Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports ] - All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) candidate, Chief William Obiano emerged the front-runner (‘winner’) with 174,710 votes. Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Comrade Tony Nwoye polled 94,956, trailed by Dr. Chris Ngige of APC with 92,300 votes and Ifeanyi Uba with 37,446 votes to place fourth. INEC declared the election inconclusive because the total number of cancelled votes (113,113) was more than the difference (79,754) between the number of votes cast for the ‘winner’ (APGA) and the runner up (PDP) in the election. INEC is currently meeting to........ Read More.
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[ Masterweb Reports:  Obinna Akukwe reports ] – Enugu State Government House has always been associated with acts that suggests cycles of wife hostage, wife sacking and wifeless tenures of governors. During the era of the charismatic governor Jim Nwobodo, it is well known fact that his first wife never surfaced at government house. The duo had fallen apart and Jim Nwobodo remained wifeless in the Lion Building throughout his tenure, and daughters of eve struggled for his attention. Immediately after he left the Buhari-Idiagbon imprisonment, under the magnanimity of Babangida, he married a former girl friend, Patricia, and they have lived happily after.
His successor on the throne, Christian.C Onoh, Bianca Ojukwu’s father never accepted that he had any First Lady. Though his tenure was short, he was man alone and ran his government without any input from his wife, Caroline. The supposed first lady was confined to her Ngwo village .
Chimaraoke Nnamani came back from the United States in 1998 and got elected as governor. His marriage to Nnenna was a sweet affair until he entered into the Lion Building and the way he treated the Iga, Ohafia born mother of two changed. The first feelers that all was not well between the governor and his wife came about a year after his tenure, around early 2000, when the wife complained to people that the office of the First lady is not functional. According to Nnenna, the governor has refused to release any money for her to run her office. She asked some clerics from both Methodist and Pentecostal Churches to pray out the anomaly. She later accused the governor’s chief spiritualist Kate Ene, also known as Ada Nkanu, of collecting all the money meant for the governor’s kitchen and assigning her daughter as the governor’s chef and executive maid while she is abandoned in the Lion Building to watch DSTV.
Soon the issue degenerated to the extent that she does not attend functions without the strict permission of the governor. She at times moves about with bruised faces and people rumored that she might have been manhandled.
Days, weeks and  months brought the relationship between the duos to a standstill that she was partially restricted from moving about except for some shopping. The Lion Building became her boring confinement. Nnenna Nnamani’s resort to pastors for help further infuriated the deteriorating situation that she was at a time barred from spiritual activities and fellowship prayers  she manages to attend.
When the German Evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke visited Enugu State for crusade at Okpara Square, Nnenna Nnamani, so excited at the visit of the Evangelist, was barred by the governor from attending the 3-day crusade. She had to watch the crusade from the windows of her wing overlooking Okpara Square and participated in all the prayers from her window. Nnenna openly told pastor, priests and family members that the governor’s sisters, Chinero Nwigwe and Ngozi Ugwu are inciting the governor against her and planning to marry another wife for him.
Months after the Reinhard Bonnke Crusades, real problems started for Nnenna. She was sent packing to the United States and another woman, a young girl of about twenty, replaced her. The new wife, beautiful Nkemdirim Ene, daughter of the governor’s chief spiritualist, Kate Eneh, became the First Lady until Chimaraoke handed over to Chime in 2007. When it was obvious that Sullivan had refused to submit to the ‘Ebeano Family’, the Governor’s campaign structure, an act they termed as betrayal, an enraged Chimaraoke sacked the second wife because her mother couldn’t divine spiritually that Sullivan will be a bad investment.
Sullivan Chime became governor without wife in 2007, the first wife having walked out of the marriage. He desperately wanted a First Lady and her efforts to draft Clara Chime’s elder sister, Bridget also known as Ngozi as wife failed. Bridget told the governor that with the recent death of the husband and the accusations from the husband family, it is inappropriate to marry him so soon. The governor then turned attention to the younger sister.

This marriage to Clara Chime, young, beautiful and ebullient, seemed rosy and lots of irresponsible girls in the city wished they were in Clara’s shoes. Hundreds of millions of naira was spent especially on the traditional wedding and people hoped that playboy will settle down.
