Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - In Nigeria, it is prayer everywhere. The churches, mosques, shrines, forests, mountains, rivers, trees and every available space, have been turned to prayer centres and yet the most insensitive form of governance is hoisted on the nation. Armed robbery, ritual killings, kidnapping, rape and injustice abound everywhere. Poverty, sickness, despair, frustration and attendant mediocrity and negative tendencies are the results of all our prayers. Now, we have the newest addition, suicide bombing and reckless waste of human lives. A lot of people have asked the question: Where is God when all these things are happening?
Nigerians pray all manner of prayers, 70-day fasting, 70-day deliverance, 40-day sallat, Ramadan fast, pilgrimage to Jerusalem, pilgrimage to Mecca and other dedicated sites of worship, and yet you cannot entrust an adherent with your spouse for 24 hours. During Gen. Sani Abacha’s regime, marabouts were imported from Mali, Sierra-Leone and Senegal, when their Nigerian counterparts failed to kill the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO)chieftains with prayers. These professional prayer warriors couldn’t tell Abacha that Nigerians were tired of his dictatorship.

During Olusegun Obasanjo’s presidency, a lot of prayer warriors in the Villa were allegedly busy impregnating NYSC members serving in the Villa in the guise of securing permanent employment for them while the tenure elongation crisis was on the verge of ruining the country. Obasanjo saw so much hypocrisy that he had to resort to a combination of Africanism and his faith to survive. Another group of prayer warriors have held President Goodluck Jonathan hostage in the Villa. They frighten him every time with gory prophesies, while they smile to the bank. Everywhere, people are praying. All these prayers are hypocritical prayers. The Bible says in 2 Chronicles, chapter 7, vs. 14, ‘If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.’

The prerequisite for God to answer prayers and heal Nigeria is repentance. In the Bible, King David humbled himself when Prophet Nathan told him that he had sinned. He tore his clothes and wept for many days until God had compassion. His Nigerian counterpart will do the opposite. Our leaders travel to Jerusalem and Mecca and, in the midst of the solemn ceremonies, co-ordinate how the next round of looting of government treasury will be clinically executed, and then they go back to finish the ceremonies. Once the pilgrimage is over the Nigerian prayer warrior comes back to his church or mosque with the aura of answered prayers. Then the poverty-stricken congregation will hang around him to receive favours (after nights of fasting and days of sallat for God to touch his heart).

God must be seriously solicited to touch the heart of the looter of public funds or else his church or mosque members will not receive any crumbs from the loot. The impoverished parishioner or mosque member knows that he was one of the people who directly or indirectly put him in a state of poverty, insecurity, hopelessness and helplessness and, therefore, he equally begs God to give him the opportunity to partake of the looting of the national wealth, since the congregational leaders have not cared to query the thieving but important looter on the source of his wealth.

The prayer warrior in Nigerian church or mosque is a hypocrite. Let his pastor or imam sermonise against sin, corruption, greed, inhumanity to man and disrespect for the feelings of others and he will get offended and leave the congregation, withdrawing his much needed funds. However, call for prayer that all his enemies should die, including members of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and justices about to reverse stolen electoral mandates and you will see all sorts of acrobatics, gymnastics, incantations, invocations and madness all in the name of prayer.

There is no doubt that he that comes to equity must come with clean hands. A thousand noisemakers may be in a church but God hears only the 10 who have decided in their heart not to follow the crowd if given the opportunity. If the combined prayers of these 10 men cannot move God or ward off the impending evil, then calamity is visited on everybody. That is the problem the nation is having with Boko Haram and other conflicts plaguing the nation.

The dynamics of prayer is such that if your prayer is for personal or family matters, you could easily connect into the remote sites where the angels will attend to you on behalf of God. However, if your prayer were of general application, corporate in nature and of concern to the masses of people in your territory then other dynamics will apply. You must be sufficiently qualified before you can represent a state, region or nation in a prayer bouquet.

A hypocrite could pray personal prayers and God will still answer because he is stirring personal spiritual space; however, you must have enough locus standi before you stir a communal spiritual space in a prayer session. You must be potentially better than those you are praying against.

Let the Nigerian prayer warrior decide to live by the tenets of his faith which is: ‘do unto others as you wish others do unto you,’ and before you raise your voice louder (even in a bush or atop a tree) the Almighty God will answer and drive off those evil rulers who refuse to change for the better, out of our political space on their way to perdition.

Obinna Akukwe ( ) reports.

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Public Statement By Intersociety Nigeria: (Onitsha Nigeria, October 26, 2012)-The leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law notes with gladdened heart the true reflection of the will of the great people of Ondo State in choosing their public officers democratically particularly the occupant of the office of their governor, who was democratically re-elected on 20th day of October 2012, having first been sworn in on 24th day of February 2009 after revalidation of his mandate by the Court of Appeal, Benin Division. The results of the October 20 Governorship Election, announced on Sunday, 21st were another credible match towards the institutionalization of the sanctity of the electoral ballot in Nigeria , which is in tandem with the immortal principle of-it is better to have 10.000 live votes than to have 10million dead votes. Unlike in Nigeria’s previous elections, particularly the pre-2011 elections where dead voters and votes held sway; the Ondo State election voters and votes were not robotically created. With 1.638,950 registered voters and 624,659 voted; out of which 594, 244 votes were valid and 30,415 invalid, the Ondo election is demographically and scientifically incontestable. It also passed the litmus test of common sense. The voters were also conscientiously fair in the choice of their candidates, especially their vote-distribution and electoral choice index reflected in the votes received by the three leading candidates-Mimiko, Oke and Akeredolu, who are now winners and losers.

By simple calculations, the 260,199 Ondo valid voters chose Dr. Olusegun Mimiko and his Labour Party as the most favoured and popular candidate and party in the State; the second most popular and favoured candidate and party went to Barr. Olusola Oke and his PDP with 155,961 valid votes, while the ACN; the Southwest (Oduduwa) regional party and its candidate, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN (former NBA boss) was chosen as the third most popular and favoured party and candidate in the State with 143,512 valid votes. By Local Government distribution, Labour Party and its winner was more popular in 13 LGAs, PDP and its candidate was more popular in 2 LGAs with runners up in others that made it to garner more votes than the ACN, while the ACN and its candidate was more popular in 3 LGAs. As a result of this, the people of Ondo State have spoken again in collective hallowed voice through their 594,244 valid representatives. They first spoke in April 2007, but the forces of evil and organized ballot criminals quenched their hallowed voice temporarily until in February 2009 when some mortal angels in the temple of justice returned their sacred mandate to its rightful owner, having been emboldened by Mr. Peter Obi of Anambra State and the State-based progressive democratic forces.

