Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Since a Brotherhood candidate, Mohammed Morsi won the last Egyptian presidential elections, the organization has come under increased scrutiny. Most people outside the Arab world do not know whom they are or what they stand for. Since the brotherhood came to power under the Freedom and Justice Party platform, tension has increased in Egyptian society. There is increased strife between Christians and Muslims. Christians are terrified and are emigrating in large numbers to the United States and Europe. Millions of Egyptians are beginning to believe that they are moving from an Islamic State to a Theocratic State. So who are the Muslim Brotherhood and what do they stand for? However, the Brotherhood has been part of Egyptian political life for over 80 years. It was founded in the city of Ismailia in 1928, four years after Turkish leader Kemal Ataturk abolished the Caliph-the office that had authority over Muslims in.......Read More
*Photo Caption - Dr. Leonard Madu 

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - The many investments of Gov. Peter Obi in the education sector are yielding fruits as a citizen of the State, Miss Sandra Anazor, who went to school in the State came the overall best in NECO and WASC examinations.

While receiving her at the Government House yesterday, Obi announced scholarship for her and promptly redeemed it by handing over the cheque of N2, 220,000 to her, covering the 6 years she will be in school, having secured admission to read Medicine at the University of Ibadan. Gov. Obi said he was proud of her accomplishments and that performances such as hers encouraged him to keep visiting secondary schools in the State to encourage students to take their studies seriously, saying he would soon extend it to primary schools.

Reeling out names of Anambra people who are champions in their areas, Obi said that the State would keep on searching for them wherever they are with the view of presenting them as role models to the younger ones. Giving example with the Heart Centre his administration is building at St. Joseph Hospital Adazi-Nnukwu, named after the foremost Anambra Cardiologist, Dr. Joe Nwiloh, Obi said that other foremost Anambrarians would be similarly recognized.

Obi took the opportunity to call on the people of the state to see education as the most portent instrument for competition. Quoting Aristotle, he said that the differences between the educated and the uneducated was as that between the living and the dead.

During the ceremony, the ancient saying that “success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan”, which President John Kennedy repeated after the disastrous “Bay of Pigs invasion” played out as the principal of the school Sandra did her Jss1-Jss3 (Queen of the Rosary, College, Onitsha) Rev Sr Maria Nwankwo and the Principal of Federal Government College, Onitsha, where she did her ss1-ss3, Dr. Mrs CHinyere Nzerem jokingly claimed her as their owns. They both expressed happiness at her performance.

In her speech, Sandra Anagor expressed surprise at the State Government gesture, saying that Peter Obi has proved beyond doubt that he loves education and the successes of his children.

Sandra’s proud father, Barr. Azubike Anagor accompanied by her mother, Chinwe said that the resurrected performance of Anambra people in examinations is attributable to Gov. Obi who has shown interest in all sectors. He recalled when Obi provided boreholes, generators, Internet and Lab facilities as well as school buses to schools in Anambra State and said the gesture allowed Sandra and her colleagues at Queen of the Rosary College, Onitsha and students in other schools in the State to live in boarding schools in relative comfort.

In her own remarks, the State Commissioner for Education said all thanks would go to the Governor for his absolute love for the State.

In her academic history, Sandra has won many academic competitions and awards.

*Photo Caption - Gov. Obi (left), presenting a cheque of 2.220.Million Naira for scholarship to Miss Sandra Anazor (right), a citizen of Anambra State who emerged the overall best in NECO and WASC examinations at Government Lodge, Amawbia January 8, 2013.

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - The article of Bishop Wale Oke seems to have been designed to gain the sympathy of the public, assert new trend in ecclesiastical behaviour and justify the abuse of religion. The abundant assumptions he advanced to support his position make it necessary for his article to receive a rejoinder as many of us are not persuaded by his submission. He asserted that Pastors were considered “the down-trodden, the strugglers, and the dregs of the earth” in the past. But Pastors were not the only people so labelled. Musicians and dramatists were so branded at the time. Today the Pastors are not the only people who seem to be enjoying some fortune in their vocation; dramatists and the musicians also do. The boom in the entertainment industry including the church is probably related to the increased requirement for social support and entertainment in urban life after the social support of our ancestors had collapsed because of.......Read More
*Photo Caption - Bishop Wale Oke