The love between the governor and the wife started fading gradually especially after she was accused of sponsoring some women to confront the all powerful Chief of Staff, Ifeoma Nwobodo, over allegations of husband snatching, at a PDP function, shortly before the 2011 elections. According to sources, the lady Chief of Staff swore to teach Clara a lesson and ensure that she is eventually bundled out of government house.  The governor has more regard for the Lady Chief of staff who helps her in  running the state than the First Lady and anyone who challenges her is in trouble, and Clara realized too late that her husband has lost interest in her. Some persons reported that there was a little merry making in the Chief of Staff’s house after Clara was finally sent packing from Enugu Government House some days ago.

 It is a publicized fact that Clara was held hostage at government house Enugu, and security officials were under orders not to let her leave her wings under any circumstances. Those security aides sympathetic to her were changed to less friendly ones until she cried out for help.
Curiously the  ex-governor Nnamani and wife seems to be living happily in the US before they moved to Lion building and strangers tore their marriage apart. Sullivan and Clara family had known for quite a while, especially the elder sister, whom the governor actually wanted to marry. The early years of their marriage was sweet and the Isuochi born first lady was enjoying marital bliss until strangers tore the marriage apart. Part of those strangers includes unholy affairs between the governor and Clara’s family members and pressures from strange women seeking the governor"s attention. 

It is most likely again that the next governor of the state will have problem with the wife midway and the woman may be held hostage, ignored, disenfranchised and ultimately sacked. This is the cycle operating in Government House ,Enugu and it always constitutes a distraction to the effective governance of the once Biafra Headquarters, Igbo Nation headquarters and Headquarters of Eastern Region.
Blaming Governor Chimaraoke Nnamani, Sullivan Chime or whosoever for whatever transpired between them and their spouses is unfair. As stated in the first part of the piece"Enugu Govt House and the Cycle of Madness",two evil spirits operate in that Lion Building, madness and wife sacking and any governor who steps into that place is preyed by this force until they succumb.

The next governor who steps into that place must tackle this nuisance and break the cycle of wife hostage, wife sacking, wifeless tenure, madness and hallucinatory conditions so that they do not constitute a distraction to the business of governance.
Obinna Akukwe ( ).
*Photo Caption - As seen.


[ Masterweb Reports ] - The Southeast Group 8 Rights Coalition is a coalition of eight like-minded rights groups of the Igbo Southeast extraction with thematic focus on building and sustaining democracy, citizens’ rights, good governance and rule of law in Southeast Nigeria. It also fights for Igbo rights and interests in Nigeria including protection of top Igbo political and public service appointees at the Federal level provided they are not criminal appointees. It supports creative governance and fiscal prudency and opposes jamboree governance including huge public debt policy. The G8 Rights Coalition does not support Igbo rights and interests that are repugnant to equity and fairness. This means that Igbo rights and interests should stop where those of other Nigerian nationalities begin. While the name Southeast G8 Rights Coalition remains, names of its participating groups are not steady. This method allows any group to opt out any time it chooses. It is also designed to ward off parochial interests and possible infiltration of the group by criminal politicians and their agents in Nigeria. The G8 Rights Coalition is coordinated by........ Read More.
*Photo Caption - Map of Anambra State.

[ Masterweb Reports: Comrade Aloysius Attah reports ] – It was on a Friday, the 1st Nov. 2013, time was 8:45 pm. As a devoted Roman Catholic by the grace of God, I had attended mass in the morning to mark the All Saints Day. I was supposed to be in Nsukka to witness and cover the Stigmatic signs often happening to Sister Martina Offorka, a mystic nun residing at Enugu – Ezike who sheds blood mysteriously with pains all over her body during Easter and All Saints period. I had done a story about her before in the Sunday Sun newspaper and wanted to do a follow up but because my wife and I had earlier agreed to attend the Holy Ghost Adoration night vigil, I had to shelve the Nsukka trip.
I once attended the Uke Adoration Thursday morning programme in the past and knowing how difficult it was for me to find a parking space for my car; I acted on the same impulse to tell my wife that we are attending the night programme without the children which she concurred.