Lessons Learnt: One of the bitter lessons of organizing credible elections in Nigeria of late, such as the Ondo Election is the blatant refusal of the defeated politicians and their parties to accept defeat and use of some, if not many media establishments to discredit the credibility of such polls. Even when such media establishments are drafted to observe the elections and put their outcomes in black and white, the same media bodies go hell wire in discrediting the credibility of the said polls under the guise of hear the other sides and cash-and-carry journalism. Today, for reasons of parochial and material interests, defeated politicians, their parties and media collaborators have refused to adopt the natural and universal best parameters for determining credible polls and their results. It is correct to say that these malevolent political players never wish Nigeria and Nigerians to have credible elections and their results in their electoral industry.

The second bitter lesson is the trial of election cases on the pages of newspaper by lawyers hired by the defeated politicians and their parties. Court-room matters including election matters are like criminal investigations that strictly require confidentiality and authenticity to retain their substances. The raging Salami Scandal is a case in point. The undue uses of media by practicing lawyers make them the worst in litigation performance index. These lawyers are best described as 911 Lorry or Gwongworo lawyers. For instance, one of Nigeria’s new breed most creative and noiseless lawyers is Mr. Onyechi Ikpeazu, SAN. He is hardly heard on the pages of newspaper in litigation matters, whether civil, criminal or electoral, yet he has turned out to be one of the Nigeria’s finest lawyers. On the other hand, the Nigeria’s most talkative lawyers are some, if not many of the Lagos-based SANs, who have also penetrated Abuja. Apart from getting fat briefs through media noise-making and litigating by media, their contributions towards the growth of law and rule of law in Nigeria are near-zero. They commit legal and professional blunders and turn them into objects for media and legal canonization. They function simultaneously as members of political parties, pro-democracy groups, civil rights groups and legal profession. The case of Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, who was the NBA boss during the Salami Scandal of 2009/2010 with alleged ACN links and the party’s governorship candidate in the just concluded Ondo governorship poll, is a typical example. Also, the case of Ayo Isa Salami, who was the Appeal Court boss then, accused of being the ACN sympathizer, is a second typical example. Through the antics and exploits of these Lagos lawyers, some, if not many of the Apex and Appellate decided cases in the country are not socially developmental in comparison with their counter-parts in Brazil, Ghana, South Africa and the Scandinavian countries. They dominate national discourse on socio-economic salvation yet they are the same accomplices who collude with Nigeria’s master economic criminals to return the country back to cave. Nigeria’s statutory laws and case-laws are steadily retrogressive courtesy of her rogue members of outer, inner and bench Bars (talkative lawyers).

The third good lesson is that in no distance future, indiscriminate filing of elections petition cases in electoral courts in Nigeria will fizzle out if the polls’ outcomes continue to reflect the true wishes of the Nigerian people. For instance, most of the 1,695 existing Federal and State electoral seats in the country were judicially unrevoked after the 2011 general elections. Unlike in the previous elections where petitions were filed in almost all of them, a reasonable number of the said seats were not judicially contested, while most of those contested were judicially affirmed particularly the 31 governorship seats. These were and still are hugely attributed to a slight departure recorded in the 2011 general polls, from the usual armada of frauds that characterize the Nigeria’s electoral industry especially the previous rogue voter-register. It is our total submission that the July14 and October 20 staggered governorship elections in Edo and Ondo States are an appreciable improvement in Professor Attahiru Jega’s Nigerian election midwifery. It is our firm hopes that billions of Nigeria’s tax payers’ money spent directly and indirectly during elections seasons in election petitions cases will be maximally reduced in no distance time if elections continue to be credible. Kudos to INEC over the Ondo credible poll!

Why Ondo Poll Is Beyond Judicial Revocation, Salami Magic & Media Noise-making: Unlike in Osun and Ekiti States’ governorship election disputes which were resolved through Salami Magic, the Ondo State election litigation, from all intents and purposes, is judicially irrevocable. It is also immune from the viruses of Salami Magic. Not even media noise-making can alter the sacred decision of the respected Ondo voters. Judiciary as the bastion of the commoners cannot taint the hallowed electoral decisions of the Ondo people no matter the amount of media noise-making and threat of litigation by the defeated sectional political players, who blatantly refused to accept defeat banking on judicial one-chance. Also, the possibility of Salami Magic replicating itself in the instant case has been done a fatal blow by many emerging factors. For instance, by Section 285(2) of the Constitution of Nigeria 1999 as amended, the governorship election tribunal is created and the governorship election petition originates therein; by Section 246(3) of the same Constitution, first appeal from governorship election matter lies at the Appellate Court; and by Section 233(2)(e)(iv) , it ends or terminates at the Supreme or Apex Court. By the provisions of Section 285(5) (6) and (7), filing of the governorship election petition takes 21 days after the date of the declaration of the official results (i.e.22/10/2012); the matter is originally heard and determined within 180 days at the tribunal; re-examined and disposed of at the Appellate Court within 60 days; and affirmed or rejected at the Apex within 60 days. The foregoing provisions are subject to exceptional circumstances such as retrials at the original electoral tribunal as may be so ordered superiorly. In all, the entire governorship matter is to last for 10 months, from the tribunal to the Apex Court.

So even if Salami Magic still holds sway at the tribunal and the Appellate Court, it may not see the light of the day at the Apex Court, which is a mirror through which the country’s judiciary performance index is viewed by the outside world. To avoid the hallowed mandate freely given by the Ondo people being a victim of technical justice, we advise the winner of the sacred mandate to scout for and assemble sound, creative and noiseless lawyers both Silk and non-Silk so as to judicially prove the authenticity of the sacred mandate within the confines of preponderance of probabilities or credible pieces of evidence and retain same with a view to holding it in competent trust for the people of Ondo State in the next four years. The Ondo governorship election outcome is a critical moment of assessment and re-assessment for the losers especially the Action Congress of Nigeria in its zone of grip it came abysmally third despite its thirst and raging policy of politics of malevolent ethnicity and exclusion as well as candidates’ imposition and assemblage of election riggers in its fold. It is shocking and deafening that the party is relegated to the background as the third most preferred party after PDP; a party some have described as , a celebrated party of rioters and brigands. For ACN to have lost Ondo State poll after it lost Kwara and Kogi States as well as all its governorship elections’ litigations arising from the 2011 general poll, means that its sectional policy, among others require radical review. Judicially speaking, the party’s victory in Edo State in 2008 is still worth celebrating, but its victories Osun and Ekiti States in 2010 are still seen by many as a coup using the hallowed temple of justice. Once again, we congratulate Citizens Peter Obi of Anambra State, Adams Oshiomole of Edo State and Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State for their resilient judicial struggles to reclaim their stolen mandates from Nigeria’s unrepentant electoral criminals, who have been allowed to walk the country’s streets as free members of the society despite their heinous electoral crimes. Citizen Peter Obi is particularly commended for sleeping in electoral courts for almost three years in order to get back his brutally stolen mandate, which emboldened others to follow suit. The trio of Obi, Oshiomole and Mimiko are Nigeria’s three-pillared inventors of staggered election chemistry in the 21st century Nigeria.

