Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

 [ Masterweb Reports ] ..As Ohanaeze Holds It’s Election, A Call For All Igbos In The Diaspora & Home To Participate Directly or Indirectly: The Apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo will hold its General Elections between late November and December this year. The Amb Raph Uwechue regime is expected to hand over to a new Executive Committee by the end of January 2013. Uwechue's regime witnessed a flurry of activities such as the settlement of the Ezigbo issue in the Diaspora, the stronger political understanding between the South East and South South which paved the way for the emergence of Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, the detachment of Ohanaeze Ndigbo from the whims and caprices of political actors , the successful hosting of IGBO DAYS , the building of bridges of understanding with other power blocs and socio-cultural organisations in Nigeria such as AFENIFERE , AREWA AND SSPA, the contribution to the emergence of the SGF, the design of a modern secretariat for Ohanaeze Ndigbo and other visible and invisible achievements.
Like in all human activities there may have also been some areas he could have improved on such as the regularity of IMEOBI and General Assembly meetings . However National Executive meetings were regular and lively. Also the issue of the OHANAEZE FOUNDATION nearly created some sore notes but the facts and realities have been adumbrated and hopefully resolved. . Any other outstanding issues will expectedly be handled by the incoming Executive Committee.Ndigbo like to know and ask questions on how they are ruled or led and its part of our democratic culture which is of course a good attribute.

Some Igbos think that Goodluck Jonathan has not fulfilled his promises to Ndigbo considering the enormous support given to him by Ndigbo. This Author is challenging Goodluck Jonathan to prove those that hold this view wrong . Am from Umuahia and I know that moving from Umuahia to Enugu where I reside is a nightmare. The day International flight begin to land in Enugu is the day I will believe that Enugu Airport is international indeed.

Coming back to the Ohanaeze Ndigbo election, the critical issues the incoming National Executive will address include funding of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, state creation in the south east, ensuring that the federal governent include oil producing states of the south east, which now includes Anambra and even Enugu, in the Amnesty program( There is no reason why MASSOB ACTIVITSTS) should not also be considered for the AMNESTY PROGRAMME, federal presence in Igboland, a credible census in Nigeria, the 2015 political contest , the MASSOB QUESTION etc.

It is therefore imperative that only tested and patriotic Igbos are elected for various Ohanaeze positions in the oncoming election.

We shall keep You posted on the election and the possible candidates.

Chuks Ibegbu reports.

Chuks Ibegbu
A Chieftain of Ohanaeze Ndigbo & Writer On National And International Issues.

*Photo Caption - President-General Ohaneze Ndigbo, Ambassador Ralph Uwechue

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Intersociety's Submissions On Constitution Review: “Based on your Committee’s template for voting on key constitutional issues needing amendment or retention, we, the International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law wish to make the following submissions following your Committee’s template items: Yes, Section 8 of the Constitution should be amended to rob it of ambiguities inherent in the creation of more States. The processes should be devoid of parochialism and sectionalism, but predicated on demographical, geographical and geopolitical equity. Section 8(1)(c) that requires all the States in the country to approve the result of the referendum for the creation of new State(s) by simple majority supported by simple majority of their Houses of Assembly should be amended to include…..” [ Full Report Below ]
Ref: intersociety/NG/001/012/HOR/NA/ABJ/FRN

The Clerk/Secretary
House of Reps Constitution Review Committee
Honourable Victor Afam Ogene
Ogbaru Federal Constituency
Room 0.28, House of Reps New Building Extension
National Assembly Complex
FCT, Abuja, Nigeria

Dear Clerk/Secretary,

Our Submissions In Respect Of Your Committee’s Template & Related Issues

(Onitsha-Nigeria, November 12th 2012)-Based on your Committee’s template for voting on key constitutional issues needing amendment or retention, we, the International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law wish to make the following submissions following your Committee’s template items:

Yes, Section 8 of the Constitution should be amended to rob it of ambiguities inherent in the creation of more States. The processes should be devoid of parochialism and sectionalism, but predicated on demographical, geographical and geopolitical equity. Section 8(1)(c) that requires all the States in the country to approve the result of the referendum for the creation of new State(s) by simple majority supported by simple majority of their Houses of Assembly should be amended to include simple majority reflecting federal character principle.

1. Yes, six new States should be created to bring the total number of States in the country to 42. In creating the six new States, the Southeast geopolitical zone that presently has five States should be given two more States, while others apart from the Northwest zone that already has seven States, should be given one more State each.

2. Yes, the six geopolitical zones in the country should be constitutionally recognized for administrative and political purposes.

3. No, the six geopolitical zones should not be included in the Constitution as a tier of government because that will be utterly wasteful and expensive, except Nigeria adopts religionalism and abolishes statism.

4. Yes, indigene-ship of an area within Nigeria should be defined to include persons who have resided in an area for a continuous long period and should be entitled to accruing rights, duties and privileges.

5. Yes, the Chapter Two (Fundamental Objectives & Directive Principles of the State Policy) should be made justiciable akin to Chapter Four of the Constitution (Fundamental Human Rights) by expunging Section 6(6) (c).

6. Yes, the laying before the National Assembly of the annual budget estimates should be done at least three months before the end of a fiscal year. To this effect, Section 81 should be amended.

7. Yes, Section 121 should be amended in a like manner for a Governor to do same before his or her House of Assembly.

8. No, the State House of Assembly does not need any financial autonomy to be independently administered and assertive. That given to itself by the National Assembly was a fatal blunder and a mistake. Financial autonomy in Nigerian context means immunity for fiscal roguery.

