Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Obinna Akukwe)
Following a recent report on the lucrative presidential prayer project which had made a lot of servants of God to be elevated to super rich financial status in the name of prayer, some groups of ministers under the Pentecostal fold held a discreet meeting in the church of one of the senior pastors in Abuja and vowed to expose their members who use the name of God to scam the government of Goodluck Jonathan. Indeed revelations from individual accounts at the meetings showed that probably the nation might have lost up tens of billions of naira to these prayer scammers. Some of them at the meeting confessed that they mobilized their congregation to pray for the success of Jonathan during the election but they never demanded and never received any form of payment for the prayers as they saw it as a divine duty.
Indeed this is a trying moment for the nation because the people who are supposed to spiritually guide the president of the Federal Republic in affairs of delivering the dividends of democracy to the Nigerian people according to the Biblical principles of transparency and accountability are the ones leading the president astray.
This presidential prayer scam actually started during the regime of Sanni Abacha. All manners of marabous were brought in from Kano and Borno to help secure Abacha against Abiola and the anti military coalition. Later their terms of reference included using spiritual powers to discover those about to overthrow the government of Abacha and promptly eliminate them. The spiritualists invited by Abacha told him that the presidential star is hovering around three families, one from Minna, and another from Ota and the last from Katsina. Later these men identified Olusegun Obasanjo, Shehu Yaradua and Lawan Gwadabe as likely beneficiaries of the presidential rulership from the three communities. Abacha, bent on being a live president for Nigeria got these men arrested on trumped up coup charges along with others military personnel. When the heat of the anti military resistance refused to abate, another set of marabous were imported from Mali and Senegal and these men indeed confirmed that something like a presidential throne is still hanging around Obasanjo, Yaradua and a third person from Minna axis.
This confirmation led to the decision to murder Yaradua and Obasanjo . While Shehu Yaradua was finished in Abakaliki prison, a fact which the culprits later exposed each other, Obasanjo escaped by what was a divine mercy. Abacha suspected that his friend Babangida is that third person from Minna and was actually planning how to rope him into a coup mess before death took hold of him. All senior military officers from Niger State were kept under surveillance. The plan to retire Abdulsalami Abubakar on the day Abacha died was in line with the advice of the spiritualists.
When Obasanjo became president, he invested much in prayers, When Pastor Bakare prophesied that the military will not hand over to Obasanjo, he organised constant night vigils at Ota Farm and visited some popular pastors within the Lagos-Ogun axis to help him avert the evil omen. When he finally got sworn in without any bloodshed, he decided to immediately revive the State House Chaplaincy and held morning prayers in his residence throughout the eight year he spent in Aso Rock. President Obasanjo started well but when he noticed tendencies of scam among the pastors meant to direct him, he got so disappointed that he revived his old friend spiritual grandmaster from India and gave him a permanent abode in his Ota farm, He equally started patronizing all sorts of African power to survive his presidency.
The pastors around Obasanjo were busy pursuing contracts in the most indiscreet manner, while others were busy helping to influence their cronies with board appointments that Obasanjo was merely tolerating their presence. It came to a point were those desirous of seeing Obasanjo paid millions to be allowed to participate in the early morning prayers and usually after the prayers Obasanjo attends to some persons and grants some favours. Obasanjo knew all these tactics and pretended not to know. The only persons Obasanjo held in awe then were the ministers from the Roman Catholic, Anglican and Methodist denominations because they are most likely not ask for favour of concessions.
During the Yaradua era it was the same prayer business; they came from Katsina in hundreds and were paid handsomely to secure Yaradua. When the health of Yaradua was heavily challenged, those from Katsina were sacked for inefficiency and others imported from Senegal and Mali. Billions of naira were spent on all manners of sacrifice to keep Yaradua alive until he finally left for Saudi Arabia from where he came back half alive. When it was obvious that the prayers of these marabous failed, some notable Christian and Muslim leaders were drafted at the last moment to salvage the situation.
The situation has been taken to another proportion in this Goodluck Jonathan administration. Funds running into tens of billions of naira have been released to CAN, PFN and numerous splinter groups claiming to be praying for President Goodluck Jonathan. When a young prophet can tell his congregation, friends and other ministers that he received five hundred million naira from the president as breakthrough offering for success in the presidential polls another says he was given hundreds of millions of naira to organise prayers all of which entered into private pocket, then the nation is in trouble.
The same Congregationalists who voted for Jonathan were the same people attending various night vigils, anointing service, breakthrough service and numerous fasting and prayers for God to give them their daily bread. The worst form of corruption in which a subsidy bill which was N388 billion in 2009 during the era of Yaradua have skyrocketed to N2.7 trillion in 2011 and these servants of God cannot see that the prosperity meant for their numerous congregation has been seized by a few set of Nigerians probably not numbering above five thousand.
It is discernible to spiritual watchers that President Jonathan intends to effect change in Nigeria. He however lacks the will power to implement the change. His boldness has been seized by spiritual forces and no sooner does he kick-start a reform process than he abandons it even before it gathers momentum. If after spending billions tax payers money on prayer warriors, the God of those prayer warriors cannot impress it on Jonathan to extinguish Boko Haram, prosecute subsidy thieves, revoke illegal oil block allocations and checkmate electoral fraud then it means that there is something wrong with the prayers or the prayer warriors.