We heartily commend INEC and the credible election monitors and observers including the media, the TMG and the Women Arise for their dogged roles that made the poll a success.


Emeka Umeagbalasi, BOT Chairman

*Photo Caption - Emeka Umeagbalasi

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In exercise of his Constitutional powers and to mark the 52 Independence anniversary of our country, His Excellency, Mr. Peter Obi, CON, Governor of Anambra State has granted amnesty to 12 persons.

A memo from the Attorney-General of Anambra State/Chairman, State Advisory Council on Prerogative of Mercy, Barr. Peter Afuba referenced AG.AN/S.198/Vol.VI/134, dated 5th October, 2012 states that these persons were serving terms in Enugu , Ibite-Olo, Onitsha , Awka and Aguata Prisons.

From Enugu Prison, Ikechukwu Nwafor had his death sentence commuted to life imprisonment while Emmanuel Izuchukwu Nwaziri from the same prison was released.

From Ibite-Olo Prison, Chinagorom Eze and Onyeka Okona were released, while Jude Okolo, Joy Audu, Chukwudum Nwasogu, Ngozi Chukwuasonibe and Felicia Asonibe were granted reprieve from Onitsha Prison.

Awka Prison had one beneficiary, namely Peter Chukwuka Asonibe while Ogbonna Okeke and Emeka Ukpabi in Aguata Prison were also lucky.

*Photo CaptionGovernor Peter Obi

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According to Daisaku Ikeda, “A great revolution in just one single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a society and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of humankind” while to Lewis F. Korns, “The history of the human race always has been, and most likely always will be, that of evolution and revolution”. These great minds in making their great statements must have had Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi the Executive Governor of Rivers State and Chairman of the Governors Forum in Nigeria in mind particularly the October 25th, 2007 historical Supreme Court ruling that installed him as the Governor in the stead of his cousin, Sir Celestine Omehia who was acting as Governor before this date; an incident that has brought not only change but revolution in Rivers State by any standard anybody will like to define revolution.

25th October, 2012 therefore will mark the 5th anniversary of the coming to power of Gov. Amaechi as the Executive Governor of Rivers State. Having studied events of this historical date and the administration of Gov. Amaechi this past five years and now that some critic and Cynicism’s perception and rating of the administration seems to be at its lowest ebb; it becomes imperative to critically x-ray the Health challenges and how this administration has gone in addressing some of these challenges and see if this perception is in order or not.

In this regard,, efforts will be made to discuss the achievements and flaws if any of this administration in the area of Health in last five years under the watch of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. Serious step taken by his administration in tackling the sorry state and comatose health sector in the State prior to October, 2007 was setting up the Primary Healthcare Management Board and sending the Executive bill on Sustainable Development Amendment Bill No. 1 of 2008 to the State Assembly which was later passed and signed into law by the Governor.

According to Virgil, “The greatest wealth is health” and in realisation of this; The Rivers State Government under the leadership of Rt. Hon Chibuike Amaechi adopted a system of health care whose thrust is anchored on Primary Health Care with the following specific objectives:

1. Provision of quality and standard health facilities.
2. Provision of efficient, effective and affordable health services.
3. Availability of well qualified and motivated staff at all health facilities.
4. Provision of health services to vulnerable groups at government cost.
5. Preparation of the Bill for the establishment of Primary Health Care Board already implemented.

The following steps was adopted to achieve this vision

1. Re-orientation workshop for Heads of health establishments (Ministry, Hospitals, Health Units in LGA) held from 4th – 8th August, 2008 as first step.
2. Re-training 0f all categories of staff in the Health Sector of the State.
3. Recruitment of equipped staff to address the severe manpower shortage in the Health Sector.
4. Construction of Karibi-Whyte Mega Hospital at the cost of $98 million.
5. Maintenance contracts are being instituted for different equipments in the Hospitals
6. Government has embarked on massive infrastructural development all over the LGAs
7. Governor Amaechi took this up personally and met with Doctors in the State and set up a Committee on Health Policy.
8. The State government is in the process of starting the State Health Insurance Programme.

According to Jack Goldstone, “revolution is an effort to transform the political institutions and the justification for political authority in any society, accompanied by formal or informal mass mobilization and non-institutionalized actions that undermine authorities”. Without fear of contradiction, I make bold to state that if there is any Government or institution in Nigeria that aptly demonstrates these definitions of revolution that person is Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, the action and visionary Governor of Rivers State. In supporting this assumption, I intend to highlight just the Health sector out of the many laudable achievements Rt. Hon Chibuike Amaechi is doing in Rivers State and to convince any doubting Thomas of this truism.

In Rivers State under Governor Amaechi’s watch, tremendous revolution in Health service and delivery is taking place. The State Government is offering free health services to all her citizenry in all government owned hospitals or health centres. To achieve this, Government has constructed over 160 Health Centres in all the LGAs and construction of 1000 bed specialist hospital is on the card with other special intervention programmes in this area. These facilities are available free of charge to both indigenes and none indigenes residing in the State according to Dr Sampson Parker, the Health Commissioner.

According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Every revolution was first a thought in one man's mind” and putting this into action and throwing more light to the ongoing revolution in the health sector in Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi the brain behind the revolution has this to say “we have wonderful primary health care facilities. I was told by my Commissioner for Health, and it was confirmed at a meeting held with all the Doctors in the State, that you cannot have a sound secondary health care without basic foundation which is basic primary health. That is where we are mainly focused. We have the plan to build 160 primary health centres. We have completed 100 and they are functioning. The 100 that have been completed have Doctors’ quarters, nurses’ quarters and they should live there. Why I said they should live there is that I have visited those hospitals but, most of the time I have gone there, all the doctors were not found there after 4 pm.

The excuse they give is that, how many patients do we receive in a day? Maybe 10 to 20 and so what are we sitting down for? That is the excuse. But you are paid to stay there. You are hired to be there, you are not paid to be in Port-Harcourt. You are told you will live at the rural areas. There are generators attached to every hospital. Of course, there are management problems but we are addressing that. We will pay the health centre for every patient they see. We will pay the bill. So if you talk about primary health centre, we currently have a very robust primary health care. We intend to complete the 60. If possible, expand on the 160. At the secondary health care level, we are refurbishing some hospitals. The old Niger Hospital is renamed Prof. Kelsey Harrison Hospital and is completed, furnished, equipped and will soon be commissioned for public use. We are furnishing the dental hospital too. But we intend to renovate 24 of the secondary health care centres so that if anybody needs to be referred from the primary health care at least, there is one secondary health care institution in every local government you can go.

