Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

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The authorities of the Nigerian Air Force in Port Harcourt have confirmed that a rocket flew out of the Nigerian Air Force helicopter and destroyed a building at no 98 Woji  Street, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
The Commander of the Nigerian Air Force Base, Port Harcourt, Air Vice-Marshall Abba Zannah, gave the confirmation, when he briefed journalists in Port Harcourt on Friday.
The helicopter was said to be on routine patrol of the Niger Delta creeks, and the Commander did not disclose if it had completed its mission or not when the rocket fell off.
He said the incident occurred about 6:30am on Friday, and that no life was lost.  
"It was a technical error which was unusual in the system. But we are glad that no life was lost in the incident.
"It was not a normal thing in the Air Force system and the outcome of the investigation will allow us take certain measures,'' Zannah said on Friday.
The commander said the incident should not raise fears among the residents and appealed to them to go about their normal businesses.

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Radio Biafra London)

After two years of absence the legendary Radio Biafra London (RBL) is back on air and will resume on SATURDAY 21 APRIL 2012 at 8pm broadcasting twice a week on 11870 kHz frequency on the shortwave band from its London Studio to all African countries with concentrated footprint in Nigeria. Listeners in the Greater London area can tune into 94.3FM at the same time whilst those outside London and elsewhere in the world can follow the program online by visiting and clicking on the daily broadcast play button.

RBL is a public service broadcaster and will serve as the eyes, ears and voice for millions of dispossessed, disenfranchised, abandoned and oppressed people of various ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. According to Nnamdi Kanu the Director of Radio Biafra London, the reason for the resuscitation of the popular radio station is to set a largely misinformed public free from the twin evil of tyrannical rule of a cabal of ill-educated and institutionally corrupt men and women and the sponsored sectarian killings directed against Christian Southerners living in Northern Nigeria by terrorists operating in the name of Islam. It will also serve to articulate a solution to the plight of impoverished and confused Igbo families abandoned by their leaders in Northern Nigeria to a fate worse than those endured by black slaves in plantations in the Americas.

Radio Biafra London will use and deploy every available resource to campaign for the rights of all oppressed indigenous peoples of Southern Nigeria to determine how they wish to structure their societies and live their lives. Radio Biafra London would broadcast debates on issues of national and international importance affecting the lives and rights of the indigenous peoples of Biafra and indeed indigenous people of all ethnic persuasions in Nigeria.

Radio Biafra London further wishes to give advance warning to all looters, embezzlers, kidnappers, sponsors of terrorism, child traffickers, corrupt judges, crooked university lecturers, murderous Nigerian security forces and all thieving individuals masquerading as public officials who steal public funds thereby preventing developmental projects from impacting positively on the lives of the ordinary people. These looters and workers of iniquity will be named and shamed. There will be no hiding place for common thieves who use the cover of high political offices to steal in the name of Nigerian politics. For Radio Biafra London, there will be nothing like no-go-areas in what can be reported, discussed and analysed. The governing principle of the Public-Right-To-Know of the issues affecting their lives will be rigorously upheld.