-Masterweb Reports
The Ikemba Nnewi, Late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu has received a Posthumous Award of Grand Commander,  from the Nigerian Red Cross Society. The State Chapter of the organization who presented the award during a ceremony to mark the 2012 World Red Cross Day at its State Headquarters Amawbia, also invested Governor Peter Obi with the Grand Pillar of Solferino Award.
Presenting the awards, the state Vice Chairman of the Nigeria Red Cross, Dr. Peter Katchy recalled Dim Ojukwu’s selfless and dedicated service to humanity and remarkable contributions in uplifting the Red Cross Society during and after the Civil War. Dr. Katchy said the late Ikemba’s heroic and exemplary character wasan enviable legacy to Nigeria and Africa.
He observed that Governor Obi’s commitment and empowerment of the Nigeria Red Cross has enabled the State Chapter to carry out its activities and responsibilities to the people.
Responding, Governor Obi,  while thanking the organization for the honour, said humanitarian services had remained part of his preoccupation and recalled that apart from leading the Nigeria delegation to Haiti, he was equally a member of the united mission to Afghanistan and Rwanda.
He  disclosed that he has personally attracted another financial support for the people of Haiti and stressed the need for leaders to take decisions that add value to the society.
Another Awardee and Commissioner for Health, Professor Amobi Ilika noted that Governor Obi gave the Nigeria Red Cross a life-line by, among other things,  completing its abandoned State Secretariat building which he said had become a model in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa, provided it with fully equipped life ambulance and regular annual grant-in-aids.
The Chairman,  State Local Government Service Commission, Sir Godfrey Moutolu said Governor Obi’s people-oriented leadership reflected the principles of the Nigeria Red Cross.
Others honoured at the ceremony include the wife of the Governor, Mrs. Margaret Peter-Obi, who also received the Pillar of Soliferino Award. Governor Obi used the occasion to present a cheque of two million naira to the organization as part of its annual grants-in-aid.
*Caption For Article Photo
- Peter Obi with others at a wing outside Enyimba Sports Stadium to receive Ojukwu's body into the stadium Tuesday, February 28, 2012.


-Masterweb Reports
Lecture with title "Ndigbo In Geo-Politics of Nigeria" holds on a rescheduled date ( 25th May, 2012 ) at Enugu, Enugu State.
Venue: NUJ Press Center, Rangers Avenue, Independence Layout, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria.
*All efforts by detractors and saboteurs to prevent the event from holding failed. Igbos should show massive support for the event by coming from wherever they
are to the venue in solidarity.
Date: 25th May, 2012.
Time: 10.00 am prompt
Programme: *SEE BELOW
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezife, former Anambra State Governor.
*Chairman of the occassion is Amb. G. A. Onyegbula, a distinguised retired diplomat, while President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo is expected to be Chief Guest. 
Other Speakers - Among those to speak are: Dr. Arthur Nwankwo, Col Joe Achuzia, Barr Uche Okwukwu, Chief Ifeanyichukwu Enemchukwu, Chief Charles Okereke, Dr. Kema Chikwe, Mr. Osadebe Ibegbu, Chief Inyama - President, Igbo Development Association 19 Northern States, Prof Ben Obumselu, Prof Ralph Nwokedi, Dr. Okey Emordi, Prof Pat Utomi, Chief Bob Ogbuagu, Pa Onyenso Nwachukwu, Prof Julius Onah, Dr. Uma Eleazu, Prof Emeka Enejere , Udenta Udenta, Chief Mrs Kate Ezeofor , Prof Uzodimma Nwala, , and several other distinguished speakers.
Col J.O.G Achuzia (Air Raid) will lead a powerful delegation of Anioma Igbos and Igbozurume group to the Enugu epoch-making lecture. Rivers Igbos will be led by Barr Uche Okwukwu, a notable Ikwerre lawyer and Obi Wali Jnr.
For participation, support or co-sponsorship please contact -
Nigeria: Chuks Ibegbu Phone: +234 8035410176, Email:
Overseas: Chief Charles Okereke Phone: +1 4148070329, Email:

