Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Governor Peter Obi yesterday donated three Coaster buses to Anambra State University, Uli; Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka; and University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He said the gesture was part of the policy of his Governemnt to support the provision of infrastructure in our various schools of learning in other to serve our people better. He noted that apart from Anambra State University owned by the State, the other two have Anambra as their catchment areas and as such serve the people of Anambra State.
Speaking further, Obi, who lamented the fallen standard of education, appealed to students to take their studies seriously in other to be useful to themselves and to the State. Condemning the prevalence of cultism, he said that anybody intent on being successful in life must avoid such organisations and shun all manner of societal vices.

Obi who is presentlty touring all secondary schools in the State with grant of 20 Million Naira to each of them for their rehabilitation, called on wealthy individuals and corporate organisations to support the efforts of the Government in revamping the education sector.

Speaking on behalf of the recipients of the buses, Prof. Boniface Egboka, the Vice Chancellor of Nnamdi Azikiwe University thanked Obi for the gesture, recalling that he had made such interventions a routine affair. He thanked him for the attention he pays to education and for the resources he is committing into the sector.

While Prof. Boniface Egboka received the bus for UNIZI, Prof. Fidelis Okafor received for Anambra State University and Prof. Anene Muoneke for UNN.

*Photo Caption - Left to Right: Prof. Boniface Egboka, Prof. Anene Muoneke , Gov. Peter Obi &  Prof. Fidelis Okafor (Donated buses in the background).

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - The First batch of NSCDC Armed Squad trained by Nigerian Army 14 Bridged Ohafia passed out on 30th November, 2012 with 150 graduates. The passing out ceremony attracted dignitaries from all works of lives across Nigeria, and there was live display by the graduating students on stripling and assembling of weapon blindfolded and timed.
Speaking at the passing out ceremony, the Commander, 14 Brigade, represented by Col. J.Y. Nimmyel disclosed that the leadership of the NSCDC had requested for the training in view of the growing sophistication of criminals in the country as well as the security challenges facing the nation.

He further stated that the one month intensive training exposed the graduating students on weapon handling and maintenance of personal weapons such as; Ak47, FN, G3, Pistol, and that they were equally taken to Igurita Shooting range located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State were they carried out live firing.

Col. J.Y. Nimmyel who commended the trainees for their high level of disciplined and dutiful throughout the period of their training urged them to keep faith with the lessons learnt during the training.

The Governor of Abia State Chief Dr. T.A.Orji, represented by Comdt. Nathaniel Ubong charged the beneficiaries on the need to ensure proper use of their weapons in the course of their duty. The Governor promised to continue his generosity on NSCDC and other security agencies. 

In closing remark, the new commandant of NSCDC Abia State Command, Comdt. Ben Dikuro commended the Nigerian Army for training personnel of NSCDC, and charged the graduating students to use the skills acquired to curtail the security challenges threatening the corporate existence of the country, he further explained that the training of personnel of the NSCDC in weapon handling was within the scope of the appropriate laws establishing the agency and promised the public that his personnel will make positive use of the training towards actualising the objectives of the Federal Government.

*Photo Caption - NSCDC graduates pose for photo

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*Photo Caption – A man reading news on a cell phone

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Boko Haram, How are you. I know you are listening because very many in your ranks are highly educated and intelligent. I mean the Pro-Sharia Boko Haram and the Al-Qaeda Boko Haram. The PDP Boko Haram will wait for another day. I am constrained to speak to you as a Nigerian, from the South East, a Christian and Clergy.
Every problem on this earth is resolvable if the parties are ready to be reasonable and your grievances cannot be an exception. The wastage of lives occasioned by the Nigerian civil war would have been avoided if reason was preferred to conflicts. Nigeria is still suffering the consequences of that bloodshed till today. I know that you originated as a peaceful sect, practicing your religious ideology in relative peace and obscurity.
I know that your frustrations with the system then were ideological- you abhor western education and its effect on the tenets of Islam. Your frustration was that your elites were using the benefits of western education to perpetually turn the rest of your people into slaves. I know that it was a former governor who lured you out of your peaceful co-existence, armed you and used you to subdue his political opponents. This governor promised you incorporation in his government and armed you to fight political battles. This same man used you to checkmate the ruling party and abandoned you after you secured electoral victory for him. Out of anger and bitterness you decided to react against the state and later the security apparatus and innocent people.
Boko Haram , you have killed enough. The whole world has heard your grievances-that western education is sin, but they do not know how you came about the conclusions. The level of poverty, disease, illiteracy and underdevelopment in the north was your initial reason for accusing your leaders of using the privileges of western education to oppress the rest. Therefore you formed the erroneous impression that once a section of the north is Islamized every socio-economic problem would be over.
Boko Haram, I would like you to know that western education is not evil . The rapid development of the southern parts of the country is due to the embrace the people gave to western education and ideals. The underdevelopment of your region is because your elites used the benefits and privileges of western education to exploit and oppress your people. Countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran, Malaysia., Turkey, and Egypt among numerous others are Muslim nations who converted the benefits of western education to high standards of living. Therefore if it failed in the north of Nigeria then the problem is not western education but your elites. Your northern elites control the oil industry, oil block industry and bunkering industry in Nigeria. This industry nets above $10 billion dollars annually yet they cannot invest their lion share on your people.
Your problem is not the defenseless Christian, neither is your problem the Southerner. Your problem is equally not fellow Muslim who is yet to accept the extremism of your beliefs. Boko Haram, you are fighting the wrong battle. You are not fighting those responsible for your problem. You are fighting innocent Nigerians already under the yoke of poverty, diseases, insecurity and hopelessness. Boko Haram, spare the Nigerian masses the bombings, killings and atrocities.
Drums of war are already beating. Ethnic nationalities are already gearing for confrontations if the situation persists. MEND, MASSOB, OPC and even Christian Association of Nigeria are eagerly awaiting the reactions of the government of the day before they decide on the next line of actions in consultations with their ethnic leaders. They are no more willing to allow their people or religious faithful to be slaughtered under any excuse. In the event of full blown confrontation you cannot predict the outcome and you cannot predict the extent of damage. I have been in touch with different groups restless at the developing mayhem and nobody is smiling. If the killings do not stop, people will bypass this Federal Government and take actions to protect their people. Nobody has monopoly of arms and even I will not hesitate to carry arms to defend my own people.
Christians and Southerners have refused to engage in reprisal attacks in order not to follow a mad man to dance naked on the streets. However strategies for counter attacks have been drawn and when it starts even the most indifferent will be forced to participate.
Boko Haram, are you still sure that Allah asked you to kill innocent people. The leader of the Islamic community in Nigeria, Sultan Abubakar Saad has already denounced your excesses as unislamic. The Emir of Kano, Ado Bayero wept at the atrocities you committed in Kano. The Muslim Ulamas have denounced your excesses as anti-Quran. Your battles have lost both followership and focus. Everybody is now your enemy, Christian, Southerner and Conservative Muslim. You now kill anybody, including children even in the market places.
Boko Haram, just as I predicted in earlier piece 'Nigerian Politicians, Thuggery and Boko Haram', you have now veered into armed robbery as means of executing Jihad. Soon kidnapping and pipeline vandalizations will follow. These are the consequences of uncontrolled arms in the hand of unregimented people. These are not the ideals of Alhaji Yusuf., your late leader. You now discriminate between Kogi Boko Haram, Kanuri Boko Haram and Hausa Fulani Boko Haram. The discrimination you once condemned as the Nigerian problem has crept into your organization.
Boko Haram, I want to tell you that your leaders will soon be betrayed by your PDP sponsors. Once President Goodluck makes some political concessions to these PDP party men, they will sell you and reveal all your hiding places and you will be left alone. They were never interested in your Shari a, they just used you to checkmate President Goodluck. The best time to call off all these hostilities is now.
I therefore advise you to accept the federal government olive branch before it is too late. Appoint opinion leaders from the north who will seek peace with the Nigerian State on your behalf. Let their demands include;
(1) Amnesty after proper reorientation and psychological reconstruction of your detained members to avoid future acts inimical to the Nigerian State.
(2) Assisting your members with vocational and professional trainings so that they can be useful to the society
(3) Massive investment in education and literacy in the north by a three tier collaborative efforts of federal, state and local governments in the affected states.
(4) Trial of former public office holders in your region especially who embezzled funds meant for the development of the region and retrieving of the stolen funds for the development of the region.
(5) Entrenchment of proper electoral integrity to ensure that politicians in your region do not hoist unpopular candidates on the masses.
On your part you have to accept a cessation of all violent activities and liaise with sincere northern leaders to draw a roadmap for the rapid development of the region. A word is enough for the wise.
Obinna ) reports.
*Photo CaptionPeople watch damaged cars in front of St. Theresa Catholic Church. The church buildings were also damaged by the 2011 Xmas bomb blasts by Boko Haram. - CLICK FOR ENLARGED PHOTO.

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – “Clever people are not credited with their follies: what a deprivation of human rights!” — Friedrich Nietzsche. Hate him or love him, chief Awolowo is a figure to be reckoned with in Nigerian politics in general, and in his fiefdom, the south west, in particular. And it’s going to be like that for a very, very long time to come. If you’re in the south west, you don’t mess with Awo. If in doubt, ask the immediate past governor of Lagos state, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. For many people from the south west of Nigeria, saying that Awolowo might possibly have done ANYTHING wrong is like telling Muslims and Christians that their founders might have done anything wrong. Awo, as he’s fondly called, entered the Yoruba pantheon long before he breathed his last. I mean a man whom thousands, if not millions believed to have seen in the moon is nothing less than a god. Again, that’s going to remain like that for a very long time—I would even say as long as children believe that Santa is the one who sends them their xmas gifts! Yes, for the many, the man fondly called Awo is the one who made the impossible possible, literally: think of sound economic policies, free education, free healthcare, ethnic pride, and generally la joie de vivre associated with the man we’ve all come to recognize as the sage. For the more mature mind, all these qualities have crystallized into Awoism, and they proudly call themselves awoists. In the brief history of Nigeria, the only other person that has come close to receiving something remotely like the reverence Awo receives is Buhari…
No progressive in Nigeria, and most of Africa, can afford to take the name of Awo, or awoism, in vain. But what is awoism?