And so, we set out. Tell tale signs of what to expect that night hit me when on taking the Ideani tarred road; we saw long stretch of vehicles. Negotiating the road leading to St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, Uke premises, we couldn’t drive an inch again as the entire road was filled up. We had to park immediately and joined other vehicles on double parking as directed by some stewards on duty. Henceforth, all other vehicles coming in had to park along the Ideani road and everybody trekked down to the adoration ground. There was serious human traffic not to talk of the gridlock already formed by the vehicles.
We trekked for about 30 minutes until we entered the adoration ground only to be confronted with a sea of human heads. Lights provided at the venue shone so brightly and the crowd therein was so unprecedented. The only place I’ve ever seen such large number of people in the past was at Fr. Mbaka adoration ground, Enugu and Shiloh convention of the Winners Chapel in Ota, Ogun state.
Though we carried our own chairs from the house, finding a space to perch was such a Herculean task. We finally attached ourselves in a little space through the assistance of an unknown Good Samaritan who offered to adjust for us, hers different from others who howled at us when we approached them with a similar request. 
By this time, the presiding priest, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma a.k.a Ebube Muonso was at the stage calling on the worshippers to support the adoration project with donations. This was done in between sharing of testimonies. Soon thereafter, around some minutes past ten, the mass of the night started. As the priest was still at the opening stage of the mass, I looked side ways and guess whom I saw walking close to my side as our eye contacts met – It was Governor Peter Obi walking majestically , quietly and unannounced as a local steward was leading the way for them to proceed to the altar side. Coming in tow behind Peter was Willie Obiano, the APGA Guber candidate, with others like Chief Victor Umeh, Obi’s media assistant, Barr. Valentine Obienyem, Ifeanyi Ibezi , Chief Joe Martins Uzodike and few others I can’t recollect now. What struck me first was that they entered without noise and fanfare and without any single armed security on their trail.
It was after the mass that Fr. Obimma announced Obi’s presence and called on him to make a speech. Obi mounted the stage alone without Obiano or any other aides. He also did not make any reference to Obiano as he spoke briefly. He said that he did not come to the adoration ground for politics but rather to thank God for the gift of the church through Fr. Obimma. He reminded the congregation that his brother is a catholic priest while his sister is also a Reverend Sister. He made a pledge of N5million as part of his bazaar support to the center coming up the next Thursday and for the rehabilitation of facilities at the adoration ground and also promised to asphalt roads leading to the adoration ground with drainage and erosion control facilities. He said he would have loved to attend the bazaar if not that he was traveling outside the country with President Jonathan within the same period. He also told Fr. Obimma to send a list of 20 indigent worshippers at the adoration ground to him to be sponsored on a pilgrimage at the holy land in the next two weeks.
What I noticed was that immediately Obi mounted the stage to talk, some worshippers who positioned themselves within the front row suddenly brandished posters of Ngige and Ifeanyi Ubah and started waving them to Obi’s face. Obi who did not betray any emotion ignored them and continued his speech. There was no single supporter of Obiano there and nobody raised APGA logo or posters there thereby justifying Obi’s assertion that he did not come for campaign. It was Fr. Obimma that eventually reprimanded those Ngige and Ubah supporters and told everybody to comport themselves. He said that he has resolved not to turn the adoration ground into a political gathering and also declared that God has shown him who will be the next governor of the state. Fr. Obimma said that he was shocked when he received the revelation on the anointed governor now in waiting after Obi and reminded the people on the need to pray for a violence free and successful election. He thereafter called out the President General of Uke community who extolled Obi’s virtues and later presented an award to the governor. Fr. Obimma later told Obi to kneel down and asked all the priests in attendance to raise their hands and pray for the governor.
Soon after, the adoration to the Blessed Sacrament and other prayers commenced in earnest for the night. At about 3:30am, Obi and his group also filed out quietly leaving the arena through the same route they came.
Fr. Obimma continued in the programme and prayed for the people till around 5 am when majority of the priests who came to assist him in the vigil began to leave quietly back to their parishes because of the Nov. 2 All Souls day mass which they will celebrate in their various parishes too.
Before the formal closing of the programme around 5: 20am, Fr. Obimma admonished the worshippers to ensure that they attend the All Souls mass in their various parishes when they return. He also prayed for safe journey on all the participants. Before his final blessings, many have started leaving in droves leading to another rush.