The  THEME OF this lecture is "Ndigbo in the Geo-Politics of Nigeria, the way foward" while the sub-theme is "Ndigbo After Ojukwu". The keynote speaker is HEX DR CHUKWUEMEKA EZIFE (OKWADIKE), former Executive Governor of Anambra State. Among many other noteable speakers are Col J.O.G Achuzia (Air Raid) who will speak on Ndigbo after Ojukwu,   Chief Charles Okereke, composer "God Bless Africa" - an African Union award winning anthem,  and CEO Nigeria Masterweb ( ) - a very popular online publication, will also present a paper by proxy at the event. All our speakers are distinguished in their respective fields.

Lecture Organized By Nigerian Presidency of South East Extraction Movement (NPSEEM) and Igbo Unity Forum (IUF), and sponsored by Igbo World Assembly (IWA)

Arrival of Guests 8.00 am - 10.00 am
Introduction of Guests 10.00 am - 10.30 am
Opening Ceremony 10.30 am - 11.00 am
Goodwill Messages 11.00 am - 11.40 am
Keynote Speech 11.40 am - 12.00 noon
Cultural Dance(s)and/or Music 12.00 noon 12.10 pm
Paper Presentations(15 minutes each) 12.10 pm - 2.30 pm
Question And Answer Session 2.30 pm - 3.30 pm
Refreshment And Cultural Dance(s) 3.30 pm - 4.00 pm
Closing Remarks 4.00 pm - 4.10 pm
Vote Of Thanks 4.10 pm - 4.20 pm
Closing Ceremony 4.20 pm - 4.30 pm

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Nwaorgu Faustinus)


The attack on the convoy of the Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission, Professor Attahiru Jega while emerging from the palace of Emir of Kazaure, Alhaji Najib Hussaini Adamu in Jigawa State is unwarranted. One now questions when it has become a crime to attend or honour wedding invitation of an Emir whose daughter is being wedded.  


Reports said that trouble started around 12:30 pm when the INEC chairman emerged from the Emir’s palace and was identified by the youths who have gathered at the place to witness the ceremony, where upon “a young girl allegedly led the attack when she collected  sand  and threw  it at the  vehicle in which  the INEC chairman was riding”.
According to Sunday Vanguard, the youths “began to hurl stones at Jega’s convoy. Several cars in the convoy were said to have been damaged and their glasses smashed.  Sources said the situation would have been worse but for the intervention of security forces. The youths sang war songs alleging betrayal on Jega’s path”.
For me this is not the best way to express one’s anger or protest for alleged election rigging as according to the youths and as reported in the Sunday Vanguard of May 20, 2012: “You cheated us, you cheated the North, you declared falsed result, you denied General Buhari the chance to be the president of Nigeria, it was injustice, we will not forgive you”, some of them said. 2015 is not too far a period, these youth should have waited till 2015 to massively vote for Buhari that is if he clinches his party’s ticket to run for the highest office in the land rather than attacking Prof. Jega.
Needless to say that this shameful act is the aftermath of the alleged inflammatory and inciting remarks made by Buhari who has been belligerent, frustrated and angry for not being able to occupy Aso Rock, having contested four times for the seat and failed.
If I were Buhari, I would have invested energy, time and money in more useful ventures than to continue to waste huge amount of money that would have impacted positively on the lives of his numerous supporters rather than chasing the wind. He should borrow a leaf from the likes of the Dangote’s, as his past records which are negative do not speak well of him. It can only be imagined what Nigerians can benefit from a coup plotter and executioner, anti-journalists, regionalist, non-conformist, alleged advocate of the sharialization of Nigeria etc. Let it be known that Buhari will be a hard Presidential aspirant to market to Nigerian electorates as he is being pursued by karma every step of the way in his bid to be president of Nigeria.
The attack on Jega should not be treated with kid’s glove as it is an indication of the alleged potency of Buhari’s remarks in the minds of his supporters.  
Nwaorgu Faustinus writes from Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Mobile: +2348035601312. Email:

