Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports ] - I was reluctant about writing this article, because I know that Nigerian “lootocrats” masquerading as leaders never learn. It is not a secret that these so called leaders spend more time abroad than they do in Nigeria. Due to their abundant loot, they have the most sophisticated television sets, cable channels and generators that keep them tuned into the global circuit of news. Most of them are also from the earlier generation that lived through the 1st republic and the reasonably good governance of that era. Thus, it is not a lack of knowledge of what to do that has created the rot in Nigeria, but a deliberate conspiracy to loot and vandalize the nation. Like a Pig that is pathologically inclined to dirt, no matter how much exposure, experience or knowledge Nigerian leaders are bequeathed, they will sooner jump into the murky and filthy pond of corruption and misrule.

As we celebrate Barack Obama’s historic re-election and the elaborate swearing in ceremony, conducted in the finest traditions of American excellence, it is pertinent to point out the many lessons from American democracy that provides a real time lecture of political science. First, it is remarkable that in more than two centuries of American democracy from George Washington, the first president in 1789 to the present, there has never been cases of organized election rigging, thuggery, hand picking of candidates and other such corrupt acts by American leaders. George Washington came under immense pressure by the ever present palace sycophants to manipulate the system and become a lifelong president, but he refused. He spent two terms in office and bowed out in dignity, having chosen to make the necessary sacrifice and lay the foundation for a durable democracy. That singular act by George Washington contributed in birthing the iconic American democracy that has become a beacon for the rest of the world.

The American constitution, exhaustively debated and negotiated by the founding fathers and a broad spectrum of American society remains a living and somewhat sacred document, imbued with the finest ideals of freedom, justice, equality and fundamental human rights far ahead of its time. That the same constitution enacted centuries ago, remains America’s article of faith is testament to the near divinity of the founding fathers. The cherished attributes of a living constitution, functional state institutions, a jealously guided free and fair electoral process and ultimately the sacrifices of the founding fathers have preserved American democracy for more than two hundred years and contributed in large measure in making America the greatest nation on earth. President Obama’s re-election owes to this long legacy of exemplary American democracy that is nurtured through rich debates , ideology and free elections.

Another fine attribute of American democracy is its anchoring on ideological political parties that are defined by policies and programmes that differentiate each party from the other. This affords the American citizenry a clear choice in picking their leaders at every level of government. The world was treated to charged and lively sessions of public policy debates between Barack Obama and Mit Romney as they traded off endlessly on the economy, jobs, foreign policy amongst others with each candidate articulating a clear plan for job creation and the re-invigoration of the economy. The economy and jobs took a deserved center stage in the political debates in recognition of the fact that the welfare of citizens constitutes one of the most fundamental purposes of government.

Unlike in Nigeria, American politicians do not ignore the welfare of their citizens, neither do they arm thugs to kill, maim and snatch ballot boxes, nor do they have presidents and godfathers that arrange with electoral umpires to rig elections, announce fraudulent results and loot the coffers once in power. This fundamental difference between America and Nigeria has made America the greatest and most prosperous nation on earth while Nigeria in stark contrast is one of the poorest and most dysfunctional (failed) states on earth. Nigeria is on a self navigated route to perdition except we learn the important lessons from American democracy.

Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu ( reports.


*Photo Caption - Map & Flag of Nigeria

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – A critical look at the composition of the present cabinet of President Goodluck Jonathan may make one question the criteria used in selecting the persons for the different portfolios. Whilst majority of the officials have been dubbed as old guards whose reign in the federal ministries have been more like the same old story, few stand out in the midst of the pack. And, Dr (Mrs) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Coordinating Minister for the Economy, is one of those few.
Dr Okonjo-Iweala brings her suite of experience to the table as she is faced with, perhaps, the most challenging of her job functions till date - the Finance Minister of Africa’s most populous nation and second largest economy in the continent. No doubt, her present calling is one that attracts global scrutiny and commentary. And coming at a time when Nigerians are more expressive about their demands from government, it is obvious she will be severally called upon to defend and justify the radical policies she is introducing into the Nigerian economic sphere. But with what we have seen so far, one can safely vouchsafe that she is capable and well positioned to handle the onerous tasks ahead.

As the Economic Adviser to President Olusegun Obasanjo in year 2000, Dr Okonjo-Iweala was charged with the responsibility of mapping a way for Nigeria out of its external debt, which was then US$30 billion. At that time, Nigeria paid US$1 billion to service this loan without any dent in the repayment of the actual loan. She was invited back to Nigeria in 2003 to head the Finance Ministry. Her most prominent achievement during her tenure as Minister from 2003-2006 was the cancellation of about 60% of Nigeria’s external debt with the Paris Club, worth US$18 billion. It is only fair to say that Nigeria leveraged on Dr. Ngozi’s goodwill with the international community to achieve the cancellation of the debt; coupled with her sound economic policies that were introduced at that time.

A woman of uncompromisingly high standards and strong personal values, she honourably resigned her appointment when she was transferred from the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2006. She again heeded the call to national duty in 2011, when she was invited from the World Bank to again head the Finance Ministry of Nigeria. With her appointment came the news of the proposed removal of subsidy on fuel. While this made her largely unpopular among the populace, information coming to light has clearly shown the rationale behind her proposal to completely remove the subsidy on petroleum products, as some unscrupulous Nigerians have fraudulently enriched themselves from the subsidy scheme.