It’s a tragedy that our histories aren’t taught in our schools. There’s no other way to put it! Every educated Nigerian should know everything that is humanly possible to know about our founding fathers, most notably Ahmadu Bello, Nnamdi Azikiwe, and Obafemi Awolowo. It is in studying these figures that we could understand how our country was founded, what each contributed in making it big, small or mediocre, and learn from them. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Reading, in general, sounds like a bad word in Nigeria. Reading our History fares even worse! Let me say that we can never develop as a country unless we find out who we are. And the only way to do that is to study our history, especially our pre-colonial history. But I digress a little.

Awolowo’s name was so dominant in Nigeria that as I grew up, I read what the man himself said and what other said of him. I believed the man more than I believed his commentators and his critics. And so I’ve always associated Awolowo with progress and progress with awoism. Awoism is something roughly close to what we know today as liberalism, a philosophy articulated by the British philosopher John Locke. That philosophy is the foundation of what we know today as liberal democracy, practiced mostly in the western part of our globe, albeit with a few variations. Among his public contemporaries, Awo was the one who articulated that philosophy most brilliantly. He not only articulated it, he also practiced it when he had the opportunity. So, to give credit to whom it is due, we call our Nigerian version of that philosophy Awoism. The state Awo ran had a slightly higher standard of living than most western democracies. (It’s an irony of fate that some of these Western powers suspected awoism to be a version of communism).

Going by his writings and his parties’ manifestos, Awo wanted to enthrone a progressive welfare state. An awoist state would be one in which people are truly free in body, mind and spirit, the people freely choose their leaders, everybody goes to school for free and to the highest level of her/his natural ability, a living-wage-paying-job would not be a privilege but a right of every citizen and those unable to work, (for genuine reasons), would have their basic needs met by the state, there would be no capital punishment in such a state. In short, Awolowo wanted to enthrone a very progressive state in which there would be no destitution—material and spiritual. He was able to put some of those policies into practice as premier of the Western Region. I believe that is responsible for his pervasive popularity in the region. And, indeed, he was bent on doing same for all the country. He was so convinced of that, and for good reasons one must add, that he was willing to take over power via a military coup, and this was the reason he was tried and sentenced to jail for treason. In other words, he made a very personal sacrifice for the good of humanity as he understood it.

Awo not only had the idea, he also knew how to actualize and sustain it. Consequently, he was a suave administrator. His administrative prowess is yet to be surpassed in Nigeria on any large scale. Again, Buhari and Idiagbon got slightly close… Awolowo’s progressive ideas are still valid for Nigeria. In fact, given that Nigeria today is held hostage by a clique of organized crooks running a very efficient kleptocracy, those ideas have what Dr. Martin Luther King called the ‘fierce urgency of now.’

So far so good; very good indeed.

But then we get to a point where we need to ask if Awo didn’t deviate from his lofty ideals. And this has been a bone of contention between those who consider themselves Yoruba and Igbo. For me it happened long before the present controversy following Chinua Achebe’s latest book (more on that shortly). It happened when I listened to Awo in his own voice, speaking when he was 74 and campaigning to be ‘Nigerian’ president. The tape was posted on an internet portal (with transcripts), immediately after the death of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. In that town hall style campaign, Awo owned up to the ‘starvation as a weapon of war’ policy even though Gowon—in whose government he served—has always denied it. He also referred to the ‘secessionists’ as his enemies, and added that he doesn’t see why he should be feeding his enemies for them to be fighting harder. Those words were very revealing. Ever since then, I’ve been asking myself if it was the Awo I knew, the one about whom I wrote that it was a tragedy that he was not the president of Nigeria, or another Awo? It has been very troubling: is it possible—who would believe it!—that Awo wasn’t really an Awoist? I didn’t need Achebe’s latest book to know it’s a huge problem. For me it’s really straightforward: If Awo was a progressive whose main aim was to wipe out destitution, how come he was celebrating destitution by refusing to allow international donor agencies to take food and relief materials to those in need? Let us remember that even though Biafra lost the military combat, she won the propaganda war. Millions of people were demonstrating all over the world in solidarity with the suffering masses of Biafra. Steve Jobs renounced his Christianity to protest the ignominious part that supposedly Christian countries like Britain were playing in the conflict, and one American student set himself on fire in protest. Mr. Bruce Mayrock was a 20 year-old a part-time student of Columbia University who went outside the United Nations Headquarters with a sign that read: “you must stop genocide - please save nine million Biafrans.” With that he set himself on fire and later died of the burns he sustained therefrom.

Compassion, anthropologists tell us, is the first sign of civilization among homo sapiens. Awoism is worth nothing if it’s reactionary or supports destitution instead of being proactively humane. Unfortunately, that was what it was at that crucial point in our nation’s history. True, Awo didn’t cause the starvation in the east. But he sadistically feasted on it and did everything in his power to prolong it, advancing ludicrous arguments for doing so. An Awoist would be keenly interested in saving people’s lives first and foremost. You can blame them later, but do all in your power to save their lives first. This is one of the reasons why an Awoist would never support the death penalty. On this score, Awolowo failed lamentably. That is why the “Starvation as a weapon of war” policy is as championed by Awo is simply tragic! How about inspecting all relief materials to make sure they didn’t conceal weapons before sending them to those in need? The Biafrans didn’t surrender because their soldiers were starving. They surrendered because they couldn’t get weapons from any of the world’s suppliers, while their ‘Nigerian’ counterparts had a steady supply of the best weapons. Both Britain and The Soviet Union supplied weapons to Nigeria and ensured that more small arms were used against Biafra during the 30 months war than were used in the five years of World War II.Why was Awo so callous in his statements? Was it because he believed the victims were his enemies?

But, one, Ndigbo, whether soldiers or civilians, rich or poor, were not Awo’s enemies. The original problem was between Ndigbo and the Hausa Fulani and their minions like Gowon. Awo just inserted himself into the problem for a rather personal reason to which I’ll return in a moment. Two, and most troubling: for a man who has devoted the greater part of his life to abolishing destitution to be overtly supporting destitution is simply incredible. What led a fine mind such as Awo’s to such a callous blunder? Before I get to that, let me say that I could imagine the ‘less educated’ northern oligarchs chuckling as they watched the ‘more educated’ southerners kill themselves, starvation and all! The argument that there were Igbos in the Biafran enclave who cornered the few food and relief materials that managed to trickle in sounds jejune. How many of those greedy people are now cornering food and relief materials? There are greedy people everywhere, in war and in peace time. The difference is that in war it becomes so conspicuous because almost everyone is in need. During fuel scarcity, there are also those who hoard the product. Should that be the reason for the government to deny sending it to those in need?

Achebe had written on page 233 of his latest book, “There Was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra:” "It is my impression that Awolowo was driven by an overriding ambition for power, for himself and for his Yoruba people. There is, on the surface at least, nothing wrong with those aspirations. However, Awolowo saw the dominant Igbos at the time as the obstacles to that goal, and when the opportunity arose—the Nigeria-Biafra war—his ambition drove him into a frenzy to go to every length to achieve his dreams. In the Biafran case it meant hatching up a diabolical policy to reduce the numbers of his enemies significantly through starvation — eliminating over two million people, mainly members of future generations."

Okey Ndibe has speculated in his piece title “Achebe’s Acts of Memory" (Nigeria Village Square, 22 October 2012) that in writing the above, Achebe was indulging in ‘speculative overreach.’ Okey commands the English language better than many people command their footsteps. But in this instance, he’s the one indulging in ‘speculative overreach’ because there’s nothing speculative about what Achebe said. The old man was simply stating the facts as they are, even though he called them his ‘impression.’ Achebe indeed provided the answer to the puzzle in the same passage: Awo had come to see the Igbo elite as an obstacle to his aim of rallying ‘his people.’ Read your history and you’ll see that as early as 1952, Zik’s party, the NCNC, had won enough seats in the election that could have enabled him to become the first premier of the Western Region. Zik, ever the dreamer, with his philosophy of ‘One Nigeria,’ wasn’t as ethnically minded as Awo. Awo worked very hard to reverse that momentum, organizing the widely reported carpet crossing in Ibadan. Some have argued that the crossing wasn’t directly from the NCNC but rather from its allies. Whatever the case, Awo engineered a change of course for which he was the principal beneficiary. That Awo did this by appealing to ethnicity is plausible. However, anyone who concludes that from that point on, or even earlier, that he saw the so-called Igbo elite as a threat to his own political ambition should not be accused of speculative overreach. Zik, despite all his failings, was bent on detribalizing Nigeria with the mindset of Julius Nyerere who made sure that Tanzania is the most detribalized country in Africa. But the ‘Carpet Crossing’ that happened in Ibadan in 1952 struck a fatal blow to ‘One Nigeria.’ The country is yet to recover from that blow! It’s not implausible to think that if the carpet crossing didn’t happen, the civil war might not have happened because the northern oligarchs would have thought twice before attacking nationals from a united south. “Clever people are not credited with their follies: what a deprivation of human rights!” says the great Nietzsche.

