard University.
He is the Patron, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (Lagos Mainland District) and National Youth Council of Nigeria, Anambra East Chapter.
He is also Patron of the following Catholic Groups:
1. St. Anthony of Padua.
2. Catholic Artistes and Entertainers Association of Nigeria.
3. Catholic Women Association, Aguleri
4. Priests and Rev. Sisters of Aguleri Origin.
5. Missionary of St. Paul’s Society.
6. Catholic Women’s Organization, Our Lady Queen of Peace, Ifako, Gbagada.
7. National Youth Council of Nigeria, Anambra East Chapter.
8. Catholic Laity Council of Nigeria, Onitsha Archdiocese.
9. Grand Pillar ST Gerald Catholic Church.
His community, Aguleri, conferred on Chief Willie Obiano and his wife in year 2000, separate chieftaincy titles for distinguished service. Chief Willie Obiano is currently the president of Aguleri Council of Chiefs.
On January 2nd 2011, Chief Willie Obiano and his wife Chief Mrs. E V Obiano were adopted into the cabinet chief, Igwe-in council of the Idigo dynasty of the ancient kingdom of AGULERI. This high Chief investiture made Chief Mrs. E V Obiano, the only female in the hundred and twenty years Idigo dynasty, to be so honoured. They were also conferred as The Otunba Atayese and Erelu Atayese by Oba David Adegboyega Oyewumi (Faseemi ll) Obadu of Ilemeso- Ekiti.
Chief Willie Obiano started his banking career as Officer in First Bank in 1981 from where he moved to Texaco Nigeria Plc as Accountant. Chief Willie Obiano was promoted 4 times in his eight-and-half-year-service at Texaco to become Chief Internal Auditor. Chief Willie Obiano is a specialist in Bunkering, Lube-blending and Refinery Audits. Chief Willie Obiano was part of the team that audited Texaco Refinery in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1989.
Chief Willie Obiano joined Fidelity Bank from Texaco in 1991 as Deputy Manager and head of Audit. Chief Willie Obiano was promoted Manager in 1991, Assistant General Manager in 1993, Deputy General Manager in 2000 and General Manager in 2002 and Executive Director in October, 2003. Between 1991 and 2002, Chief Willie Obiano headed the following Groups, Divisions, at one point or another:
Inspection and Audit; Operations and Information Technology; Division Head, Commercial & Consumer Banking; Division Head, Eastern Market. Other areas include Financial Control, Risk Management and Transaction Support, Corporate Finance, and Non Bank Financial Institutions.
Chief Willie Obiano was part of the great team that saw Fidelity Bank through the Bank’s Consolidation process.
Chief Willie Obiano is a no nonsense tactician that you cannot miss in a crowd.
As Executive Director of the Mega Fidelity Bank (and No. 2 man), Chief Willie Obiano is in charge of Business Banking (Corporate Banking, Non Bank Financial Institutions, Treasury, (Naira and Foreign Exchange, Oil & Gas, Telecom & Food and Beverages, Transport and Aviation). All the Regional Managers of the bank report through him to the MD/CEO.
Chief Willie Obiano has attended numerous banking courses including the following:
Credit & Trade Services Course - Citi Bank, New York (1994)
Treasury and Money Market - NatWest, London (1996)
Correspondent/Trade Services/
Emerging Market Course - FIM Bank, Malta (2002)
Managing Integration Process - Houston Texas 2006.
Chief Willie Obiano is married with a beautiful daughter and a young son. More about Chief Willie Obiano would be revealed as we go into the campaign.
APGA governorship candidate for Nov 16 2013 election.
Phil Chinwuba esq
Team Akpokuodike (Ijele Anambra)

