Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports ] - For anyone who still harboured any doubt about the great lie Nigeria is; the disharmony, oppression, tribalism, injustice, marginalisation, domination, ethno-religious conflicts, “born to rule syndrome,” internal colonialism, corruption, misrule, vandalism and lack of patriotism that all together constitute the grand unravelling of Nigeria should now dispel that doubt. The irony of a lie is that it eventually unmasks itself. 46 years ago, Yakubu Gowon and his collaborators shamelessly lied through their teeth that they were fighting a “war of unity” to bring back into Nigeria those Gowon as head of state refused to protect while they were being massacred just a few months earlier.
To prosecute the so called “war of unity” Yakubu Gowon used the same officers and soldiers who carried out the gruesome pogrom/genocide that caused the war in the first place, and lied to the whole world that his campaign was aimed simply at unifying Nigeria. Even while the evidence of the atrocities committed by his troops in Benin city, Asaba, Onitsha apostolic church, the rape of women, systematic burning of houses and the intentions of genocide borne by the pronouncements of his officers/civilian collaborators and radio Kaduna proved otherwise, Gowon and his goons continued their lie of a “war of unity” to a global audience.
But where is Nigeria today? 46 years after Biafra, the unravelling of the “war of unity” scam has come to rest on our doorsteps. Nigeria is today a failed state and a nation at war with itself; torn by increasing strife, ethno-religious conflicts, Sharia states, institutional injustice, ethnic militia’s, terrorism, monumental corruption, tribalism, unrelenting disharmony and social chaos. The Nigeria the opportunists, bigots, hypocrites, hate mongers, mass murderers, looters and liars like Yakubu Gowon and his infamous goons falsely claimed they fought to unite has increasingly become what it always was; “an impossible nation.”
The same crowd of “soldiers of fortune” and civilians who claimed they fought for Nigerian unity is ironically the same group; singlehandedly responsible for the monumental looting, despoliation and destruction of the nation. They destroyed Nigeria so much that they left us without electricity, without roads, without pipe borne water, without railway lines, without functional hospitals, without functional schools, without functional refineries, without functional steel plants, without jobs, without a national airline, without food, without security, without social justice, without harmony, without peace, without love. The question might be asked; how can a group that claimed to have fought for Nigerian unity turn around and destroy the same nation? The answer is simple; because they were mere opportunists and bigots who never believed in Nigeria. They fought for crude oil and an opportunity to line their pockets and consolidate regional domination.  
Truth is; the vindication of Emeka Ojukwu began soon after the conflict. By 1990 Major Gideon Orkar and his group had seen enough fault lines in Nigeria to attempt a failed coup that removed the core North from the rest of the nation. As Nigeria unravelled further and the contradictions, internal colonialism and injustice became more obvious, the campaign for a sovereign national conference began and has gathered steam since the 90’s. Notably, the likes of late Chief Anthony Enahoro who as minister of information was one of the stalwarts of Yakubu Gowon’s war time regime, spent the last years of his life struggling for the convocation of a sovereign national conference, after having realised much later the deceit of the so called war of unity. Lt General Alanni Akinrinnade, an erstwhile officer who fought on the Nigerian side is one of the arrowheads of a sovereign national conference having also realised the deceit of the one Nigeria scam.
Chief E.K Clark an erstwhile Yakubu Gowon cabinet member amongst others is now in the SNC camp. There is a strident national movement vociferously campaigning for a sovereign national conference that includes the breakup of the nation as one of its aims. What Emeka Ojukwu saw several decades ago, many have come to see now. The widespread campaign for a sovereign national conference is a stinging historical rebuttal of Yakubu Gowon, the North, their allies and the false “war of unity” propaganda. It has exposed the lie of the war and vindicated erstwhile Biafran leader, Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu. Paradoxically, Gowon and the North are afraid and opposed to a sovereign national conference, yet these are the same people that falsely claimed years back that Nigeria is a harmonious entity that must not be allowed to break because of a narrow group of rebel leaders. So why would they now be afraid of an SNC? Because they know that Nigeria has unravelled, the truth has become self evident and any opportunity of free dialogue and choice could to lead to the breakup of the so called one Nigeria that most have come to understand as a fraud that only represents in the main, injustice and Northern hegemony. 
Conclusions: The Necessity Of A Sovereign National Conference
In light of Nigeria’s tragedy of nationhood, the necessity of a sovereign national conference cannot be overstated. Sovereignty ultimately resides with the people. Freedom and dignity are the inalienable rights of every individual and group and those rights confer on all the right to self determine. There was no such place as Nigeria before the British imperialists stepped foot on the shores that constitute the geographical area and forced disparate groups into a strange contraption for the sole purpose of servicing her imperial interests. The convocation of a sovereign national conference to self determine their future in or out of Nigeria is thus a sacrosanct fundamental right of every group within Nigeria. 
Preventing, opposing or delaying the exercise of such a fundamental right is a violation of the inalienable rights of every group, the laws of natural justice and an attempt at enslaving or colonising others. Nigeria as presently constituted is unsustainable and rejecting a sovereign national conference only serves to invite an inevitable evil day. No nation built on force, exploitation, injustice, marginalisation, inequality or hostility as is the case with Nigeria can endure. This is a bitter truth Nigeria must contend with. The freedom, dignity and democratic will of all within the Nigerian geographical expression must be respected by convening a sovereign national conference that confers the right to self determination where all ethnic nationalities must dialogue as equal sovereign entities to decide their future in or out of Nigeria. Having travelled through the ravages of a needless war and an aftermath of injustice, misrule, exploitation and internal colonialism, Nigeria has unravelled; and the only solution is the necessary and immediate convocation of a sovereign national conference!
Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu ( ).
*Photo Caption - Chief (aka People's Servant) Charles O. Okereke( left ), Late Chief (General - rtd.) Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu( right ).