When Awo died, Odumegwu Ojukwu called him “The best president Nigeria never had.” It’s one of the most misunderstood phrases in modern Nigeria, even after Ojukwu elaborated on it thus:

“Nigeria must continually regret that he never, for many reasons, had the opportunity to serve at the presidential level. That he did not fulfill a presidential ambition cannot detract from his leadership, and us, poor us, who were not his people, must continue to regret that our own leaders had not led us as he did his people or achieved for us as he did for his people.”

There’s basically nothing different from what Ojukwu said here and what Achebe said in his latest book. It is simply a matter of semantics. And I am surprised that many well known writers and professional grammarians simply miss Achebe’s point here. When Achebe said ‘for his Yoruba people,’ he was not talking about the Yoruba as a group. The focus is still on Awo and Yoruba in the sentence is passive. Many Yorubas would readily agree with Awo that he did most of what he did for them, but not all Yorubas saw Awo as their champion. So, Ojukwu and Achebe were saying the same thing. But where Achebe said Awo did what he did “for himself and for his Yoruba people,” Ojukwu, who was more politically minded, simply said “for his people.” But Awo’s fans applauded Ojukwu because he added that Awo was “the best president Nigeria never had.” But if you look more carefully at what Ojukwu said, it’s not really different from what Achebe just said in his latest book.

When Ojukwu said that “poor us, who were not his people,” must regret that we didn’t have anybody to achieve for us what he achieved ‘for his people,’ he was basically calling Awo a regional cum ethnic leader. And that is how historians all over the world who are interested in Nigerian politics see Awo. Ojukwu said there were ‘many reasons’ for which Awo remained the best president Nigeria never had. What Ojukwu was saying implicitly was that there were Nigerians who were not ‘Awo’s people.’ I have written elsewhere ( that it is a tragedy that Awolowo never became the president of Nigeria. My position hasn’t not changed; but now I wish to add that the man himself must also take responsibility for that tragedy. Again, no matter what the commentariat says, Achebe wasn’t talking of the Yoruba as a group. He’s too wise for such a blunder. Rather he was talking of Awo’s ambition as a leader of the Yoruba. These are two distinct things. After all, as I already pointed out, there are Yorubas who don’t accept Awo’s leadership, even if they constitute a minority.

So, let us remember, before we condemn Achebe, that an Igbo would have occupied the seat of power in Ibadan before any Yoruba had the chance to do so, but for the deft political manoeuvring of Awo. He probably said, after successfully fighting off Zik’s political machine: never again! In Nigeria, ethnicity is a very strong issue. And Awo, better than Zik, understood that all politics is local. So by appealing to their ethnic pride, Awo was able to get a majority of the Yoruba on his side. I leave it to the reader to judge what that singular political manoeuvring did to ethnic relations in Nigeria and particularly in the southern part of the country. It’s a problem we’re still struggling with as all the Igbo-Yoruba reactions to Achebe’s latest book would readily testify.

As for the charge of overriding ambition for power, let us note that a civilian who agrees to be a major beneficiary of a military coup d’état must have a great deal of political ambition! And, of course, when the opportunity presented itself, he grabbed it, becoming the second in command in the military government of Gowon.

It is worth remarking that Awo’s participation in the Gowon government was the closest he got to the seat of federal power. And he was quite close. What he did he do with that power? He decided to designate people whom his kinsmen Wole Soyinka, Tai Solarin et al rightly noted were victims of genocide, his enemies! He enthusiastically championed the ‘hunger as an instrument of war policy,’ and the ‘20 pounds insult.’ In other words, the period in which Awo had real federal power was also the period he was so far from his own hitherto avowed ideals that one can’t help asking if he was a true Awoist himself. A finance minister who oversees a policy that gives people who had thousands or millions in the bank a paltry 20 pounds of their hard earned money should, at the very least, resign for dereliction of duty, that’s one of the ideals of awoism. But Awo defended that policy!!! I’m sure that if Awo was true to his ideals when he was the de facto prime minister in Nigeria, Ojukwu would not have lamented that there were some Nigerians who were not ‘Awo’s people.’ (It’s also possible that the‘20 pounds insult’ is at the root of the craze by Nigerians to stash their wealth, ill gotten or legitimate, overseas)! “Clever people are not credited with their follies,” says the great Nietzsche!

Where does this leave us? I suggest that we begin the process of healing. Both Ojukwu and Achebe acknowledged Awo’s greatness. And so do I. But I don’t think anybody, no matter her/his ethnic affiliation, would in all honesty and sincerity support the callousness Awo exhibited during and after the war against the Other. Awoists simply have to accept that fact for their own good. They can thus highlight Awo’s starling qualities with a loving heart. No amount of spin can change a fact. As the Latinists say, argumentum contra factum non valet. We simply need to stop calling a spade a mortar. There is work to be done!

An American interlocutor once told me that unless the Igbos and the Yorubas, the dominant groups in the south of Nigeria, get their act together, they will continue to play second fiddle to the northern oligarchs. I want to emphasize that there are progressive elements in every ethnic group in the country. So, I would substitute ‘northern oligarchs’ with the PDP which is the current incarnation of the NPN. We have seen it happen again and again. For instance, the mandate Nigerians from Potiskum to Port Harcourt, from Kano to Kwale, gave to Abiola was stolen from him and given to Obasanjo because Abiola was said to be unacceptable to the oligarchs. The same thing has happened to Buhari a number of times, and may yet happen again. We urgently need to move beyond divisive ethnicity! And we need to stop celebrating the induced starving of millions, irrespective of their ethnic affiliations.

There are many progressives from the 4 corners of the Niger River. It’s time for them to get together and set a really progressive agenda for the next generation of Nigerians. In order to do that effectively, we need to eschew negative tribalism, ethnicity, and regionalism which run very deep in the Nigerian psyche. When religion is added into that negativity, it reaches epidemic proportions. If it could affect a mind as fine as Awo’s, any wonder it has been the most potent tool for the oligarchs in oppressing the people and keeping them oppressed? For some to say that aiding in starving millions of people to death is acceptable is horrific. When Abiola’s mandate was stolen in broad daylight, some people justified it based on those denominators. And hundreds of lives were lost. One loquacious information minister even told Abiola to go and commit suicide—for winning a free and fair election! Elections are continuously and blatantly rigged; and some keep justifying it, again, based on those denominators. It is time we confront those demons head on. If Achebe’s book helps us in doing that, then it might have served a great purpose, despite some of the gaps it leaves.

In order to do this effectively, we need to accept the facts of the matter under discussion. One, that a great injustice was done to the people of eastern Nigeria who were killed so callously in the north, only for them to go back and lose millions. Pretending otherwise would be simply dishonest. Two, Ndigbo should look beyond the war and realize that no matter what happens, even if they succeed in retaliating in kind, nothing would bring back the lost ones. Evidently looking beyond the genocide is difficult given the continued official denial. But for their own good they’ve to let the past be past. Going through life as a victim is tantamount to self victimisation.

I believe these steps, and more, will bring us the necessary healing we need so that we can put the past behind us and move forward to face the ‘fierce urgency’ that is facing us. We have great individuals in our midst who can really lead this nation with distinction. Achebe argued elsewhere that the problem with Nigeria is squarely that of leadership. That may be the case, but it naively abstracts our collective history. When did this leadership crisis start? Our ancestors didn’t experience that crisis. That crisis started when some foreign fortune seekers forced themselves on us with their superior military power. And when when progressives like Zik and Awo told them to go, they went but left mediocrity in charge.

For so long we have left our fate in the suffocating embrace of mediocrity. Let us begin to close ranks and aim for excellence. Let us begin the healing process.

Uchenna Osigwe ( ) reports.

*Photo Above - Chief Obafemi Awolowo

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – I’ll be honest …. During the political season I find myself avoiding certain conversations that I do care about. Mind you, I do have opinions. My wife would say I have an opinion on everything. Faith and social issues are extremely important to me, and I have spent a lot of years studying and following the trends and their impact on people I care a lot about. I am especially focused on issues that affect the poor, mentally ill, unemployed, addicted, and homeless. Topics of Medicare, unemployment benefits, the death penalty, gun control, abortion, gay marriage, state and federal budget and deficits, immigration, and foreign policy all matter to me. I do have opinions! (And I vote!)

Yet during the final months of Nigeria’s presidential street fight, I tend to lay low. I know that one simple conversation with almost anyone can turn volatile and unleash the beast within them. If educated congressmen, presidential candidates, governors, and even local representatives can be as nasty and polarized as they have publicly shown, there is little reason to honestly discuss an issue, since the potential for alienation and misrepresentation is at an all-time high. No one seems to be listening, having crystallized their presuppositions with a crafty skill of spinning any topic into their agenda. Ironically, our children are watching adult leaders’ model behavior we wouldn’t let them get away with.

In my mind, the poor are the ones being hijacked in all of this. Wealthy politicians from both major parties certainly are not arguing or creating policy from the viewpoint of Jesus. In fact, thinly veiled religious statements have become part of the shallowness of Nigerian politics. To the pundits, “Under God” doesn’t mean, “I submit to the teachings of God to love my enemies, serve others, and model the sacrificial lifestyle of God in the Flesh.” It more closely resembles Friday night football in Port Harcourt when the public prayer at the stadium blesses the home team and urges God’s victory for them. We have wrapped the Bible in a flag and replaced faith with “civil religion” which ultimately becomes anti-Christian.