Editorial Board of Radio Biafra London


-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Amiru Adamu)
Though there are other militant groups operating in the Niger delta, the movement for the emancipation of the niger delta (MEND) is considered as the umbrella organization of all the youths of the niger delta, fighting for their rights. The perceived objectives of the group have two sides. While the government and other foreign beneficiaries see MEND as a terrorist group trying to sabotage their effort to explore oil, the youths and most people of Nigeria on the other hand see them as a group of oppressed Nigerian youths trying to expose the unfair exploitation of the masses in the Niger delta by the Nigerian government, in partnership with some foreign corporations.
Though these 2 points of view can be challenged by  Sympathizers depending on the side they  Sympathize with, the facts from any neutral point of view will show that the people of the Niger delta have suffered an unprecedented degradation of their environment due to unchecked pollution produced by the oil industry. The people of the area have no ability to engage in fishing and farming,the two major occupations  in the region because of oil exploration. They also have nothing to show for it, because oil revenues are rarely seen by the people.
No right thinking individual will expect the youths of the area to fold their arms and watch themselves and other kinsman and women being polluted and starved out of existence by the Nigerian government and other multinationals. I have been coming across commentaries made by people mostly government  Sympathizers, who are out of touch with reality. They always condemn MEND blindly without pausing to think of the situation that forced those industrious youths of the delta into militancy.
Though I am not in support of violence in any form, I am also not is support of oppression and daylight robbery. The people of the Niger delta are really in need of people who will look at their situation from a human perspective. I believe the late president Umaru Musa Yar'adua granted amnesty to the youths of the Niger delta because he considered their situation from a humanitarian point of view.
The re-integration programme that followed the amnesty has so far been fairly implemented,but the government needs to speed up the implementation before the youths of the delta region get tired of the slow pace.
What amuses me most in the whole oil money saga, is the misinformation being encouraged by the elites who enjoy most of the revenue generated from oil exploration. An average person from the Niger delta is encouraged to believe that a large chunk of the oil revenue goes to the Northerners, while the Northerners are encouraged to believe that most of the oil revenue goes to the people of the Niger delta.
I will like to use this medium to denounce both claims, because the average Northerner is as poor as an average Nigerian from the Niger delta if not worse. The fact is, the oil revenue goes into the pockets of the political class, irrespective of the region they come from. They are conspiring and conniving in unison to loot and starve Nigerians.
The Niger delta as an oil producing region really deserves a lot more. They deserve to get more from the oil revenue being generated, considering the pains they go through due to oil exploration. By saying the Niger delta, I mean the people not some elites or political jobbers who collect and divert funds meant for the industrious and courageous people of the Niger delta.
MEND, on its own part should make sure it controls its members and avoid attacking innocent civilians who have no hand in oppressing and depriving them. They should continue to struggle till they achieve what they have sacrificed so much to achieve. At least we know what they are fighting for.
Amiru Adamu is an activist writer and publisher of Northern Wind Magazine.