When my wife suggested we join the queue immediately, I instinctively told her that we don’t need to rush after all, even if we succeed in pushing our way out of the crowd, we shall still remain stuck when we get to the car since we shall encounter another serious traffic there. And so we waited till around 6 am before stepping out of the adoration podium.
On trying to join the line of people filing out of the main access road out of the place, we encountered the worst gridlock ever seen in history. People were pushing and shoving. Some were battling to maintain composure even with their plastic chairs and wooden benches. Women battled for their own and for the safety of their children clutched in their hands and some tied on their backs.
People were getting choked up and I sensed that there may be a stampede the next moment and signaled to my wife that we must get out of the queue without further delay. Trying to wriggle out of the tight scene was like a war front but I managed to use the ‘last’ strength in me to push and pulled my wife out of the scene and we stood aside to allow the ‘Russians’ to continue their rush.
Not up to 5 minutes after, my worst fears was confirmed.   Few meters away from my presence, the pushing and shoving turned into great fall and stampede. That the road was sloppy and the ground wet compounded the whole situation. Many tripped over and fell, others rolled on the ground while many others stepped on people’s heads and bellies. The next thing was suffocation and exhaustion, injuries and bruises.
While casualties were many, rescue operations were stalled by vehicular and human traffic. The stewards on duty had to jump fences to smuggle the affected people back to the podium for resuscitation and first aid.
Of particular commendation are the nurses, local workers and men of the Red Cross Society who worked tirelessly to save lives. Some of the victims were carried on stretchers, others strapped on the backs while some were carried on the head like dead bodies being conveyed after fighting in a war front.
It was a pathetic sight that women and children not affected my wife inclusive wailed uncontrollably.
While resuscitation was ongoing, the prayer warriors also embarked on intensive prayer warfare with Fr. Obimma leading the pack. People like us also provided emergency phone numbers of the police and Road safety corps while assisting in rescuing the affected.
As the day progressed and the reality dawned that many will not survive the accident, some mischievous people began to make snide remarks.
Some said “Look at what Peter Obi has caused us; Ngige came in the day why did he come in the night”? “They have come to use our blood to win this election” and so many other unprintable things.
As I listened to these unfounded remarks, my mind began to wander that wicked and desperate politicians were at work. A reliable source had earlier told me that Dr. Chris Ngige and his political allies in APC planted an informant in Obi and APGA government’s camp who gives them reliable information on the governor and APGA campaign train activities. That in most instances, Ngige tries to beat the governor by first of all visiting any place the governor scheduled to visit ahead of time and make political statements to rubbish the governor’s image or most times, he will wait till the actual time of the governor’s visit, storm the venue when Obi will be making a remark and eventually cause a stir and distraction with cheers of Onwa! Onwa! from rented crowd . I never believed this until events were to prove my source right.
While we were still at the adoration ground trying to save lives, the same source alerted me that Obi will see fire from this incident going by the propaganda machine APC and Ngige will make out of his coincidental visit and the tragedy that happened. I was therefore shocked to the marrow when on reaching home around 12pm, the story was all over the internet that the stampede and deaths were caused by Obi’s thugs and security who fired shots and tear gas on the worshippers in anger because Obi was booed at the adoration ground. Haba! Are they trying to tell us that Obi’s security details that never entered or got close to the adoration ground could come into the same arena by dawn when Obi had left with them by 3:30 am?
Even our fellow Awka based journalists (correspondents) who have never hidden their loyalty to Ngige though they freely participate in collecting any ‘jenwu’ and ‘gbalamu’ dropped from the governor’s camp decided to wickedly anchor their story on this falsehood without bothering to cross check facts or visit the scene of the incident.
Nothing can be more wicked and inhuman than this kind of malicious politicking and journalism. Till now, I’m still wondering and searching to find out how Obi could be held responsible for this calamity either directly or vicariously. Between Obi who dropped his security details along Ideani road and trekked for more than 30 minutes to and fro the adoration ground and Ngige who allegedly planted his supporters at the adoration ground for sinister motives, who is responsible and who should be held liable?