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. James C. Agazie reports ] -  What’s wrong with the Republicans?  They’re being taught by Nigerian politicians. Make no mistake about this, and don’t kid yourself. Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, who has been duly elected to a second 4-year term in office as President and Chief Executive Officer of the United States, is being forced by recalcitrant Republicans to abandon the mandate the people have given him. Like Nigerian politicians, the Republicans are not well-behaved. They are noncompliant, rebellious, and dissenting. 

Recalcitrant is a better choice of words. To be recalcitrant is to be unruly, intractable, refractory, disobedient, wayward, headstrong, and obstinate. This brings to mind my experience as Headmaster of a primary school in West Africa. My students were absolutely as unmanageable as the Republicans President Obama  is dealing with. Why? My primary school children were obstreperous and cantankerous as the Republicans in that they were hostile, bad-tempered, quarrelsome, argumentative, aggressive, or fractious.

Do you need a description of these Republicans Americans and Obama are now dealing with? Aren’t  the Republicans confrontational and more interested in wielding oppressive power over the American people than they are in running  a government that is fair, transparent, equitable and unbiased? Do they remind you of our lackadaisical or apathetic Nigerian politicians?  just as my primary school pupils were spending more time skipping classes than being in class to practice their reading.’riting, and ‘rithmatics , the Republicans of the Grand Old Party are abdicating their responsibility to the American people.

            My primary school  pupils enjoyed being away from classes most of the time. And where were they? Some were on farms planting cassava for the benefit of cash-strapped Papa and Mama. Some were wading in River Okponkwu trapping cat fish to supplement family dinner. Others had climbed into stout mango trees around my classroom to shake down barely ripe fruits.  While my pupils were skipping classes in order to help their families, the Republicans ostensibly went about crippling the economy and down-trodden Americans just to serve special-interest Corporation whose lobbies yield millions of ill-gotten dollars.

