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Rejoinder To Dr. Sunday Adegoke's Open Letter To President Goodluck Jonathan

Rejoinder To Dr. Sunday Adegoke's Open Letter To President Goodluck Jonathan

-Masterweb Reports
Kindly allow me a small space in your popular online paper to thank Dr Sunday Adegoke for his bold nature in pointing out the sickening situation at University of Abuja. At 71 years plus, I feel constrained to speak out whenever I noticed some ugly situations that will work against our children’s education. I am sure that if our president had enough time to read this type of open letter pointing direct finger to one of our leaders in our citadel of learning, being some one interested in the future our children, president Jonathan would have instructed his minister of education to take appropriate action.

I was blessed with 6 children and 5 of them attended Nigerian universities. The youngest attended University of Abuja. Even though she completed work for graduation early in 2011, it is recently that the students are being posted for their national youth service assignment. It is through this same university that I observe that lecturers have the boldness to request for unspeakable things from their female students in order to get their results. One can see the correlation between and autocratic vice-chancellor and depraved lecturers. The issues raised by Dr Stanley Adegoke are serious enough to warrant a thorough screening of the activities of the school authorities. I am via this medium praying with the minister for education to be alive to his or her responsibilities and persuade our president that the various adverse reports emanating from the activities of the management of the university, call for an urgent remedy action to restore the integrity of our higher education.

Chuks Dandy Reports From Grand Prairie, Texas, USA.

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