The desperation of   some politicians in Anambra State has got to be addressed and curtailed. There will only emerge one governor at a time after the Nov. 16 2013 elections in Anambra state and I don’t think the race to the Awka government house is worth dying or killing for.
Our catechism doctrine taught us that one can also commit murder not only by physical killing with guns, weapons or poisoning but also by character assassination and verbal missiles. It is quite painful that instead of people having real sympathy for the dead and the bereaved, they turn around to feast on such tragic incident to score cheap political points. The wrath of God is coming and it will be disastrous.
We thank the Metropolitan Archbishop of Onitsha, Most Rev. Valerian Maduka Okeke for getting first hand information from the Spiritual Director of the ministry, Rev. Fr. Obimma and issuing a statement immediately clarifying issues about the unfortunate incident.
We condole with the families of the affected and the Spiritual Director for this unexpected challenge and call for effective crowd control measures that will avert this kind of incident in the future.
Governor Obi should also be commended for the prompt response and empathy shown to the victims as he immediately cancelled all other engagements for the day and visited the scene and all the hospitals where the victims were taken to.
Efforts should be made to identify all the affected families, with the adoration ministry and the state government playing lead roles in their burial, funeral and other expenses for the survivors.
Eternal rests grant the dead oh lord and may your perpetual light shine upon them forever, amen.
Comrade Attah ( ), Chairman, Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO) reports from Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

*Photo Caption - Comrade Aloysius Attah

[ Masterweb Reports ] - This is the continuation of our public information, which was first issued on 20th of October, 2013 and titled: “Intersociety Fights For Igbo Cause & Good Governance In Nigeria: APC’s Attacks On Our Leadership Another War Against Igbo Gods & A Boarding Pass Off Anambra 2013(part one)”. On 23rd of October, 2013, the second part was issued and it was titled: “Separating Igbo Cause, Democracy & Good Governance In Nigeria (Egalitarian Partisanship) From Pecuniary Politicking (Libertarian Partisanship): Putting The Records Straight”. The issuance of the Public Information under reference is in response to coordinated attacks launched against us from several angles by the All Progressives Congress using its key members, branches, malicious elements in the media and some conformists in the rights community. We wish to reassure our teeming followers and supporters all over the world that the leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law is........ Read More.
*Photo Caption - Map of Igboland (homeland of Ndigbo of Nigeria ).

[ Masterweb Reports ] – In what was to be a sensational 10-round battle, our son Nigerian born Enobong achieved the unthinkable, succeeding as a promoter & fighter and, at the same time, capturing the UBF International Heavyweight boxing title by a 2nd round TKOwin over the former USA Olympian Dante Craig.
Umohette entered the fight with only 9 fights to his record and faced Dante Craig who won 15 of his 20 wins by TKO and held 4 national & international titles.
Enobong, in his victory speech showed his respect for the USA Olympian and thanked Nigerians, friends and well-wishers for their support.
Ladies & Gentlemen, please join me in congratulating our boxing ambassador,Mr. Enobong Umohette (The Nigerian Gentleman).
More details and pictures to come…………. Call to congratulate Enobong at +1 4147954293.
*Photo Caption -  Enobong Umohette pose with members of Nigerian community in Milwaukee after his TKO victory and speech. Click link below for Enlarged Photo:-

[ Masterweb Reports ] - Name-calling, blackmail and character assassination using highly sectionalized Nigerian media have remained major weapons of many gullible groups and individuals in Nigeria including the leadership of All Progressives Congress and its tribal media war mongers. Those who did not have effective counter forces to tame them especially those in plum public offices have been consumed by such weapons. The list ranged from the likes of Prof. Bath Nnaji, Immigration CG Uzoma, Senator Chuba Okadigbo to Eze Festus Odimegwu. The likes of Diezani Allison Madueke, Lt. Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika and Ministers Okonjo Iweala and Stella Odua are still sitting on the keg of gunpowder. The weapons were also used to scuttle Prof. Charles Soludo’s second term as the Nigeria’s CBN governor in about eight years ago. The worst victim of such destructive campaigns is President Goodluck Jonathan. Among few that have survived are the leadership of this organization, Governors Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo and Peter Obi of Anambra States. Where statutory........ Read More.