*Photo Caption – Chief Willie Maduabuchi Obiano

 [ Masterweb Reports: Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu reports ] – This would be perhaps my final response to Femi  Fani  Kayode in regards to the lies, hypocrisy,  sadism  and  blatant tribalism he disgorged  in regards  to the Lagos deportation  saga and the unrelated  issues of  the January 1966 coup, the pogroms  and the  Biafran conflict  he brought into the mix  in advancement of his relevance seeking  gambit  through bigotry. It is true that as many warned me he does not deserve a response; Femi Fani Kayode is after all well known for being loose cannon. Uncouth, uncivilised and disrespectful to the extreme, he made a career out of abuse and slurs when as  President  Obasanjo’s  special assistant on media matters he poured  venom on  distinguished  and highly respected elder statesmen who  opposed his master. Professor Wole Soyinka was amongst the famous victims who were at the receiving end of all types of unprintable words directed at them by Femi Fani Kayode.
If there is anyone who still doubted the fact of Femi Fani Kayode’s mental imbalance, his most recent article should rest such doubts. A man who could go to the absurd extent of listing and most likely lying about women he has allegedly dated on public forums is definitely disturbed.  Yet  in spite of the obvious facts of Fani  Kayode’s irrationality,  I feel a responsibility to deal most importantly with some of the issues he raised about  the January 1966 coup, the pogroms  and Biafra for record purposes.

 It has been  common place for the likes of Femi Fani Kayode and his bigoted co travellers to call the January 1966 coup an Igbo coup, this is in spite of the fact that Major  Ademoyega  a Yoruba, was among the hard core leadership of the coup while most of the foot soldiers were Northerners.  While they characterise the events of 1966 as an Igbo coup, what they always conveniently omit is the causes of the coup. It is common knowledge that military coups are always occasioned by a crisis. The military never intervenes except there are circumstances that warrant it. No doubt, Femi Fani Kayode and fellow captains of the “tribalism industry” have good incentives to always omit the causes of the January 1966 coup preferring instead to dwell only on the coup itself. The reason  is simple;  It was  in their own  Western region  then known as the “wild wild west”  that  election rigging, thuggery, violence, arson, mass murders and other  forms of corruption and acts of lawlessness that occasioned the January 1966 coup  took place as pioneering acts in Nigeria.

Soon after Nigeria got independence the Western region was in turmoil. Premier Ladoke Akintola and Chief Obafemi  Awolowo became embroiled in a protracted crisis. By 1962 the crisis led to sustained violence and acts of lawlessness with law makers engaged in vicious physical combats in the Western regional parliament. Amongst serious injuries and other damages, the mace of office was broken.  The federal government intervened to curb the lawlessness and violence by imposing a state of emergency and appointing Dr Moses Majekodunmi as interim premier of the Western region on the 29th of June 1962. This became the first imposition of a state of emergency in Nigeria’s history due to heightened levels of lawlessness. Following an alliance between Akintola and Ahmadu Bello, Ladoke Akintola was returned to power on the 31st of December 1962 in spite of protests by Dr Nnamidi Azikiwe who requested fresh elections rather than reinstating Ladoke Akintola. 

By 1963, the plot between Akintola, Tafawa Balewa and Ahmadu Bello was perfected and Chief Obafemi Awolowo was arrested for coup plotting/ treason.  His trial commenced in earnest and he was alongside some accomplices convicted for treason and jailed for 10 years. This again was the first alleged coup plotting and conviction in Nigerian history. Intent on totally decimating Chief Awolowo, Ladoke Akintola together with vice premier Remi Fani Kayode went into a political alliance with Prime minister Tafawa Balewa and new political party known as the Nigerian National Alliance (NNA) was formed.  By this time Dr Nnamidi Azikiwe had realised the folly of entering a coalition with Tafawa Balewa’s government   and teamed up with incarcerated Chief Awolowo’s Action group to form the all progressive grand alliance (UPGA).

In 1964, federal elections became due. As usual ethnic chauvinism, intimidation and violence was part of the frenzied campaigning. Remi Kayode and Akintola’s campaign was as usual almost entirely based on tribalism. When the elections were finally held, it was massively rigged in the Western region. Indeed deputy premier Remi Fani Kayode had famously boasted that “there is nothing they can do, whether they vote us or not, we will win.” This statement turned out to be true as massive rigging was orchestrated in the elections.  Once again this became the first pioneering act of election rigging by indigenous actors in Nigeria’s history. The announcement of the rigged election results quickly sparked off unprecedented acts of thuggery, violence, arson, mass murders and general acts of lawlessness in the Western region.

Following the crisis, Dr Nnamidi Azikiwe requested the military GOC to intervene and reorganise the elections in the Western region to avoid catastrophe, but the military high command refused and Dr Azikiwe was briefly held in house arrest for making such a request.  Without any resolution and with Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa and Ahmadu Bello as fellow conspirators with Akintola and Remi Fani Kayode in the massive election heist, nothing was done to curtail the violence which gradually intensified. Daily mass murders and arson became routine in the Western region (wetie). This violence and lawlessness in the Western region was to continue from 1964 until 1966 when the military lost patience and finally struck.