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Obinna Akukwe)
Biafra was the name given by a people on the verge of extermination, to the newly seceding republic. A peoples aspiration to be left alone to renegotiate how they want to exist away from a structure which wanted to swallow them. A dream that would have turned an African nation into an African Japan in terms of technological advancement. A people whose republican nature would have made models of federalism all over Africa. A nation that probably would have been the true giant of Africa.
All these were stillborn because the British establishment with their Russian and Egyptian conspirators provided covert and overt military support while the middle belt region especially the Benue Plateau axis provided the gallant, brave and daring foot soldiers who executed on the behalf of the entire north the killings of 3million Biafrans to keep Nigeria one.
History is a reminder of past events which has the prospects of a future repeat. A Biafran proverb says that "a fowl that gloated over the butcher of the guinea fowl knew not that the fate that befell the guinea fowl will soon befall it" The Middle Belt Region especially the Benue Plateau axis , predominantly Christians, were the people who fought the actual war. Over seventy five percent of soldiers who executed the war came from this axis. The officers were spread round the rest of Nigeria but the file came from the plateau. The Benue-Plateau people gloated over the destruction of the Biafran dream.
Their first shocker was when General Murtala Muhammed led a coup that ousted General Yakubu Gowon as Head of the Nigerian State. The Dimka counter coup was repelled by forces loyal to the northern oligarchy and officers of Middle-Belt minority extraction were killed and since then the ethnic cleansing of the minority Middle Belt especially Benue –Plateau axis begun.
Despite the Dimka failed coup, the middle belt region continued to enjoy a commanding place in the Nigerian military establishments until General Ibrahim Babangida used the excuse of Mamman Vatsa coup to clear a lot of them from the military circles. Babangida then moved to dismantle the Langtang Mafia. Langtang is a town in Plateau State that has produced brave soldiers in the Nigerian Army. Generals Domkat Bali, Joshua Dogonyaro, Jerry Useni and John Shagaya among others are officers from Langtang town who at one point or the other held positions of trust and importance in the military-political environment of the Nigerian State. Other nearby towns equally boasts of senior military officers whose records in bravery and loyalty is solid.
Babangida, from Niger State, comes from a middle belt  area that identifies more with the northern oligarchy than the northern minorities, found it difficult to stomach the presence of Benue-Plateau people around his political space and he started the gradual decimation of their people. The first casualty was Mamman Vatsa, from minority Nupe in Niger state. Having checkmated the Nupe threat, he moved to checkmate the Benue-Plateau threat. The first casualty was General Domkat Bali. Bali was the Minister of Defence, Chief of Defence Staff and Chairman Joint chiefs of Staff. He was the second most powerful man during Babangida regime and the third most powerful under Buhari. By the time Babangida finished with Bali, he ran to his village to recover from the shock. Babangida removed Bali as Minister for Defence, Chief of Defence Staff and Chairman Joint Chief of Staff on the 29th of December, 1989 and handed him the Ministry of Interior, then occupied by fellow Langtang kinsman, General John Shagaya. This demotion was meant to spite and humiliate Bali and whatsoever he represents. He was promptly replaced by General Sanni Abacha who later became Nigeria’s military ruler. The shoving aside of Bali was to remove the last vestiges of Gowon’s influence from the Nigerian Army and to pave way for the northern oligarchy to completely control the military establishment. At that time other officers of Benue Plateau extraction were retired without reason.
The Langtang Mafia was the most powerful caucus in the Nigerian Army. It was an informal kindred gathering of officers of plateau extraction where matters of interest were discussed covertly. They exerted lots of influence in the military and political settings. Another mafia known as Kaduna Mafia was there to serve the interests of the northern oligarchy. Babangida, with the humiliation of Bali, started the process of dismantling the Langtang Mafia. The creation of Jos North Local Government in 1991 by Babangida, without consultations with the indigenes of Jos was to cannibalize the influence of the Langtang Mafia.
What Nigerian students and activists of southern extraction saw especially the South East  in the early nineties was the return to bondage of minority north and yet the chicken had come to roast. In the order of marginalization in Nigeria now, Middle Belt geopolitical zone comes is the number two, after the South East. This is what the Benue-Plateau had as reward for fighting the Biafran war and killing their Christian brothers.
Jos was the capital of Middle Belt or Benue Plateau region. Jos was home to all Nigerians, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Efik, Ijaw, Kanuri until the sectarian violence started in 1991. Since then Jos had known no peace. The indigenes have been waylaid in the dead of the night and slaughtered like guinea fowl. All the presence of the entire armed forces of Nigeria has not stemmed the serial killings. All the prayers and fasting have not helped either. A police commissioner who gave support to their exterminators in the hey days of the conflict, against all opposition and indictment, is now their Inspector General of Police. This is just an indication that their enemies will lord it over them.
What is happening in Plateau albeit Jos is curse in operation. In 2 samuel chapter 21, The Bible illustrates about David the King of Israel who suffered serious famine for three years under his anointed leadership .When the famine failed to stop he inquired of the Lord and was told that his predecessor Saul broke covenant by killing the Gibeonites in his zeal to please God. Therefore the Israelites are suffering as a result of the misdeeds of King Saul who was long dead. The constant urination and defecation on the socio-political space of the Plateau people is as a result of their complicity in the Biafrfan genocide. General Gowon, the military ruler who led the war on Biafra, have since the past ten years led a prayer group called ‘Nigeria Prays’’ This prayer though laudable and commendable has not worked. The reason is the same mistake of King David. David’s prayers failed to work for three years of austerity measures, structural adjustment, subsidy removal and power sector reforms until he made prayers of enquiry and was told the source of the problem. Gowon and his prayer group should change their prayer topic and ask for forgiveness for the extermination of innocent blood. They should equally send an appropriate delegation to the Biafran Headquarters to interact with the representatives of the people and the clergy and extract a covenant of forgiveness and the curse will be lifted. Failure to do so, the Benue Plateau and the rest of the minority middlebelt will soon be relegated again into the most marginalized zone in Nigeria.
Obinna Akukwe