We are encouraging negotiation with people to complete the construction of one of our major hospital projects. It is supposed to be a medical tourism. Initially, the vision is to be 1,000 beds but it shows you that we were new when we had that vision because we did not ask basic questions. That is why it is good to have consultants. When we brought consultants, the basic question they asked showed that we didn’t do our work well. The first question they asked was, do you have feasibility? No sir. How do you know you need 1,000 beds? Who are the patients? What are their financial capabilities to pay for the service? How do you sustain it? So their recommendation is, out of 1,000 beds, we go for 500 beds. In fact, modern technology does not even allow a patient to stay more than one week in the hospital so if you plan for 1,000 beds and the patients stay for one week; you notice a lot of the beds will be empty so we have reduced it to 500 beds instead of the 1,000.

In fact, the early recommendation was, if you like the name 1,000, bed hospital, then establish a medical school as the Rivers State University of Science and Technology because the university is actually close to the school. Then, build 500 beds for them where they can use that as teaching hospital. If not, if I were you, the one they are building here can also act as teaching hospital to the university because it is very close to the hospital. So, we are dealing with primary health care, secondary health care and then tertiary. If we do have the money by God’s grace, we would complete the rest of primary and secondary health care and we hope that we would be able to raise a huge bond.

The man behind the conceptualisation of the revolution of Health service and delivery in Rivers State that will not only make other states in the Federation green with envy but also make the Rivers state a medical reference point in Nigeria and indeed the sub region. He also hopes to make Rivers State a Mecca of sort to anyone seeking professional medical help from any part of the world.

On if the present Administration has achieved much in the Health Sector, Dr Parker the Commissioner for Health stated, “We are about surfacing. All along, we are trying to create a solid foundation for the medical sector that what we are doing and that is why you hear us talking about primary Health Care, and the structures of the primary Health Care and all that. By the time we finish and go to the secondary and tertiary and make the enabling laws that will bring about the sustainability of this, is when we can call it success”.

The two major areas this administration is concentrating on according to Dr Parker are Health and Education; “To me, I always say this, the highest achievement of this government is nothing but re-establishment of the educational system. It is not about health, it is not about anything. My own is that, if we have achieved education, we have achieved health care. My challenges in the health sector are because of the illiterate population because they hardly understand what you are saying. But, if we achieve education in the way the Governor is going about it, pushing it, establishing it, making enabling laws to protect it for sustainability, I think the people that will come after us will benefit from it”.

On the achievements of this administration on the Health Sector, “I said that in all the things we are doing, the major thing is about primary health care system and that including the infrastructural development and the programme that make up the primary health care. That is the system and the utilization of such programmes. We have the robust HIV system and we are now the pioneer warriors against malaria. That is part of the primary care system. We have gone from what the country and Africa has been doing in the control of malaria. We have the Roll back malaria, Malaria Control Programme. We are taking the bull by the horns and said that we want to eliminate malaria. That is part of the primary health care system. We are not only eliminating Malaria and we are building a factory for it, so that there will be sustainability of this war and also provide employment. The Health sector today is about one of the foremost employers of labour in Rivers State. These are the things we have on ground. We have gone so much into the medical industry. Right now, we are about developing an area in part of the Greater Port Harcourt city, where we called the Medical Industrial Region where we have the syringe factory, the malaria diagnostic and test tube factory. So we hope to be servicing the medical industry here”.

With his reappointment into the State Executive Council in the second tenure of the government of Gov Amaechi, Dr. Sampson Parker said that his focus this time around is to improve on service delivery in the health Sector. He disclosed that about 100 medical Doctors have been employed to staff and manage most of the Health Centres in the rural areas. The Rivers State Government has currently embarked upon the exercise to eradicate malaria vectors from the State. The Health Centre at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology will soon be opened to the public. The State was lauded last year for its daily commissioning of a health centre over a 60 day period in 60 communities in its 60-60-60 initiative. The Dental Hospital located in the Garrison area of Port Harcourt will soon be opened. All of these will also generate employment amongst the youths in the State. He stated that the ongoing Malaria elimination project is not only targeted at malaria but other mosquito borne infections like dengue fever, yellow fever and filariasis. The Universal Free Medical Care programme whereby the state government is to pick the medical bills of all residents in the state is on though beneficiaries must register and urged all members of staff to register into the programme.

Dr Parker said that the existing General Hospitals will be collapsed into Six Zonal Hospitals to cater for referrals coming from the Primary Health centres, not just to reduce the work load of the BMSH but to reposition it to be more focused as a tertiary hospital.

Today in Nigeria, India stands as the medical haven and end spot when it comes to provision or rather health deilvery to Nigerians that when a simple headache happens to any of our leaders, India comes to mind. To stop this madness, Governor Amaechi in his health revolution in Nigeria has now decided to bring India to Rivers State. According to the Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi, “my administration has begun talks with Indian authorities on how to establish a new medical school in the state. The collaboration is aimed at providing manpower for the school. “Once we are sure that Indians can supply us with the teachers then we will be ready to establish it. “Because it is not good to establish a medical school without qualified teachers,” he said. Amaechi said the state branch of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) will also contribute in providing teaching staff, pointing out that once the new college takes off, it will provide the required manpower to man the numerous health facilities being built by his administration.

The fact remains that if this is achieved then any Nigerian going to India for medical attention will be going there for a jamboree as Rivers State will be in position to provide similar services obtainable in India.

Today, Rivers State is the only State in Africa that has established a worthwhile Auto Disable Syringe factory that currently produce 160 million syringes annually based on the Rivers State health revolution, the Federal Government has banned the use of all conventional syringes in the country with effect from 1st October, 2012 and had signed a bulk purchase agreement with the Rivers State Government.

Amaechi being whom he is, always going for the best has concluded arrangement to expand this factory at a cost of 210 million Euros to be funded with equity participation between the State Government and the Export Credit Agency (ECA) of Germany and Austria. According to Dr Sampson Parker, the ECA is bringing in 85% of the funds for machinery and Equipment, while the Rivers State Government is putting in 15% for machinery and Equipment including the civil works up to the completion of the project.

Building project for the plant is expected to be completed by August 2013 while procurement and installation is to be completed within 24months of the commencement of expansion project. When the expansion of this project that will put Nigeria as a producing nation than as a consumable nation it is well known for, the plant will be producing one billion syringes, annually, one million litres of IV Solutions (drips), drip giving sets as well as one billion hypodermic needles for injections annually. One may not be shocked, if the State will not start to export some of these equipments to other African countries.

Finally, if the efforts of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi on health delivery in Rivers State are not revolutionary then I need to be educated accordingly. And if constructing 60 Health Centres and donating them to 60 communities within 60 days is not revolutionary and world-shattering then something is wrong with me!

In celebration of the coming into power of this unassumingly but achieving leader, I intend to run series on the various areas of this administration to ascertain its success or otherwise in the last five years in saddle as the Executive Governor of Rivers State on the giant strides the administration has made in the critical areas of the state’s economy be it in Health, Education, Transport, Works, Commerce etc will be the major focus of this drive.

Eze Chukwuemeka Eze reports.