The Western region was thus a region in crisis from the onset of post-colonial rule. By the time of the military coup, Chief Obafemi Awolowo himself was incarcerated for treason and the region was practically on an uncontrollable violence and trajectory of self destruction for almost two years from 1964 to 1966. At the same time that the Western region was aflame the Eastern region was calm and democratic. Unlike the Western region there were no cases of election rigging, thuggery or other such acts of lawlessness in the East. In the North there was sporadic violence in the TIV division which was put down by the military.

Of all the regions, the western region was torn the most by crisis and acts of lawlessness which eventually occasioned the coup. If the leadership of the Western region had played by the rules and avoided the infighting, the election rigging, the thuggery, the  planning of a coup in 1963, the  arson, the mass murders and other  such corrupt acts and vices  many of which were being  introduced for the first time  in Nigeria  and which incidentally continues to haunt the nation to date, there would have been no coup and Nigeria would no doubt have immensely benefitted from  a  functional democracy  devoid of election rigging, thuggery and violence as it obtains  in many progressive nations around the world.

The leadership of the Western region in conspiracy with Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa and Ahmadu Bello are singularly responsible for the events and crisis that truncated the first republic and ruined the nation.  It is thus  surprising that  the  likes  of Femi Fani Kayode has conveniently chosen to engage in deceit, half truths and to forget or ignore  the irresponsibility and corruption of the Western region  leadership including his own father Remi Fani Kayode in creating the crisis that led to the coup.  Fani Kayode and his gang of tribalists should ordinarily be grateful because the coup halted the violence and self destruction of the Western region.  Instead of wallowing in endless deceit and laughable propaganda, Fani Kayode and his co travellers should take responsibility for the corruption, election rigging and other problems  the Western region pioneered  that continues to  haunt the nation.

At the time of the coup, the Igbo by virtue of hardwork were dominant in Nigeria.  About 70% of the officer corps of the Nigerian  army were Igbo, the federal civil service had a large Igbo retinue, the first indigenous permanent secretary  Mr Francis Nwokedi, the first president of the Nigerian stock exchange Sir Louis Ojukwu, the first indigenous general officer  commanding the Nigerian army General  Aguiyi  Ironsi,  the first indigenous Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan  professor Kenneth Onwuka Dike,  the  first Vice  Chancellor of the University of Lagos professor Eni Njoku, the second president of the Nigerian senate  Nwafor  Orizu, first governor General of Nigeria  Dr Nnamidi Azikiwe  amongst so many other top scale posts  in the public and private  sector were held by the  Igbo. Two of Nigeria’s four regions namely, the Midwest and Eastern region were controlled by Chief Dennis Osadebay and Dr Micheal Okpara both Igbo.  What then did a so called Igbo coup as alleged by bigots like Fani Kayode stand to gain when they were already at the pinnacle of Nigeria? 

The Igbo could as well as have said to hell with the Western region, let them kill and destroy themselves. They could even have joined Akintola and Tafawa Balewa’s conspiracy to further the destruction and decimation of the Western region. But that was never the case.  Those who carried out the coup choose to act out of genuine anger and frustration at the carnage in the Western region.  Whatever the demerits of the coup, It is obvious the coupists had nothing to gain other than the patriotic urge to end the corruption and lawlessness that had taken hold of the nation particularly the Western region.

It is a good lesson for the future  that those  of them like Fani kayode  and his ilk whose region  created the crisis that occasioned the coup and whose region the coup saved from self destruction are  some of the biggest ungrateful noisemakers  who peddle  the propaganda  of  colouring  an anti corruption revolutionary  coup with patriotic ideals  very similar to that of  Flt Lt  Jerry Rawlings  in a tribal garb. In Ghana, Jerry Rawlings led a coup that eliminated three former heads of state, top military officers and top members of the judiciary. Not one of those killed was from Jerry Rawlings Ewe tribe, but Ghanaians didn’t spew tribalism into the coup and Ghana is better for it. With too many vultures and opportunists like Fani Kayode preying on tribalism in Nigeria the story was bound to be different and thus a coup driven out of patriotism and obvious anger at the state of affairs was reconstructed as an Igbo coup and the worms were let out from the woodwork.