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Louis Allison)
Dear Editor, I want to use this medium to thank you and your team for giving Nigerians the oppurtunity to veiw our local Newspapers and Magazines on the Internet and also keeping us informed on the latest happenings around the world. I want to say a very big ''thank you'' once again. My main reason for sending you this message is to draw your attention on how the Students of Lagos State University are been treated by the School board or whoever is in charge there.
Everyone in the Country is aware of the recent hike in School Fees in LASU and all the other challanges faced by the Students, but Sir, I want to draw your attention to what I would call the ''WHO CARES'' attitude of the Board or whoever is incharge. After the recent increase in school fees, parents whose children attend the institution had to adapt to the new fees and students who don't have parents to sponsor them work harder to raise enough funds to meet up the fees.
Now, the school imposed it on every student to pay within a given time or risk their education with the school. Some students where able to pay on time but some who had to readjust their pockets to the new fees could not meet up, thereby paying late. The school has a section on its website where students can register their courses for the semester (only available to the early birds that paid their fees within the time frame they gave), it is unavailable to those who pay late. This makes those paying late study in fear and discomfort as they may not be graded for the semester, since their courses were not registered online and this could lead to their faliure and withdrawal from school.
Sir, I am sending this message from my mobile phone with hope that you would help these students appeal to the board or whoever is incharge to have a reconsideration and open the web portal, or provide other means for the students to registar their courses or even assure them that the issue would be rectified instead of threatining the students with possible rustication. Please Sir, I am not sending you this message because of my sister alone, but for every student whose parent has worked hard to make sure that their children get the education they need to be future leaders. Thanks.
Louis )