            If this doesn’t remind you of bribery paid to Nigerian politicians, you need a special crash course on political corruption Nigerian style. Both Nigerian politicians and their US Republican counterparts have a lot in common. Republicans deny their people basic insurance coverage and decent jobs. Nigerian politicians deny their people healthful living, roads, drinking water, and freedom from darkness. Which politicians are worse than the other? You be the judge.  

WHAT IS OBAMACARE? Obamacare is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. The name was created by critics of President Obama’s efforts to reform health care.  America is one of the shocking countries where the poor and average person like you and I are not considered human enough to have good health services provided by hospitals and competent physicians. We might as well die at home or on the floor of hospitals which deny us service because we are not politicians with millions of dollars of insurance coverage. Politicians, both Nigerians and Republicans, do not suffer extraordinary ill health because they can afford the best available medical treatment  money provided by taxpayers can buy.   

WHAT IS GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN? A government shutdown is a situation in which the government stops providing all but "essential" services. A government shutdown is similar to a lockout in the private sector. The US federal government enters a shutdown on October 1 2013 of  those services considered “non-essential as a result of political conflicts  between President Obama, the Democratic - controlled Senate, and the Republican-controlled House of representatives. The conflict centers on funding for and implementation of the Affordable Care Act popularly known as the Obamacare. The 2014 federal fiscal year begins on October 1, 2013, which is also the date many of the Affordable Care Act provisions went into effect. The health insurance exchanges provided by the Affordable Csre Act are scheduled to begin in October, 2013.

WHY DO REPUBLICANS WANT A GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN? They do not empathize with the pains of the common man, and appear to be selfish, and blasé. A blasé person thinks he is cool but is in actuality,  unconcerned,   unmoved, relaxed,  carefree, offhand, nonchalant. That’s the nature of the Grand Old Party of the presidencies of Reagan and the Bushes.
         Dr. James C. Agazie (  678-886-1613 ).

*Photo Caption – U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama

[ Masterweb Reports: Lawrence  Chinedu  Nwobu reports ] –   I didn’t remember Nigeria’s unfortunate independence; yes I said unfortunate because it is obvious Nigeria would have been better off without independence; until a friend called me to say, “the so called fatherland is 53 years old today.”  He went further to say “the useless father, the irresponsible father, the father that refused to take care of his children, the father that abandoned and condemned his children to penury, the father that institutionalised corruption and injustice in his own home, the tribal father that thrives on dividing his children, the  father  that couldn’t create harmony, whose children are always fighting and killing each other,  the father that steals money meant for the upkeep of his children, the shameless father that does not care how dysfunctional  his home his, the drunken father that loafs around while his home burns, the yeye  father that has no plans for his children’s future is 53 today. The father that is not worth being called a father, i pray he dies of a heart attack.”
When i reminded him that some refer to a nation as motherland, he snorted derisively and said “that even makes it worse, because mothers are supposed to be more sensitive to their children.” And then he added, “just sum up everything I have said replacing father with mother and include the unconscionable mother that refused to breastfeed her children.”  When a child wishes any of his parents a heart attack, you know there is a serious problem somewhere. This is extent of the opprobrium my friend poured on a nation that has succeeded only in failing.  I am not sure any objective Nigerian would find fault with my friend’s vituperations as it concerns Nigeria and neither do I. The Yoruba call it “Baba Agbaya,” the Igbo call it “Efulefu,”   both of which mean a useless and good for nothing  loafer/father. This no doubt, represents the perfect picture of what Nigeria truly is.

Nigeria is after all a shallow, deceitful nation that likes to take false pride in being a so called giant of Africa, yet once you look closer you discover that Nigeria has only been a giant in failure. A giant in the pioneering of genocide in Africa, a giant of  injustice, a giant of monumental corruption, a giant of  dysfunction, a giant of  lawlessness, a giant of impunity, a giant of  incompetence, a giant  of disharmony, a giant of poverty,  a giant of  tribalism, a giant of  leaders that hate their nation, a giant of  opportunism, a giant of  self destruction, a giant of  shamelessness, a giant  of  joblessness, a giant of mass killings/terrorism, a giant of ethno-religious strife.  This is the sum total of all that has made Nigeria a giant in nothing other than infamy.