It is not a surprise that Femi Fani Kayode has striven to justify the pogrom/genocide of innocent Eastern civilians by cowardly soldiers that crossed over from a political coup to target and kill defenceless civilians in the aftermath of the counter-coup.  A man of such debased mind, lacking any ounce of civility or humanity cannot possibly have the rationality to realise that the killing of innocent civilians cannot be justified under any circumstances. That is off course why we have the international criminal courts (ICC) to bring to justice all those who cross the line.  All the lies peddled by sadistic genocide justifiers, including the song by Rex Lawson “Ewu na be kwa” which was claimed to be an Igbo song that celebrated the coup have come to nought. A simple Google or YouTube search will show that Rex Lawson is a Kalabari whose song was in the market long before the coup. Those who commit atrocities will always seek to justify it. The Holocaust perpetrators sought to justify it, but they all faced justice in the end.

There is and never can be any justification for genocide. It is simply impossible to justify the slaying of innocent civilians in the same way that I am sure Fani kayode himself would never accept to be held accountable for a crime real or perceived committed by his child, sibling or parents. At the height of the provocation of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that destroyed  the twin towers and  killed over  3000 Americans, it is unthinkable that President  George Bush would  tacitly encourage  enraged Americans  to commence  a mass slaughter of Muslims living in the USA, neither would prime minister  David Cameron  have condoned  a mass slaughter  of  Nigerians or Muslims after two Nigerian Muslim terrorists  Micheal Adebolaja and Micheal Adebowale  undertook the highly provocative  slaughtering  of a  British soldier on the streets of London. The parents of the Nigerian terrorists still live in Britain unmolested.   

Indeed, even in war where killing is the only business; it is a war crime to kill an enemy soldier who has surrendered, just as it is also a crime to rape women or kill civilians. So many such villains who perpetrated such acts have been convicted in the international criminal court.  If it could be recognised that even in war, the killing of a surrendered combatant or civilian is a criminal offence; one wonders where sadists and psychopaths like Fani Kayode  could find the logic to justify  an act of genocide on  innocent civilians. I followed the capture and killing of the Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden and noted that in spite of his murderous rampage and atrocities against America, neither his wives nor children were arrested or killed.  American Special Forces simply dealt with the culprit and left. This is in recognition of the fact that no matter how guilty Osama Bin Laden may be, you cannot transfer his guilt to his wives or children just because they happen to be related.

Any law respecting people and society cannot accept such violations. But it shouldn’t be a surprise  that Femi Fani Kayode and his  group of sadists and psychopaths  prefers  injustice and anarchy to a rights respecting society, they are after all a different  species of homo sapiens, the type that  laid waste to Nigeria, the type that entrenched corruption,  injustice and impunity.  Ironically chief MKO Abiola later became a victim of the injustice and impunity the likes of Femi Fani Kayode justifies and helped to create in Nigeria when he was murdered in cold blood following the annulation of his election victory.

 As a direct offshoot of the pogroms/genocide, Biafra was a necessary, legitimate, courageous and legendary act of self defence in the face of the mass slaughter/genocide of over 50,000 innocent Eastern civilians in the North while the head of state Yakubu Gowon whose most fundamental responsibility is to protect life and property under all circumstances did nothing and even promoted the Nigerian army and police officers who perpetrated the genocide. Nigeria died from the moment that pogrom was unleashed and remains dead even today. It is no surprise that the nation is mired in strife and deafened by the campaign for a “sovereign national conference” which in itself is a certain vindication of Biafra. If Chief Obafemi Awolowo was alive in today’s Nigeria, he would be among the chief advocates of a sovereign national conference.  As Lt General Alanni Akinrinnade said recently, “the lesson of the century is that no group has the right to usurp the right of another to self determination.”  It should be a source of shame to Fani Kayode that his kith and kin participated in the unjust and needless war to usurp the inalienable rights of a people to self determination as recognised   in international law in this.

The heroic Biafran resistance against all odds remains a legend unparalleled in Africa.  Movies have been made from it and books continue to be written about it. It is Africa’s first modern warfare and a story of extraordinary courage and resistance by a Biafran  army fighting with almost bare hands and without  salary  but yet able to hold out against a gang up of the rest of Nigeria  (247 ethnic groups  againt 3 ethnic groups)  for almost 3 years.  In spite of having a ceaseless flow of sophisticated weapons courtesy of British and Russian support, the Nigerian army had to fight for every inch of ground and were locked down for almost three years by a Biafran army fighting with bare hands. I know of no one in the East who has any regrets over Biafra and Fani Kayode can rest assured that if the situation presents itself again, Biafrans will mobilise to fight again but this time, the theatre of war will be different and Nigeria will surely become history.