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Public Statement By Intersociety-Nigeria  
Before Dr. Chidi Odinkalu, Board Chair, Nigeria’s National Human Rights
Commission Goes The Way Of Others Felled  By  State Bullets Or Killer-Gas
(Onitsha-Nigeria, Sunday, 15th day of April, 2012)-The leadership of
International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law strongly
believes that the Chairman, Board of Governing Council of the National
Human Rights Commission, Dr. Chidi Odinkalu, one of the few young
Nigeria’s “legist” scholars, may go the way of other Nigeria’s “social
engineers” felled by State bullets or killer-gas substances, unless
sustained local and international campaigns are initiated to ward off such
possible reality.
Having critically x-rayed the circumstances surrounding the 11th day of
April 2012’s open criminal invitation extended to the NHRC’s chair by the
Acting IGP, Mohammed Dikko Abubakar, through his DIG, Force Criminal
Investigations Department in Abuja, who delegated it to one Dan Bature, a
Deputy Commissioner of Police, we fear that Dr. Chidi Odinkalu may have
become a “ candidate of formal and informal police criminal invitations”,
with the latter likely to be “he has gone to Abuja”, a euphemism for State
murder and extra-judicial execution of targeted citizens.
Dr. Chidi Odinkalu was issued with non-adjudicative criminal summons over
his legitimate assertion on March 5, 2012 at a public function, to the
effect that the Nigeria Police Force,” by estimates, carries out more than
2,500 extra-judicial execution of detainees yearly”, as a result of which
the Acting IGP claimed that it was “vexatious”.  We wish to state,
expressly, that the criminal invitation extended to Dr. Chidi Odinkalu by
the NPF amounts to gross abuse of office, executive irresponsibility and
recklessness. It is also tantamount to inviting a judge, criminally, to
explain his or her reasons for delivering a judgment, whether substantive
or orbiter dictum (or dicta). It saddens our heart that the Acting IGP and
his Force Headquarters does not seem to understand the basic provisions of
the law of the land, yet they claim to be “ officers of the law”.
For records, Dr. Chidi Odinkalu, by virtue of his position as the Chairman
of the Board of Governing Council of the NHRC have rights, privileges and
immunities of a High Court Judge, whether formal or informal. This is
expressly in accordance with the NHRC’s Amended Act, signed into law by
President Goodluck Jonathan on 26th day of February 2011. The new amended
Act confers on the Commission the powers of a High Court in its core areas
of jurisdiction such as summons, investigations of complaints, their
findings and actions. Funny enough, it is the NHRC that is legally
empowered to summon any Nigerian including the IGP, and not the other way
round. The express meaning of the new “high court” powers of the NHRC is
that if any Nigerian including the IGP, whether acting or substantive,
feels aggrieved by the Commission’s summons, investigations, findings and
actions, he or she deserves a right under the law to go to the Court of
Appeal to challenge them, and certainly, not a high court. When clearly
compared with the summoning powers of the Police, which are strictly
restricted to criminal matters, the former’s are superior to the latter’s.
The forgoing simply means that the NHRC is now in the same jurisdictional
league with the National Industrial Court, Election Tribunals and Judicial
Commissions of Enquiry. The question now is: can the NPF criminally summon
heads of the Election Tribunals, the National Industrial Courts and the
Judicial Commissions of Enquiry? The express answer to this question is
that the NPF is legally incompetent to do so.
Other than the powers of a High Court status of the NHRC, it is also
deified internationally in line with various international rights
instruments assented to by Nigeria. Reckless conducts by State security
establishments such as the one under discussion, brought about the
establishment of State Human Rights Commissions by the member-states of
the UNO, after the 1990s’ plan of action on human rights so as, among
other things, narrow the gap between the independent rights NGOs and the
State, which perpetually sees rights issues and their campaigners as a
threat and coupist As crude and homicidal as the Sani Mohammed Abacha’ s
military regime was, it still created the present NHRC, though with  a
leprous decree in 1995. This is the same Commission (now with widened
responsibilities) that the supposedly democratic Nigeria Police Force is
bent on defiling with utter impunity. Also, Dr. Chidi Odinkalu is an
appointee of the Presidency with a tenure, whose appointment was duly
confirmed by the Nigeria’s Senate. If the NHRC Boss is credibly seen as a
threat to national security or grievous violator of the law, which he is
not presently, the NHRC Amended Act of the Federation 2011 empowers the
President and the Senate, and not the NPF to handle same legally.  In the
event of sanction or removal from office for possible gross misconduct,
the Amended NHRC Act empowers the President to request for the removal of
the NHRC Boss from the Senate, which, in turn, will effect his or her
removal via a simple majority vote. The best the NPF top headship could
do, under the law and present circumstance, is to report him to his
appointing authority, the President, with incontrovertible pieces of
evidence pertaining to his or her alleged gross misconduct. By virtue of
the said Act, the NHRC Boss takes no directives from any government agency
including the President, except where he or she engages in gross
misconduct.  It is obvious that the top leadership of the NPF is crudely
ignorant of these basic legal provisions that prompted it to act
professionally illiterately. The Force, therefore, acted irresponsibly,
abashedly, absurdly, abusively, recklessly and shamelessly.
Furthermore, what the NHRC Boss has said is less than 0.1 percent of the
current realities with respect to police corruptive and homicidal
activities in Nigeria. Apart from the “Criminal Force” Report of 2010 by
NOPRIN & OSIWA, from which the NHRC Boss derived his assertion, there are
other newer and older similar reports by leading and respected local and
international rights groups such as the Intersociety’s twin reports of
December 2011(Police Corruption As Human Rights (roadblock extortion &
related issues) & How 54,000 Nigerians Died Outside The Law Since 1999).
There are also others like: “Killing At Will (AI-UK)”, “Rest in
Pieces”(HRW-USA), “Everyone’s in the Game”(HRW-USA) and the Nigeria’s
State of Human Rights Report of 2009 by the US Department of State, etc,
all documenting heinous homicidal activities of the NPF as well as other
police-bred killings in Nigeria since 1999.
Therefore, the criminal invitation extended to the immunity-bearing NHRC
Boss by the NPF is criminally, harmfully and homicidally intended. The
sheer ignorance of the law of the land in this respect, by the top
leadership of the NPF led by Mohammed Dikko Abubakar, is also shocking and
saddening. Instead of this clear witch-hunting of an innocent and
conscientious top public citizen by the NPF, the clarification
invitations, not criminal summons, should be holistically extended to the
leaderships of the Access to Justice, CLEEN Foundation, International
Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law, Network on Police Reforms
in Nigeria & Open Society Institute for West Africa & its founder (George
Soros); Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Madam Hillary
Clinton & her US Department of State as well as members of the NBA who
have instituted civil  cases seeking for compensatory justice over the
extra judicial activities including unlawful  killings of their clients’
relatives by the personnel of the NPF, being some of the respected bodies
that have documented and issued various reports of police atrocities in
Nigeria, if the Force is truly desirous of unearthing the alleged
unjustifiable homicidal activities of its personnel including pretrial
We, hereby, call on the President & Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
and Chairman, Nigeria Police Council, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, to direct the
Secretary to the Federal Government to conclusively and satisfactorily
investigate this height of abuse of office and professional misconduct by
the top leadership of the NPF, with a view to sanctioning those involved,
apologizing to the NHRC Boss, saving his dear life, effectively protecting
his revered office and saving the Federal Republic of Nigeria of this
unpardonable embarrassment and more to come. The Acting IGP and his
personnel must be stopped by the President from further harassing and
intimidating the respected NHRC Boss. Mr. Mohammed Dikko Abubakar’s
confirmation as the Nigeria’s substantive IGP should be tied to his
culpability or otherwise in this horrible national and international
embarrassment of the Government and Great People of the Federal Republic
of Nigeria.
While commending the NHRC Boss, Dr. Chidi Odinkalu, for his courage and
sagacity, we wish to call on other reputable civil society organizations
local and internationally to rise in fierce defense of the NHRC and its
boss by ensuring that its independent status and activities are not
stifled by any State coercive agencies particularly the NPF. Efforts must
also be ensured and intensified to ensure that Dr. Chidi Odinkalu does not
go the way of other irreplaceable social engineers in Nigeria, felled by
State bullets and killer-gas substances such as Alhaja Kudiratu Abiola.
Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chairman, Board of Trustees
+234(0) 80333601078, +234(0) 8180103912,
Comrade Justus Ijeoma, Head, Publicity Desk
+234(0) 8037114869