Will Christian Nigerians ever stand up for the poor and marginalized? I doubt it. Though I may be a growing cynic, it is not from cynicism that I make that statement. It’s just that I believe that most politics and religion today are driven by wealth and selfishness. There was a time when government’s role was to protect and advocate for those in our culture who could not protect themselves. Yet today in the Nigeria, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Today almost all the States budget funds to help the mentally ill and the poor. We have one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the World. Urban teenagers still drop out of school at alarming rates. And instead of “welcoming the stranger,” as the Bible clearly required of followers of God, we despise the foreigner. There is no restorative justice or rehabilitation in place for the offender and certainly no jobs for the felon when they are released. And amidst all these social dilemmas in our nation and State, there is little room for substantive discussion and compromise, only blame, anger, and creating anecdotal myths that seek to validate our stances, with very little accomplished in the end.

Driving along Liberation Stadium Road, Elekahia Port Harcourt saw some young ladies using a girl of about 9 years with a protruding tumor outside d anus and another man with protruding tumor in one side of the face. All of these tumor/external abnormal growths about a size of a football was dropping and swinging like tail. The sight brought me such discomfort l could not look at it twice. I felt bitterness in my mind. My heart was filled with concern and pains of what to do to help. I remember when l was in America. I worked with Rescue Missions that rehabilitate and take such people off the street, take care of them with the help of Government grant. In our streets daily poor people, beggars, physically challenged people, prostitutes are everywhere begging and creating the impressions that we don’t have responsible governments or we seem not to care for such less privilege people.

We politicize with the need of people. Government budget on the needy but don’t take care of the needy. Some of us take advantage of the need of the needy by exploiting and using them to make money for ourselves. We are not complete when such needy people are there on our streets and we do nothing to rehabilitate them. To the Christians our faith without care for the needy is ungodly religion (James 1:27, 2:14-26). I am replicating what l saw and did in America by establishing Helping Hands Rescue Centre to rescue, recovery and rehabilitation of destitute, drug & Alcohol addicts, prostitutes, physically challenge persons, abused and abandoned children, widows, orphans, refugees, homeless, single parents, the aged people, etc. If you believe in this cause join and partner. If we don’t care the people perish. I am hopeful, though not so much for politics in Nigeria. I still believe in the transforming work of God’s Spirit, which can renew and transform any of his followers. I still believe the Church and God’s people living out the kingdom of God on earth will have more impact than any politician. Yet even that goes with a price —Jesus was crucified by the politicians and religious leaders of his day. Have question you may call: 08033399821 or write:  Stay and blessed.

Dr. Lewis Akpogena, a Christian Devotional Writer, Educationist and Consultant reports from Port Harcourt.

*Photo Above - Dr. Lewis Akpogena

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – It is amazing that what has dominated foreign press for the past 72 hours now is that the Duchess of Cambridge is less than 12 weeks pregnant and that she has been admitted in a London hospital for early morning sickness. One beautiful thing about this is that there is a hospital in London where she is being treated. But I am not very sure now whether an average Briton will get treatment in such hospital. One other beautiful thing about this story is that some of us now learn late though that when women are pregnant, they should be taken to hospital to be treated for what is called an early morning sickness. I will have to apologize to my wife for having not taken very elaborate care of her early morning sicknesses.
But oddly enough, we do not hear of other millions of British women's early morning sicknesses which make me begin to think that early morning sickness could be a special ailment for the monarchy or their own early morning sickness is far more out of the ordinary. Either case, I will still apologize to my wife of four kids who never visited hospitals for any early morning sickness except for usual anti natal visits and even at that we did always consummate it without the next door neighbor being aware of it.

That aside, if our own celebrities in Nigeria and most African states (and I mean our politicians and so called elder statesmen) will develop our medical facilities to such a point where they will no longer migrate abroad for medical details of any kind, we would have come off age even if mortals like my humble self won't be allowed to have treatment there. What we would be saving will be capital flight in the form of paying for medical treatment abroad in foreign currencies and in the form of paying for tickets and allowances of people like Bamanga Turkur the Chairman of the Biggest Party in Africa who would be flooding abroad (either for their medical checkups and treatments or to visit their comrades in arm who are receiving treatments) with retinue of aids and party men just as they did recently when they trooped out to felicitate with Gov. Suntai Dambaba of Taraba State in the North East state of Nigeria.

I admire Great Briton indeed. Even in very austere times (when about 30% of Europe is grappling with recession), their people and their press still have enormous time and resources to celebrate and talk about frivolous things. And if you see how the British government juggles their law and panel bit legislations to accommodate who gets in the line of succession to the monarchy, you will be mostly amazed. Is this monarchy the sole of England and by extension that of Europe? They moved from Kings to Queens and now to anything provided the successor comes from one family. My question is: why is the principle of democracy not applied to this Monarchy of a thing if it won't go away entirely?

There are monarchies elsewhere (in Belgium, Spain, etc,) but the rest of us are spared their idiosyncrasies. After the dissolution of the British Empire, and subsequently, the collapse of most monarchies, Great Britain craftily shrunk her own and introduced what it called Commonwealth of Nations so that it will continue to subjugate her former colonies. Today, Britons are not citizens but subjects of the Monarch and you have a situation where public servants take oath of allegiance to the British crown. The Monarch uses her royal prerogative to subtly subvert parliamentary activities at certain occasions which I earnestly think is an abuse of power but the most perplexing thing of all is that most Britons do not even think about all these. Instead, troop out in royal weddings and other suppressive activities of the Monarch waving their Union Jack. Some even had to sleep for days in tents along the path to have a glimpse of Kate and Williams lavish wedding last year.

It was widely reported that Kate and Williams wedding, last year 2011, took away nothing less than 64 million pounds from British taxpayers last year. Couldn't that amount have been shared to very poor people in one corner of Europe? Even if it was not going to be shared out on charity to orphanages, should the less privileged not have been spared the psychology of stupendous fanfare in the face of hopelessness? A look at the stupendous allocation of funds to the Monarchy in Britain marvels any rational human being and yet Britons do not think about it.

The argument from Monarch specialists and proponents is that the monarchy attracts wealth to Britain by way of tourism. They claim that people who troop to Britain on yearly bases to see the institution of monarchy contribute to the wealth of Great Britain. But it is also a fact that all the tourist attractions in the whole of the Middle East is not because Jesus Christ and St. Peter and Haggai and Abraham and Sarah and Isaac are still there. It is not because Joseph and the Jews are still living under one Pharaoh in Egypt. People troop to those areas because the relics of that era stand there as monuments to remind the modern people of what happened in the medieval times.

So, if the relics of the English Monarchy are maintained, it is still enough to attract tourists to Great Britain without regular and occasional wastes in the form of Royal Weddings and other royalties. I know of a place named a point of no return in Badagari in Nigeria. A lot of people, including my humble self, have visited there to see the artifacts and relics of slavery but I did not go there expecting to see the last boat carting my people away to America for slavery.

I went to the point of no return in Badagry with the mind of seeing what injustices my people had to go through for the sake of sustaining plantations in America and monarchies in Europe such as the one still thriving in Great Britain. Directly and indirectly now and then, African resources are what is being used to sustain the supper structures in Europe and Americas. So consequentially, whenever resources are depleted to flaunt idiosyncrasies of the British Monarchy, Africans bleed for it.

That there are fratricidal wars around the globe today has a lot of connection with the attitudes and behaviors of the so called civilized worlds. And the politicians, just like some Monarchies, around these civilized counties collude to fuel the amber of discord so as to keep open the conduit of resource flow from those underdeveloped nations to their own country. But what is still not visible to oppressors around the world is that when resources of the world as is freely given by GOD are fairly evenly distributed, most restiveness in the world that are economic in nature will die a natural death. Additional affluence which will only be as a result of ingenuity on the side of some inventors and very creative people will not steer any societal upheavals that will engender wars.

People recognize others who are superior to them brain-wise and do not wink an eye lid when they see them in a reasonable affluence over them. The spleen to cheat and or commit societal crimes only arises when the so called politicians who are not good enough live in opulence over and above the more creative individuals and the labor force. In Nigeria, for instance, University Professors are poorer than Local government Chairmen.

There may still be some differences brought about by tribal and religious bigots, but if there is sufficient justice, those differences may not usually manifest in the form of wars. They will take the shades of caste or social classes but they may never have the impetus to ignite wars.

A lot of people will not see what I am seeing now but I do remember that the tax on royal inheritances started not too long ago. If a commoner in Britain had muted the idea of introducing inheritance tax in Britain in the early sixties, he would have been lynched on the street of Liverpool. In the same vein I know that the thickness of the skin of Monarchy as it is being practiced today in Great Britain will thin out with time and until then we may not see any mitigation of the economic induced wars of atrocities going on in all fronts in all corners of the globe which are all directly or indirectly related to oppressions of one form or the other.

Chris Onyishi ( reports from Enugu, Nigeria.

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 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Some little things tend to be overlooked by many people but they are the things that really matter. Gov Peter Obi’s current visit to secondary schools across the state where he has been donating part payment of N10m may seem part of his job, but to those who have been around in Anambra State since the present civilian setting see what Obi is doing absolutely amazing.
After the civil war the government took over mission schools and the result was a monumental decay of morals, leading to the heinous crimes in vogue today. There’s no doubt that today’s armed robbers and kidnappers are offshoots of that takeover. Had the missions been allowed to keep their schools, for sure things would have been mighty good today.

Obi, ever the forward looking governor, saw this and made history as the first governor in Nigeria to fully return schools to their missionary owners. He didn’t stop there. He also dedicated millions yearly for their upkeep. Before then, he had been lavishing schools with facilities and amenities like buses, boreholes, computers, generating sets, etc.

On top of these he now is giving them N10m each to prosecute priority projects. This is only half of the total of N20m he promised. The striking thing here is that the money he is lavishing on schools is money he could have used in servicing the thieving political class who do not care if Anambra burns as long as their nests are feathered. Obi has largely ignored them and has had to endure their fight back which they have been doing by giving him a bad name.