53 years after independence,  Nigeria is like a nation without a government, lacking the most basic infrastructure. There is no pipe borne water, no electricity, no motor able roads, no functional hospitals, no functional schools, no social housing, no social security, no national airlines, no railway lines, no functional democracy, and no functional refineries.  In spite of being the 6th largest crude oil producer in the world, Nigeria imports fuel.  After colossal sums expended in building steel plants in Ajaokuta and Aladja, none of them is functional. The industrial base has totally collapsed.  A forbidden nation where children, the youths and the aged are totally ignored and left to their fate by the government.

The institutionalisation of corruption since the General Ibrahim Babangida era has erected a vastly criminal state where every institution and almost every individual is corrupt. The police, the customs, the armed forces, the banks, the ministries, the boards and parastatals, the permanent secretaries, the artisans, the local government councillors, the business men, the local government chairmen, the governors, the contractors, the legislators, the judiciary, the civil servants, the presidency, the schools and even religious organisations all reek of monumental corruption.  @ 53 Nigeria is the ground zero of corruption;  the shame of the black race, the giant of failure!

Lawrence  Chinedu  Nwobu ( ).

*Photo Caption - Map & Flag of Nigeria 

 [ Masterweb Reports: PDP-USA Chairman reports ] –  The Chairman of PDP Nigeria Hon. Dr. Bamanga Tukur has stated that there will be no faction in PDP either in Nigeria or the United States of America.
Dr. Bamanga Tukur made the declaration last week during a meeting he held with the current PDP USA Chairman Dr. Harold Molokwu (picture above) in Washington DC.

Dr. Tukur enjoined all PDP members to join forces with the current executive to move PDP USA forward stating that the current impasse will be resolved quickly to enable the party play its role in the 2015 election.

In his response, the PDP-USA Chairman Dr. Molokwu thanked the chairman and assured him of the total support of the current executive for his leadership, and warned Dr. Tukur of members who were using the name of the chairman to swindle innocent members of their money.  As Dr. Molokwu reiterated to our National chairman, THERE IS NO FACTION IN PDP-USA. An election was conducted with a mandate from the headquarters and the election stays. We appeal to Dr. Tukur to call on all members to join us in rebuilding the image of PDP USA which has been in a coma for over 10 years.

In a similar vein, the members and executive of PDP-USA hereby congratulate the new Secretary of PDP NIGERIA Prof. Adewale Oladipo. The entire PDP USA led by Hon. Dr Harold Molokwu hereby wish him a fruitful  and long stay as the secretary of the most populous party in Africa. We also use this medium to advise innocent members of PDP-USA to be wary of elements parading themselves as factions of PDP-USA.

We also use this medium to bid farewell to the Interim secretary Dr. Charles Akitoye whose tenure ended few days ago. We enjoyed working with him.  We pray that our great party will move forward with the new leadership. We will continue to support and work with the new national executives of our party in Abuja, Nigeria.

Once again we congratulate Prof. Oladipo for his new position and pledge our unwavering support to work with him and members of the PDP Nigeria executive to move our great party forward.

We thank PDpians for their understanding and support for our able leader His Excellency Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s transformation agendas, while appealing for continued prayers for the restoration of peace in Nigeria as there can be no progress in an atmosphere of chaos. The fact remains that we are not only committed to restore peace to our great party, but resolute about it. We enjoin our teeming supporters to be steadfast in their support for our party struggle to enthrone genuine democracy devoid of abuse of the rule of law.

On our part, we as leaders are committed to ensuring that our leader His Excellency Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s current struggle for the rule of law does not end as an exercise in futility but would achieve the set objectives of restoring our party to the path of honor and greatness both in Nigeria and the USA.

Hon Dr. Harold Molokwu
PDP-USA Chairman

*Photo Caption – PDP logo

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko’s journey into politics that took him to the government house sokoto has no doubt been a thorny and trying one. His will and commitment to serve the people of sokoto made him endure the trials and tribulations that he had to go through, though he had the chance to throwing in the towel and working away from the political arena. In politics generally the trouble with mischief makers and other self appointed morality gate keepers starts only when a politician is confirmed as a candidate or even elected into an office. These allegations wither away with time as the individuals are in most cases left alone to face the business of fulfilling the promises they made to the electorates. Wamakko’s political travails started in 2006. As the then deputy governor of sokoto during the administration of Attahiru Bafarawa,wamakko found himself surrounded by plotters who were determined to bring to an end his foreseen ascension to the number one seat in the state. Malam Dahiru Maishanu, in an........ Read More
*Photo Caption - Governor Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko 

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - This is the continuation of part two of our Public Information on how less than 5% of Nigerians continued to corner and pocket close to 80% of her public finances on annual basis especially in areas of spurious allowances and scandalous overheads. This less than 5% Nigerians comprises 17,500 top public office holders including 12,788 elected LGAs’ chairmen, their deputies and councilors from the constitutionally recognized 774 LGAs in Nigeria. Others are 1,695 elected officials at the 36 States and Federal levels including 72 governors and their deputies, 469 federal lawmakers, 1,152 States’ lawmakers and the President and his deputy. Also included in the list of 17, 500 milky Nigerians are 3,062 appointed executives at Federal and States’ levels including about 472 federal executives excluding the president and his deputy already added above, about 2, 664 States’ executives excluding 36 States’ governors and their deputies already added above; 792 States’ judges and 142 federal judges. The 14,445 milky Nigerians with other additions by the Salaries & Wages Commission bring the total number of those milking the Nigeria’s public finances in the names of “allowances” and “overheads” to........ Read More
*Photo Caption - Disgraced and Jailed Delta State Governor, James Ibori. 

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - The leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law is of the firm view that the real solutions to the failed and battered standard of higher education and its institutions in Nigeria including the 124 accredited universities are beyond the 2009 Agreement between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the leadership of the Academic Staff Union of Nigerian Universities. The failure on the part of the Federal Government to keep to the terms of the said Agreement especially on “Earned Allowances” for lecturers of the 37 Federal Government owned universities, which had accumulated since 2009 to the tune of between N87Billion and N92Billion, is basis upon which the recent strike action by ASUU members is predicated. The strike action embarked upon by the teachers of 74 Federal and State Governments’ owned universities has been on since 2nd July, 2013. The “Earned Allowances” for the lecturers of the 37 Federal Universities are expected to serve as a benchmark for those of the 37 State Universities in Nigeria. Lecturers of the 50 private universities are not part of the strike action, but are expected to draw some currents from the said Agreement if fully implemented especially the issue of “Earned Allowances” for........ Read More
*Photo Caption - Members of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) protesting in Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria in 2010. 

 [ Masterweb Reports: Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu reports ] - It was the civil rights icon Martin Luther King (1929-1968) who once declared that “the moral arc of the universe bends at the elbow of justice.”  This declaration has stood the test of time as mankind has evolved from the era of the trans Atlantic slave trade, conquest and colonisation to an era of   human rights, territorial sanctity,  the right to self determination, democracy  and  the rule of law.  Much of this human progress was achieved through the erosion of ignorance, civilisation and the advancement of knowledge which increasingly revealed the evil, barbarity and lack of natural/universal justice in the practices of that ignoble era.
The aftermath of the 2nd world war was particularly epochal in the institutions created and the sweeping human rights advances it engendered. With the 2nd world war the world came to face the realities of gross human rights violations particularly with the Holocaust and the injustice of colonial subjugation.  The 1945 United Nations charter which established the right to self determination under international law, the Nuremberg trials of indicted Nazi war criminals, the Geneva Convention on the rules of war and war crimes, The 1960 United Nations decolonisation charter, the establishment of the international criminal court (ICC) amongst others all came as a response to the genocide and gross human rights violations of the 2nd world war.