Eze Chukwuemeka Eze (, 08038199163 ) is a Media Consultant based in Port Harcourt.

*Photo CaptionGovernor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi

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My attention was drawn to an article (Ngozi Iweala: Nigeria’s Weakest Link) by one Sonala Olumhense. After reading the piece, I concluded that only someone who has absolutely no regard for conscience and truth could have attempted to create such large-scale deception as is being peddled by the writer of this malicious article. It is indeed amazing the extent some people can go just to bring themselves to limelight.

The efforts of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to reinvigorate the economy and fight corruption have been widely acknowledged by Nigerians and the world at large. Therefore, such a prejudiced concoction, as Olumhense’s, is not just a distractive tactic but also a tit-for-tat attempt in connivance with corrupt individuals in high places, whose evil machinery has been grounded by this exceptional woman. Indeed, this is another manifestation of the Nigerian analogy that when you fight corruption, corruption fights back!

Without much ado, I will like to examine the ten points on which Olumhense premised his baseless case.

Point One: His report on the failure of the National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS) is a blatant lie. Under this programme, Nigeria was able to pay its debts arrears owed to some International Finance Institutions (IFIs), particularly the Paris and London Clubs via: (1) Direct repayment where $6.4b was paid (2) Debt buy-back arrangement where $8b was settled at 25% discount, and (3) Debts write-off where $16b was written-off by the creditors. The entire Paris Club debt relief enjoyed by Nigeria totalled US$18b, or a 60% for a US$12.4b payment of arrears and buyback. Similarly, the debts owed to London club commercial creditors were also restructured and paid off. The domestic debts constituting about 12% of GDP in 2005, owed to contractors and civil service pensioners were systematically paid.

Other economic spheres where NEEDS recorded appreciable achievements include fiscal and monetary policies. Public spending was reduced from 47.0% in 2001 (before she assumed office) to 35.4% in 2004, which resulted in budget surplus of 7.7% of the GDP for 2004, up from deficits of 4-5% of the GDP in 2002-2003 (USAID, 2006). The list is endless. Anyone can search the records and see for themselves.

Point Two: Sonala claimed that billions of naira was drained and is still being drained into the poverty eradication programme involving 13 federal ministries. However, this is another vituperative attack against the person of Okonjo-Iweala. How could he possibly link the Finance Minister with the performance or otherwise of 13 other ministries in such a direct manner? As the Coordinating Minister of the Economy, she is supposed to carry out oversight functions – and that she seems to have been doing quite well. Her efforts to ensure that MDAs deliver have been widely acknowledged. Ministries, departments and agencies that are not living up to their billing are constantly being checked. It is only fair to acknowledge that, in spite of the challenges of corrupt officials who may be trying to divert the poverty eradication funds, the programme has recorded a commendable degree of success in the areas of youth employment, rural infrastructural development, social welfare services and national resources development.

Point Three: The writer also claimed that in the negotiations with the Paris Club, one “top member” of the government walked away with a personal fee of N60 billion. He went on to indict former president Obasanjo and Okonjo-Iweala claiming that none of them had ever challenged it, as if that would validate his spurious allegations. Obviously, madam minister has enough work on her table and is more concerned with serious matters of state to be taken in by such rootless ranting. How can someone who prides himself as a neutral social critic make such bogus claims as these without backing them with concrete facts? Who is the “top member” of the government that walked away with a personal fee of N60 billion? I dare Olumhense and his sponsors to name the person if indeed his claims are true. It is only unintelligent people like Sonala who would make stupid accusations like that in a process that is vetted internationally.

Point Four: The success of the MDG programme is another area where the writer of this malicious article has chosen to ignore the facts. Apart from the records, which are readily available, the impact of the MDG programme has been widely felt across the nation. Ask the students who now have new classrooms, or the rural dwellers that have now have access to basic facilities including well-equipped health centres. Time and space will not permit me to give a detailed analysis via this medium. But, really, how necessary is that when anyone can easily check the facts for themselves?

Points Five and Six of Olumhense’s article refer to Okonjo-Iweala’s tenure as finance minister during the Obasanjo regime without due recourse to the fact that she left that office in 2006. For conscience’s sake, you cannot hold her responsible for events that transpired when she was not in office!

Point Seven: Olumhense wrote, In a speech after she left office, Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala said: “General Abacha looted about $3-5 billion from the Nigerian treasury in truckloads of cash in foreign currencies, in traveler’s checks and other means. Most of these monies were laundered abroad through a complex network including some of the world’s best known banks.” Now, how does that prove his point? Isn’t it obvious that this writer is only attempting to insult our intelligence?

Point Eight: Olumhense wrote, the pioneer chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, and a very close friend of Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala, has confessed that the Obasanjo government was more corrupt than that of Abacha. This is another serious blunder. I thought the EFCC is saddled with the responsibility of stemming the tide of corruption. Since when has that become part of NOI’s job description? Even at that, her relentless commitment to tackle corruption has been so effective as to have earned her the name “Okonjo Wahala” by those whose corruption coffers are being ripped open.

Point Nine: Obasanjo was said to have indicted Mr. Jonathan’s government of squandering $35 billion of Nigeria’s foreign reserves since May 2007, saying the money may have been “shared.” This is another lame point begging for validation. It is too bad that Olumhense would use this as a point against the Finance Minister, thinking Nigerians would be as gullible as himself to accept it hook, line and sinker. If he possesses such evidence of corruption against Mrs Iweala, then his patriotic duty is to report her to the EFCC. People like him are responsible for the persistent lack of progress in Nigeria, because they will rather have a mediocre in charge of the economy.

Point Ten: The writer’s claim that the ‘Transforming Nigeria Document’ is not yet available is the easiest pointer to his malicious intentions as the article has long been published and has been in the public domain for nothing less than seven months. Anyone can simply Google and download the document from the National Planning Commission website:

How come Olumhense did not see all the good things being done by the Finance Minister? Why did he not mention the reduction in recurrent expenditure, the bringing of oil subsidy profiteers to book, the ports reform, the Sovereign Wealth Fund, the poverty eradication and women empowerment policies and other good things being implemented by the minister? Olumhense is like the proverbial loafer who, whilst ignoring the life-sustaining functions of the sun, frequently complains that it casts shadows. Sonala Olumhense and people like him must realize that any fool can criticize, condemn and complain.

I pity the future of this country with people like him wielding whatever modicum of influence they have on hapless Nigerian readers with the liberty that their pen – or more appropriately – their computer and internet modem afford them. Olumhense’s argument is warped and his reasoning debased. People like him don't amount to much on a penny worth of paper. And they make far worse administrators than the people they set out to criticise. It is obvious that Olumhense is the weakest link in all of Nigerian media given that he is an outright liar!

Ayodeji Sunday reports.