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Gov. Peter Obi of Anambra State yesterday shuts down the illegal markets on both sides of the stretch of roads from the Bridge Head, Onitsha to Zik's round about and all other illegal markets along the dual carriage way from Awka to Onitsha. The Governor made this announcement yesterday during the inspection of the on- going reconstruction work on the road.
A visibly angry Obi lamented that he had for years used persuasion and appeal to reason to let those trading along that axis to leave, but that they persisted. Almost shouting at them yesterday, he lamented that those insisting on not leaving are mostly not from Anambra State and asked them if they do same in their states. In the Governor's words: "I decided from the beginning to treat you as human beings that you are, but you have refused to cooperate. I knew what it took me to persuade contractors working in Anambra State to cut their holidays short and resume work at their various sites. It is annoying that having resumed work, they are prevented on many sites from working because some people are trading on the sites, parking vehicles and even defecating. We shall no longer tolerate that. I hereby order the immediate shutting down of illegal markets along the road. Before the end of the month, we shall relocate to Onitsha to monitor things ourselves until the town and all our other towns return to its old glory. We must forceful demonstrate that Onitsha and any part of Anambra State is not meant for pigs, but for humans."

On why he appears to be descending so hard, Obi explained that his Government has saved money to work for the people in all sectors and that he would not allow any individual to scuttle the projects lined up for execution or become a clog in the wheels of progress.
In another development, the Primate of Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh has commended Gov. Obi for all his efforts towards making life easy for the people through what he called grassroots development. He said this at Cathedral Church of St Peters, Asaba yesterday during the presentation of 5 Archbishops.

He said that those in authority had a lot to learn from Gov. Obi’s humility, commitment and positive partnership with the Church on education, healthcare delivery and other areas. “It pays to take the Church as a partner in promoting a healthy society where the ethics of Christ reign Supreme,” the Primate said.

In his own remarks, the Governor said there was need to promote new consciousness by all and sundry towards rediscovering the Christian values. He called on the Church to continue to pray for those in positions of authority to use it to for the advancement of the society.

*Photo Caption - Gov. Peter Obi at the Bridge Head axis of Onitsha-Enugu Dual Carriage way shortly before he announced the shutting down of all illegal markets along the road that have been obstructing construction work.

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Most people who have read my previous articles will be most surprised about what I set out to do here. “Breaking the landlord of environment” could mean so many things to various peoples. I have so much dwelt on politics, good governance and society in the past so much that it is becoming monotonous. If I veer off to something outside leadership, good governance, politics and society, I would be seen to be “breaking the landlord of environment” jinx. When you are staying in one part of a city or country side, most often you get to a point where you do not think you would survive outside that enclave. You would probably be thinking that people dwelling elsewhere do not have good roads leading to their houses even when the road to your house is the worst. You would also be thinking that if you.......Read More
*Photo Caption - A woman on a laptop.

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Huge crowd in their thousands witnessed Ohaneze Ndigbo general elections held Saturday, January 12, 2013 at Ohaneze Secretariat, 7 Park Avenue, GRA, Enugu, Enugu State.  The election by the apex Igbo socio-cultural organization was peaceful and produced credible officers to replace the outgoing executive. Observers described the poll as free and fair, and well organized. Agents to the candidates raised no objection when asked to comment at the end of election and announcement of results for each elective office. Delegates from all South East States and Niger Delta States with Large Igbo population, namely: Imo, Anambra, Abia , Ebonyi, Enugu, Delta, and Rivers  took turns and voted. Diaspora Igbo, represented by Igbo World Assembly (IWA) and led  by its chairman, Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze also participated in the voting process.

The outgoing President-General, Ambassador Ralph Uwechue gave all elected officers certificate of election at the end of the exercise. Elected officers were sworn in by Justice Eze Ozobu, while IWA chairman, Dr. Anakwenze made closing remarks after which he said the closing prayer. Names of the newly elected officers are below.

Chief G N Enwo-Igariwey – President-General (Ebonyi State)
Dr Joe Nwaorgwu – Secretary-General (Imo State)
Chief ( Bar) O A U Onyema - Deputy President-General (Enugu State)
Chief I N Wonwu - Deputy Secretary-General
Dr P N Atamuo - Ohaneze Vice President Anambra State
Chief C Ndimele - Ohaneze Vice President Abia State
Chief E B Onyia - Ohaneze Vice President Delta State
Chief Ruben Okolo - Ohaneze Vice President Imo State
Chief Emmanuel Ajoku - Ohaneze Vice President Rivers State
Mrs Celina Adibuah - National Financial Secretary
Chief Okeke Ogene - National Treasurer
Chief Joseph Ihemeta - Assistant Legal Adviser

Igariwey Elected New Ohaneze President-General
*Photo Caption - Ohaneze Logo

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Ohaneze Ndigbo, apex Igbo socio-cultural organization holds its General Elections today as this report is filed.   Chief Gary Enwo-Igariwey from Ebonyi State emerged winner in the presidential election and now becomes  new President-General of the apex organization. The election continues and we will carry a detailed report here on Masterweb at the end of the exercise.
The election went forward today after disagreement over the date of the exercise. Ohaneze Electoral Committee had not agreed by Thursday that the elections to choose the 13-member National Executive Committee (NEC) of the organization should hold as scheduled. Secretary of the electoral body, Mr. Richard Ozobu pushed for a new date of January 19 to enable completion of necessary logistics for a successful exercise.  Its chairman, Chief Chris Asoluka threatened to resign his office if the election was moved to a new date. Eventually there was consensus yesterday to hold the elections today as scheduled.
More reports to come.