-Masterweb Reports
Governor Rotimi Amaechi who spoke to news men from the scene of the explosion stated that “the bus was conveying three armed robbers who had explosives and AK-47 rifles.”
The explosion which occurred at 10:30am injured the three occupants and left two passerby dead.
Masterweb is still working to get you more detailed update on this report.

-Masterweb Reports
Governor Peter Obi said that Anambra State would remain polio-free as his government was determined to keep tackling health challenges of any form in the State. He said this yesterday, during the campaign for the eradication of polio from the State at the premises of Regina Caeli Hospital, Awka. 
Gov. Obi, accompanied by his wife, Margaret; daughter, Amaka;  Commissioner for Health, Prof. Linus Ilika and other Exco members, kicked the exercise off by administering immunisation to many children. He said that he always tried to grace the campaign personally because children, who were the  future of the society were concerned. He maintained that any society that neglected to take care of her children and the youth would suffer the consequences in future.
The Governor who expressed happiness over the improvement in all health indices of the State, including the accreditation of major health institutions in the state that lost accredited before he took over Government,   promised that he would not relent.
Expressing satisfaction with the way churches have managed the schools handed over to them, he said that Government had in her kitty the sum of 1.2 Billion Naira to be given to Churches to rehabilitate the Secondary schools handed over to them. This, he said, would translate to 20 Million Naira per secondary school.
He also donated a brand new ambulance to Regina Ceali hospital, which was received by the Bishop of Awka, Rt Rev. Dr. Paulinus Ezeokafor, who thanked God for what he called the gift of Peter Obi to the State.
Earlier in a broadcast at the government house, the governor thanked those collaborating with the government in the fight against polio. His words:  “We thank our partners - WHO, UNICEF, WORLD BANK, BILL GATES, DFID, USAID, Red Cross, Rotary International, National Primary Health Care Development Agency and others for their contributions. We will continue to partner with them in our concerted effort to eradicate polio. Our commitment to achieving the MDGs and making our people healthy and happy is total.  Today, again, I wish to reaffirm our resolve”.
The representative of Rotary Club, Rotarian Chika Ekwueme expressed happiness that for five years, Anambra has remained polio-free, which he attributed to the governor’s commitment to the people of the State.
In his remarks, the Commissioner for health, prof. Linus Amobi Ilika siad the immunisation was targeted at 2 million Children.  
*Caption For Article Photo - Gov. Obi feeds a child at the event.

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Chief Eze C. Eze)


As the first ever musical reality show for orphanages organised by
Melody Shelters, a collaboration of Adonis Productions and Prince
Tonye Princewill came to a climax this 5th of May, 2012, the Kogi
State’s Godswill Orphanage has emerged as the 2012 champions.

The PDP Chieftain and the Leader of Princewill Political Associates
(PPA) was on hand to present the cheques totalling 20 million Naira to
all the beneficiaries in a star studded event witnessed by an
enthusiastic PH crowd, government officials and chieftains of the
Entertainment Industry amongst others.

The final event saw Godswill Orphanage of Kogi State clinching the
coveted trophy and the Championship Prize of N10M while the
Runners-up, the Lifetime Orphanage of Rivers State got the Prize of
N5M. Rachael Homes, Abuja came in third carting home the N3Mprize. The
Princely amount of Five Hundred Thousand each was given to the other
remaining five Homes as co-champions and what the Prince
called“combined winners”.