Those who engage in pogroms, genocide, rape, subjugation and other such human rights violations always find justifications for it. The Nazi’s during the 2nd world war justified the Jewish Holocaust and found much support for it amongst those who bought their propaganda, but the creation of the special Nuremberg  court  brought the Nazi culprits  to justice. The establishment of the Geneva Convention and the international criminal court has also made sure that other such culprits will not escape justice.  These initiatives have made it possible to prosecute culprits such as Charles Taylor for crimes against humanity during the Liberian civil war, Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic and others for crimes committed during the Serbian war. President Al Bashir of Sudan is presently indicted for crimes against humanity in the Darfur crisis. Laurent Gbagbo the former president of Ivory Coast is presently on trial for post election violence, while President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and his deputy William Ruto are presently facing trial in the Hague based ICC for their part in the 2008 post election violence in Kenya in which scores were killed.

The special international criminal tribunal was established by the United Nations in 1994 to try culprits implicated in the Rwandan genocide, rape, torture and other violations. The tribunal has accordingly convicted many culprits while other suspects are still on trial. Robert Bales an American Soldier who massacred sixteen civilians in Kandahar Afghanistan in March 2012 was recently sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole by American military authorities. He only avoided the death penalty because he pleaded guilty. Though he committed the crime while on active duty in conditions of war he was found guilty because he violated the Geneva Convention and other human rights conventions by killing civilians. In Bangladesh the International crimes tribunal  (ICT) was  set up in 2009 to try those implicated in human rights violations during the 1971 war of independence. Following the report of the “war crimes fact finding committee,” notable persons such as Abdul Kalam Azad and Abdul Kader Mullah amongst others have recently been convicted for murder, rape and torture. The same is true of the Democratic republic of Congo from whence Thomas Lubanga and other culprits were hauled to the international criminal court (ICC ) in the Hague to face trial for rape  and other human rights violations.

The advancement of rights and the recognition that as Martin Luther King also famously declared “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” has galvanised the world to act against criminals who are so willing to subject others to barbarities that if unpunished   constitutes  a mortal danger for the whole of humanity. The world is a freer and better place because a mechanism was created to hold accountable and punish those who engage in heinous crimes against humanity.  Mass killings, genocide, rape, torture, dispossession,  conflicts, marginalisation  and other such violations of human rights is an assault on our collective humanity and a setback for human civilisation. It entrenches impunity and injustice in any society in which such atrocities are left unpunished. Any  society  that desires to live in harmony, enjoy human dignity,  freedom, social justice, the  rule of law and mutual respect must hold accountable those who violate or have violated human rights and redress those who have been victims of such violations.

In recognition of this necessity, Ghana began paying reparations to all those who were victims of human rights violations under military rule as recommended by the National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) in 2006 and Ghana has emerged  a better nation for that effort. It is impossible for Nigeria to become a successful nation or to enjoy social justice without coming to terms with a shocking past of pogrom/genocide, a needless and illegal war and atrocious human rights violations under both military and civilian regimes.  It is thus time for Nigeria to come to terms with her ignoble past by setting up in partnership with the United Nations a “war crimes investigative committee” which will investigate and issue a report on findings and an  “International Criminal Tribunal For Nigeria” (ICTN)  that will bring to trial Yakubu Gowon, Theophilus Danjuma, Murtala Muhammed, Mohamed Shuwa, Ibrahim Haruna, Benjamin Adekunle and all those implicated in the pogrom/genocide and the tragic crimes against humanity perpetrated before and in the course of the Nigeria-Biafra war on both sides of the conflict. Notable massacres such as the Northern pogroms, the Asaba massacres, Benin Massacres, The Onitsha Apostolic Church massacre and other such heinous atrocities should come under the remit of the tribunal.