Her exceptional achievements have received global recognition, some of which include:
·        Top 100 most inspiring people delivering for girls and women, Women Deliver, 2011
·        The Bishop John T. Walker Distinguished Humanitarian Service Award, Africare, 2010
·        This Day Award of 50 Most Notable Nigerians who have contributed most to 50 years of
Nigerian Development, 2010
·        Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Amherst College, USA, May 2008
·        Conde Nast International Business Intelligence Magazine Portfolio as one of 73 "Brilliant"
business influencers in the world, 2008
·        Honorary Doctorate of Letters, Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland, December 2007
·        Honorary Doctorate of Laws, Colby College, USA, May 2007
·        Honorary Doctorate of Laws, Brown University, USA, May 2006
·        Forbes Magazine 100 Most Powerful Women in the world, 2006
·        Global Finance Minister of the Year 2005 EUROMONEY Magazine
·        Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Northern Caribbean University, Mandeville, Jamaica 2004
·        Finance Minister of the Year 2005, Africa and the Middle East: Emerging Markets Magazine
·        TIME Magazine European Heroes Award 2004
·        Euromarket Forum, Brussels Belgium, 2004 Award for Vision and Courage in Design and Implementation of Nigeria's Economic Reform Programme.
·        2000 Merit Award - Nigerian Lawyers Association, New York, USA.

A woman of integrity and international repute, one can authoritatively say that Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is one of the reasons to believe in Nigeria and, indeed, Africa. She brought Africa to the limelight when she became the first woman – nay African – to vie for the World Bank Presidency, a position that had erstwhile been occupied only by Americans. While she lost out in the bid to become the World Bank’s President because of Western politics, the global goodwill her candidacy attracted was a testimony to her integrity and understanding of world economics. It is worthy of note that she continues to chair the International Development Association which sourced a historic US$49.3 billion to provide grants and interest-free loans to the world’s poorest countries. Therefore, there is no gainsaying that Nigerians should rest assured that someone who has the capacity to redefine the economy is at the helm of affairs.

Even her most vocal critics will agree that she is arguably the most qualified amongst the lot to head the economic team of President Goodluck Jonathan. One can safely say that Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala understands our collective aspirations as a people. Having experienced firsthand the ravages of the Nigerian Civil War, where her family lost everything and sometimes had to settle for one meal a day. It is true that with such experience comes a deeper understanding of the needs of a people: the desire to live a better life, devoid of anxiety as to where the next meal will come from.

Her impact on the national budget is also commendable. In 2006, the percentage of recurrent expenditure was 65%. By 2011, it had risen to a whopping 74.4%. Granted that many Nigerians have criticized the 2012 budget, it is worthy of mention that there was a marginal reduction in recurrent expenditure by 3.4%. And when one considers the fact that Nigeria had had four male Finance Ministers between 2006 and 2011 when the recurrent expenditure rose by 9.4%, even the most vociferous of critics would be constrained to praise this woman manager!

A consummate Nigerian, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has no tribal or regional leanings. She pursues the best and all-embracing policies, not what will be beneficial only to the Igbo people. It is easy to see that her appointment was not because of her tribe either, but her qualifications. Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s merits to the Jonathan administration cannot be concluded without pointing out her outstanding reputation in a government that is allegedly riddled with corrupt, power-hungry and self-seeking officials. So far, she is unblemished by any allegation of corruption and is held in high esteem among her colleagues, respected by her critics, with personal and professional ethics that transcend the Nigerian polity.

At a time when family values seem to be becoming old-fashioned and dignity of labour is no longer a thing of pride, Dr (Mrs) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala — married to Physician and Surgeon Ikemba Iweala, a mother of four children — is the epitome of an ideal woman. Her eldest child, Onyinye Iweala, received her Ph.D in Experimental Pathology from Harvard University in 2008 and graduated from its Medical School in 2010. Another of the children, Uzodinma Iweala, is an award-winning author.

Bringing Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala to head the Finance Ministry is one of the right decisions the Goodluck Jonathan administration has taken, and one for which it should be commended.

Olusola Daniel reports.

*Photo Caption - Dr. (Mrs) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - The traditional ruler of Ikenga, a town in Anambra State, Igwe Ezeobi Onwuneme, has described the governorship of Mr. Peter Obi as a divine intervention in the life of Anambra State. He made this remarks Friday, February 1st  when the Governor visited St. Anthony’s Secondary School in the town. He said that if not for Peter Obi, who visited places other governors would probably see as not fit for them to visit, that the people of Ikenga might not have seen a Governor. He thanked him for all he is doing in Anambra State, which, according to him, Ikenga town had benefited from. “Much as we appeal to him to construct the Ikenga road, we thank him for giving our town money for security and road palliatives, as well as the building of primary school in our town, among others.”
In his own remarks, Gov. Obi who donated a brand new 18-seater bus to ST. Anthony’s Secondary School, the only one in the community as well as 10 computer sets with the promise to give them money for the rehabilitation of their laboratories and building of a library, said that what gave him greatest joy was being in the midst of the youth and encouraging them to pursue education as the most important currency for tomorrow’s completion.

The Catholic Bishop of Awka, Bishop Paulinus Ezeokafor thanked the Governor, saying that he was a good example of how Christians should behave in politics. He prayed to God for a good successor that if not better than the Governor, would at least be as good as he is.

In a similar development, the Governor paid an unscheduled visit to Girls High School Agulu, where he was conducted round the School by the Senior Prefect. The Governor inspected rehabilitated buildings, as well as those yet to be rehabilitated. He expressed joy that the partnership with the Church is yielding fruits in the area of education and health. He said that his Government was looking for more ways to deepen the partnership with the Church for the ultimate good of the State.