Mrs. Elizabeth Opanachi the Matron of the Godswill Orphanage Abuja the
Champion Home in her appreciation thanked Prince Tonye Princewill and
the Directors of the Melody Shelters for embarking on this great
innovative and God inspired project that will surely change the course
and lives of the less privilege in Nigeria. Mrs Opanachi who was
emotional in her presentation quoted the gospel of St. Mathew Chapter
5verse 7 which says “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain
mercy”assuring the Prince that his investment and concern for the poor
in Nigeria would not go in vain as they would continue to pray for
your upliftment and growth in all aspect of your life. “You are a gift
from God and the poor will surely celebrate you when the time comes”.
She went further to challenge other rich men in Nigeria to emulate the
Prince and invest their funds to alleviate the suffering of orphans
and/or the many, not the few. She concluded by urging the various
segments of government in Nigeria to assist the credible Orphanages in
Nigeria in their onerous task to reduce poverty and provide succour to
the orphans in Nigeria.

Mr. Adonijah Owiriwa the CEO of Melody Shelters thanked all that made
the event possible particularly the Prince who bore most of the
financial burden and concluded by stating;“Give me just three Prince
Tonye Princewills in Rivers State and I will turn Rivers State to the
true Garden City it should be and the envy of all cities in Africa!”
Prince Tonye Princewill who through his Head of Media, Chief Eze C Eze
presented the cheques assured Nigerians that all things being equal
this event has come to stay as he intended to spend the remaining part
of his life attending to the needs of the needy among us. He remarked
that his concern in this regard had nothing to do with politics but is
inspired by God who provided the resources against all odds. Therefore
he said, he would make this show an annual event.

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, Media Consultant, PPA.


*Caption For Article Photo - Godswill Orphanage, Kogi State Winners with their cheque of N10m. Left in Photo, Next to the Winners, is Mrs Elizabeth Opanchi, proprietor of Godswill Orphanage and Right -  Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze (with microphone).

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Kelvin Osa-Okunbor)
Delta State Governor Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan  has called on critics of the Asaba International Airport runway extension valued at over N7.4 billion to seek clarification on the project as the  topography in the area allocated for the airport requires intense levelling of a hill as well as filling up of a river valley to achieve the prescribed standard that could secure approval for big aircraft operations by the Nigeria  Civil Aviation Authority( NCAA).
Uduaghan who spoke in an interview with reporters after assessment of work at the runway extenstion site at the state airport in Asaba, explained that the contract for the levelling of the hilly part of the airport runway was since awarded in 2011, and not necessarily for the purpose of the recently concluded South South Summit hosted in the state.