10. Yes, if the 774 LGAs are to be granted full autonomy as an independent third tier of government in Nigeria, then Section 162(6) should be expunged to eliminate State/LGA Joint Account so as to ensure direct allocations to the LGAs from Federation Account.

11. Yes, only on condition that the LGAs’ autonomy is discarded and all the 774 LGAs removed from the Constitution and disqualified from receiving allocations from the Federation Account, then States should be allowed to create LGAs and assume their administrative and financial responsibilities.

12. Yes, the LGAs should be accorded the status of a third tier of government with designation of a residual legislative list for their independent legislative jurisdiction. If this is to be the case, then there should be equal number of LGAs for each of the six geopolitical zones. The present case whereby Southeast has 95 LGAs as against Northwest’s 186 is demographically, geographically and geo-politically criminal and grossly lopsided.

13. No, because the issue of un-elected LGA officials would be taken care of once the LGAs’ autonomy is ensured and the seizure of LGAs’ revenues will no longer arise.

14. Yes, there should be a defined tenure for chairmen/councilors of the LGAs akin to the tenures of presidents and governors.

15. Yes, some contents of the Exclusive Legislative List like prisons and railways should be duplicated into concurrent list.

16. Yes, let Section 197(1) (b) be amended to expunge the States Independent Electoral Commissions and replaced with Independent National Electoral Commission, which will conduct elections into the country’s approximately 14,483 elective offices at federal, State and LGA levels.

17. Yes, Section 315 (5) (a) of the Constitution should be amended to remove, not abolish the National Youth Service Corps Act, the Land Use Act, the Public Complaints Commission Act and the National Security Agencies Act from the Constitution. This will enhance their amendment processes by lowering stringencies inherent in their amendments owing to their direct attachment to the Constitution.

18. Yes, Section 308 should be amended to confer civil responsibility on serving presidents, their deputies, governors and their deputies. For criminal aspect, indictment clause following credible and conclusive criminal investigations should be incorporated and entrenched in the Constitution with indictment bodies clearly mentioned. Once such indictment is certified judicially, impeachment follows and arrest and prosecution commence immediately after the impeachment.

19. No, instead, Section 215 (4) that requires the Commissioner of Police under a governor’s directive to request or refer such directive to the president or minister for approval, and Section 215(5) which forbids such development from being inquired in a court of law, should be expunged, and replaced with a provision empowering the governor and the House of Assembly to remove any disloyal or incompetent commissioner of police by way of two-thirds votes and executive proclamation. Once such legislative approval is obtained and proclamation made, such CP stands removed and posted out of the State, to be sanctioned further by the PSC.

20. No, instead, a provision should be inserted in the Constitution for the rotation of the office of the president among the six geopolitical zones, not between North and South.

21. Yes, our position in item 20 has answered this question.

22. Yes, it should be filled both on merit and by zoning. Every geopolitical zone has eminently qualified sons and daughters to govern Nigeria and no zone is born to rule.

23. Yes, Section 135 should be amended to provide for a single term of six years for the office of the president because it is the most controversial seat in Nigeria and its occupation has been very lopsided over the years.

24. Our position in item 23 has also answered this question.

25. Yes, the office of the governor should rotate among the State’s three Senatorial districts with a single tenure of six years.

26. Yes, office of the governor should be filled both on merit and by zoning because there is no Senatorial zone in Nigeria that is wholly peopled by morons and political buccaneers.

27. Yes, Section 221 should be amended to allow for independent candidacy in Nigerian elections.

28. Yes, in line with the international best practices, certain percentage of elective and appointive public offices should be reserved for women.

29. No, the current qualifying age for elective offices in Nigeria is in line with the international best practices.

30. Yes, there should be specific constitutional provisions to take care of the interests of persons with disability with the inception of mentally deformed in matters of elective and appointive public offices.

31. Yes, Section 77 (2) should be amended to allow Diaspora Nigerians voting rights to ensure demographic justice, provided it will not be used as an instrument of election rigging.

32. No, the existing bi-cameral legislature should be allowed but its individual and corporate fiscal allowances and overheads should be drastically trimmed down.

33. No, let Sections 4 & 5 on presidential system stay. But let them be clothed with local contents that are not repugnant to the international democratic standards such as fiscal prudence and minimized corruption or profligacy.

34. No, instead, Nigeria should implement the practice of Federalism that allows States more percentage of nationally accrued revenues than federal and local governments.

35. No, instead, the 13% derivation component of revenue should be extended to States with natural and non-natural resources, which generate revenues for the country.

36. No, the traditional rulers need not be made members or having representation at the National Council of State. They should be confined to their States and LGAs of origin.

37. No, the new amendment to the Constitution, setting time limit for the determination of election petitions should stay.

38. Yes, since such powers are no longer exercised by the President or Governor but by the National Assembly and the State House of Assembly with respect to modifying or amending existing laws under the transitional provisions of Section 315 (2) and the definition section related thereto, the relevant section should be expunged. The National Assembly and the State House of Assembly as new exercising powers should be constitutionally stated.

39. Yes, the Constitution should further be amended to address issues of electoral reforms including incorporation of salient provisions of the Uwais reports and times for conducting bye-elections and determination of electoral petitions into same.