*Photo Caption - Gov. Peter Obi with students of St Anthony’s secondary School, Ikenga after he donated a brand new bus and computers to them Friday, February 1st . 

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Despite the frantic effort of Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan to set up a combined Military Task Force in Warri to combat incessant kidnappings in the state, yet kidnapping is growing at geometrical progression while victims bear the brunt. Kidnapping in Delta State is fast becoming a worthwhile business for some of the ostensible Delta youths who felt, it is the only way to make ends meet. Even Governor Uduaghan went as far to set up another Delta Police Anti- kidnapping Squad (PAS) and purchased heavily armored vehicles to security agencies in the state to combat digital kidnappings but no avail.

It is sad that the Delta oil rich state is being under the siege of ferocious kidnappers’ haven that equally prevented foreign investors to invest and being unjustly abducted. Kidnapping is fast becoming a scientific crime that has generated into every nooks and crannies of the state which the fear of coming to Delta State by non Deltans is the beginning of wisdom and trepidation. The continuation of high profile kidnappings of prominent sons and daughters could be traced to political instability that has digitally crept into the state with no definite solution. The incessant arrests of abductors are yet to bring peace into Delta State in recent times. Kidnappers’ are taken Delta state leadership to the cleaners without considering the cost of governance in the country.

Since 2010 precisely when Delta state kidnappers started professionally which was mainly traced to Niger Delta militants in Bayelsa State? Though the Amnesty programme set up by the then late President Musa Yar’ Adua in 2010 which brought at least 75 percent reduction of kidnappings in the region while militants were instituted into comprehensive trainings to foreign countries and Nigeria. Over 200 kidnappers have been apprehended while the Head of the Delta Police Anti- kidnapping Squad Dickson Adeyemi was accused and arrested along side with his boys over aiding and abetting of kidnappers in the state. To the extent that a bill was initiated by Uduaghan to the House of Assembly to be signed into law on Delta penalty on Kidnappers or being jailed for 44 years. Although, some kidnappers were recently jailed for 44 years by one Justice Theresa Diai in the state. The so -called desperate kidnappers are only interested with high profile Deltans and nothing else.

Some schools of thought assume that Delta kidnappings could be traced to Unemployment of youths, Greed, insider involvement, Politics and Ex-militants. But the fact is that kidnapping is high form of criminality which is similar to armed robbery, raping, ritual killings, stealing but ransom is being placed on the former while some kidnappers’ victims have been killed for not amicably settled with high ransom demanded by the so-called kidnappers in recent times. The statistics shown that over 20 people have been kidnapped in one spot or the other with high negotiation of substantial amount of money in their hideouts. Some of the kidnappers’ victims in recent times are Professor Hope Eghagha, Delta State Commissioner for Higher Education, Chief Dr, Gregory Oke Akpojene (MON) IDU President, Markson Macaulay, the son of the present SSG to the Delta State Government, Uchenna Abueme, NYSC member, Reverend J Isreal, Justice Marcel Okoh, Benedicta Offorkachi, Madam Suzanne Elumelu, Coordinating Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala’s mother, Okey Ofili, Obomejerio Aforkeya and others. Even one Ivrogbo- Irri prominent daughter of the soil in Isoko South LGA of Delta State, Dr Mrs. Ugboma, the mother of the Nigerian popular comedian, Bovi Ugboma was almost kidnapped late last year but was quickly intercepted by the police who were on patron duty.

Overtly, kidnapping could be also traced to the National security failure of President Goodluck Jonathan who could not tackle the emergence of insurgent Islamic extremist called Boko Haram in the Northern part of Nigeria which over 5000 of people killed while property worth millions of naira destroyed. Terrorism is gradually spreading to other parts of the country. In the South West, Pipeline vandalization is more pronounced in that part of the region while South East that kidnapping was the major profession by their youths now turned into ritualism of dead bodies flowing in their major river without tracing the perpetrators of this heinous acts. In spite that the Federal Government budgeted high on the security vote, yet security matters is being treated with levity while Nigerians are living in palpable fears of destructive kidnappers who sometimes kill their victims for not complying with their outrageous demands. The mechanism to tackle security situation is yet to be defined by our so-called security operatives in Nigeria. Even in Delta State a so-called and self-styled clergy, Emmanuel Abuovom of African church was involved in kidnapping. Christian Obodo, Super Eagle player was also kidnapped with ransom of #30 million to bail him out from kidnappers.

Again, the unjust ban of motorcyclists popularly known as Okada is also causing incessant kidnappings without providing alternative means to Okada riders rather providing Tricycles that are beyond the reach of ordinary okada rider on the street in the state while some traditional leaders and politicians are behind the kidnapping spree. Most of the youths that are resort to kidnapping as the only way to survive the neglected political terrain in the state where some of these so-called politicians bought them some heavily armed weapons to fight their political opponents and later abandoned them after being elected into their respective offices. Some of the professed politicians promised some of the youths but wickedly disappointed them for greed of office and nothing else.30 percent of Delta youths are graduates but unemployable in the labour market and some of the major oil companies in the state. The recent kidnapping of Prof Abednego Ekoko, former Vice Chancellor of DELSU last Sunday at St. Paul Anglican Church at Uzere community, precisely his home town is an indication of security threat in Isokoland.Uzere community is presently prey to kidnappers. Though series of kidnappings are being perpetrated in the community over traditional leadership and others.Uzere community must resolve their issues now to avoid being plunged the community into conflict war than waiting for the state government.

In the nutshell, Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan needs to hold a comprehensive town hall meeting on monthly basis where all traditional rulers, elders, community leaders, security agencies, the 25 local government chairmen, stakeholders, industrialists, church leaders, NGOs, NBA, students, medical practitioners, traders association, artisans and others should find a lasting solution to kidnappers’ in the state. Jailing kidnappers for 44 years would rather increase kidnappings in the state. It is time for the state government to involve private- public partnership in curbing crime among unemployable youths in the state. The likes of Otunba Isaac Emiyede, ACN, South South leader in Lagos State, Engr Solomon Okpithe, Zakka Bala, security expert, Igwilo Nachukwu, Presidor Ghomorai, Comrade Joseph Evah, Rev Benedict Eto, Cordelia Okpei, Fred Edoreh, Pst Bello Osagiwe,Prince Frank Egbodo, Deacon Nwafor Micheal, Hon Raphael Okelezo should be invited to provide useful advice on how to tackle security failure in the state now. The three point agenda of Uduaghan which security and peace topped the list must severely dealt with to make the state centre of excellence.

Godday Odidi (08058124798), a Public Affairs Analyst reports from Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.

*Photo Caption – Delta State Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Never in its recent history has there been schism that has threatened the ecumenism of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) since it was founded in 1976. Matters came to a head with the withdrawal at the national level of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) from CAN, the umbrella body of Christian churches in Nigeria for promoting unity and peace among the various strata of society. The Catholic church suspended its activities in CAN sighting “recent attitudes, utterances and actions of the national leadership of CAN which in our opinion negate the concept of the foundation of the association and the desire of Our Lord Jesus Christ”.
The reaction from the Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor-led CAN to the withdrawal of the Catholic bloc was rather antagonistic, confrontational, haughty and a face-saving rant that does not address the issues raised by the Catholic bloc. It was expected that as a responsible Christian association, pertinent questions put forward by the CBCN should have been addressed in their response. CAN's spokesman for the 19 Northern states, Sunny Oibe, reacted brashly; “There is no need for anybody to lose sleep over the threat by Catholics to pull out of CAN because without them CAN will still continue. The constitution of CAN makes provision that membership can be terminated by any group that is misbehaving or any group can also terminate their membership”.With remarks like this, it is obvious that all is not well with the Christian association. Such unguarded comments and outburst is capable of exacerbating the present crisis rocking the body.

Close observers of events anticipated this, maybe it was long overdue, because in our very eyes, we saw the CAN leadership, gradually, in their quest for power, political relevance, filthy lucre, material gain and opulence become an appendage of the ruling political party. Pulpits of mega churches are now campaign platforms for politicians seeking election and re-election, the picture of President Jonathan kneeling before a man of God readily comes to mind. When a group of Pastors or General Overseers, begin to manipulate and use CAN like their personal property, then there is bound to be schism. The leadership of the Christian body is now an avenue for some avaricious few, to gallivant and junket around the world in private jets in the guise of spreading the gospel. Their choice of a life of opulence and splendour rather than the 'modest life of a leader of the flock of Christ that common sense dictates is quite appalling. Men of God have turned lovers of money, mundane possessors whose affections are set on things below. The Christian body seem to be at ease with the corruption from all sectors of the country, it is detached from the Christian folk it represents.

There is an unhealthy rivalry among the mega rich, prosperity preaching and political protestant pastors that constitute CAN to outdo each other; whose private jet or private university is bigger, which denomination has built the newest mega church auditorium in town. CAN now seem to fan the embers of impunity, sleaze and profligacy in the country. The reason is not far-fetched; some of the embezzled public funds in the country has found their way via “brown envelopes” to church offerings and pockets of pastors who in turn guaranty return of votes from willy-nilly church members during elections. The politicisation and monetisation of CAN is a far cry from the association’s articulated objectives that seeks to act as conscience of the nation and voice of the voiceless. With CAN’s conscience seared and its lips sealed, it has become a toothless watchdog of the Christendom and as of today, it has lost its relevance.

The CAN leadership went a step further to smear its image when its President and Senior Pastor, Word of Life Bible Church, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor at a lavish church party to mark the 40th anniversary of his pastoral calling in Warri; President Goodluck Jonathan – whom he is “ferociously” close to –  was in attendance, joined the elite league of private jet flying men of God when he received a greek gift from unnamed members of his church.

It was high time someone said the truth, CAN has derailed! To aptly put in Bishop Matthew kukah's words, Nigerian Christian leaders "…Have become more visible in relation to national prayer sessions, pilgrimages, alliances with state power and so on. Unless we distance ourselves, we cannot speak the truth to power. We cannot hear the wails of the poor and the weak. We should not be seen as playing the praying wing of the party in power." Apparently, he spoke about CAN.

Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mallam Lamido Sanusi Lamido must have been thinking about CAN recently when he said people now “Find religion to be a very good instrument in the contestation of space for political power and for distribution of resources, they are not religious organizations; they are not cultural organisations; they are political associations in disguise of religion and region”.

When was the last time CAN consulted with its member churches to make necessary common statements and take common actions after a major crisis like the incessant Boko Haram attack in northern Nigeria? What we have seen in the last few years is the regular visit to the seat of power, Aso Rock Villa, and mere blowing of hot air whenever turmoil arise, exhibiting little or no initiative to take decisive action in matters affecting the Nigerian Christians. There is a general believe that the Christian body is on a freefall. As a matter of urgency, a moderation by the leadership of CAN in its lifestyle and association with politicians will go a long way in restoring some integrity and respect to the national Christian group.

It will be pertinent to add here that there has always been some form of discrimination between Catholics and Pentecostals even till this day. I had a personal experience when I worshipped in a Catholic church, the Rev. Father during his homily, made allusion to the raucous manner the Pentecostals engaged in praise worship and prayers even for the death of their enemies. Each group consider themselves pious Christians, some Protestants in CAN still consider Catholics as drunkards who are not devout Christians. Catholics in turn do not think Protestant pastors in CAN as properly ordained since their ordination lacks historical link with early Christian practice. Until such cerebrations are jettisoned, genuine ecumenism might be wishful thinking.

At such a crucial time that the country is trying to grapple with the onslaught of Boko Haram on Christians, the least desired of a body conceived as a rallying point for Christians is division. If for nothing at all, the lives of Christians lost to the violence of Islamist fundamentalist and splinter sects should be a reason the leadership of CAN and the Catholic bloc resolve their differences.

Now, more than ever, the Christian body needs to put its house in order and reposition itself to speak out against all forms of violence. CAN must henceforth desist from politicking and refocus on its core value of Christian ecumenism.

*Photo Caption – Christian Symbol

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - If the reasons I gave for people hating mathematics is true, then mathematically you say that my list is a SET of why people fear mathematics. If there are other reasons, such as Lack of mathematical models, lack of mathematics teachers, etc then mathematically you say that the SET is a SUBSET of reasons; do not mind my interchange of “fear” and “hate”. You can bring the two SETs together into one bigger SET with a merger tool call UNION. But if there could be no other reasons people fear mathematics, then you express that mathematically by saying that the SET is a SUPERSET which means the SET has covered all possible reasons, at the time, that make people fear the subject mathematics. Just as we normally say that we are all political animal, it is true to say that we are all mathematical animal. It is only when one is mentally deranged that this notion cannot apply because to be a mathematician you must be coherent in your thinking and it is true that most people are coherent when they think. This is why when we want to travel by air, we go to obtain.......Read More
*Photo Caption - Maths Symbols

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – For the first time in the history of presidential inauguration ceremony in the U.S., the first African-American president of the United States of America, President Barack H. Obama demanded to be sworn-in with two respected personal Bibles owed by two revered and iconic figures -- the first Bible belonging to President Abraham Lincoln, the father of the American nation, who did not only abolish slave trade through the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, but was courageous enough to unite a nation and preserved the Union through a policy of reconciliation despite the opposition from his party. During his second inaugural address on March 4, 1865, as the crowd listened in profound silence, President Lincoln gave a short speech saying the following memorable statement:

“With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation’s wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan–to do all which may achieve and cherish a just, and a lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations.”

Within weeks after those memorable words, President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, who listened to the speech on the Capitol steps, not far from where Lincoln spoke. The nation was thrown into mourning and panic.

Abraham Lincoln was a pragmatic politician and a man of faith, who was inspired by God and Sacred Scriptures, which gave him strength and courage to condemn slavery and abolished it during his presidency.

Likewise, Martin Luther King Jr., a prophet and human rights leader, widely regarded as America’s pre-eminent advocate of nonviolence and one of the greatest nonviolent leaders in world history. Drawing inspiration from both his Christian faith—as a theologian and prophetic preacher and from the wise teachings of Jesus Christ and peaceful teachings of Mahatma Gandhi of India, Dr. King led a nonviolent movement in the late 1950’s and 60’s to achieve legal equality for African Americans in the United States. While other civil rights organizations were advocating for freedom by “any means necessary,” including violence, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used the power of words and acts of nonviolent resistance, such as protests and grassroots organizing, to achieve seemingly impossible goals.

Dr. King prophetically and courageously inspired the United States of America and the world to judge people by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. His non-violent civil right activities and the famous “I have a Dream” speech, electrified the entire nation to rethink of its segregation and enslavement laws. His powerful oratory and wise leadership freed an entire nation from hate, bigotry and self-destruction and gave millions freedom and hope around the world. Nigeria needs such a person today.

Three years after Dr. King’s “I have a Dream” speech, he was abruptly and tragically assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, in the morning of April 4th, 1968, by James Earl Ray. Again, the nation was thrown into mourning and uncertainties—especially for African-Americans, who at that point had not achieved much in terms of equality and justice. James Earl Ray and his accomplices shot and killed Dr. King who spent a lifetime engaged in non-violent struggle for critical human and social issues such as poverty, racism, inequality, injustice, and war.

And so, like the political pragmatist, Abraham Lincoln, and the prophetic leader, Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, a community organizer, a pragmatic and brilliant politician, who comes shattering centuries-old barriers for African-Americans by being elected the first African-American president of the United States of America in November 2008 and then four years later, was re-elected in an election many pundits and his opponents on the right wrote him off, demands to be sworn-in in his second term with two personal Bibles of his idols. The first presidential election of Barack Obama was in itself historic, but his second term and the special request to be sworn-in with President Lincoln’s Bible and Dr. King’s personal Bible makes it even more symbolic. There is no doubt that President Barack Obama will go down in history not only as the first African-American to occupy the White House, a power house built by his ancestors, but his identification with the two great American iconic leaders of all time.