When he was handing over schools to missions he announced the setting aside of a whopping N6b for the schools’ upkeep and significantly noted that only he knew he saved that money and thus could have decided to ‘eat’ it alone or to service the politicians. Indeed if Obi had given half that sum to politicians he would have been the most popular governor in Anambra’s history at the expense of the long suffering masses. But he chose to toe the ‘unpopular’ line of ignoring politicians to favour the public. This is why Obi has gained a legendary status as the governor who uses public money for public good.

Thus the joblessness of the politicians has created room for the public to gain. Obi’s gestures to schools are indeed investments for tomorrow because the students are tomorrow’s leaders.

Obi has also brought the fear of God into governance. He is one of the few governors that do not flirt; that go to church regularly, including morning masses. By his style Obi is making the Church partners in governance. He is a governor who truly loves his state and is making plans that will outlast his regime.

Despite bringing government presence in every town he still gives them palliative money every December for the tackling of priority projects and boosting of security.

Obi does all these because he wants his people to be happy. He goes about these things devoid of noise but the people who are benefitting are well aware of his sacrifices.

It is only God that will reward this man called Obi for his selfless service to humanity and we pray God to give us another Obi in 2014. God, please we beg you.

*Photo Caption – Governor Peter Obi

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – As if in fulfillment of his vow to turn Anambra State into a huge "construction yard", Gov. Peter Obi of Anambra State yesterday flagged of three bridges of 60, 45, and 45 meters on Atani-Ozubulu road, vowing to complete them within the life spam of his Government. The flag-off was preceded by the flag-off of many roads in the State as well as many other projects that set the people of the State wondering where he got the money to execute those projects.
Valued at the combined cost of over 2 Billion Naira, the bridges, excluding the 12kilometer roads component, are handled by TAMAD construction firm based on their satisfactory execution of Amansea-Ebenebe Bridge. Already, the Government is constructing the Onitsha-Ogbaru- Akiliozizar-Atani-Ogwuikpere road terminating at Rivers State. The over 60-Km Federal road with difficult terrain is costing the State more than 16 Billion Naira. With the construction of the stretch from Atani to Ozubulu, the entire areas would become accessible.
Speaking at the flag-off, Gov. Obi said that he would continue satisfy the yearnings of the people of the State till the last day of his Government. "We have seen those in authority flag-off many projects even when they did not safe money for their execution, but in our own case, for any project we are flagging of, we have saved money for that", Obi said.
Speaking, the State Commissioner for Works, Arc Callistus Ilozumba said that the Atani Ozubulu road belonged to class of roads being constructed in difficult places that subsequent Anambra Governments shied away from because of the huge cost implication. "Some of the roads that belong to the same class as this are the Umuoba- Anam-nmiata road, roads in Ayamelum and parts of Anambra West," the Commissioner submitted.
In his own remarks, a community leader in the area, Chief Michael Okendu said he was short of words to describe what God has done for Anambra State through the Government of Peter Obi. He said that nobody would have thought that Anambra Government would would do the road under reference with three bridges. He prayed to God to answer Obi's prayer that He gives Anambra State a successor better than him or at least as good as he is.

*Photo Caption – Gov. Obi (second right); Arc. Callistus Ilozumba, Commissioner for Works ( first right); Oseloka Obaze, the SSG( first left), and the representative of TAMAD Construction, Anthony, during the flag-off of three bridges along Atani-Ozubulu road under construction.

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – “It is the information of the leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law that the Ogbaru and the Ogidi Business Units were carved out of the Onitsha Business Unit of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria sometime in 2011 as part of the ongoing power sector reform in Nigeria. As you know, the PHCN was a successor public company to NEPA (National Electric Power Authority) which succeeded the ECN (Electricity Company of Nigeria). The PHCN also is being succeeded by DISCOS including the Transmission Company of Nigerian PLC and the Enugu Power Distribution Company PLC, which inherits the three Business Units above mentioned. It is our further information that the three Business Units of Onitsha, Ogbaru and Ogidi are the largest Business Units in the Southeast Nigeria. Another larger Unit is the Aba Business Unit and its “junior” units possibly carved out in 2011 as well. Under Onitsha Business Unit, there are large and densely populated residential and industrial cities like Fegge, Onitsha GRA, Odoakpu/Inland Town, Nsugbe, Nkwerre- Ezunaka, Woliwo & Omagba Layouts, etc.” - Intersociety Nigeria
Ref: Intersociety/NG/001/11/012/FMP/ABJ/FRN

1. Honourable (Hajiya) Zainab Ibrahim Kuchi
Minister of State for Power
The Federal Ministry of Power
4th Floor, Federal Secretariat Complex
Shehu Shagari Way, Maitama District
Abuja, Nigeria

2. Dr. Sam Amadi
Chairman of the Board
Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
NERC Headquarters, Adamawa Plaza
Plot 1099, First Avenue
Off Shehu Shagari Way
Central Business District
Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

Dear Madam Minister & Chairman NERC,

A Special Report

Multi-Billion Naira Fraud In Onitsha, Ogbaru & Ogidi Business Units Of The Power Holding Company Of Nigeria In Anambra State: Ogbaru Business Unit As Our Case-Study

Above subject matter refers.

General Background Information:

(Onitsha-Nigeria, 3rd December 2012)-It is the information of the leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law that the Ogbaru and the Ogidi Business Units were carved out of the Onitsha Business Unit of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria sometime in 2011 as part of the ongoing power sector reform in Nigeria. As you know, the PHCN was a successor public company to NEPA (National Electric Power Authority) which succeeded the ECN (Electricity Company of Nigeria). The PHCN also is being succeeded by DISCOS including the Transmission Company of Nigerian PLC and the Enugu Power Distribution Company PLC, which inherits the three Business Units above mentioned.

It is our further information that the three Business Units of Onitsha, Ogbaru and Ogidi are the largest Business Units in the Southeast Nigeria. Another larger Unit is the Aba Business Unit and its “junior” units possibly carved out in 2011 as well. Under Onitsha Business Unit, there are large and densely populated residential and industrial cities like Fegge, Onitsha GRA, Odoakpu/Inland Town, Nsugbe, Nkwerre- Ezunaka, Woliwo & Omagba Layouts, etc. Under Ogbaru Business Unit, there are Iyiowa Odekpe Layout/Ogbeukwu Village, Harbour Industrial Estate, Odo Rubber and Onwuasoanya Layouts, Nkutaku and Mkpikpa Layouts and Okpoko urban Community (the largest and most densely populated low cost city in the Southeast Nigeria).

Under Ogidi Business Unit, there are Awada Layout (a sub-city with largest number of high rising buildings in the Southeast Nigeria), Ugwuagba Layout, Nkpor, Ogidi and Obosi urban Communities, etc. Generally speaking, the three Business Units are substantially populated by those who engage in the exchange of goods and services including traders, artisans and industrialists. Within the revenue contemplation of the PHCN and other socio-economic calculations, substantial revenue potentials abound in the three Business Units. They are also a god mine for the graft practitioners in the PHCN. This has indisputably been the case over the years. From general public views, the most deadly corrupt sub-units in the three Business Units are marketing and distribution departments. While the marketing departments indulge in roguish consumer billing methods, their distribution departments commercialize installation and maintenance of distribution transformers and their accessories.

It is therefore upon the foregoing that this important letter to your two public bodies is predicated. This is in accordance with extant ministerial and statutory powers vested on your two public offices by the Nigerian Electric Power Sector Reform Act of 2005.

Our Case Against The Ogbaru Business Unit:

The Ogbaru Business Unit is presently headed by Engineer E.C. Anyaelesi. He is the Unit‘s second pioneer Business Manager, the first had reportedly been transferred to Owerri zone of the PHCN. In the year 2000/2001, our sister body, the Civil Liberties Organization, Anambra State Branch, under the then leadership of Comrade Emeka Umeagbalasi (present BOT Chairman, Intersociety Nigeria)exposed the monumental corrupt practices in the then Onitsha Distribution of NEPA(as it then was). The crux of the matter then was commercialization of installation and maintenance of distribution transformers as well as extortions arising from maintenance of same including changing of burnt fuses, units, cables and wires and transformer oil. The Iyiowa Odekpe Layout was then adopted as its case-study. The peak of it all was the case of a Catholic Reverend Father who was trapped into paying the then top NEPA (as it then was) officials at its Enugu Zonal office a whopping sum of N1million via a private bank account so as to be given from its warehouse a 500KVA “11” distribution transformer for the Iyiowa Community. At the end, heads rolled including that of one Engineer Agha Aghashi, an AGM for Distribution at the Enugu Zonal Office of the NEPA.

Today, twelve years after, the relevant top marketing and distribution departments’ officials in the Ogbaru Business Unit are at it again by indulging with impunity and utter recklessness in sundry graft practices ranging from roguish consumer billing to abdication of statutory duties and commercialization of the installation and management of the distribution transformers and their accessories. Our main grouses against the marketing and the distribution departments of the Ogbaru Business Unit and by extension, the Onitsha and the Ogidi Business Units are: 1. Issuance of criminal, crazy, unfair and outrageous consumer bills based on criminal estimates usually N4, 500/N5, 000.00 monthly per three-bedroom flat apartment for high rising buildings or N5, 000.00 per four rooms in bungalows (in some cases per room or two rooms). This is whether or not the affected areas are in perpetual or erratic outages. 2. Rejection of part payments or payments made in the banks with a view to enriching themselves privately through criminal disconnections of consumers’ power lines.