40. Yes, the Constitutional provisions on judiciary should be amended to achieve reforms of judicial institutions and processes in order to ensure quicker dispensation of justice.

41. Yes, the Constitution should be amended to separate the office of the Accountant General of the Federation from the office of the Accountant General of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

42. Yes, the Constitution should be amended to separate the office of the Attorney General of the Federation from the office of the Attorney General of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

43. Yes, the Constitution should be amended to enable the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission to send proposals for revenue allocations directly to the National Assembly in order to avoid undue delays in preparation of the revenue allocation formulae.

44. Yes, Nigeria should have one police organization which shall be constituted in such manner as to give the State Governors reasonable control over the Commissioners of Police in charge of their States. The Governors’ disciplinary powers over their CPs should be exercised in conjunction with two-thirds votes of their State Assemblies so as to avoid abuse.

45. Yes, Nigeria should maintain the present police structure and system with some modifications as recommended above.

1. Section 12 (3) of the Constitution, which requires the ratification by a majority of the Houses of Assembly of States in matters of a bill for domestication of international treaty by the National Assembly before the president’s assent, should be expunged. This has substantially been responsible for the stagnancy of outstanding international treaties, which are yet to be domesticated years after they were signed and ratified by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Once the National Assembly passes a bill for the domestication of an international treaty and the president signs it, let it be binding on all authorities and persons in Nigeria.

2. A provision should be inserted into the Constitution conferring Nigeria’s courts of superior records powers to assume international jurisdiction in matters of special public interests (i.e. heinous rights abuse and economic crimes). A typical example of a country with this noble modern justice administration is the Republic of Belgium.

3. A new constitutional provision for the award of ex gratia compensations for victims of crimes including victims of inter-personal violence/crimes should be created.

4. Section 174(1)(c) of the Constitution and its sister section should be amended to make the powers of the Attorneys-General of the Federation and the States to  discontinue at any stage before judgment is delivered any such criminal proceedings instituted or undertaken by him or any other authority or person very stringent to exercise so as to further strengthen the public interest, the interest of justice and further forestall the abuse of legal process, in accordance with Section 174(3) of the Constitution.
5. The Constitution of Nigeria should be gender oriented and depart from traditional and archaic law language of he/him and adopt modern norm of he/she and the like.

Special Notice:
The attention of the National Assembly is also drawn to the existing anachronistic Acts of the Federation needing fundamental amendments. Many, if not most of these Acts have outlived their social usefulness to Nigeria and Nigerians, thereby begging to be upgraded to modern standards. Examples are Police Act, Prisons Act, Evidence Act, Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Act, Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Private Guards Act, Land Use Act, Companies & Allied Matters Act, to mention but very few.

For: Intersociety Nigeria

Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chairman, Board of Trustees
+234(0) 8033601078, +234(0) 8180103912,

Comrade Justus Ijeoma, Head, Publicity Desk

Submitted At The Public Forum On Constitution Review Organized By Honourable Victor Afam Ogene, Member, Representing The Ogbaru Federal Constituency, Held On Monday, November 12, 2012, At The Ogbaru LGA Secretariat, Atani, Ogbaru, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Note: Intersociety-Nigeria Headed The Steering Committee’s Secretariat.

*Photo Caption - Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Intersociety, 41, Miss Elems Street, Fegge, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - The Senator representing Anambra Central, Dr. Chris Ngige has commended Governor Obi for taking the South-East to a higher level and recalled that during his time as Governor, the South-East Governors Forum was not as strong and united as it was today under the leadership of Governor Obi. He said this at the meeting on Constitutional review at the Women Development Centre, Awka.
At the meeting, Stakeholders in Anambra State have agreed on aspects of the constitution to be amended. The Stakeholders agreed that more States, which at all times should be equal among the regions, should be created to redress the present imbalance in the six geo-political zones while the geo-political zones should be included in the constitution for administrative purposes.They also agreed indigeneship and residence status should be incorporated in the Constitution to enable people who have lived in a particular place for a long time to enjoy rights and privileges of the area including right to contest election.

The Stakeholders equally agreed that office of the President should rotate among the six political zones while the office of the Governor should rotate among the three senatorial zones.

They took their decisions through voice vote. The Stakeholders also constituted delegates to represent the State at the zonal stakeholders meeting on constitution review holding in Enugu on Thursday this week, selected from all interest groups in the State.

In his speech, Governor Obi said the meeting was for the State to take common stand on the issues of constitutional review and expressed satisfaction that the stakeholders agreed on issues raised.He explained that well tailored constitution anchored on equity, fairness and justice was fundamental in protecting the future of the country.

*Photo Caption - Dr. Chris Ngige

[-Masterweb Reports]
An article published in Sun Newspaper of November 8, 2012 titled “Woman boils two-year-old stepdaughter’s hands” has drawn tears in the eyes of The Holy Family Sisters of the Needy who need immediate information to enable them make contact with the abused child to render help (both medical and otherwise) to her.

Please contact The Holy Family Sisters of the Needy immediately with any enabling information. In the U.S., they can be reached at +1 3479814758 or +1 9734897448, in Nigeria at Nekede, Owerri, Imo State; and by email at


Below is a copy of the email that was sent to Masterweb News Desk by The Holy Family Sisters of the Needy -

We are The Holy Family Sisters of the Needy, a Roman Catholic Religious order founded in Owerri Archdiocese, in Imo State Nigeria. We are working in different part of the world which includes: The Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Nigeria, France, Italy, England, Sierra Leone, United States and so on.

-Taking care of under privilege ones.
-Care of Infants especially those infected with HIV/ AIDS and are abandoned. We live with these children in some of our communities designated for this apostolate. We provide them with the basic need such as health, education, food, clothing, shelter etc.
-We also care for the elderly men and women who have no one to take care of them.


Our main and specific apostolate is the care of unmarried pregnant teens that have been abandoned or disowned by their families. We provide them with accommodation, rehabilitating and with the necessary counseling and spiritual guidance. We also provide counseling for the sexually abused and those with post abortion trauma.

In the case of Esther, we would like to establish a contact with her parents or the caregiver So that we can arrange how to rescue her in this inhuman condition and difficulty as soon as possible. We beckon on people of good will who are touch by Esther’s situation to support us financially in the course of giving this child an optimum healthcare requires in restoring her two hands in Nigeria hospital or abroad. We accept any gift, no donation is little

Thanks for your cooperation and assistance
May God Bless you

Below is our contact

USA Contact
526 orange street
Newark NJ 07107
Phone: 3479814758 / 9734897448

Nigeria Contact
Holy Family Sisters of the Needy
P O Box 3967
Nekede, Owerri, Imo State.


*Follow the link below to read Sun’s “Woman boils two-year-old stepdaughter’s hands” article.
Here is the link:-

*Photo Caption - Abused Esther and abuser-stepmother Kehinde (insert) 

 -Masterweb Reports

The Anglican Bisho of the Diocese of Niger West, Rt Revd Prof Anthony Nkwoka has called on the people of Anambra State to remain prayerful to God to give the State a Governor that will be like Gov. Peter Obi when his tenure expires. He said this yesterday while receiving  a brand new 18-seater bus and 10 computers donated to Archbishop Patterson's Seminary,  Igbariam as well as the donation of 1 Million Naira for the provision of infrastructure to the school, yesterday.

He said he had followed the Governor's politics over the years and see in him essential godliness that is absent among Nigerian politicians. "Your Excellency, we admire your godly style of politics which made it possible for you to be here today to fulfill your promises to us. Given your engagements and commitments to the flood issues and national assignment, a typical Nigerian politician has gotten more than enough reason to waive us aside"' the bishop said.

The Bishop assured  that  the bus and computers will be deployed for the greater glory of God commended Obi for return of schools to the missionaries, saying : "by returning schools to the missions with sincere apologies and providing funds for their rehabilitation, you have left an indelible good legacy for generations unborn."

In his own remarks, the Governor said he would not relent in pursuing what is good for the society, such as education and called on the Church to always remember the State in prayers.

He assured of his commitment to partnership not just with the Church, but with other organizations that are genuinely committed to the good of the people.

In his reaction, the traditional ruler of Igbariam, Igwe Kelly Okaragwu who described Obi as a man of his words thanked him for his goodness to his Kingdom, referring to the massive infrastructure at the State University, construction of roads, among others.
*Photo Caption - Gov. Peter Obi presenting computers and a brand new bus to Archbishop Patterson's Seminary, Igbariam. On his left is the Anglican Bisho of the Diocese of Niger West, Rt Revd Prof Anthony Nkwoka.

 -Masterweb Reports

"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but not one of my words will be left unfulfilled." The word of God, as the ultimate illuminant, reveals Truth in its perfection. It reveals man and his weaknesses and insufficiency; then it reveals the old serpent and all his ways. Above all, it reveals the stand of God, the father and creator of all, in and regarding all things. It's the mind, passion, and desire of God that all men know Him in Spirit and in Truth, for then, He stands assured that man has been given all he needs to stand shoulder above all the whiles of the devil. But, wait! That very God of love has everything within Him to consume as with fire; this very God who's given all things freely to man keeps closest account like no other and is sure to demand from each of us what we have done with the grace He’s also freely given. Man must fear and honor God in the way he relates with his fellow...or ‘die!’ The days of divine accountability surely draw near and we must choose how to meet our maker: by the wings of the system of the world, or by the speed of His Spirit.

For us, Christians, the lives of those men and women of God who handed us their acts and the results of their faith through the Holy Bible are enough revelations to all that we are the generation St. Paul warned Brother Timothy against. And with the speed at which the word of God fulfills itself in our days, man has little or no time left to decide, let alone sitting on the fence. For those "men of God" in Nigeria whose "guiding spirits" draw even closer to baseness and vanity - causing them to choose flying on the wings of this world (at the expense of God's truths) rather than incubating for that Chariot of witness which crowned prophet Elijah's ministry, I have these to say:

1. The days of Paul's advice to Timothy is come upon us.
2. The clock of final separation ticks even faster.
3. God is all-knowing and there will be no hiding place to say, "it was not my idea; it was that of my flock which loves me and gave it to me as a gift.".

Although Jesus knew who it was in Judas Iscariot, He did not stop from letting him control the purse of the Master's ministry nor did He send him away empty; everyone has something to take from the presence of that Chief-corner-Stone. Evidently, my dear Lord allowed Judas for many purposes, amongst which are these:

1. He wouldn't let the devil stop Him from sharing his love to mankind; He wouldn't let His mind and mission stray.
2. He already knew who would betray Him and He already knew it was he who loves money and the false-safety it offers. He knew Judas would be made to say "yes" to the many yes of the world, as long as he was paid. And, in order not to let his ministry of the stomach and of betrayal permeate other disciples; He had to let him become the Central Bank Governor. Some would have wondered why He didn’t reject his discipleship outright; the answer is that He does not reject anyone except he who has rejected Him.