In his speech, which has been rated as powerful and comparable to that of President Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address on March 4, 1865, President Barack Obama said, "We reject that Americans must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation that will build its future,”
President Obama told the crowd of hundreds of thousands of spectators who descended on the National Mall Monday morning, saying, “The commitments we make to each other--through Medicare, and Medicaid and Social Security--these things do not sap our initiative; they strengthen us. They do not make us a nation of takers; they free us to take the risks that make this country great."

Many conservative commentators have said that the president’s speech focused mainly on social programs for the poor, climate change and regrettably on same-sex marriage rights.

The issue of gay rights is a policy that moral and public policy watchers like us are struggling to make this famous comparison between these three great men—President Lincoln, Prophet King and President Obama. There is no doubt that the three men existed during three different and radical periods of human history—Lincoln during the 19th century, King in 20th century, and Obama in 21st century, nevertheless, if Lincoln and King were alive today, would they promote gay rights and push people to stay on government handout?

In recognition of Martin Luther King Day, Linkage’s Institute for Leading Diversity & Inclusion faculty member and thought leader, Dr. Mary-Frances Winters, was confronted with similar feeling when she asked this question: “If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was alive today, what he would think about the progress we’ve made towards equality and inclusion?

She was of the opinion that some monumental progress of historic proportions has been made for the election of the first Black president, Barack Hussein Obama, in 2008 and his re-election in 2012. However, she also felt that little progress has been in economic and political power for Blacks and Latinos. Humongous problems such as health care, unemployment, racial profiling, hate crimes, moral values, school dropout for black, acts of terrorism and catastrophic violence is commonplace today’s America, she writes.

The former UN Ambassador, legislator and Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young—one of Martin Luther King Jr.'s closest aides, in his interview with Newsmax on gun massacres, said, “I’m mindful of the way that Martin Luther King dealt with the gun issue,” "When people showed up at his home with guns after his house had been bombed, he said, ‘No, take your guns home. We have got to find a better way to deal with this problem.’ In fact, he used the Biblical term ‘a more excellent way.’

In reacting to President Barack Obama second inauguration ceremony that coincided with the 2013 and 45th annual Commemorative Service of Martin Luther King Jr. 84th birthday, Rev. Andrew Young told Newsmax, that it’s particularly appropriate for President Barack Obama’s second inauguration to fall on the day honoring the slain civil rights icon—Obama owes his “very existence” to the man whose life and death broke down centuries-old barriers for African-Americans, he said.

Star Parker, the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), in her piece to honor Dr. King birthday and President Obama second inauguration asked, “Could Dr. King have given the Inaugural benediction.” Her question was poignant on the issue of religion, faith and morality in America. This in lieu of the fact that Rev. Louie Giglio, pastor of the evangelical Passion City Church in Atlanta, who was designated to give the benediction at this year’s presidential inauguration, was pushed aside and he withdrew, under apparent pressure, after the surfacing of remarks he made, some 25 years ago, about the sinfulness of homosexuality.

Ms. Parker, a social conservative and leading voice in the Tea Party Movement asked an appropriate question when she wrote the following statements, “Could Dr. King have given the Inaugural benediction?” “Let’s recall that freedom of religion appears in the First Amendment of our constitution, alongside the protection of freedom of speech. So what kind of irony do we have before us that two key aspects of American life, protected by our constitution, are up in smoke and the venue is inauguration of an American president, who will put his hand on a Bible and swear to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”? Adding more bitter irony, Rick Warren, who gave the benediction at the 2009 inauguration of this same president, America’s first black president, recently said that “the battle to preserve religious liberty for all, in all areas of life, will likely become the civil rights movement of this decade.”
And so, when President Barack Obama stood on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol—on national television and before a mammoth crowd of hundreds of thousands of spectators who descended on the National Mall on Monday morning, Obama staunchly reiterated his belief that gay people should be allowed to marry. He said, "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law -- for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well." He also compared the gay rights Stonewall Riots of the 1960s in the same breath as the Selma civil rights marches.

Despite my admiration for him as the first Black President of this great United States of America and the most powerful man in the world today, I do humbly and respectfully disagree with our beloved president on the issue of religion, faith, and morality. President Obama is highly educated and he claims to be a Christian, however, it baffles me how he does not see the difference between gay rights and civil rights. Gay right is a sexual and moral issue whereas civil right is a human and freedom issue. The gays have the freedom—especially in America to live with their partners but they do not have the moral authority—neither the government to redefine the institution of family and marriage—a divine institution that is as old as mankind and impose their homosexual agenda on young people.

About two weeks after the president’s publicly endorsing same-sex marriage in a television interview on ABC, a 12-year old boy posted a YouTube video advocating for same-sex rights. Since the President has continued to speak at a campaign fund-raiser for gay rights supporters. This week, the president of the lesbian group in Atlanta announced there will be the biggest lesbian party in Atlanta next month. Today, young black kids as old as 12-years are lured into homosexual acts and lifestyle. This is dangerous, especially when a black man in the Oval office endorses such group.

Even though I know deep down in my heart that homosexual lifestyle is sinful and immoral, yet my curiosity on the issue of gay rights is this: If Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, what would he say about gay rights? Would he have supported President Obama in his quest and fight for gay rights? Would Dr. King agree with President Obama that gay rights are the same as civil rights? Would Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., have allowed his personal Bible to be used by President Barack Obama in the swearing-in ceremony?