Others are: 3. Abandonment of, and refusal to read the existing post payment metering bills. 4. Hording and creation of artificial scarcity of new electronic prepayment consumer electronic meters so as to retain their criminal system of extorting and short-changing innocent and social obligation-compliant consumers. 5. Selling through black-market means of some electronic prepayment meters to cutting-corner consumers outside the approved processes. 6. Criminally charging consumers who previously subscribed and paid for prepayment electronic meters (before they were made free with effect from June 1, 2012) the sum of N7, 500.00(N5, 000.00 as installation fee and N2, 500.00 as installation wire cost) as “installation fee” per prepayment electronic meter. 7. Criminal diversion of loads meant for consumers/members of the public to some industrialists for a fee. 8. Epileptic power supply in many parts of the three Business Units on ratio of less than quarter of a day. 9. Abdication of statutory duties or monetization of same where rarely carried out. 10. Creation of artificial load-shedding.

11. Non-provision of distribution transformers to the affected areas and commercialization of their installations when procured by public consumers especially in technical areas that require their inputs. 12. Poor management and maintenance of distribution transformers. 13. Extortion and commercialization of the replacement of the transformers’ accessories. 14. Aiding and abetting illegal power connections. 15. Little or no attention to consumers’ complaints arising from issuance of criminally estimated and outrageous consumers’ bills and transformers’ overloads, their burnt or spoilt accessories, installations and general maintenance and management. 16. Reckless resort to the use of the so-called PHCN licensed contractors especially in the area of installation, repair and maintenance of distribution transformers-a criminal practice that engenders fraud, extortion, bribery and corruption in the PHCN particularly in the three Units under scrutiny. 17. Mass disconnection of residential buildings no matter the insignificant number of the non-bills’ payers in such buildings instead of going after such defaulters.

Facts Of Our Grouses:
Ogbaru Distribution/Undertaking Sub-Units:

In 2011, Honourable Chukwuka Onyema of the Ogbaru Federal Constituency at Nigeria’s House of Reps (as he then was) handed over eight distribution transformers to various electoral wards in the Ogbaru LGA as part of his Federal Constituency Projects, which are captured annually in the Appropriation Act of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Out of these eight distribution transformers, a 300 KVA/33/0.415 transformer was given to the Iyiowa Layout so as to ease the heavy loads of the Iyiowa Market Transformer installed in 1983. Others listed as beneficiaries of the eight transformers were Okpoko IV ( 500KVA), Okpoko V (500KVA), Ogbeukwu (300KVA), Okoti (300KVA), Ogbetiti Odekpe) 300KVA), Atani (300KVA) and Ogbakuba (200KVA). The transformers were given to the affected areas during the national campaigns for the National Assembly Polls held in April 2011.

Consequent upon the handover of the said 300KVA transformer to the Iyiowa Layout consumers, the offices of the Senior Manager for Distribution and the Undertaking Manager at the Onitsha GRA and the Ogbaru offices of the PHCN were approached via a letter from the Iyiowa Electricity Committee for its immediate installation and energization. This was followed by a letter of introduction/assistance addressed to them by Honourable Chukwu Oyema, dated 1st day of July 2011, urging them to effect the installation of the eight transformers including that of Iyiowa Layout. As at then, the Ogbaru Business Unit was still under the Onitsha Business Unit.

Sadly, the two requests were turned down on the flimsy grounds that the PHCN “does not have money, materials and human resources” to install same. The Senior Manager for Distribution at the Onitsha GRA Ridge Road office of the PHCN and his subordinates including the Undertaking Manager at the PHCN Ogbaru area office located on Obodoukwu Road, Okpoko told the Iyiowa Layout consumers through a committee set up to reach out to same for installation that they should wait for the availability of money, materials and personnel or undertake the responsibility of installing the said transformer by way of “community assistance to PHCN”, which they insisted must be committed to writing.

With the latter as the only option available to the consumers who never defaulted in paying their monthly criminally estimated bills, they resolved to embark on the installation of the transformer after they were told by the same PHCN senior staffers that waiting for them would have no end in time. The installation project was started in June 2011 and ended in June 2012, gulping a whopping sum of N2, 092,230 (two million, ninety-two thousands, two hundred and thirty naira). The installation started when the Ogbaru Business Unit was under the Onitsha Business Unit in 2011 and continued into 2012 after it had been created as “a Business Unit”. The senior PHCN staffers, who participated and still participate directly or indirectly in the gross misconducts complained of, are: 1. the former Business Manager for Onitsha Business Unit in 2011, who was transferred to the Enugu Zonal Office. 2. The former pioneer Business Manager for Ogbaru Business Unit in 2011 who was reportedly transferred to Owerri Unit. 3. The Onitsha Senior Manager for Distribution and his subordinates and the Ogbaru Senior Manager for Distribution and his subordinates including his Undertaking Manager. 4. The former Maintenance Manager for Iyiowa area office of the PHCN, who is now at the Ogbaru Business Unit headquarters located on Obodoukwu Road, Okpoko. His name is Mr. Richard Ohadume. 5. The new Business Manager for Ogbaru Unit, Engineer E.C. Anyaelesi. He aids and abets the gross misconducts complained of.

How The 300KVA /33/415/ Was Criminally Installed:

Sequel to an application and request for the installation of the transformer addressed to the Undertaking Manager in-charge of the Ogbaru Undertaking office of the PHCN, dated 6th June 2011, at the forceful instance of the Onitsha Senior Manager for Distribution, the Iyiowa Electricity Committee under the Iyiowa Community Landlords Association decided to bear the cross of installing the transformer on the strength of the rejection of their request by the PHCN. As a result, Mr. Vincent E.O. Nwaeze was introduced to them and certified by the then Maintenance Manager for Iyiowa, Mr. Richard Ohadume and the Ogbaru Undertaking Manager’s office as a “licensed PHCN contractor”. Mr. E.O. Nwaeze goes by a business name ODISON ELECTRICAL SERVICES & COMPANY NIG., of 15, Moore Street, Odoakpu, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

The controversial distribution transformer is now referred in the PHCN records as “Abazuonu Iyiowa 300KVA/33/415 substation”. It is located at Abazuonu (New Road) Street by Ihitenasaa Street Junction, Iyiowa Layout, which is in front of the St James Catholic Church Outstation-a next door to the PHCN area office in the area. The Community went through hell so as to source over N2million through levies and free willed donations to install the transformer. Also, getting the relevant PHCN top staffers in the distribution department including their undertaking office to supervise and approve same was hellish. The transformer was energized in June 2012 after 12 months of the commencement of its installation.

Bribery, Extortion, Poor Supervision & Management Of The Substation:

According to a written account presented to the Iyiowa Community by the transformer installation/electricity committee, dated 18th day of September 2012, out of the whopping sum of N2, 092,230 spent, N263, 170 was spent in bribing the above-named top PHCN officials. The committee called it, “NEPA (PHCN) PR”, an acronym for bribery and extortion. Also, the sum of N3, 500.00 was offered to them as bribe so as to obtain an outage from the PHCN transmission station at Uga Junction, Fegge in Onitsha. Our investigation into the bribery and its recipients in the PHCN showed that the former two Business Managers for Onitsha and Ogbaru Business Units who held sway in 2011 as well as the Onitsha and Ogbaru SMDs (Senior Managers for Distribution) and their heads of Undertaking units were reportedly bribed. According to a member of the committee, the former Maintenance Manager for Iyiowa office of the PHCN, Mr. Richard Ohadume coordinated the bribery including his own cut. The only exempted top PHCN official is the new Business Manager for Ogbaru, Engineer E.C. Anyaelesi and his Onitsha counterpart because they were not in office between June 2011 and June 2012.

The committee members told Intersociety that they know other recipients facially and that a sum of N80, 000.00 was paid to the PHCN in June 2012 as bribe before the transformer was energized. According to them, the PHCN licensed contractor named above that handled the project allegedly played a role in identifying the relevant PHCN offices to be watered for a breakthrough. After its installation and energization, the transformer was heavily loaded and poorly managed by the PHCN officials at the Iyiowa Maintenance Office. Intersociety’s further investigation showed that the 300 KVA transformer was heavily loaded with 493 three-bedroom flat apartments comprising Ihitenasaa Street (largest street), Obidike Street, part of Ibekwe Street, part of Ehirim Street, Abazuonu Street (New Road), Okafor Close and Chukwuaku Lane, totaling 493 flats for a 300KVA distribution substation.

A team of electrical engineers contacted by Intersociety for an independent on-the-spot evaluation of the transformer told us expertly that apart from the fact that it was excessively loaded, many accessories used for its installation are of very low quality. Yet the PHCN went and certified them including the load capacity as “okay”. During the brief life span of the transformer (June to September 2012- a period of two months, some nefarious junior staffers of the PHCN Iyiowa Maintenance Office were caught engaging in tapping currents from the transformer to some consumers for a fee. As a result of the foregoing, the transformer sparked and shut down in the middle of September 2012 and since then its 493 flat apartments’ users, who pay monthly the roughly sum of N2.5million to the PHCN on average of N5,000.00 per flat as criminally estimated bills, have been in perpetual darkness with the said PHCN staffers doing nothing.

Intersociety‘s Encounter With The Ogbaru Business Manager:

Sequel to the sad developments enumerated above, the attention of Intersociety was drawn to them particularly the issue of the Abazuonu Iyiowa transformer installation scandal. It is also our discovery that some of the transformers mentioned above, donated to various electoral wards in Ogbaru LGA, have not been installed by the Ogbaru PHCN till date. For example, the 300KVA substation donated to Ogbeukwu village (a low class residence) in Ogbaru is still lying un-installed. Attempts by the Ogbaru PHCN to take it away were reportedly rebuffed. Consequent upon these, we wrote the Business Manager for Ogbaru Business Unit of the PHCN, Engineer E.C. Anyaelesi to draw his attention, formally, to the gross misconducts complained of. The letter was dated 31st day of October 2012. As a result, a meeting was called in his office, which was attended by himself, his marketing manager and senior manager for distribution and other top officials of his Business Unit. Representatives of Intersociety and the Iyiowa Community including the affected consumers were also in attendance. At the meeting, the BM told those in attendance that he resumed as the Ogbaru BM not up to a month and claimed ignorance of most of the sharp practices of his men and women especially those relating to the Iyiowa transformer installation scandal.