Ayodeji, a social commentator and community development advocate, writes from Lagos.
*Photo Caption - Nigeria Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

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Nigeria’s wealthiest pastor, Bishop David Oyedepo is in the news again – this time in the United Kingdom. Sadly for him, Britain is not Nigeria, where the corrupt courts absolved him of all wrong doings, his abuses and violence against a young worshiper of his church at Winner Chapel – aka “Cananland” It was the video of his satanic slap of a young girl, probably an uneducated parishioner, who didn’t know how best to express her love and witness for Jesus, that exposed the abuse and muddled message that is being promulgated by the bishop to his gullible and biblical ignorant followers. Since then, I have penned a couple of articles calling on the federal government intervention to enact laws and policies to checkmate abuses - physical, sexual, emotional, mental, and moral abuses in places of worship in the nation in order to protect the vulnerable. I’m not too concerned about the learned and intelligent parishioners that sit under such blasphemous teachings every week. Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” To earn a PhD or have a lucrative job or business does not make one knowledgeable. However, it still baffles me how an educated and intelligent person could sit under such teachers and listen to the junks that some of them teach from their pulpit every week. So, it behooves the government to protect the weak and vulnerable especially from physical and sexual abuses in the name of God.

Christianity is no longer an intellectual exercise in an age of prosperity gospel

The Rev. Dr. Jonathan L. Walton, the new Pusey Minister of Harvard’s Memorial Church, and professor at Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, in his first “morning prayers,” a ritual of welcoming freshman move-in day to Harvard University at Cambridge, said, “Religion (faith) is an intellectual as well as spiritual exercise. The Memorial Church, he declared, is a place to educate minds and expand hearts - action that defines faith, belief that encourages discussion, and joyousness that allows for the occasional bout of existential angst.” I agree with Professor Walton. If theology, spirituality, faith, religion and the call to teach the infallible Word of God, was not an intellectual exercise, I would have quit being one long time ago. Training to become a priest/pastor takes years of study and preparation. Sadly the “holy office” is no-longer sacred and intellectually stimulating because cone men and women, who have no business with the “holy calling”, have desecrated it in order to dwindle and deceive the gullible and weak in the society. This kind of unbalanced gospel messages that are being promulgated by the so-called “men of God” and super pastors and preaches of our day around the world is appalling and troublesome.

Christianity has lost its moral mandate and mission. Today, the gospel message, the good news of the kingdom is perverted. What we have nowadays is another gospel, a false gospel, and a religious syncretism. “The gospel teaching that subtly implies and often overtly states that God wants you to be rich is a false gospel,” writes Pastor Jim Bakker, a former prosperity preacher and proponent of “God wants you rich theology,” who dwindled his parishioners millions of dollars and later while serving term in prison, he diligently read and studied the Scripture and God opened his understanding. That teaching he says, does not lineup with the tenets of the Holy Scriptures. It is another gospel – another Jesus, in fact, a gospel of Satan and message of hell fire - a prosperity-tinged Pentecostalism.”

Christianity is in crisis

Dr. Hank Hanegraaf, president of Christian Research Institute in California, and one of the finest and courageous Christian apologists of our time, in his book, “Christianity in Crisis” prophetically and passionately argued that modern-day Christianity is in crisis. He said that the Church is undergoing a major transformation and that millions of Christians have embraced another gospel, another Jesus, a gospel of false promises of prosperity, wealth, healing, signs and wonders. He attributes the problem to lack of sound biblical training and Seminary education. George Barna, the famous Church consultant, researcher and writer, also supports Dr. Hanegraaf postulations that the Church is dying due to lack of sound Bible teachers and strong Church leadership. There is no doubt that the Christian faith has lost its value, respect and dignity. C. S. Lewis, the famous Oxford apologist for the faith, wrote: “We must return to Christianity in order to preserve the things we value. But we cannot return to Christianity at all unless the thing we value above all else is Christ….. Otherwise, we are in effect, asking to save our idols for us.”

In his best-selling book, “Crisis in the Village,” Dr. Robert M. Franklin, a theologian and public intellectual, wrote that the “Church has lost her moral mission, call and commitment.” Today baby boomers and the new “millennials” are flooding to churches and synagogues because of widespread hunger for meaning and many bring aversion to such traditional teachings such as sin, evil, forgiveness, commitment, even truth itself. As a result, what we have today in many large churches is “designer gospel message” and “religious syncretism” where the gospel are re-packaged to suit those who want a faith to satisfy their “felt need,” the gospel message that “God wants you to be rich.” “Send money as a step of faith and God will bless you message.” “Give a $1,000 pledge and God will bless you.” Name it claims it.” “Give to get rich message.” “100 fold return-blessing and even 1000 times return” is another gospel, a different gospel from what Jesus Christ taught. Their tricks are working because many of those who profess faith in Jesus Christ are biblically ignorant and gullible and that is why ‘god-want-you-rich theology’ is a booming business for their proponents. It is true that Jesus taught on the subject of money and finance more than any other subject in the Bible – but all His teachings on money were in negative connotation. I will write more on Jesus’ teachings on prosperity in the part-2 of my article.

Big faith equals wealth $millions$

In the July 2007 edition of Christianity Today, it carried a survey conducted in 2006 by the PEW forum on religion and public life. They found that 25% of Nigerian Christians are renewalists - that is Pentecostals and Charismatic. The same survey noted that 33% of South Africans and 50% of Kenyans were also renewalists. Out of nearly 900 million Africans, which include Christians, Muslims, pagans, Atheists and other religious persuasions, about 150 million Christians are now renewalists. Professor Paul Gifford of the University of London, England, in his 2004 book: “New Christianity: Pentecostalism in a Globalizing African Economy” writes, “African Christians believe that success is determined by your faith.” Professor Gifford notes that these renewalists have moved beyond traditional Pentecostal practices of speaking in tongues, prophesying, and healing to the belief that God will provide – money, cars, houses, and even spouses – in response to the believer’s faith – if not immediately, then soon. In the same 2006 survey by PEW forum, 92% Nigerian Christians, 90% South African and 85% of Kenyan Christians agreed that “wealth and material blessings are based on one’s faith.” What a tragedy and travesty!

This is how sad and drastic prosperity gospel has become among Christians in Nigeria and most of Africa. Prosperity message is destructive and has negative effects. This blind spirituality is not only destructive, damaging, and deceptive but worse than slavery. It is bondage, abuse, deception, manipulation, godlessness and satanic capitalism. Most Nigerian Christians are only not enslaved spiritually, morally and financially but intellectually as well. It is economic, moral, and intellectual slavery. Million of Nigerian Christians are now victims of Satanic Churches and their false prophets. The prosperity gospel is also destroying Nigerian society –family, homes, causing a combination of disappointment, hurts, discouragement, and anger toward God and sometimes causes people to turn away from God. What we have nowadays is moral bankruptcy, biblical ignorance, a modern day voodoo and satanic spiritual spiritualism. In a nutshell, what we have today is 419 in the Church. What we have today is materialistic Christianity and there is enormous danger in it.