While pondering those questions, a colleague of mine sent me the message of Rev. Jonathan Walton, Harvard’s Pusey Minister of Memorial Church and Plummer Professor of Christian Morals at Harvard Divinity School. During his Boston’s 43rd annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Breakfast speech on Monday morning of January 21, Rev. Walton contrasted what he called the present-day” sanitized and sterilized” version of the civil rights leader’s dream for America with what he said was the real message that King left behind. Rev. Walton cited 1965 as an important turning point for King. It was “the year King moved beyond civil rights,” said Walton, “to human rights, to economic justice,” and to promoting peace in war-torn Vietnam. The problems of poverty and war, Walton said, remain today and seem to be worsening, as huge sums “go to support the military-industrial complex,” while programs for the poor are slashed in the name of fiscal responsibility. “We need [King’s] wisdom now like never before,” Walton said.

That wisdom was echoed at the Horizon Sanctuary at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta during the Martin Luther King, Jr. 2013 Annual Commemorative Service held on Monday, January 21, 2013, where I was privileged to be part of this year’s commemorative service. I was passionate to attend this year for a few reasons: First, it coincided with the inauguration of President Barack Obama second term in office, second, for the first time in history of inauguration of presidents, the President specifically requested to be sworn-in with King’s personal Bible, and third, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), was asked to be the keynote speaker.

In 2011 MLK Commemorative Service, Professor Cornel West brought eloquence and in 2012, Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III ignited the Horizon Sanctuary with his passionate oratory. Rev. Rodriguez becomes the first Hispanic to give a keynote speech at the MLK Commemorative Service. He lived up to the occasion. His message will go down in history as one of the most prophetic messages delivered at the King’s Commemorative Services. Reverend Rodriguez is a passionate and prophetic Bible teacher. His oratory skills and kin insights on social, moral, religious and political issues are intriguing and amazing. Some have said that he is the Hispanic MLK. Without doubt, the spirit of MLK is in him. We need the African MLK. Rev. Samuel Rodriguez is the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), an organization that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. actually helped to launch in the 60’s, a religious/political organization that is today embraced by over 40 000 thousand Hispanic Evangelical churches in North America and with over 40 million members. Since then, his career has risen to new heights.

At the MLK 2013 Annual Commemorative Service on January 21, I had a rare opportunity to meet briefly with Dr. Bernice A. King, CEO of King Center and daughter of MLK Jr. During our brief moment, I delivered a prophetic message to her at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Horizon Sanctuary. I prophesized to her that the mantle of prophetic leadership is now upon her. I told her that she's a prophetess and encouraged her to keep the dream alive. I further stated that the election of Barack Obama as the first African-American president of the United States of America is not the fulfillment of King’s dream. The fulfillment of her father’s dream is prophetic and will have its full fulfillment in Jesus Christ, when Christ returns to rule and reign as King and Lord, and at that time all oppressed people will be freed from Self, Sin, Sickness and Satan. And finally, I released a leadership anointing upon Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King, praying upon her the prophetic and leadership anointed prayer of Isaiah 11:2.

The King’s Center observance of the 84th birthday anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr. and celebration of the 28th national holiday commemorating his life and leadership. The King Center’s 2013 observance marks the 45th annual MLK birthday program, setting the tone for nation-wide, and indeed, global observances honoring his life, work and his historic contributions. The 2013 observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday also launches the King Center’s year-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of King’s “I have a Dream” speech, which he delivered on August 28th, 1963 at the march on Washington DC. In keeping with the theme for the 2013 MLK birthday observance, “Remember! Celebrate! Act! King’s Dream for our World.” The Commemorative Service as always was splendid, empowering, and marvelous.

Like Abraham Lincoln, who ended slavery, or prophet King, whose exemplary short life was dedicated in non-violent struggle for equality and justice for Blacks, minorities and the poor; the pragmatist and brilliant Obama is dedicating his life and presidency to fight for the middle class, for gays, against healthcare fraud, for climate change, against terrorism, for immigrants, and so on. President Obama will also be remembered for his passionate plea for the poor—thereby fulfilling the most important command of God. No matter how historians record this century, Obama’s name will be among the great men who came and conquered his generation. Even if he is written-off by those on the Right, his supporters and admirers will remember him as a man who shattered old-century barrier by becoming the first Black president of the United States to rule the world from the Oval Office in D.C. For his religious beliefs and moral policies, we leave that for Almighty God to judge him. Rather as believers, we are commanded to submit to those in authority and pray for them that they may have godly wisdom to lead the people in order that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. I offer that pray for President Barack Obama, his adorable family and his cabinet

Rev. C. Kingston Ekeke reports. Reverend Ekeke is a theologian, author, consultant, and leadership scholar. He is the president of Leadership Wisdom Institute.

*Photo Caption – US President Barack Obama

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Gov. Peter Obi of Anambra State has described himself as a desperate man. He said he was not desperate for political office, wealth, fame or any of those things he described as “fleeting attributes of being”, rather he said that he was desperately searching for Anambra people that are stars in their fields and therefore worthy to be celebrated and presented to the youth as role models to emulate . He was speaking at the Princess Alexandria Auditorium of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, yesterday during the presentation of the 100,000 dollars Liquidified Natural Gas Nigerian Prize for Literature, to the Anambra winner, Chuika Unigwe, who is based in Belgium.
Obi said it was painful to see Nigerians celebrate vanity and see those who should ordinarily hide their faces in shame prancing about all over the place. He said it was about time Nigerians started thinking about greatness and that the one sure way to do this is by celebrating men of worth such as Chika.