And, as for the betrayer, we all know his eventual destiny. What more can the Spirit reveal through "little me" which He's not made known to them in whose hands lay the lives of God’s many great flock? Yet, it's only to whosoever that has ear that the hearing will come.

Abraham left his father's house because the Lord bid him come; Jacob persevered for yet another 7 years in the house of his crooked uncle, Laban, because he knew his God and the promises He's made; Joseph rejected the enticing spirit of betrayal and death personified in Potiphar’s wife, because he had a better promise in keeping to the precepts handed to him by his father; Moses, on realizing himself, became aware that true wealth lies in the salvation of his people, God’s people, and he sold himself to that cause. What more can we say? Prophet Elijah became as a vagabond as he diligently followed the voice of his master...and he was rewarded with a far greater glory: he was taken to heaven, far beyond the horizon of man's telescope, let alone the transcending ability of speed-jets. Elisha was so fired-up, even deep down in his marrow that, when he died, even his bones still contained the fire of his spirit's presence. It was that same presence, revelation and consciousness which moved Brother Elijah (without any private jets) ahead of the weak Ahab and his chariot; that very Spirit moved Saint Philip suddenly away from the Ethiopian eunuch of great authority after he had revealed to him the scriptures and got him baptized. One thing we can boldly affirm of the Spirit of God is that He's equally able to be our flight as He is our peace. He's so able that it would be as lying against Him for any of His servants to claim that the sufficiency of God's kingdom lies in the help that the wisdom of this world can provide/substitute.

I longingly look up to that day when my spirit will catch enough fire and revelation so as to give that Sweet Spirit the room He deserves in me to be both my jet of this age and my chariot of fire. But, until then, one thing I should do is allowing God to reveal more of His love through me to those in Him, especially those whom He's entrusted to my care. But pushing them/suggesting to them by any body language to get me a jet while my flock gradually moves from lukewarm state to becoming "the devils of Christ" so as to keep up with the “ministerial pressure” of my mundane, baseless and vain preaching, these will keep my body, soul and spirit at the very limit where the jets of the rich of this world can go, and not farther. No! I seek that Chariot of fire! I look to experience that speed with which the angels come to our ministration. Those whose comfort and wealth in Zion have turned into “competing fathers” with the Father should always look at where they were hewn from because there's a limit to God's tolerance towards abominations in Zion. Let those who can still hear even the seeming “faint voice” of the Spirit stand and testify to His truths, even as He testifies before us before our father in heaven. Build the Church! Build your flock, for in building them are you expanding your share of glory which the Father will be much willing to crown you with on that day when you have learnt to depend on the speed of the Spirit rather than that of man.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu reports.

*Photo Caption - Bishop David Oyedepo in his private jet

 -Masterweb Reports

"Be fruitful and increase in number." These were the very words of Yahweh to man as recorded in the Holy book, the Bible. In every home where couples have waited for years but still could not have a child, even one child to their names, ridicule, shame, disappointment and many sorrows become the air around them: the man is ridiculed for seemingly not being "man enough” and his wife is often ashamed to walk in the market-square or even among her fellow married-women because, then, she'd become the topic of all gatherings and gossip. And even if people were scattered about the market or wherever she goes, her presence and passage would usually converge common disagreeing friends to a point where they could have a common interest as they try to figure out her “reasons for being barren." As for close friends, associates and relatives, disappointment dawns on them, not just because their loved ones who got married for years have not been blessed with the cry of a baby - even one baby; but also because as they look at the faces of these couples, they see a people who go about with pains which no man could heal - except God who spoke forth man. As for their parents, if they be still alive, sorrow of their children's childlessness suddenly makes them feel childless themselves. And so we have a close-society of ridiculed, ashamed, disappointed and sorrowful people. Oh! What blessing a child is! What joy we all feel when the blessed baby finally arrives! Thank you, Lord, for the grace of procreation. Nigeria, the blood is against you! The blood of my grandparents, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, in-laws, uncles, aunts, cousins and relatives happily, arrogantly and unrepentantly wasted in 30 steady months of shelling, butchering, murdering, torturing, dehumanization, humiliation, starvation and deprivation, speak against you to this date. What blindness could convince any otherwise?

The news going round for some time now, and even coming out from some northern political and religious notables, has been that the highhandedness of the Nigerian government under Olusegun Obasanjo, which led to the death of the leader of Boko Haram, Mohammed Yusuf, brought about the full-blown terrorist activities of the northern-Nigeria religious chauvinists against Ndigbo, Christians and the State. How highly a son is valued! Even if he were the most notorious in town, he'd still be "my beloved!" Hear me, all ye peoples! Boko Haram terrorist group, which has killed over 3000 people (65% of whom are arguably of the indigenous people of Biafra), according to the Nigerian Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Azubuike Ihejirika, has repeatedly been appeased financially, submitted to and, to a larger extent, adored by both the so-called “Nigerian government” and the political pillars of the northern Nigeria. The clear understanding here, then, is that the unlawful death of one man from the north of Nigeria brought about the brutal and unjust murder of over 3000 innocent Nigerians and the destruction of properties (of the State, companies, organizations, places of worship and of individuals) running into hundreds of billions of Naira. To cap this abomination of blatant and arrogant injustice from the Nigerian two-types-of-citizens government, enslaved by the "born-to-rules or destroy," hear The Northern Governors Forum (NSGF) on the murder of a northern ex General whose karma of his genocidal crimes sent home in pain, shame and anguish: " This is callous and one death “too many." Nigeria, the blood of your genocidal victims is against you and you will never prosper!