Those amongst the suspects who are late should be tried posthumously and where there is overwhelming evidence of human rights violations should be convicted. The federal government should be under obligation to remove the names of those convicted from all national monuments. The tribunal should also recommend reparations for the surviving victims or relatives of victims who suffered human rights violations. Nigeria has become a land of entrenched impunity, injustice and gross human rights violations because those who violated human rights in the past went unpunished and indeed emerged as the elites and ruling class. The atmosphere of impunity gradually extended to all spheres of national life with monumental looting, dictatorship, brutality, oppression, exclusion, assassinations, extra judicial executions, mass killings, election rigging,  pauperisation and total deprivation and dehumanisation of the citizenry becoming the order of the day.

Because they got away with injustice they exterminated whole communities in Odi and Zaki Biam, because they got away with injustice they kill for 20 naira on police road  blocks, because they got away with injustice they killed, raped, tortured and terrorised in the Niger-Delta with a military task force,  because they got away with injustice they  frequently sponsor ethno-religious riots, because they got away with injustice they  flog and frog march innocent Nigerians, because they got away with injustice they made sure there are no roads, no electricity, no pipe borne water, no functional hospitals, no functional schools, no jobs, no social welfare amongst others, because they got away with injustice they institutionalised corruption and impoverished the masses, because they got away with injustice  Dogs, Cats and other animals in the Western  world have more dignity and a better standard of living than the average Nigerian, because they got away with injustice prisoners  in foreign lands have better standards of living  with guaranteed three square meals  and medical care than the average Nigerian  who is free.

Nigerians continue to pay a heavy price for allowing those who slaughtered women including pregnant women, children, innocent civilians and engaged in rapes, a needless war and other unconscionable barbarities that violate all norms of law and natural justice go scot free. It has fundamentally debased our society and created a Frankenstein of injustice and impunity that is devouring the nation. It has also nurtured and consolidated a culture of violence.  With no social, economic or political justice, Nigeria resembles more a jungle than a human society. This is the 21st century and if we desire to march along with the rest of the world in advancing human civilisation, it is necessary and urgent to bring Yakubu Gowon and his accomplices to trial for only by such a reckoning can Nigeria be freed from the demons of her past and unshackled from the prison of monumental injustice and impunity in which she remains presently chained.

Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu ( ).

*Photo Caption - Yakubu Gowon

 [ Masterweb Reports: Victor Igiri reports ] - The state of insecurity in the nation in the last three years is such that has become a major concern to Nigerians as many seek a lasting solution to this evil that has befallen our dear nation Nigeria.
It is to this end that the 14th Mike Okonkwo Annual Lecture carried out recently at the Shell Hall, Muson Center, Onikan, Lagos was organized to deliberate on ways and to provide measures that would bring a lasting solution to this problem that has befallen the nation.

Mike Okonkwo Annual lecture was instituted in the year 2000 as part of activities to mark the birthday celebration of the presiding Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM), Dr. Mike Okonkwo, MFR, where the event is used as an opportunity to address topical issues relevant to nation building.

The event which was organized under the auspices of the Mike Okonkwo Educational and Youth Initiative (MOEYI), had the theme, “Overcoming the Nigerian Security Challenges: A Panacea for National Growth and Development,” was delivered by Dr. Kalu Idika Kalu OFR, Former Minister of Finance and National Planning and Chairman, Institute for Policy and Economic Development (IPED).

In his words, Dr Kaku posited, “As it is too often, when you look around for a typical national setting for a great example of a vivid and poignant illustration of the impact of social or political events on the course and content of growth and development, in variably, our nation Nigeria, comes quite handy!