The Price of Nigerian Tribalism:

The Fani Kayode’s of this world who thrive on tribalism are Nigeria’s greatest fault line. Such characters used tribalism to incite a pogrom, a needless civil war and to wreck Nigeria with corruption and injustice. They have so entrenched tribalism that Nigerian leaders now enjoy an unwritten “ethnic immunity” from all kinds of impunity and looting of the public coffers. This is why it has become practically impossible to hold any government official accountable for their crimes, and so corruption thrives unabated in Nigeria.

In 1979 Flt Lt Jerry Rawlings organised a revolutionary coup very similar in its anti-corruption ideals to the January 1966 coup. In prosecuting the coup, three former heads of states, five generals and one colonel were executed. Three Supreme Court judges were also executed.  A further 155 officers were jailed. Interestingly none of those executed were from Jerry Rawlings Ewe tribe, but Ghanaians did not inject tribalism into the coup.  Jerry Rawlings succeeded in eradicating corruption, cleaning up the state, entrenching accountability and laying the foundation for the functional democracy and prosperity Ghana now enjoys.  

Had tribalism been injected into the Jerry Rawlings coup as it was in Nigeria, the coup would have failed, the forces of corruption would have won and Ghana like Nigeria would since have become a failed state convulsed by strife. Thus, the agents of tribalism like Fani Kayode who inject tribalism into every issue as he did the issue of deportations from Lagos present the greatest danger to Nigeria’s survival.  Such characters would stop at nothing to perpetuate Nigeria’s tribal divide which keeps them immune from prosecution. If Nigeria was a normal nation Femi Fani Kayode would be cooling his heels in prison for his loot while a minister of aviation. But Nigeria’s abnormality engendered by tribalism has ensured his freedom, and so like father like son he continues the perfidy of seeking relevance through bigotry and advantage through corruption.

It is a tragedy that such  dubious men of low character and doubtful sanity  like the Fani  Kayode’s  who could go to the abominable  extent of publishing  the list of women he claims to have dated on the pages of newspapers make up Nigeria’s leadership class. Little wonder Nigeria is an exception in failure. Someone suggested   the real reason for his anger; outburst and aggravation of his considerably diminished mental state might not be unconnected with the fact that his corrupt father Remi Kayode was deposed by the January 1966 mutineers.  Whatever the truth maybe, the likes of Fani Kayode and his bigotry remains a danger to any society that is unfortunate enough to have him in their midst.      

Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu ( ).

*Photo Caption – Remi Fani Kayode

 [ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] – Academic processes and procedures have been bastardized by many universities in Nigeria. I mentioned in the preceding piece ‘Nigerian Universities and the Bastardization of Admission Processes’ that the decay in the admission processes  started from the early nineties. The same period witnessed so much strike that academic activities were flippantly suspended. I spent five years in the university for a four- year programme and  witnessed three Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU )strikes in my 2nd, 3rd and 4th year led by Dr Attahiru Jega and Dr Assisi Asobie  plus ‘Babangida Must Go' riot which led to closure of universities.  Cumulatively extra thirteen months were added to the academic calendar. Thus the first bastardization of academic processes and procedures is the frequent disagreement between government and lecturers leading to industrial disputes . Whenever the disputes are suspended, students get rushed through examinations without adequate notice resulting in mass failures and carry over.
Due to frequent strikes, some idle students gets involved in vices ranging from rape to murder, cultism, drunkenness, drugs,robbery, fraud and when academic activities finally resumes, these behaviorally downgraded students pollutes the already tensed academic environment with their new found vice, fostering cultism  and criminal activities on campuses.

While the vice ridden campuses constitutes academic nuisance, the activities of lecturers who constantly harass female students with sexual advances is another form of academic bastardization. These female students especially the cute, sexy and kinky among them are deliberately failed in examinations so that they will surrender their under wears to the lustful teachers. Those that refused to submit their bodies are deliberately kept on campuses while their colleagues graduate till they recant their stiff neckedness. In July 2013 female students of Creative Arts Department of University of Lagos were so abused by the sexually rampaging lecturers that they had to go on public protest to preserve their cherished womanhood. They urged the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Raheem Bello, to investigate the allegation and bring the culprits to book. During my time as a student union leader, I took up such issues with the university authority severally though those who indulge in it then do so more discreetly-now it is openly solicited.

In addition to sexual harassment, there is the problem of truant lecturers who abandon their academic tutorship to gallivant around for other businesses. This truancy is noticeable in schools in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and other first generation universities domiciled in cities where various political, business and social activities abound. These gallivanting lecturers appear in the lecture hall sometimes once or twice per semester, issue handouts and disappear again. The students end up hearing and knowing nothing especiallly in technical related courses, engineering, accounting and sciences .I have had course to jokingly ask some senior lecturers and professor friends of mine whether they actually see their students, especially from the manner they absent themselves during academic seasons.

Coupled with the truancy of lecturers is the issue of falsification of results in the examinations records registry. Some students have learned the act of influencing workers at the exams registry so that results could be falsified to upgrade their low academic status. In March 2013, Abia State University had to withdraw an academic degree they issued a former governor of the state because according to them, it was irregularly awarded.  Sometime around 2009 authorities of a university in Benin discovered that their computerized registry has been compromised. Some fraudsters actually inserted names of non existent students into the system and were awarding results to them at every turn. When this computer manipulation was discovered, the school sought the assistance of a US owned IT firm in Abuja and that was when I knew about the issue. The school was advised to install Oracle database and run it on Linux platform.

There is the Education Tax Fund (ETF) which requires that every corporate firm pays 2% of their profit towards the education fund. In 2011 a new  act established the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund)  requiring corporate firms to dedicate 2% of their realizable profit to tertiary education. In 2012 alone, FIRS remitted N183 billion naira to ETF . Where is the impact of 183 billion naira collected in 2012 by ETF on the nation's tertiary education system. ETF could transform university education by applying these funds towards provision of hostel accommodation, lecture halls, research support, library etc. There is also the annual education budget from the presidency to augment, all these are enough to improve the quality of educational services in Nigeria . This Education Trust Fund has over the years been a chess pool of corruption and the funds used to settle politicians and party loyalists with fictitious spending.

All this turns the student’s academic life cycle into a bundle of turbulence and the processes serially bastardized. One of the attractions of some private universities in Nigeria is the stability of academic  procedures. Thus parents could predict when their wards would graduate from school. There is also low incidence of sexual harassment, truant lecturers and incompetent ones who have refused to upgrade their knowledge base are weeded out. However, the gain of some of these universities is countered by the exorbitant cost of enrollment. Highly rated Covenant University, Otta, owned by Winners Chapel charges about N520, 000 per session as at 2013 and many cannot afford such per head-though the church  offers scholarship to some of their members to study there. Therefore, the poor will have no option than to contend with the decayed system.

The Nigerian student suffers a plethora of adversities which makes them unable to grasp the much intended knowledge transfer. Little wonder many of them cannot defend their certificates anywhere. I have had course to interview and discuss with groups of fresh accounting graduates desirous of jobs and was shocked that a some of them have not grasped the basics of Double Entry Book Keeping, while more cannot perform simple Bank Reconciliation Statements. Seeking explanations on management accounting issues like Break-Even Analysis, Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis  would get them stare at you as if you are  Hollywood film actor and you dare not probe further to seek computations of Discounted Cash Flows( DCF), Net Present Value(NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) , Equivalent Annual Cost (EAC) all of which are elementary to capital budgeting techniques. Asking them to prepare detailed cash budgets or cash flow analysis for a given period is akin to asking too much. This sorry state made lots of companies to spend millions in retraining their personnel before they could undertake simple tasks. The students are simply being denied the environment to grow in knowledge.

The Nigerian Government should declare a state of emergency on tertiary education. They should sanitize the processes of gaining admissions and regularize the academic procedures to disenfranchise truant lecturers, checkmate academic victimization and sexual harassment. The lecturers should be provided the enabling environment to undertake serious academic experiment. Staff of the Universities should be adequately remunerated to reduce incidence of abandonment of duty. The academic community should have upper hand in who become the Vice Chancellor and the University Visitor, whether president or governor, should minimize interference.

Constant exorbitant increment in school fees by government funded universities should be discouraged. Further embezzlement of ETF funds should stops and government must ensure that this fund is applied to aid tertiary education and end the bastardized academic procedures in Nigerian universities.

Obinna Akukwe ( ).

*Photo Caption – Study Books