The Delta State chief executive explained that rather than tear the project apart through uninformed criticism,urged critics to  see how the airport modelled to be the best in Nigeria could accelerate the development of the states around it, even as he described airport as an infrastructure that could stimulate foreign investment.
He explained that runway of the airport at the moment could only accommodate small and medium size aircraft, because the engineers are woprking round the clock to meet the runway length and width as prescribed by the civil  aviation regulator:Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority ( NCAA), which from time to time sends its officials to inspect the level of work done at the airport for relevant approvals.
Uduaghan said : " The Asaba Airport has a huge role to play in the socio- economic development of the state in many areas.We also considered the cargo activity at the airport, that is why we embarked on the airport.
But, unfortunately , we wanted to build an airport with a runway length of between 3.4 kilometre  and four kilometers , unfortunately, there is no terrain in Asaba area that could give us such stretch of land , the topography here in Asaba  is  mainly either hills, or low lands , rivers  with adjoining  valleys. With all the directions and technical survey that was done, for the airport, we got where we are now which gives us two terrain, the hill on one side and the river on the other side.
We have to make do  with what is available with serious heavy engineering work, there is also a bridge on the runway course, we dealt with that, we had a runway which could take smaller planes, convinced that it was good enough, but  we are looking at expanding it longer so we could take bigger cargo plane.
In the face of that we are not the regulatory body, NCAA came and said before approval could be given , the state has to demolish the hills and needed to sand fill the other extreme  which is the river side,  to move the runway, that involves lowering the hills and sand filling the other end to attain a level line for the runway, that we have started doing.
We have given out the contract combined because of NCAA recommendations, to allow  for the present operations.That is why big aircraft at the moment are not flying into Asaba Airport, until that leveling part of the terrain is completed." 
He said : " The contract  for the leveling of the hills was not awarded because of the recently concluded South South Summit,  hosted in Asaba, it is purely driven by the technical and safety consideration  of the NCAA, the contract  has since 2011 been awarded, as the chief executive of the state I directed the contractor  to get the job done in good time, because we are in a hurry to get the airport up and running, that is our goal, this driven by the pressure I am under from our sister states in the South East, Anambra, Abia, Enugu to get the airport running.
When the  contractor said  had done  a major  percent of the job, we were going to  give  him about ten or eleven months, as at the time the contractor had done just less the  per cent, we thought he had attained about fifty percent. 
That indeed puts us in fix,   meaning  that if we had allowed him to move at that pace, it will take another two years or more time to complete the job, so we brought in more contractors to speed up the completion of the job, we have brought in two other contractors, they are now three contractors, there is no variation in the costs, the same cost for the demolishing, we are convinced that soonest the project with different segment will be completed. I think the figure that is being bandied about is the totality of so many things, the unfortunate thing is that the time the figures were sent out, it was not properly transmitted, and that is the unfortunate thing.
That is the reaction we are having, however I am hoping that contractors will speed up the completion of the hills, so that NCAA could us approval because our ambition is be able to land a big aircraft as big as Airbus 380 in Asaba Airport." 
He further clarified that it may be difficult to fix a timeline for the completion of construction and commissioning of the airport. He said : " It will be difficult for me to give you an exact date that this airport will be ready for commissioning , because the regulation  and certification is done by NCAA, each time the team comes, they look at what is on ground  assess the level of completion, and give us specification of what to expect.
Another dimension to this that the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), carried out a project assessment in the United States of America of how a modern airport should look like, and that is the model that we are adopting here to make Asaba Airport a model of a modern airport in Nigeria.
We are looking at this airport as the airport of the future in Nigeria. There are many airports across the world that do not have the kind of facilities we have here in Asaba Airport.
We want the Asaba Airport to be a model of what an airport should look like. It is possible to achieve that. Commissioning is subject to the approval of the regulators. 
On his advice to critics of the airport project, Uduaghan said : " First of all I share their concern, and I just hope that it is being done in good faith, to ensure transparency, but generally we want to appeal to them, they should look more for the positive side of the airport project that any probable negative, I speak this way because of the benefit of the airport, to Deltans and Nigerians in general who use the airport. 
Even all the dignitaries that attended the South South Summit were amazed at seeing this kind of airport, that sought of encourage us that we are doing what is right. They should look at the positive sides of what we are doing and encourage us."
Also speaking in an interview, the director of highway services and chairman implementation committee of the  Asaba International Airport, Engineer Donatus Umukoro explained that with over fifty heavy duty equipment deployed at the project site the contractors will soon complete the levelling of the hills near the runway.
He described those opposed to the project costs as merely acting based on insufficient knowledge of the volume of work to be done to bring the runway and other critical facilities at the airport to the prescribed standards.
Umukoro said : " The volume of cutting of the hills and filling up of the low areas is much in line with the requirements of Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority ( NCAA). 
"In terms of costs, we need to spend over seven billion naira to put the runway into the acceptable standard that will be adequate for the work to be done, we are doing a lot of work.
"The contract is being handled by three contractors, with three heavy duty equipment on site working from morning till evening seven days of the week. 
"At the moment, we are working on one hundred and fifty metres to meet the capacity smaller and medium size aircraft but to get to the ultimate level of big aircraft like Boeing 747 we need to get to two hundred metres way ,we have barely done some good work , in some sections, the work is very massive, it will require some time, to complete the project. 
"Obviously, many factors contribute to the speedy completion of this project, weather is a primary consideration, that is why it is difficult to say when the work will be completed.
People who are complaining that over seven billion naira is required to complete the runway job are embarking on a ridiculous game, because they are ignorant of the volume of work involved. The complaint is ridiculous because people are misinformed.
"The volume of earth work involved is very huge, the cutting itself is very huge , apart from 
the 300 metres on one stretch , we are also cutting another stretch of 500 metres , about one point two kilomtres, we have to protect the area by filling with hard soil and grassing the whole terrain to prevent erosion. I think the whole criticism stems from misinformation." 