*Photo Caption - Map of Igboland (homeland of Ndigbo of Nigeria ).

[ Masterweb Reports ] - Prevent Your Email Being Clogged-Up With Hundreds (Even Thousands) of eGroup ( Chat Forum ) mails - Fight Back Using This Page !! Do you receive too many emails from Chat Forums ( eGroups ) that you spend hours deleting them daily and sometimes mistakenly delete important emails mixed up with these mass forum mails?. We have a solution to it. When people (forumnites) fight amongst each other, their insulting exchanges are delivered to forum members in addition to threads from hundreds (even thousands) of discussions for the period. Yes, you can fight back........ Read More.
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[ Masterweb Reports: Abdullahi M. Seidu reports ] - In Nigeria, it is customary for us to throw stones at government officials when they stray off course; and even when they get it right, we still find stones to throw, while we turn blind eyes to their good deeds. Perhaps this is due to the prevalent perception that most of the public officials that dot our landscape are more concerned about what they stand to gain in office rather than what they can offer the nation.
I recall that during the fuel subsidy crisis, the one official that got much bashing during that period was the Finance Minister, Dr. Okonjo-Iweala. I was part of those who ferociously wrote against the partial removal of fuel subsidy vis-a-vis the role of the finance minister in that debacle.
However, recently I have had cause to reflect on the efforts of the finance minister to tidy up the age-long mess called subsidy payments, which is monies paid to independent oil marketers for bringing in petroleum products into the country, so that they can sell to the Nigerian citizens at a reduced rate rather than the amount sold at the international market. That is what the fuel subsidy palaver is all about. It is the money that the federal government pays to fuel marketers so that they can sell fuel to Nigerians at the rate fixed by government and not the higher rate determined by the market.
Prior to January 2012, payments of subsidy to oil marketers was more like a bazaar, with every Tom, Dick and Harry who could brandish an import paper queuing up to collect money whether they import fuel into the country or not, and with practically no check to ascertain what quantity of fuel they brought into the country. There was little or no auditing done, and there was flagrant disregard for the due process in the disbursement of funds oil marketers.
But then, Okonjo-Iweala came and put her feet down that such era of impunity must stop. No more free money would be paid to those who are already obese from milking our national resources dry; no more jumbo pay to the rich at the expense of the poor; no more unmonitored payment for false claims. Yes, we abused her, insulted her family, questioned her sanity, and called her all sorts. But she was unflinching in her resolve that no more money will be paid to corrupt fuel marketers for unverified vessels of fuel purportedly brought into the country. She didn’t stop at that, she proceeded to investigate the fuel marketers and even their cronies in the accounting firm hitherto engaged to audit their claims, and what we saw were tales of woes. How some individuals in their hundreds have been stealing from a nation of hundreds of millions!
Meanwhile, my heart leapt for joy when i read about the recent savings the government announced it made from the payment of subsidy. Here are the figures: from a whooping payment of N2.2 trillion in 2012, there has been an unbelievable reduction to N971 billion in 2013! That figure represents a reduction of over N1.2 trillion or 56 per cent! Can you beat that?
This came about in response to the outcry from Nigerians about the huge amount paid as subsidy. The Ministry of Finance set up the Aig-Imoukhuede Committee which investigated subsidy payments and came up with the list of indicted individuals and companies that have been cheating on us as a nation. Not stopping at that, the finance ministry also hired new auditors that put in place different checks and balances.
Surprisingly, this great feat by the finance ministry is now being denigrated by critics and hecklers who have hitherto benefited from the corrupt regime of unchecked payments. Worse still are reactions from those who are supposed to be enlightened in the society, as evidenced in a recent editorial by a national daily which went to town with the assertion that there is nothing to celebrate in saving over N1.2 trillion from the oil subsidy payment scheme!
Truth be told, the finance ministry should be commended for its effort at ensuring that sanity is restored to the subsidy payments. I must commend the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Finance, Hon. Abdulmunini Jibrin, who drew the attention of his colleagues to this achievement by the finance ministry.  Speaking to newsmen recently, he called on his colleagues to applaud Mrs Okonjo-Iweala for saving the nation N850 billion from the subsidy program. The lawmaker, who admitted he was one of the critics of the minister of finance, was not sparing in his compliment, saying, “To be honest with you, any savings you see in that area it is by the actions of the minister of finance. I tell you that confidently, if there is any savings, the credit should go to Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.”