They easily waved it aside - the deaths - the gruesome murders committed against the sons and daughters of Ana-Igbo. They even thought it right, lawful and patriotic for us, Ndigbo, to have seemingly forgotten all about the deaths by starvation and bombs and rape and deprivation perpetrated against us by the abominable Gowon with his cabinet of murderers, some of whom ended up taking their own lives or being helped by the principle of euthanasia. Many of them who would evidently still exit via these means still wander about in the darkness of regrets and pride. What degradation! So, understanding this, one gets amazed, even amused at the look of wonder, surprise, confusion, and even ignorance on their guilty faces as they see the Spirit of Biafra stirring every single Biafran remnant to seek a redress. They, probably in their customary arrogant-foolishness, imagined that we, the Igbo, did not hopefully wait for the birth of each and every child they thoughtlessly snuffed life out from, nor did we celebrate their entrance into our homes. When they have succeeded in annihilation over three thousands of our "living," they went to their homes with loots and booties from the helpless innocents. But God is our help! Some even built places of worship with the blood of these innocents slain! They did these and still said: "God is for us, who can be against us?" Well, in the law of Jehovah whose son paid the final price for all with His Most-Precious blood, Nigeria and Nigerians, by happily killing the helpless, deprivedand unjustly treated Igbo children, in blatant and conscious opposition to Jesus' finished work which revealed Him as the Christ, the blood of these children remains against you. And in the slanted, unjust and lawless laws of the so-called "Federated Nigeria," if the northern leaders found justification for Boko Haram's killing of hundreds of my ‘brothers of blood and faith’ in retaliation for the death of one so-called "leader of a sect," and if both the Federal and State governments have continued to financially appease this very sect for the death of "one" man, then the unappeased blood of more than 3 million Igbo children murdered by the Nigerian government and by individuals who still move about all over Nigeria, holding several offices and bragging about how Nigeria owes them obeisance for these abominations done in her name, then the blood is against you. And this blood will reveal to Nigeria that there are only two types of blood that speak before God: that of Abel of vengeance and that of Jesus of Mercy and Salvation. To those who humble themselves and pray - confessing their sins, if they forsake them and turn to God and administer justice in the land, the blood of Jesus will stand in the gap, form a whole and heal every land so the peoples in them can genuinely prosper. But while men brag about not being their "brothers’ keepers," the blood of Abel will continue to speak against them. There remains only one remedy and one justice for Nigeria and the powers that hold unwilling people glued and spiraling towards a destructive destiny: A freed and Sovereign Republic of Biafra. Until then, the blood of vengeance and mercy will keep its stand against Nigeria and continue to speak against her until her remaining glory becomes her greatest burden and curse. Those who reject and oppose the chief corner-stone will forever live in offences and they will forever stumble. Yet Biafra IS and its sovereignty has come!

Ikechukwu Enyiagu reports.

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At last or at least it seems to appear, that balancing of the present geopolitical zones on basis of equity and fairness is one issue that Nigerians and their representatives at the National Assembly have come to agree.

A new Anioma State as the sixth State of South East geopolitical zone is being proposed and may well provide this master stroke. If it receives a favorable consideration, it is strongly being tossed as a Bride: “A Bride of Equity” that would bring to an end a history of imbalance and injustice, and provide the closure needed to foreclose the perception of marginalization.

“To be, or not to be: that is the question: 
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer 
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, 
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, 
And by opposing end them?”
…William Shakespeare.

The above Century old quote from William Shakespeare summarizes the predicament that Anioma People must confront as they approach the National Assembly Committee on the review of 1999 Constitution at Constituency level public hearing.

Anioma People without big players in Nigeria politics presently hold the ace that could provide this balancing act for the South-South and South East geopolitical zones. A new Anioma State with the right composition and location in the proper geopolitical zone will be the pride a nation of people and manifestation of the peoples’ ability to solve their problems by compromise and precision.

However, the dilemma is whether a People with the longest agitation for a state in the history of state creation will boggle this chance. As it stands today, if no consensus is reached on the communities that would constitute a new Anioma State, and its best geopolitical location; Anioma People may have to live with a self-inflicted injury in many years to come.

There are propositions that a new Anioma State that is partly different from what has long been pursued or historically proposed may emerge more viable. Reasons are that times have changed, and communities and social formations have evolved and are still evolving.

First there are more challenges and opportunities today than far back when Sir Dennis Osadebe and his folks first conceived the idea of a separate political jurisdiction to be known as Asaba Division in the old Western Region. This political jurisdiction with some modifications constitutes what is presently known as Anioma.

Anioma region and people have evolved from seeing themselves as or being classified as: Western Igbos, Midwestern Igbos, Bendel Igbos and Delta Igbos to seeing themselves simple as Anioma people. This new identity is supported by many factors the most potent being a new Anioma Nationalism fueled by social media communications.

To some people a little modification to the composition of communities that would constitute a new Anioma State or realignments both in terms of geographical composition and nomenclature may further promote and assure its future viability.

According to the above, a new viable Anioma state may be that which is created not only to provide succor to Anioma people’s historical demand for a state of their own, but that also takes into account the needs of its closest neighbors and the entire Nigeria nation.

This group advocates for a new Anioma State that is carved out from the present Delta State and that will provide a relief from the persistent tension between Anioma people and the Core Delta people in the present Delta State. This new Anioma will include the Igbankes and Egbedes presently in Edo State; the Ndoni people( Sir Peter Odili’s Community) that was originally part of Aboh Division but presently in Ogba-Egbema-Ndoni Local Government Area (LGA) Rivers State ; Onitasha people now presently in Anambra State but share historical and cultural links with other Onicha communities of Eze Chime Clan in Aniocha Local Government Area, in Anioma region of present Delta State; the Oguta people presently in Imo State but share historical root an culture with Aboh people.

To others, it is either an Anioma State as was conceived by our forefathers or nothing.

The pros and cons of these two positions must be fully communicated to Anioma people by each party making these propositions. In the coming state creation exercise Anioma people will resist to be left with the short end of the stick.

Echiemeze Chizekene Ofili reports.

Echiemeze Chizekene Ofili

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[Press Release] - Chief Obafemi Awolowo: The Political Moses is a story of a man who dedicated the entirety of his life in the service of humanity and the development of mankind.
27 years old Adedara Oduguwa launched his biographical book on Chief Obafemi Awolowo in front of well wishers and dignitaries on 1st of October 2012 at the university of West England.
He decided to write this book out of admiration for the man he considered the best president Nigeria never had. According to the author,the fact that Awolowo's contributions to the Nigeria outlives his existence is a sign of great leadership.
'The book is about how the struggles of one man contributed to the growth and development of mankind' says Adedara, whose other publications include Love nest in 2005, Chief Kofoworola Oduguwa: A miniature biography in 2010.
In recent month, the accusations against Chief Awolowo by Author Chinue Achebe from his newly published work has left many Nigerians infuriated and disappointed that the hope of a unified Nigeria is still under attack from some group of people.
'This book brings to light the true nature of the man that gave his life for the freedom of our nation. I was inspired to write this, first in 2004 after discovering that most physical developments in Nigeria were as a result of Awo’s efforts.'
Adedara is currently a post graduate student of Management at the University of the West of England and like many other humanists, Adedara’s political ideology is based on equity, justice, equal rights and happiness for all in every society.
Please find attached a copy of the press release questionnaire on the book from publisher and a photograph of Mr Adedara Oduguwa.
Below is a link to the book documentary -
Adedare Oduguwa
761, Filton Avenue,
Bristol, BS347JX,
United Kingdom.
Phone: 07404511735 
*Photo Caption - Chief Obafemi Awolowo

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Women are more than fifty percent of the world’s population. They
perform two-third of the world’s work, yet receive one-tenth of the
world’s income and own one-hundredth of the world’s property.  They
represent a staggering seventy percent of the world’s one billion
poorest people. This is a stack development reality for our world.

My country-Nigeria has the highest population of any African country.
With a population of over 162 million, Nigeria is ranked the world’s
seventh most populated country. Of this magnitude, forty-nine percent
are female; some 80.2 million girls and women. Comparatively,
thirty-eight percent of women in Nigeria lack formal education as
against twenty-five for men and only four percent of women have higher
education against the seven percent of their male counterpart. Nigeria
ranks 118 of 134 countries in the Gender Equality Index.

Commenting on the fore, it is apparent that no appreciable development
can be made either at the local, national or international platform
without recognising girls and women as equal players in the game of life
whilst empowering, up-skilling and investing in them for a better world.
“When we empower women, we empower communities, nations and entire human
family” un Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

We live in a world where majority of girls and women face real-time
poverty, gross inequality, molestation and injustice, which could run
through from birth to death. From poor education to poor nutrition to
violence and brutalization to vulnerable and low pay employment, the
sequence of discrimination and atrocities a woman may suffer during her
entire life is unacceptable but all too common in our global society.

In her assessment of gender inequality, Nigerian Ambassador to the UN,
Joy Ogwu, rightly noted, “It is about having half of humanity
participate. The progress of women means…the progress of the world”.

Undoubtedly, Nigeria and the World at large has in the last decade
witnessed an unprecedented expansion of women’s rights, being one of the
most profound social revolutions the world has ever seen. Couple of
decades back, only two countries allowed women to vote. Today, that
right is virtually universal. Millions of men and women around the world
now support the call for gender equality although there is much to be
done especially in developing countries like Nigeria.

Reviewing the UK Department for International Development (DFID), 2012
Gender Report in Nigeria, “Nigeria’s 80.2 million women and girls have
significantly worse life chances than men and also their sisters in
comparable societies”. This reveals the neglect of the Nigerian people
and government in tackling the issue of gender inequality despite calls
from various quarters.  It also brings to bare our frail understanding
of preparing the girl child for tomorrow’s motherhood, family and
societal challenges.

The report which succinctly stated that “Women are Nigeria’s hidden
resource”, exposed that over 1.5 million Nigeria children aged
6-14(8.1%) are currently not in school, a situation which has
effortlessly earned Nigeria the world’s largest out of school children
country-an unfortunate achievement of a robust nation. “In eight
Northern States, over 80% of women are unable to read (compared with 54%
for men). In Jigawa State, 94% of women (42% of men) are illiterate”.
Apparently, we have failed to realize that just a few investments have
as large a payoff as girls’ education.

Some traceable factors to this ill-starred development include lack of
funds resulting from wide-spread poverty, traditional and religious
inclination which place low priority on educating the girl child,
non-provision of educational facilities by government, poor funding of
the educational sector, weak educational policies, early marriage, early
childbirth, poor sanitation, ignorance amongst others.

“Nigeria has one of the lowest rates of female entrepreneurship in
sub-Saharan Africa. The majority of women are concentrated in casual,
low-skilled, low paid informal sector employment. Only 15% of women have
a bank account”. Educating and empowering the girl child implies
preparing her for future motherhood challenges that will in the nearest
future affect a family and the larger society either positively or

The huge geographical and ideological disparities of Nigeria, makes her
a unique country with though global yet slightly peculiar challenges and
opportunities, even as it relates to gender inequality. Human
development outcomes for girls and women are worse in the northern part
of the country where poverty levels are sometimes twice as high as in
the south. Nearly half of all children under age five are malnourished
in the North-East, with the figures expected to increase across the
country in the wake of national and international food crises.

On maternal mortality, the 2012 DFID Gender Report in Nigeria noted that
Nigeria has one of the highest rate of maternal mortality in the world,
a case where in every ten minutes, one Nigerian women dies in
childbirth. With about forty-seven percent of Nigerian women being
mothers before the age of twenty, the report cautioned that without
access to safe childbirth services, adequate and affordable emergency
obstetric care, improved healthcare funding, enormous political will and
civil society pressure, Nigeria’s maternal mortality rate could double
from its current 545 deaths per 100,000 live births. Note, “Every 90
seconds of every day, a woman dies in pregnancy or childbirth”, world

“Women around the world are dynamic leaders and powerful advocates of
change. But space for their leadership and broader social and political
participation remains constrained. By mid-2011, only 28 countries could
claim that women’s parliamentary representation had reached a critical
mass of 30 percent or more. Only 19 women were leading their countries
as elected heads of state or government”.

In Nigeria, only 25 out of the 360 members of the Nigerian House of
Representatives being women and only about 4% of local government
councillors are women, confirming that “women are under-represented in
all political decision making bodies and their representation has not
increased since the inception of democratic rule”.  This could perhaps
be an explanation for Nigeria’s low investment in sections that are
crucial to human development outcomes such as health and education.

It is pertinent to note that the quality of our democracy, the strength
of our economies, the health of our societies and the sustainability of
peace —are all undermined when we fail to fully tap half of the world’s
talent and potential. Where women have access to secondary education,
good jobs, land and other assets, national growth and stability are
enhanced, and we see lower maternal mortality, improved child nutrition,
greater food security, and less risk of HIV and AIDS.

In a society like ours, violence against women and girls cannot be
ignored though it is being ignored. “One in three of all women and girls
aged 15-24 have been a victim of violence. Women who have never married
are more likely to have been attacked than married women. Up to one
third of Nigerian women report that they have been subjected to some
form of violence. One in five has experienced physical violence”.

Rape, sexual insult and assault, brutalization and molestation, domestic
violence on girls and women have in recent time upsurge in Nigeria, with
victims feeling embarrassed to report such incidence to the right
agencies for justice. However, kudos must be given to some individuals,
civil society and media organisations that have continually been
campaigning against violence on the female folk, though, there is more
to be done noting that women and girls pay an unjustifiable price for
violence and discrimination, but they do not do so alone.

The United Nation Women says “Ending violence against women requires
know-how”. The know-how of judicial and health processes. In her words,
Karen Valero, Colombia said “I dream of a world where women are free
from domestic violence…Everyone is equal. We have the same rights in
every way”

Curbing and stopping violence against women requires the creation and
passage of laws regarding such violence, adopting action plans and
budgets to implement legislation, instituting prevention programmes and
protection services for women survivors, and campaigning to raise
awareness whilst instilling sound moral and religious instructions in
the girl-child towards a chaste and modest future.

Achieving gender equality and women’s rights in Nigeria and the world at
large is crucial to establishing and sustaining developments as
specifically addressed by three Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
Gender inequality has a much greater impact than the explicit MDGs.
Gender dynamics underpin all of the MDGs and to make progress, we need
specific gender-sensitive policies and action across the entire project.

In promoting women’s livelihood, the 2012 DFID Gender Report in Nigeria,
recommends that “Government policy should prioritise agriculture and
rural development, because 54 million of Nigeria’s 80.2 million women
live and work in rural areas where they constitute 60-70% of the rural
work force”. It also advocates the formulation and implementation of
laws that will assist the female gender in actualising her mandate.

On education, the report advised the creation of incentives for all
girls to complete primary and secondary education, whilst delivering
free education to girls and better funding for the educational sector
both at the state and national levels. 

This fight for gender equality can only be successful with YOU and I
playing our individual yet concerted roles towards successful women’s
leadership; strengthening women’s economic empowerment; ending violence
against women; promoting women’s participation in peace and security
processes; and ensuring that public planning and budgeting responds to
the needs and rights of women. Together-we can make it happen!

According to the Executive Director, UN Women, Michelle Bachelet,
“Gender equality must become a lived reality”.

At this juncture, let me drop my pen in recognition and appreciation of
all female: girls and women across the globe, who despite societal
inequality and discrimination have just like my mother and sisters
continued to grow in leaps and bounds…I love, respect and cherish you
all. PEACE!

Tayo Elegbede Jet reports.

*Photo Caption - Woman & man images against their standard gender symbols.