“On this continent, of over fifty nations, Nigeria’s history, from the City, Colonies stage, to the Provincial Protectorates, from the famous or ‘infamous’ amalgamation that would be 100 years by 2014, to the Federal Republic that we have today, our history as a nation, represents one of the most varied national experiences, even among all the so-called third world developing economies!

“our population, easily by far the highest on the continent is projected to climb from its present 9th position to become the third or fourth largest in the entire world in fifty years.

“The sheer heterogeneity of its large and smaller nationalities, it’[s very excitingly complementary diversity of tongues, cultures and enormous resources represent a veritable force for growth and economic development subject to certain constraints, as famous economic jargon goes!

Major elements among these invariably intricably intertwining conditions/constraints/prerequisites are law and order, security and level playing field, a certain critical minimum predictability of the norm and changes that follow socially established traditions and customs, all of which go into a definition of an ordered community!”

He added that Nigeria has witnessed absence of peace from time immemorial, ranging from the Aba women’s riot in 1923 and struggles from some Niger Delta community, to the famous Fumilayo Kuti women liberation movement, struggles against unjust taxation and many more other crises in the pre and post colonial era,   has created a lot of challenges to the security in the nation.

 He said, “Recent sporadic events from the Niger Delta struggle, to the ethno-religious riots in the Plateau, and a few other areas, all seemed child’s play by the comparison with the carnage and ferocity unleashed by the Boko Haram insurgency in the last two two or three years, with a casualty figure roughly put at 3000 according to the recent survey by a Global Human Right Monitoring Group- The Human Right Watch. It might also interest you to know that Bokao Haram ranks second on the global terrorist list and only Afghanistan Taliban were ahead of Boko Haram on a list of global terrorist attacks and numbers of death.”

While he posited that poor leadership, bad politics, poor governance, inadequate dispensation of justice, entrenched cronyism, poorly contrives constitution, poorly managed political system, corruption and political malpractices has caused insecurity in the nation, he suggested ways on how to tackle and overcome the many security challenges.

 One of which was, sustaining an orderly merit and equitable system of transparent linkage between effort and predictable reward. He said once this natural justice becomes rubbished on a platter of who knows who, and stifling of Cronyism of whatever origin becomes the order of the day, it presents a security challenge.

Second, he said that good education, civic responsibility inculcated into the content of education such as an involuntary queue mentality will eradicate security challenges, where all these attributes can be explicitly and consciously developed under formal tutelage in institutions of learning.

He also added that improvement in security can overcome challenges from administrative lapses, but deliberate retraining programmes will be required to beef up performance and overcome security challenges from technical incompetence. He said, “Security is a function of the health of the politics. We need stability and orderliness in our politics. Politics should be for people who are stable and can feed themselves.”

In a time when there is the need for drastic remedy to the level of insecurity that has bedeviled the nation,  till when should Nigerians wait on the government for solutions to this menace that has endangered their lives and property?

Victor Igiri ( ).

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 [ Masterweb Reports ] - This is a true account of Femi Fani-Kayode’s role as an agent of lawlessness during the years he served in former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s government. What I am about to relate are eyewitness accounts. For the record, I served as the major security detail to Mr. Fani-Kayode. From my vantage position I saw and heard some of the most despicable acts perpetrated by the ex-chief spokesman of the Obasanjo Presidency who later became a minister—first of Culture and later of Aviation. The Obasanjo era, from 1999 to 2007, saw the reign of demonic power. Evil thrived in the land and demons were unleashed on our society through perfidy, violence and corruption. The greatest tragedy wrought on our national existence as a country manifested in that calamitous administration that held sway for eight years. It was a period when the powers that be and their shameless minions broke all records in recklessness, rascality and impunity. Fani-Kayode was at the top of the ladder of that regime’s evil agents. The tragic chapter in our national history has given rise to a new era that is superficially trying to go the opposite direction of the Obasanjo dispensation. But the Umar Yar’Adua government is trapped in the........ Read More
*Photo Caption - Femi Fani-Kayode (Right).