Quoting him further, the honourable from Kano added, “I’m not a fan of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, but it is time for us to face reality in this country. Everything that goes wrong in this country is being thrown back at her, is she the only person in government? If there is problem with Works Ministry, it is Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, if there is problem in Ministry of Aviation it’s her, if there is problem with Agriculture, it is Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and everywhere there is a problem, the blame is being thrown at her. How real is that, can’t we face reality? Why are Nigerians keeping quiet?”
No doubt, this savings came at the right time when the nation’s revenue base is dwindling as a result of massive oil theft. But, even amidst the mudslinging that is going on, we must separate the wheat from the chaff and give credit to whom it’s due. Ngo has done well!
Abdullahi M. Seidu  ( ).
*Photo Caption - Nigerians queue up to buy fuel at a filling station.

[ Masterweb Reports: Emeka Umeagbalasi reports ] –During the fiery Benin Empire, which existed between 1440 and 1897 AD, the present day Lagos (a group of lakes: courtesy of Portuguese settlement) was named “Eko” (war camp). Today, Lagos is Nigeria’s melting pot and main socio-economic hub of the Southwest of Nigeria. Like Lagos founded by the Benin Empire, Onitsha ( Onuicha or Ado N’ Idu) was a principality of the Benin Empire until 16th century when it migrated back to its present abode-called “Onitsha” ( Whiteman’s corrupted version of Onuicha: people of river bank). According to a part of history, Ado N’ Idu or Onuicha (Onitsha) family had a misunderstanding with the then Oba Esigie of Benin, who reportedly ruled from the middle of 15th to the middle of 16th centuries. The misunderstanding reportedly had to do with the refusal of the newly installed Oba to extend his ritual homage to Onuicha’s Udo Shrine, usually marked with slaughtering of a cow.
The irreconcilability of the differences reportedly forced the Ado N’ Idu or Onuicha family led by Eze Chima to relocate back and settle across the River Niger in the 16th century. Among the settlers living in the area when the Onuicha People came back were Igbo and Igala peoples. The Igala people, as a matter of fact, helped the Onuicha returnees to cross the Niger River. In 1857, the British palm oil traders established a permanent station in the area; followed by the arrival of the Christian missionaries led by Yoruba slave returnee Anglican priest-called Samuel Ajayi Crowder and another missioner, called Reverend John Taylor and in 1884, Onuicha (Onitsha) became a British Protectorate.  Onuicha (Onitsha) is presently a home to over one million people and commercial hub of the Southeast Nigeria.   
Today, the indigenous people of the ancient town are drawn from three settler tribes of Edo (Benin), Igala and Igbo extractions. It also has nine villages, comprising Edo (Benin) immigrants founded by Eze Chima, with four villages in number; namely Umueze Aroli, Okebunabu (includes Umudei and Ogbabu) and Olosi. The two Igala villages of Onuicha are Ogbodu and Obigboru. The four Edo influenced villages founded by Eze Chima are the ruling families. The present Obi of Ado N’ Idu or Onuicha (Onitsha), Igwe Alfred Achebe, is the 21st leader of the Onuicha Dynasty founded over 600 years ago or in the 16th century.
 The Onuicha Dynasty is the fourth in rank in the Igbo traditional dynasties. The first and oldest dynasty is the “Nri “Dynasty in Anambra State, which is over 1000 years; followed by the Aro Chukwu Dynasty in Abia State, which is also over 1000 years.  The Agbor Dynasty in Delta State, representing “pastoral Igbo people”, is up to 900 years. The Ado N’ Idu or Onuicha Dynasty in Anambra State is over 600 years. While the Nri and the Aro Chukwu Dynasties represent “sedentary Igbo people”, the Onuicha Dynasty represents “returnee Igbo people”.