Obi who reeled out names of many Anambrarians that have set records in various fields, said that he would continue to desperately look for such people for honour and recognition. “The world is made a better place by the exploits of great men and not by the noise of those who, having met wealth suddenly, think about life in terms of tonnes of money one is able to make by fair or foul means.

“Because I was not in town, I sent the Secretary to the State Government to represent me at the last Convocation ceremony of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The most cheering news he brought back was the fact that an Anambra person was the overall best graduating student. I have established contacts with his parents, we shall support her search for knowledge in any part of the world,” Obi said. He challenged others that are yearning for honour and recognition, to do the State proud by being best in their fields.

In his welcome speech, the Managing Director of Nigeria LNG LTD, Mr. Babs Omotowa said that the company was sponsoring the prize because “literacy and numeracy skills are the bedrock of progress and prosperity in the modern world.” He congratulated Chika for the exploits.

Chika who has published short fiction in several anthologies, journals and magazines has also written many novels both in English and Dutch. His award winning book is entitled: “On Black Sister’s Street.” The book, according to the panellists was chosen because of quality of editing and production, relevance to the Nigerian situation, vivid presentation of character and plot and the good use of language.

*Photo Caption - Chika Unigwe (right), with Gov. Obi (middle) and Prof. Barth Nnaji (left), receiving the award of the winner of the 2012 LNG Prize for Literature at the Princess Alexandria Auditorium of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Monday 28, 2013.

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mr. Labaran Maku has described as amazing, the number and quality of projects that the Government of Anambra State, under Gov. Peter Obi has executed in the State. He expressed this at the famous 165-Meter Odor Bridge, linking the Agwbu and Amaokpala communities in the State. He said that the project was the most amazing project he had seen constructed by any State Government since the tour started. He said that only the road project at Mancho, Vom was near to it in all ramifications.
The Minister who spoke extensively later during the Town Hall meeting at the Women Development Centre said that the Government of Obi had distinguished itself not just in the magnitude of projects he had executed, but more significantly in the even development of the projects down to the remotest part of the State. “The Governor has moved away from the common practice of concentrating projects in the towns and has reached areas of the State that were neglected by past Governments and has opened up the entire state with impressive network of roads and projects cutting across all sectors,” he said.

Speaking further, the Minister commended what Obi is doing in education, the partnership with the Church and other voluntary organizations as a model worthy of emulation. Thrilled by what he saw at INNOSON Motor Manufacturing Company, Nnewi, the Minister announced the Federal Government initiative to encourage the company by patronizing it as well as the assurances that work would quicken at Zik’s mausoleum.

The Minister who also toured various Federal Government projects in the State, said that the development in Anambra State was essentially due to the Governor’s wisdom of working harmoniously with the President of the country. Describing Obi’s tenure as Anambra’s glorious moment, he said that he had restored civility, stability and honour to Anambra State due to his vision punctuated by humility.

The President of the National Union of Journalists, Mallam Ahmed Garuba, represented by the President South-East, Chris Isiguzor, RATTAWU President, Yemi Bamgbosi, the President of National Council of Women Societies, Nkechi Mbah, Alistar Soyombi of Ben Tv, Uk and other speakers agreed that Anambra is one State where democracy is working. They said they were overwhelmed by the projects executed by the Governor across all sectors, particulary roads, health, education and attraction of investors. They pointed out to his relationship with the masses as exceptional. In Bamgbosi’s words: “Some states we visited were even afraid to show us projects, but in Anambra they have so much that they were demanding more time to enable us see at least 50% of the projects.”

They appealed to him to improve on sanitation and to endeavour to conduct the Local Government elections. In his response, the Governor lamented lack of enough time to see most of the projects and thanked the Federal Government for the initiative, which he noted will offer the people of the country the opportunity to see what those they elected to lead them are doing for them.

Revealing that the State has not borrowed from any financial institution or raised a bond under him, he said that all the on-going projects would be completed and that new ones, with money already saved for their execution, would be started.

Concluding, he assured that all secondary schools in the State would get one bus each before the end of the year as well as computers for all the primary schools in the State. “In few days time, we shall give vehicles for security to all the towns in the State, start the Onitsha, Awka and Nnewi Shopping Malls and Hotel projects, among other”, the Governor said.

*Photo Caption - Inspection of Odor, one of the 21 Bridges constructed across Anambra State.

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - I'm not likely to explain to you the reason for my hope, but then it's probably enough to tell you I had one day met a middle-aged woman who told me stuffs. Sad and interesting and hopeful stuffs. She had no shoes and it's about impossible to question the reasoning of one without shoes. Such a sad sad little woman, clad in a faded richness and a sleepiness that made me think she's incapable of seeing outside her cosy little world. It was in the farming years and even though the pleasant palms and nuts and cocoa trees were about all gone from my gardens, I had at that time retained the pleasure of relishing the stretch of my land--the richly dark forest nourished by coast and rains, and the sandy brownness Northward ploughed into richness by Nomads' feet. I must say it wasn't always this way with me that I should relish in the tell-tale marks of my extinct crops like one rejoicing at the vestige of a departed Sunshine. Instead I had lived my days as night and my night to sorrow over a growing apprehension: would I again regain my rich coat of white and green and be able to feed my children with meat unborrowed? But then the Messenger of the Winds visited me on one of my gloomy nights with report of the vast richness by my springs. I despaired to believe, to trust any.......Read More
*Photo Caption - As seen or your guess.