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Joseph Aku)
Governor Peter Obi of Anambra state recently handed over some elementary and secondary schools to their original owners: principally the Catholic and Anglican missions. The citizens and well-wishers of Anambra State cannot thank the governor enough for this. It is just like delivering Anambrarians from a demonic bondage to which we had been subjected to since the post war forceful take-over of the schools by the military regimes on the premise that religion breeds religious politics and would create unfavourable structural divisions in the country.
It must be noted that the ban of religious doctrines in schools affected morality. The consequences are debasement of morals and disciplines in Christian schools. Thus, favorable environment was created by politicians and businessmen in their quest for wealth, and their insensible display of this ill-gotten wealth. Hence, all sorts of crimes, ranging from fraud or 419 to armed robbery, kidnapping, prostitution, unbridled marital infidelities, proliferation of abortions, lack of respect for elders and for authorities, lack of reverence even for the clergy, ritual killings, political assassinations and even apathy to academic activities thrived.
All erupted like a volcanic explosion. Girls sell themselves to teachers and lecturers to pass their examinations, and boy's monetize their ways out, or terrorize their way through with cult formations. These are Christians from all the denominations, with no exception whatsoever. The dividends are low quality basic education and therefore low quality higher education for which many oversea institutions, to which we very much depend for scientific and technological advancement, now reject our certificates. There is therefore no sacrifice too great to make to reverse this abysmal state of affairs. Thus, Gov. Obi should be given undiluted kudos for handing over schools to missions.
However, one appreciates the apprehensions of some trade unionists in unfortunately opposing this well-meant development. Mission schools had never been good paymasters. Their guiding principal is principally profit. The fees are often astronomically high. We therefore would not expect that the mission schools should not make their own profit, but it should not be such as to disenfranchise children from Christian education, thus driving them back to private institutions where religion cannot safely be taught without facing antagonism from one denomination or the other. Thank God the state government is committed to checking such excesses by missions. Thank God also that government has accepted to pay the teachers in such mission schools.
One also would not like to see a situation where mothers teaching in these schools are not recognized as having dual divine responsibilities, one to the schools and the other to their homes.
The trade unionists should quietly and purposely discuss these issues with the government and the missions, rather than throwing up threats of strike as the first line of action. No doubt, much can be achieved through dialogue. Embarking on strike on this issue is a disservice to the educational, moral, and disciplinary wellbeing of our children as the leaders of tomorrow. Unions should please not rob us of this gem. It is not acceptable, and the missions must also think twice about the welfare of their employees to conform to modern norms and practices.
Joseph Aku, Ekwulobia, Anambra State

-Masterweb Reports
Everybody who knows the state of commercial airline business in Nigeria before the advent of ARIK Air Ltd would only but thank the owner, Mr. Arumeni  Ikhide for introducing what can rightly be described as an  innovation in air transport in Nigeria. Today, one can enter domestic flights in Nigeria with confidence that he is entering a brand new plane. I understand the company does not also joke with maintenance and that it is generally passionate about safety.
But somebody needs to tell him that air transport business is more of a service industry.  At the heart of the operations is the quality of service, otherwise, with all the new planes, it will be a white sepulchre that is externally attractive but rotten inside. Going by the quality of services Arik offers, I am afraid that is what it is turning into. The Managers of that company need to act urgently. People are complaining of lack of good services by the company.  Before you know it, the pent-up resentment will have great effect on the company. At that time, it will be too late!
I am a frequent flyer of Arik. At each time the quality of service keeps deteriorating.  One is bound to witness greatest lack of love for the company by those that work for it.  Clearly they are not interested in its growth and development. This is bad.  Part of the doctrine of dignity of labour is that one must love any work he does through which he eats and keeps the body moving. If you are a road sweeper, and you make daily living through that, you are expected to love the job.
On the 4th of April, 2012, I and some friends were supposed to travel by Arik to Lagos for the Service of Songs for the wife of the Managing Director of Fidelity Bank plc. The flight was to take-off at 4:50 pm. We had earlier given money to somebody to purchase the tickets for us. He did at NICON Hilton Hotel at Abuja. The first mischief was that they told him they did not have seat in their  Business Class, because one of us wanted to travel on that class. He bought economy class for all of us.
The guy was at the airport two hours before departure time only to be told half way that the counter had closed. He was almost stranded. We arrived at the Airport at exactly 3:35 pm. We thought all we needed was to collect our boarding passes, go into the departure hall and relax over some drinks. Behold, the guy had not checked us in. In fact, he told us how they refused to attend to then in preference to some passengers he suspected must have greased their palms.
My friends AND I was exasperated at how things had fallen apart in the country.  People complain of what our leader do, yet they do worst in their little positions. At last we decided to go beyond the counter and meet a higher, understanding officer. We were directed to one Mr. Ogaji Dabim, introduced as the Duty Manager.  Tactically, I asked him when boarding for that plane was supposed to end, he said at 3:10. I pointed it out to him that it was clearly written that boarding stops 30 minutes before departure and should have ended at 4:20 pm. He could not lie about this one because we ourselves were at the Airport at exactly 3:45.  When I made it clear to the guy that I will tell this story to the whole world, he became panicky.  One of us who was told at the point of purchase of ticket that there was no business class was upgraded at the airport, after he paid N13,000.  This was how he issued boarding passes to all of us, but before we finished all this, we missed the flight and did not travel again.
This was not the first time I witnessed such treatment from Arik. The pathetic thing about this is that when one had succeeded in the past, he would find out that many empty seats still remained in the plane.
What would easily be deduced for events at ARIK is that they have strong corrupt syndicate that specialises in selling half of the seats for flights only to say that the flight is fully booked. What they now do is to collect extra money from the back from people for their pockets and sell those tickets to them. At one occasion when I was desperate to travel, I had to pat extra N5,000 naira to make the trip.  They often end up not selling everything that once one entered the plane, one would be surprised at many empty seats in a supposedly fully booked flight.
The foregoing is not good for the owner of ARIK. We know how capital intensive airline business is. By introducing ARIK, the owner had done us good, He is providing for us what Nigerian Airways could not do. It will be bad if, due to poor management, he allows those who cannot buy plane tires to ruin his business.
Mr.  Charles Ugonna, Abuja

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Coming on the wake of the  revoking some of the road contracts in the state, including Ajalli-Ogboji-Agulu-Ezechukwu, road revoked from Brecco and re-awarded to Niger Cart.  Governor Obi had threatened to revoke more road contracts that are non-performing. Obi said this yesterday during the road inspection of ongoing road contracts at Ihialla and Nnewi axis of the state.
Obi expressed satisfaction with the on-going work at the sites, including Nnobi –Nnewi,Osungwo- Nkwo Okija,  Adazi-Oraukwu  and Ichi roads. He expressed satisfaction at the pace and quality of work. He said that though he was satisfied that the state had ordered Coring Machines with which the State would measure to ensure conformation with contract specifications.
Governor Obi who said that government did not owe any contractor, called on all communities where there projects are going on  to take charge and monitor their execution and report cases of failure on the part of the contractors to government. He explained that there is  dry season that the contractors must all live up to expectations and make maximum use of the period.
At the inspection of the Osungwo-Nkwo Okija road with some bridges, Obi expressed happiness that the road was 99% completed. He said that in the second phase of the road, it would be connected to Ogbaru areas. He explained that the decision to construct the road was to open up the area that has vast Agricultural potentials.
At the Ichi road, the Governor charged the contractor, Hammakopp Construction, to hasten work on the road so that the rainy season would not catch up with it.
At the Nnobi – Nnewi road, Obi explained that the deep excavation and big culvert being constructed was to take care of the heavy flooding that has remained its bane.
Speaking, the representative of the contractor, IDRC Company, Mr. Chaid said they were challenged to quicken action on the road because of  evident commitment of  Governor Obi to projects going on in the State and because he also paid them promptly.

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UMUAHIA - The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, (NSCDC) in Abia says it arrested 48 persons over alleged bunkering and vandalising of oil facilities between January 2010 to March 2012.
Abia Commandant NSCDC Nathaniel Ubong disclosed this in an interview with newsmen in Umuahia. Ubong said that the command also impounded 17 trucks and other equipment from the suspects during the same period.
The commandant, who was reviewing the activities of his command within the last two years, described the rate at which criminals vandalise oil facilities in Abia as disturbing.
He said the suspects were arrested in Abia South zone, especially in Ukwa-East, Ukwa-West and part of Aba North Local Government Areas.
“From all indications, youths of the affected areas have vowed not to down tools in these acts of bunkering and vandalism.
“Recently, we arraigned eight suspects on alleged involvement in the construction of illegal refineries, and they were all remanded in prison custody,’’ he said.
Ubong gave the assurance that the command would stop at nothing to flush-out criminals in the state. He called for closer collaboration with other security agencies in the task of stamping out vandals in the area.
“Collaboration with sister security agencies like the Police, Army and State Security Service will enable us form joint team because the vandals often operate with dangerous weapons.
“Forming joint team will enable us tackle oil vandals and ensure that crude oil exploration go unhindered because oil is the main stay of Nigeria economy. ’’
He also appealed to Abia government to ensure that only credible contractors were given contracts near oil locations, noting that some of the vandals had perpetrated the act under the guise of contractors