*Photo Caption - Chief Gary Enwo-Igariwey

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Following what appeared a brief Christmas break, with the visit to 6 schools, Governor Obi has resumed his visits to schools in Anambra State. Schools visited Monday, January 7 were Marist Brothers Secondary School, Nteje; Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkwelle Ezunaka; New Era Secondary School, Onitsha; Army Day Secondary School, Onitsha; Community Secondary School, Awada; and Union Secondary School. Obi gave cheques to some of the schools for rehabilitation of their structures and asked others to evaluate their needs.

At each of the school, the governor inspected their facilities, interacted with staff and students and spoke to the students of the need to take their studies seriously as, according to him, education is the biggest asset those growing up should strive to acquire to be better positioned for success in a highly competitive society.

He assured the students that his administration will not relent in the upgrade of their facilities, often regretting that due to past neglect most of the schools were allowed to collapse. He recalled that before his administration, no school in the State had basic infrastructure, but he thanked God that his administration has reasonably rehabilitated most schools in the State through the provision of basic infrastructure some of which are rehabilitation of science blocks and equipping all with laboratory materials, provision of computers with internet facilities, generating sets, water boreholes, conveniences, buses, fencing etc. He promised that by the end of the year all the schools in Anambra state would be similarly equipped.

At Model Comprehensive Secondary School, Nkwelle Ezunaka, Governor Obi was moved to tears at the level of dilapidation in the School. Commenting on that he said it was most regrettable that in a State where people celebrate vanity, exemplified in over indulgence of every kind, they are not concerned with rebuilding institutions where their children are trained. He gave glory to God for using the opportunity of his visits to schools to actually bring to his attention the burgeoning decay in the education system in the State.

He revealed that one of the greatest things that made him happy is the return of schools to their original owners ( the missionaries) and the collaboration with the Church which had tremendously improved the fortunes of education in the State.He said that Anambra is one of the best in education in terms of performance and other indices.

Speaking at one of the schools visited, Marist Comprehensive College, Nteje, the principal of the school, Reverend Brother Mike Iwu said “ Your Excellency, Sir, it is on record that this school is one among the many in the State which have benefitted immensely from the generosity of your administration. We thank you profoundly for your interest in schools. This really shows that you understand that the children of today are leaders of tomorrow.”

Similarly, the Principal of New Era Secondary School, Onitsha, Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Agbabamila said: “We cannot thank you enough for your vision for the State and your commitment towards achieving that vision more than any other Governor since the State was created. Your dedication, support, encouragement and love for education are beyond expression. Schools just resumed yesterday and here you are today visiting us when some people are still busy holidaying.”

*Photo Caption - Gov. Peter Obi (left) with the Senior Prefect of New Era Secondary School, Onitsha ,  Chioma Okonkwo (right) during the inspection of the schoo Monday.

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Any objective observer would see very vividly, the currents and counter-currents of accusations and counter accusations, that has been blowing over a book by the famed Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe. The title of the book is "There was a country" This book opened up cans of worms formerly hidden, as the victors controlled the message. Mazi Achebe is a global phenomenon and his writings, be it the "Things Fall Apart" (first book on indigenous life, by an indigene) or the present one -"There Was A Country" attracts a coterie of admirers and detractors. This book has pitched the Yoruba and Edo nations against the East, mainly the Igbo. Almost all the Yoruba and Edo commentators on the book, were opposed to the intent of the book, while almost all the people of the East, mainly the Igbo were in support. But one Yoruba man stands out, 20 feet tall, heads and shoulders, above the rest. He is.......Read More
*Photo Caption - Map of Nigeria showing defunct Eastern Region(East).

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - In immediate fulfillment of his promise to make security of lives and property the priority of his Government in 2013 as contained in his New Year broadcast, Gov. Obi on January 2, presented 3 armoured and 50 patrol vehicles to the Police at the Governor’s Lodge, Amawbia, making it over 350 he has so far presented to security organizations in the State. During the presentation, Obi said that other security agencies would receive theirs and assured the Police of the continued support from Anambra State. He says: “May I reassure the Inspector General of Police and the entire Police that Anambra State will continue to work with them for the ....... Read More

*Photo Caption - Governor Obi in one of the vehicles donated to police.