The Obi of Onuicha (Onitsha) is traditionally and nationally rated in the same category with the Emir of Kano in Northwest Nigeria,the  Gwomgwom Jos in North-cental Nigeria. Others are the Emir of Gwandu, the Shehu of Borno, the Alafin of Oyo, the Atta of Igala and the Oba of Benin, etc. This is because of the sacredness of their traditional institutions, which have existed for centuries. Oba Desomu of Lagos, though illiterate, entered into an accord with the British colonialists in 1861 through the Treaty of Cession and this signaled the beginning of the British colonization of Nigeria until October 1960.
On Tuesday, 8th of October, 2013, the All Progressives Congress and its governorship candidate for the November 16, 2013 governorship, Dr. Chis Ngige, in utter desecration of, and disrespect to the ancient Onuicha Traditional Dynasty and institution, staged a flag off of their gubernatorial campaign in Onuicha. The flag off collided with the annual offala festival of the Obi of Onuicha and his people. The campaign flag off brought together the decamped governor of Imo State, who was elected on the platform of one man one vote made possible by his political party, which he unceremoniously abandoned.
 The governors of Edo and Ekiti States and other Yoruba political leaders in the APC including Chiefs Bisi Akande and Bola Tinubu also attended the campaign flag off. The disrespect to the Onuicha traditional institution was worsened by the report that the the said key APC leaders did not pay homage to the Obi of Onitsha and members of his cabinet. The announcement of the 2013 Offala Festival of the Obi of Onuicha and his people has been in the media since 2012. The great Offala festival is sponsored by the GLOBACOM.
The All Progressives Congress is a newly registered political party that collapsed two tribal parties of Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba extractions-called Action Congress of Nigeria for Yoruba and Congress for Progressive Change for Hausa-Fulani extractions. The APC, dominated by the Southwest politicians, also has another political party with strong northern influence- called ANPP as its offshoot. While Igbo people have lost thousands of souls in the CPC’s north through politics oriented killings and terror since the 2011 post general poll’s violence; anti Igbo policies such as internal deportation and hash business environment policies are very high in the ACN’s Southwest of Nigeria especially in Lagos State.  On July 24, 2013, for instance, 72 Igbo-Lagosians were rounded up in their various residences in Lagos and deported after midnight to Onuicha Upper Iweka by the Government of Lagos State.
History, they say, will never stop repeating itself. The same people that chased Igwe Eze Chima and his siblings out of the Benin Empire over 600 years ago are at it again, by technically disrupting their famous Offala Festival. As Eze Chima probably did then by striking his “Udo Shrine’s Offor (Igbo’s dreaded staff of justice) on the mother earth with generational curse against his pursuers, Igwe Alfred Chukwuemeka Achebe has repeated same by invoking the mother earth to pursue her offenders ceaselessly, using ancestral “offor” staff of over 600 years handed over to him from Eze Chima in the 16th century.
 The disrespect of this magnitude is also a collective affront to the entire Igbo race. If this has happened in other non-Igbo dynasties, their peoples would have reacted riotously.  Be that as it may, the mature handling of the ugly incident by the Obi of Onitsha and his cabinet is highly commendable. Indications are emerging strongly day in, day out that the people of the Southeast are most likely to be endangered the more socioeconomically and socio-politically if they put themselves in the political control of Boko Haram and Igbo deportation politicians and political parties.
Having read the APC’s reaction to the traditionally abominable act, which is remorseless and unapologetic; questions that are begging for answers are: if the Obi of Onitsha and his revered cabinet and people were put on notice about the APC’s flag off, how come they are angry to the extent of placing a curse on them with the ancient town’s ancestral offor of over 600 years? Between the Obi’s offala and the APC’s campaign flag off, which one should take precedent over the other? Why did the APC chieftains including its Anambra governorship candidate reportedly not pay royal homage to the ancient dynasty if they claim to respect the traditional institutions especially that of Onuicha?
 Except those that committed the abominations complained of, especially those claiming to be of Igbo extraction, genuinely appease the Igbo gods whose angers have risen to an apogee, otherwise more socio-traditional misfortunes be they electoral or offor curses will never abate. This includes those who get credibly elected by living mass votes and divinely blessed by Igbo gods, but decamped and joined entities belonging to imperial gods and goddesses.
Emeka Umeagbalasi is a social issues analyst and Igbo rights activist based in Onuicha (Onitsha), Nigeria.   
*Photo Caption – Emeka Umeagbalasi (Left), speaking at a conference.