Warning against false doctrine and false prophets and teachers

Jesus Christ warned his disciples and followers about false prophets who would rise up to lead many astray and to destruction (Matthew 24:11). In Oliver Discourse, Jesus warned, "Take heed that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name. And will deceive many" (Matthew 24:4-5). Jesus said if you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free – John 8:31-32. People remain in bondage when they are ignorant of what has been provided for them through the life and death of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, today, too many Christians are more interested in this present world materialism than in the balanced teachings of Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul dedicated the entire epistle of Timothy to teach against false prophets, false doctrines and godlessness in the last days. He warns Timothy, his son in the ministry, to flee from such things. He writes, “For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths” – 2 Timothy 4:3-4.

In 2 Timothy 3:1-5, Paul warns, “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God — having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.”

2 Timothy 3:16-17 say, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. The Apostle Paul charges Timothy, “Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage – with great patience and careful instruction.” As teachers and preachers of the Word of God, we are reminded to do our best to study and show ourselves approved to God, a workman who odes not need to be ashamed but who correctly handles the Word of Truth (2 Timothy 2:15).

There is no doubt that that the Nigerian Pentecostal Church and certain bishops in the fold are emulating and borrowing from the rich American Church and her superstar pastors, bishops and televangelists like Pastor Benny Hinn, Bishop TD Jakes, Dr. Creflo Dollar, Bishop Eddie Long, Bishop Dale Bronner, Pastor Joel Osten, Pastor Joyce Myer, Pastor Paula White, and Pastor Darlene Bishop etc. These imitators and imposters refused to understand that United States is a rich and capitalist country. The American Church organizations are big businesses and they have learned to tap into the wealth and prosperity of the nation without depending on the meager tithes and offerings from their members. Today, the streets of major cities in Nigeria are littered with all kinds of Churches promising healing, wealth, prosperity and happiness and yet Nigeria and vast majority of its citizens are among the poorest people in the world. Additionally, the presence and practice of rituals, divination, astrology, sorcery, witchcraft, voodoo, magic, envy, greed, jealousy, hatred, idolatry, hypocrisy, ungodliness, wickedness, lust, immorality, adultery and corruption remain rampant and alarming in the society. There is no sign of righteousness, love, peace and hope, but injustice, unrighteousness, hate, anger, resentment, bitterness, evil, wickedness, violence, killings, and hopelessness reign supreme in every household, neighborhood and city.

Modern-day designer Church is perverted

I’m afraid to say that what we have today is a perverted Church; a Church that is totally misconstrued, misguided and misinformed where spiritual witchcraft and biblical ignorance are in abundance. What we have today is a Church that is bewitched, a Church that is preaching and teaching another gospel; another Jesus and a message of “get rich and get healed theology,” a Church were the so-called men of God are preaching eisegesis rather proper exegesis and sound exposition of the Word of God, where they are using pragmatic psychological philosophies for attaining success and for solving spiritual issues rather than sound exposition of God’s Word, men who are using the Word of God for lucre and for profit.

The Church was called upon to uphold the honor, glory and authority of Christ on planet earth. Instead of upholding this divine mandate with dignity, the Church and her leaders have been deceived and trampled upon by demons of antichrist and cultic and pharisaic associations where the presence of God is completely absent and self and pride are enthroned. What we have today are Church buildings where sin, wickedness, witchcraft and all manners evil are practiced and people accept it so; multimillion dollar buildings and temples where the spirit of Christ has been thrown out and Satan himself is enthroned on the altar. No wonder atrocities and exploitations of worshipers such as the ones we read in our newspapers and watch on television are happening every day. The Church must pray for revival and renewal. I agree with Rev. D. Peter C. Moore, who wrote that, “The Church that God cherishes is one that is “Evangelical in Teaching, Catholic in Sacrament, Reformed in Doctrine, Charismatic in Ministry Gifts, and Liberal in Ethos and Global in Scope.” Anything else is just humanistic and designer religion.

The danger of prosperity and materialistic message rather than true gospel

The danger of Pentecostal prosperity and materialistic message is giving people false hope – that God will fulfill His promises based on their twisted interpretation of Scripture. Biblical hope is more of a simple wish; it entails certainty based on God’s demonstration of faithfulness to people in the history of salivation recorded in the scriptures and as experienced by promise of Christ’s return and the anticipation of resurrection from the dead. That is the blessed hope in God. Most of these prosperity preachers may have earned PhD’s in other fields of study but not in theology, divinity or ministry. They should go back to school – Seminary to study the Scriptures – and take course in exegesis, biblical interpretation, hermeneutics, homiletics, and biblical languages such as Hebrew w and Greek in order to be qualified to correctly teach the Bible. Because what most of them are teaching today is another gospel, a twisted and muddled gospel - a gospel of hell and that of Satan designed for the coming of antichrist. Prosperity teachers are preaching arrogance, foolishness, sin, and false doctrine – because what most of them are propagating today is not true gospel but another gospel, a muddled message. They should repent and confess their sins for contradicting and twisting the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

In Part 2 of this essay, I will unpack the teachings of prosperity preachers and share what the true gospel message is about including the prosperity aspect of the gospel from the teachings of Jesus Christ, who is the Gospel.

Rev. Dr. C. Kingston Ekeke reports.
Rev. Dr. C. Kingston Ekeke is a public theologian, author, and leadership scholar. He is the president of Leadership Wisdom Institute.

*Photo Caption - Bishop David Oyedepo 

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In its bid to bring succour to thousands of people displaced as result of the current flood which is ravaging some parts of Nigeria, a non-profit organization that goes by the name “Princewill’s Trust” considered it humane and delivered a truck load of relief materials to victims of the recent flood in Rivers State.

The aid materials donated to the casualties at Ahoada East and Ahoda West relief camps included medical supplies, toiletries, bottled water, torch lights, fire wood, a tanker of clean water and several medical personnel.

The coordinator of the Princewill Trust and a former governorship candidate in Rivers State, Tonye Princewill who led hundreds of volunteers to the camps said it was their own way of helping to bring succour to the displaced persons mostly from Rivers State.

According to an online press statement made available by Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze on behalf of the organization, called on other well-meaning individuals and groups to identify with those in the camps as their current situation was not man-made but due to natural disaster occasioned by the changing weather conditions across the world.

A volunteer who identified himself as Boma has said, “I joined the relief team set up by Prince Tonye Princewill as a volunteer to help assist Rivers indigenes that have been placed in relief camps due to the current flood crisis in some parts of Rivers State. We visited two camps at Ahoada East and one at Ahoda West.The camps were mostly overcrowded and were in need of some basic facilities such as medical supplies, clean water, toilets etc.

Tonye Princewill also appealed for more volunteers to join the Princewill Trust at the two camps in Ahoada to help encourage those displaced by the worst flood in Nigeria in over forty years.