-Masterweb Reports
The Nationwide and state Saturday environmental sanitation days popularly known as “clean-up”, is seen and regarded as a lazy man’s system and should be replaced with effective methods to deal with filth in our environment.
Sanitation according to WordWeb dictionary is “the state of being clean and conducive to health”. Sanitation should be a daily activity not weekly or monthly activity, because it is a well-known fact that “cleanliness is next to Godliness” and clean environment promotes good health.
Environmental sanitation days being observed both nationally and states’ level are being poorly carried out, reasons being that people view it as free/resting day for watching TV, going to farm/ garden, holding family/compound/community meetings, playing football and other outdoor games, visiting nearby friends and relations, etc.
Furthermore, putting into consideration people on essential duty (Doctors, Nurses, Ministers of God, Imams, Security Agents, etc), those whose day of worship is on Saturday (Seventh Day Adventist, etc.), people on emergency call (health, travellers, politicians, etc) there is then need to do away with this antiquated system of Saturday clean-up exercise.
As a measure to replace this system with more effective method, there is need for Government to make use of environmental sanitation agencies in their various states and federal level such as; Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, sanitary officers, and other relevant agencies in monitoring our environments and meting out appropriate sanctions to nonconformists. To make environmental cleaning a serious issue, there is also need to pass a law for the apprehension of anyone found littering the environment irrespective of the occasion or one’s position in the society.
Another measure to enforce environmental sanitation is through encouraging people at various business and market places to organise days for their Environmental Sanitation/ clean-up and provide them with free wastebaskets and other materials necessary for the exercise.

-Masterweb Reports
Based on the solid foundation he has been laying for it, Anambra will be the best state in Nigeria in 20 years time, Governor Peter Obi has said.
Anambra State Government has initiated more measures to further strengthen the policy of honouring retired civil servants. Governor Peter Obi dropped the hint at a dinner organized in honour of committee of Directors of the State Civil Service who toured some completed and on-going projects of the present administration, two retired Heads of Service, fifteen retired permanent Secretaries, two retired accountants General and one retired Auditor-General at the Banquet Hall of the Governor’s Lodge Amawbia.
According to Obi, his efforts and good rapport with the presidency had attracted foreign investors to the state resulting in the decision of the second largest brewers in the world, SABmiller, to establish a factory in Onitsha, Anambra State. The factory which is one of the three being put up in Onitsha industrial area, the governor said, would employ an initial 350 people, with 60 percent coming from Anambra State as mutually agreed. The other two will also employ about the same number, the governor stated.
He noted that these and other foreign investments like the Protea group which is building a five-star hotel in Onitsha were results of his vision for the state and useful partnership with the federal government to which he is adviser on finance. Obi stated that his several trips abroad with the president had been yielding good dividends to the state from the useful contacts he had been making.
The governor said such investments were what the state needed to take care of the large number of the unemployed and reckoned that if sustained, the state would rank the best in the country in 20 years time.
He used the opportunity to commend the retired top civil servants that included Elsie Ikemefuna and Ngozi Melifonwu who were former heads of service and said it was wrong not to show appreciation to those who had served the state well. He also noted that his administration was the first to honour such people and while regretting that it had not been done in the past, promised to make it a regular event henceforth.
According to him, the peak of civil service was not being permanent secretaries because the position was by appointment. Rather, he noted, the peak was directorship.
Obi reiterated his resolve to build a better place for today’s children by laying the proper foundation regardless of whether it was an unpopular action. ‘I’m not doing what I’m doing today as a campaign because I have said I will not aspire for anything again after eight years in office as Anambra governor. I’m not doing it to seek glory because I have got all I want from God. The history of Nigeria will not be written without a page being devoted to my contributions to the growth of Nigeria’s democracy,’ Obi stated.
The event which was also attended by serving directors of the various ministries who toured the governor’s projects, also saw them relieving what they witnessed on the tour. Their spokesman, Pius Udo, who is the clerk of the state legislature, said the tour afforded them the opportunity to confirm what they had heard and read about the governor’s achievements and stated, ‘we have come, we have seen and we are convinced that the government is performing.’ He then jokingly moved a motion that Obi be commended and appreciated by the audience for his good works.
Highlight of the dinner was the presentation of gifts to the retirees.