However, he acknowledged the existence in his Business Unit of estimated bill culture, which he said arose from “units/target allocations” per Business Unit and its marketing sub-units. He and his marketing manager made futile efforts to justify the criminal impositions, but they were roundly rejected by those in attendance who insisted on energy consumption readings based on post payment or prepayment metering bills since 95% of the consumers in Ogbaru like their counterparts in Onitsha and Ogidi Business Units have post payment electric meters. The BM and his Marketing Manager also claimed that “most of the post payment meters have expired”, a claim roundly rejected with incontrovertible pieces of evidence by those in attendance.

He announced to the meeting, which was held on 7th day of November, 2012 that as a “compensatory” measure, his Business Unit has issued a monthly bill of N500.00 for every flat apartment under his Business Unit for the month of October 2012 because of the flood disaster that shut down all distribution transformers in Iyiowa zone. He called the N500.00 bill “maintenance charge”. The bill was later issued together with that of September 2012 which contained a minimum of N4, 500/N5, 000.00 per flat/four rooms. The meeting also raised the issue of the failed Abazuonu Iyiowa transformer and drew the attention of the BM to a quotation for its repair worth N463, 000.00 given to the affected community by one GERSHON ELECTROTECH SERVICES NIG LTD of N0. 1 Gayius Ezeh by Onitsha-Owerri Road, Awada, Obosi, Anambra State. The said quotation arose when some residents of the affected area led by Mr. Joel Ebele Ezeneobi (Enyi) met with the SMD in September 2012 to draw his attention, formally, to the failed transformer. He (SMD) invited the PHCN licensed contractor to his office and introduced him to them, from where the quotation was written and given to them in his (SMD) presence. This is another clear case of corruption and abdication of statutory duties on the part of the SMD.

The meeting demanded firmly from the BM and his top officials to totally address the gross misconducts complained of, including fixing as a palliative measure the said failed Iyiowa transformer and processing the substantive approval of a 500KVA/33 substation as reinforcement for the area so as to lessen its high load burden. On 8th day of November 2012, Intersociety wrote the Ogbaru BM again on the strength of the outcome of the 7th November meeting and demanded firmly that the Abazuonu Iyiowa Transformer be fixed within seven days so as to end the suffering of the occupants of the 493 flat apartments including nursing mothers and their newly born babies, pregnant women and the elderly who suffer scorching heats, mosquito bites as well as expose their health to environmentally hazardous substances arising from discharging of carbon monoxide from thousands of power generators dotting every nook and cranny of the area and anti mosquito substances. The Business Manager, Engineer E.C. Anyaelesi was also reminded in the said letter that his failure to address the gross misconducts complained of, including sanctioning those involved expressly makes him aider and abettor of same. Sadly and unfortunately too, none of the issues so raised has been frontally addressed, which prompted this important letter to your two public offices.

Our Case Against The Ogbaru PHCN Marketing Unit & Its BM:
In 2006, the total number of three-bedroom flat apartments in Iyiowa Layout comprising the Mission Road down to the Madonna Catholic Church areas of the Layout, was put at 2,800. The downstairs/bungalows as per four rooms per post payment electric meter were 1,500. Today, the number of three-bedroom flats has increased to approximately 4,200 owing to rapid increase in the number of high rising buildings in the Layout. When added to the number of flats in Onwuasoanya and Odo Rubber Layouts which are also under Iyiowa zone, it may be correct to say that there are over 8,000 three-bedroom flat apartments and their equivalents in Iyiowa Zone, fetching the Ogbaru PHCN, crookedly and otherwise, a whopping sum of N40million monthly from the issuance and imposition of criminally estimated bills, on average of N5, 000.00 per flat, which translates into N480million a year. In Okpoko urban Community, Mkpikpa and Nkutaku Layouts all under Ogbaru Business Unit, there may be up to 20,000 flat apartments on the basis of four rooms as metering flat. This is subject to the PHCN discretion because bills or meters can be allocated per room or two-room basis.
Generally speaking, using the estimated billing benchmark of the PHCN, which has been the case for years particularly since January 2011, the consumers under the Ogbaru Business Unit are annually short-changed and defrauded to the tune of over N1billion. This does not include bills imposed on small, medium and large scale industrialists/industries in the areas so mentioned. It is also observed that promotions and punishments of the PHCN staffers in the three Business Units of Onitsha, Ogidi and Ogbaru are now based strictly on their ability or inability to defraud consumers by way of imposition and forceful collection of criminally outrageously estimated monthly bills. There also exists in the said PHCN Units “units allocation targets”, whereby, for instance, if “units target” of N15million is given to the PHCN Iyiowa Marketing Manager monthly, he is now at criminal liberty to allocate 1000 units to every flat apartment in the Iyiowa zone, which may fetch him more than N20million monthly. Once he returns the N15million targets consecutively, he stands the brightest chance of being promoted and rewarded. He is also at criminal liberty to squander the remainder.

This is how the innocent and social obligations-compliant consumers have been short-changed and defrauded over the years by the PHCN Units under reference. These sharp practices are totally responsible for gross misconducts complained of. Those who do not pay are traced, disconnected and forced to pay the reconnection fee of N1000.00 per meter in addition to the payment of the imposed bills given before being reconnected. As a result, post payment meters are not read and their management totally abandoned so also procurement, installation and maintenance of distribution transformers.

Commercialization, Hording & Artificial Scarcity Of Prepayment Electronic Meters:

The introduction of prepayment electronic metering did not go down well with the three Business Units mentioned above. Efforts by way of commercialization, hording or creation of artificial scarcity of same have been made and sustained by the PHCN Units since its introduction. This is because the prepayment e-meter is corruption, bribery, extortion and fraud liquidator. Many, if not most subscribers who paid for it in 2009 and 2010 have not received theirs, while few who have received theirs paid extra N7, 500.00 per prepaid e-meter for its “installation” and “ for special wire for its installation”. For instance, Mr. Arinze (08183298361) of the PHCN Iyiowa Service Station demanded and collected N7, 500.00 from Mr. and Mrs. Onyeozili Chukwuemeka Isaac to install a prepayment electronic meter, which they subscribed and paid for since 2010. The couple runs a business center at No. 13, Ihitenasaa Street, Iyiowa, Odekpe, which goes by name CITADEL COMPUTERS. The e-meter was brought to them from the Ogbaru PHCN office on 20th day of November 2012 and installed on 21st day of November 2012 at their residence, No. 8 Oraifite Street, Odo Rubber Layout, Iyiowa Odekpe.

He claimed that N2, 500 was for its special wire while N5, 000 was for installation fee. Mrs. Onyeozili may be reached via 08181860658 for further information. Mr. Arinze went to the two places on a PHCN motorbike with electrical kits also bearing the insignia of the PHCN. He had earlier in the said second day installed three e-meters at Okpoko at the same charges. In early November, 2012, the 10 three-bedroom flat apartments of No. 10 Onyeagba Street, Odo Rubber Layout, at Iyowa Odekpe, paid a total of N50, 000 to the PHCN technicians from the Ogbaru Business Unit for the installation of their new e-meters on average of N5, 000 per e-meter. The building is a four-storey building. According to Mr. Ikenna Obi (08039580626 or 08175763477), who resides in the building, the PHCN officials are still demanding for another bribe totaling N100, 000 for the entire building before decoding their e-meters for use. Instances such as the forgoing are too numerous to mention.

General Observations: It is our general observation that the 18 grouses listed above against the Ogbaru Business Unit are also our grouses against the Onitsha and the Ogidi Business Units. In other words, the sufferings of innocent consumers in the hands of criminal PHCN officials under the Ogbaru Business Unit are the same sufferings experienced by consumers in Fegge, Odoakpu, Nsugbe, Nkwerre-Ezunaka, Woliwo Layout and Omagba Phase 1 all under the Onitsha Business Unit and; Nkpor, Odume Layout, Obosi, Ogidi, Awada and Ugwuagba Layouts and Omagba Phase 11 all under the Ogidi Business Unit. Cases of criminal negligence, fraud, embezzlement, extortion, bribery and corruption are hereby established against the three Business Units of Onitsha, Ogbaru and Ogidi. These are subject to further thorough and unbiased administrative and criminal investigations into the 18 grouses complained of.

We also observe that the 18 sharp practices complained of, which are a routine in the modus operandi of the three Business Units may most likely have the criminal blessings of the Enugu Zonal Office of the PHCN. In other words, the Enugu Zonal Office of the PHCN may most likely aid and abet. It is also our observation that the 18 sharp practices complained of are no where supported or condoned by any policy statements, missions, visions and aims and objectives of your two important public bodies. They are also not contained in the Nigerian Electric Power Sector Reform Act of 2005. They are called sharp practices because they are activities and conducts done outside the law or administratively prescribed processes.

For instance, none of the 18 sharp or criminal practices is contained in the “Customers Service Charter” of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, which contains a 56-point rights and obligations of the customers, the PHCN management and the Government of Nigeria. What appears to exist in principle is the celebration of official thievery by the PHCN management by rewarding, promoting and punishing their staffers on the basis of ability or inability to defraud consumers ten folds of what their actual monthly consumption bills ought to be. In the two other important public documents made available on the official website of the Federal Ministry of Power titled: “Installation: Electronic Energy Meter” and “Benefits of Prepaid Meter”, none of the 18 sharp or criminal practices is found in them. Rather, they are mentioned in the three public documents as possible criminal practices in the PHCN, to be tackled head on once complained of. These 18 sharp practices are in gross violations of the Chapter Four of the Constitution of Nigeria especially rights to life, dignity of human person (right against mental torture), family life and information. They also violate the Chapter Two of the Constitution –rights to health and education as well as the EFCC, ICPC and Electric Power Sector Reform Acts of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The African Chapter on Human & Peoples Rights of 1981, which Nigeria signed, ratified and domesticated in 1983 is also utterly violated by these 18 gross sharp practices.

Our Demands: In view of the foregoing, therefore, we firmly demand as follows:

1. Thorough, unbiased and conclusive administrative and criminal investigations into the 18 sharp practices complained of, which are leveled against the three Business Units particularly the Ogbaru Business Unit. In the area of criminal investigation, the criminal investigative agencies like Police, EFCC, ICPC and the SSS should be invited by your two important public offices.

2. In investigating the 18 sharp practices complained of, the doctrine of Vicarious Liability (senior taking the punitive liability of his or her junior’s illicit acts due to his or her negligence or incompetence) should be strictly applied against the relevant PHCN top- shots including those occupying the offices named above.

3. The failed Abazuonu Iyiowa 300KVA/33/415 substation (transformer) should be repaired as a matter of uttermost urgency.

4. The 493 flat apartments attached to the said transformer, who installed same should be publicly commended and apologized to, after which a 6-month consumption-free bills should be issued to them. The so-called “monthly maintenance charge” of N500.00 per meter should not appear in the free bills being demanded of. The affected consumers must not be a party to any monthly bills from September 2012 till date having been in perpetual outage since then.

5. A new 500 KVA/33/transformer should be provided and installed beside the said Abazuonu Iyiowa substation so as to balance the heavy load burden of the area.

6. The entire outstanding transformers not yet installed including the 300KVA/33/0.415 given to Ogbeukwu village should be installed and energized immediately.

7. Area or field survey should be conducted in the Iyiowa zone in all the substations therein so as to ascertain their conditions, and load-carrying capacities with a view to balancing their loads and effecting major servicing in them.

8. The acts of inducing or forcing consumers to undertake the responsibilities of installing distribution transformers and maintaining faulty ones in the three Business Units under reference should be totally prohibited and made punitive for defaulting PHCN staffers. Also forcing the consumers to write undertakings “donating to or assisting the PHCN”, which is now a routine in the three Business Units should be totally banned.

9. The present case whereby the consumers in the three Business Units are forced and commanded to pay criminally estimated monthly bills of at least N4, 500/N5, 000.00 per post payment meter, without recourse to units actually consumed captured in same, should be abolished. As a matter of fact, the use of estimated monthly bills to bill members of the public who have post payment meters should be forbidden in the entire Business Units under reference.

10. Commercialization and hording of the allocation and installation of the prepayment electronic energy meters to their subscribers in the three Business Units particularly in the Ogbaru Business Unit should totally be prohibited. As a result, the instances highlighted above should be thoroughly investigated and the culprits severely punished and made to refund sums extorted to their victims.

11. New prepayment energy meters should be massively allocated to consumers in the three Business Units particularly those in the Ogbaru Business Unit. Their allocations and installations should be truly free of charge as a matter of practice. The deliberate and criminal technical conditions and demands attached to their operational usage by the PHCN technicians with a view to further defrauding the consumers should be monitored and prohibited.

12. All the senior occupants of the relevant PHCN offices, to wit: former BM for Onitsha, the SMD for Onitsha, former BM for Ogbaru, the SMD for Ogbaru, the Undertaking Manager for Ogbaru, the new BM for Ogbaru (for aiding and abetting) and the former Maintenance Manager for Iyiowa PHCN office as well as other senior and junior staffers connected to distribution and related departments, who were on seat between June 2011 and June 2012 should be thoroughly investigated over their remote and immediate roles in the Abazuonu Iyiowa 300KVA/33/0.415 transformer installation scandal. If wholly or partly found culpable, they should be punished proportionately to their levels of involvement. Any of them found innocence should be spared.

13. The marketing departments in the three Business Units should be thoroughly audited for 2011 and 2012 fiscal years to ascertain the amounts defrauded in the name of “estimated bills” so as to ascertain what were paid into the official PHCN coffers and the remainders and their whereabouts. For issuing fraudulent bills to the innocent consumers and short-changing them to the tune of billions of naira since 2011, the former and incumbent BMs of the three Business Units should be administratively and criminally sanctioned.

14. The heads of the PHCN offices above mentioned including the heads of marketing departments in the three Business Units should criminally be investigated so as to ascertain their present lifestyles including their movable and immovable properties and compare them with their monthly salaries and allowances paid to them since 2011. In this context, your two public bodies should refer them to relevant security and criminal investigative agencies.

For: Intersociety Nigeria

Emeka Umeagbalasi Chairman, Board of Trustees Phone: +234(0) 8033601078, +234(0) 8180103912 Email: info@intersociety-ng-org

Comrade Justus Ijeoma Head Publicity Desk Phone: +234(0) 8037114869

1. A copy of Intersociety’s letter to the Ogbaru BM dated 31st October 2012 (marked EX 1).
2. A copy of Intersociety’s 2nd letter to same dated 7th November 2012 (Marked EX 2).
3. A copy of letter addressed to the Manager, Ogbaru Undertaking Unit of the PHCN by Hon. Chukwuka Onyema, dated 1st July 2011 (marked EX 3 ).
4. A copy of written request to the Ogbaru Undertaking Unit by the Iyiowa Electricity Committee dated 6th June 2011 (marked EX 4).
5. A letter of appeal for financial support addressed to Comrade Emeka Umeagbalasi regarding the said transformer dated 22nd September 2011 (marked EX 5).
6. A copy of demand/pre-action notice addressed to the Iyiowa Electricity Committee by one Vincent E.O. Nwaeze through Jekwu Anikpeh & Co (solicitors), dated 10th October 2012, demanding for payment of his balance of N30,000 (marked EX 6).
7. A copy of written financial account prepared by the Iyiowa Electricity Committee dated 18th September 2012, which also contained sales invoices of the materials supplied for the installation of the transformer (marked EX 7).
8. A copy of letter-headed sheet from the said PHCN licensed contractor introduced to the Iyiowa Committee by the SMD, containing a quotation worth N463,000 for the repair of the failed Abazuonu Iyiowa transformer (marked EX 8).
9. A copy of the Customers Service Charter of the PHCN (marked EX 9).
10. A copy of public information obtained from the website of the Federal Ministry of Power titled: “Benefits of Prepaid Meter” (marked EX 10).
11. A copy of similar document from the same source titled: “Installation: Electronic Energy Meter” (marked EX 11).

Copies of PHCN monthly bills to consumers in Ogbaru and environs containing the said criminally estimated bills (marked EX 12 (a) to EX 12 (j). They are bills for months of July and August 2012 as well as that of October 2012 containing the so-called “maintenance charge” of N500.00).


1. Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
President & Commander-in-Chief, Federal Republic of Nigeria
2. Mr. Peter Gregory Obi, Governor of Anambra State
3. Honourable Chinwe Nwaebili
Speaker, Anambra State House of Assembly
4. Honourable Victor Afam Ogene
Member, Representing Ogbaru Federal Constituency, House of Reps, Abuja, Nigeria
5. Dr. Sam I. Gekpe, Power Holding Company of Nigeria
PHCN Headquarters, Abuja, Nigeria
6. The Managing Director, Enugu Power Distribution Company PLC
PHCN Zonal Headquarters, Enugu, Nigeria



1. Honourable (Hajiya) Zainab Ibrahim Kuchi
Minister of State for Power
The Federal Ministry of Power
4th Floor, Federal Secretariat Complex
Shehu Shagari Way, Maitama District
Abuja, Nigeria

2. Dr. Sam Amadi
Chairman of the Board
Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
NERC Headquarters, Adamawa Plaza
Plot 1099, First Avenue
Off Shehu Shagari Way
Central Business District
Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

Dear Madam Minister & Chairman NERC,

Re Multi-Billion Naira Fraud In The Onitsha, Ogbaru & Ogidi Business Units Of The PHCN

1. We in the Civil Liberties Organization write to associate ourselves with the subject matter above mentioned, undertaken by our sister body, the International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law.

2. We wish to state unequivocally that facts and circumstances of the matter as raised in the Intersociety’s special report under the foregoing subject matter are familiar to us presently and in the time past.

3. We call for thorough and unbiased investigations into them and punishment of those found wanting. We also concur with demands made by the Intersociety and wish to join in making the same demands.

Yours Faithfully,
For: CLO, Anambra State Branch

Comrade Aloysius Emeka Attah
Chairman, Anambra State Branch


1. Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
President & Commander-in-Chief, Federal Republic of Nigeria
2. Mr. Peter Gregory Obi, Governor of Anambra State
3. Honourable Chinwe Nwaebili
Speaker, Anambra State House of Assembly
4. Honourable Victor Afam Ogene
Member, Representing Ogbaru Federal Constituency
House of Reps, Abuja, Nigeria
5. Dr. Sam I. Gekpe
Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN Headquarters, Abuja, Nigeria
6. The Managing Director, Enugu Power Distribution Company PLC
PHCN Zonal Headquarters, Enugu, Nigeria

*Photo Caption – PHCN workers demonstrating, demanding 25 per cent severance package as against the 15 per cent government offered, as the inept company was in the process of  privatization.