Nwaorgu Faustinus reports.

*Photo Caption – Princewill Trust Donating Items To Those Displaced By Flood in Rivers State.

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The character and values of some politicians in Delta state came under the searchlight of The People’s Movement, a group of prominent Deltans Thursday and the group did not mince words in asking the detractors of Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan to bury their heads in shame.

The group bemoaned the actions of some politicians, self- acclaimed human rights activists and community leaders, insisting that Governor Uduaghan’s decision to channel Delta State resources towards making life better for the ordinary citizens of the state was the reason for most of his problems with the elite.

Director of Communications for The People’s Movement, Mrs Ibifuro Tatua in a press release issued in Lagos, dismissed the allegation of marginalization by some ethnic leaders accusing the elite of promoting their selfish interest.

According to her, “If you don’t tar any road or build any hospital, so long as you are able to satisfy their personal needs, they believe you are the best” adding that “if you are a parasite trying to see that everything that comes in to benefit the society, you pocket it, you cannot be a friend to Governor Uduaghan”.

What Deltans need today, according to the group, is for them to look at the basis, particularly the governor’s three point agenda of peace/security, human capital and infrastructural development and then support him in taking the state to greater height, noting that Delta State is moving forward because of the governor’s decision to cut down conspicuous consumption and his effective deployment of state resources.

While appealing to those behind the abduction of the Delta State Commissioner for Higher Education, Prof. Hope Eghagha to release him, the group also announced its determination to work with other democratic forces to build a better future for the people of the state.

“We cannot achieve anything by jeering at each other and destroying our great state. The energies we dissipate in pointless controversies should be channeled into positive objectives” the group advised.

The statement further said they would meet with selected Journalists in Delta State next month to articulate its vision, find creative solutions to problems in the state, brainstorm ways of reporting the achievements of the governor and other great ideas that can make a difference and make Delta State far better


Ibifuro Tatua, Director Communication, The People’s Movement.
*Photo Caption – Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states (including Delta State), and Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)

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Igbo Union Atlanta USA, Inc., in collaboration with the Igbo Community and friends of Igbo people, will hold the 2012 Igbo Day Symposium on Friday, November 9th, followed by the main event on Saturday, November 10th, 2012, in the Igbo Community building [aka “Obi Ndi Igbo”] in Atlanta. This symposium is one of the activities marking this year’s 2012 Annual Igbo Day celebrations and fund-raising events.

In our quest to advance the collective interests and well-being of Igbo people (Ndi Igbo), this symposium will focus sharply on the imperatives of the daily challenges of life and prosperity for Ndi Igbo who reside in the international community (aka Diaspora). Therefore, we are looking for dynamic presenters and creative, interactive presentations that can deliver unique insight and best practices on topics focusing on these three broad areas: (1) social family/youth/marriage issues, (2) transitioning/relocation to Nigeria from the USA, and (3) practical ideas on wealth building/financial management.

The Igbo Day Symposium Committee is now accepting presentation proposals that address any of the following topics of interest:

• Transitioning or Relocation to Nigeria - Best Practices and Strategies for Success
• Family/Marriage Challenges for Ndi Igbo in the USA
• Roles of Igbo Community Organizations and Framework for promoting and facilitating successful transitioning of Ndi Igbo to Nigeria
• Family Crisis – Strategies for Restoring, Rebuilding, and Strengthening our Igbo families
• Financial Management and Wealth-Building Strategies – Best Practices for Retirement and Education
• Facilitating Marriages among Young Igbo Adults in the Diaspora – Strategies and Supportive Networks.

Please submit your presentation proposal for review to no later than Saturday, October 27, 2012. Include the title and a brief summary/synopsis of your presentation. Selected presenters will be notified by email no later than Saturday, November 3, 2012.

Symposium Subcommittee: Prof. Martin Okafor (Chair), Dr. Chinedum (CT) Nwosu, Rev. (Dr.) C. Kingston-Ekeke, Dr. Bonn Otor, Dr. Jones Nwagbara, and Chief Ugo Onyemaobi (Igbo Day Event Chair).

Igbo Union Atlanta USA, Inc.

*Photo Caption – Atlanta Igbo Day Symposium Info

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The People’s Movement, a nascent advocacy group on good governance and transparency on Thursday in Lagos congratulated the Delta State governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan on the occasion of his 58th birthday.

The group reflected on the five years of the Uduaghan administration and declared that the state was in a promising direction.

“We are confident that the measures Governor Uduaghan has initiated are measures in the right direction” the Director of Communications, Mrs. Ibifuro Tatua said in a statement issued in Lagos.

The group observed that security is a major problem in Nigeria and not just Delta State. It also debunked the insinuation that Delta State has the highest number of kidnap cases.

“It is against this background arising from serious security challenges that Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan decided to put in place strategies towards addressing security challenges in the state’, the statement said.

The group applauded the seriousness attached to the declared war on kidnapping and other criminal offences in the state, saying the Uduaghan’s administration had set up special courts dedicated to trying offenders of these crimes, in addition to acquiring communication gadgets to assist law enforcement agencies to track down the criminals.

“His Excellency is winning the war against kidnappers and other criminals”, the statement said.

On the menace of flood, the group said the problem is not peculiar to Delta alone, pointing out “It’s all over Nigeria and indeed, all over the world”.

It also recalled the massive work in terms of clearing of drainages and removing structures obstructing natural waterways before the flood, complaining about the behaviour of some people, who intentionally dump refuse in drainages and gutters as well as those who build their houses or fences on a water channel.

The group, which was also full of encomiums for Uduaghan’s vision, mission and leadership role in Nigeria, particularly Delta State congratulated the governor for the massive infrastructural development Delta State has witnessed in the last five years.

It particularly praised the governor’s “honesty, openness and forthrightness”

The group appealed to the people to support the governor, saying the people who allowed them to be used against the good intention of the governor are working against God and the people as the governor has been executing people oriented programmes with the available funds.

The group warned enemies of the state to desist from their activities, advising that they should think of what they can do to help their people at any level rather than allowing themselves to be used as agents of darkness and destruction.

It also urged unserious politicians, godfathers, thugs and youths waiting for Governor Uduaghan to share state funds with them to forget the idea, adding that the governor is committed to the utilization of such funds for the growth of the state and the people.

The group also advised Chief Great Ogboru, the governorship candidate of the Democratic Peoples’ Party (DPP) in the 2011 governorship election in Delta State and other members of the party to support Governor Uduaghan, stressing that the apex court would never reverse its decision.

“This is the time to bury the hatchet and to join hands with the governor to move the state forward.” The group said.

Furthermore, the statement said the group of prominent Deltans committed to the rapid development of the state will hold discussion soon with concerned leaders, intellectuals and stakeholders to fashion out a template for the development of the state. 

Mrs Ibifuro Tatua, Director of Communication on behalf of The People’s Movements.

*Photo Caption – Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan