Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Mark Clint)
Biafran Activist and a Gay Joshua Odeke is Billed for forced deportation today, 7th June, 2012 (Home Office Ref O1151115)
Joshua Odeke (a Biafran activist and a gay) who is due to be forcibly removed to Nigeria on charter flight PVT090 on 7th June 2012.
Joshua fled Nigeria due to his political activities there, namely his involvement with the non-violent Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), which campaigns openly for Igbo tribe freedom and an independent state. Joshua is deeply worried about returning to Nigeria because both his father and brother were killed by authorities because of their involvement with MASSOB.
The Nigerian State is strongly opposed to MASSOB; since its formation in 1999, members of its supporters have been arrested and detained for months, and suffered ill-treatment whilst in police custody. Despite their commitment to peaceful protest, the police regularly fire tear gas and live ammunition at MASSOB rallies and demonstrations, and Human Rights Watch has reported incidents of members being killed by police, with women included amongst the victims. Just last month of May 2012, a number of MASSOB members were jailed for wearing Biafran T-shirts and others were killed in another incident this year. The links to these evidences are seen below: and
In addition, since being detained Joshua has admitted that he is bisexual. As a bisexual or gay man Joshua is in real danger if he is returned to Nigeria, where the criminal code punishes consensual gay sex with up to 14 years in prison. Moreover, in Muslim states applying Sharia law, homosexual sex among men is punishable by death by stoning.
If returned to Nigeria, Joshua would be faced with a terrifying choice: to risk persecution by the Nigerian Security Forces,jailed or tortured if not killed.The Nigerian government has officially enshrined in her constitution a jail term of 14 years imprisonment and it is worst in the 12 Northern states that have officially enshrined sharia law where same sex relationship is punishable stoning to death or death by stoning.This inevitably has made internal relocation to anywhere in Nigeria impossible as there is no protection for Joshua.
What You Can Do To Help
Please, help stop this planned forced removal of Joshua Odeke to Nigeria by writing the Secretary of State for Home Department (SSHD), Theresa May to cancel his removal directions and allow Joshua to return to safety in Glasgow. If you do, please remember to quote Joshua’s Home Office Ref: O1151115.
***Home Secretary’s Contact***
Rt. Hon Theresa May, MP
Secretary of State for the Home Office,
2 Marsham St
London SW1 4DF
Fax: 020 7035 4745
"CIT - Treat Official"
2) Email/Fax Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister: Ask him to intervene with the Home Secretary Theresa May to stop the continued detention of Joshua Odeke and grant him leave to Remain in the UK as he would be harmed, tortured, imprisoned if not killed in Nigeria if removed. If you do please remember to include Joshua Odeke’s Home Office Reference: O1151115 in all your correspondence.
Nick Clegg - Deputy Prime Minister's Office
Cabinet Office
70 Whitehall
Correspondence Section:
Tel: 020 7276 0527
Fax: 020 7276 0514
Please, do notify Joshua’s campaign groups and supporters of actions you have taken: The Unity Centre: And
Mark Clint can be reached at

-Masterweb Reports
Lecture with title "Ndigbo In Geo-Politics of Nigeria" holds on a rescheduled date ( 25th May, 2012 ) at Enugu, Enugu State.
Venue: NUJ Press Center, Rangers Avenue, Independence Layout, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria.
*All efforts by detractors and saboteurs to prevent the event from holding failed. Igbos should show massive support for the event by coming from wherever they
are to the venue in solidarity.
Date: 25th May, 2012.
Time: 10.00 am prompt
Programme: *SEE BELOW
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezife, former Anambra State Governor.
*Chairman of the occassion is Amb. G. A. Onyegbula, a distinguised retired diplomat, while President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo is expected to be Chief Guest. 
Other Speakers - Among those to speak are: Dr. Arthur Nwankwo, Col Joe Achuzia, Barr Uche Okwukwu, Chief Ifeanyichukwu Enemchukwu, Chief Charles Okereke, Dr. Kema Chikwe, Mr. Osadebe Ibegbu, Chief Inyama - President, Igbo Development Association 19 Northern States, Prof Ben Obumselu, Prof Ralph Nwokedi, Dr. Okey Emordi, Prof Pat Utomi, Chief Bob Ogbuagu, Pa Onyenso Nwachukwu, Prof Julius Onah, Dr. Uma Eleazu, Prof Emeka Enejere , Udenta Udenta, Chief Mrs Kate Ezeofor , Prof Uzodimma Nwala, , and several other distinguished speakers.
Col J.O.G Achuzia (Air Raid) will lead a powerful delegation of Anioma Igbos and Igbozurume group to the Enugu epoch-making lecture. Rivers Igbos will be led by Barr Uche Okwukwu, a notable Ikwerre lawyer and Obi Wali Jnr.
For participation, support or co-sponsorship please contact -
Nigeria: Chuks Ibegbu Phone: +234 8035410176, Email:
Overseas: Chief Charles Okereke Phone: +1 4148070329, Email:

The  THEME OF this lecture is "Ndigbo in the Geo-Politics of Nigeria, the way foward" while the sub-theme is "Ndigbo After Ojukwu". The keynote speaker is HEX DR CHUKWUEMEKA EZIFE (OKWADIKE), former Executive Governor of Anambra State. Among many other noteable speakers are Col J.O.G Achuzia (Air Raid) who will speak on Ndigbo after Ojukwu,   Chief Charles Okereke, composer "God Bless Africa" - an African Union award winning anthem,  and CEO Nigeria Masterweb ( ) - a very popular online publication, will also present a paper by proxy at the event. All our speakers are distinguished in their respective fields.

Lecture Organized By Nigerian Presidency of South East Extraction Movement (NPSEEM) and Igbo Unity Forum (IUF), and sponsored by Igbo World Assembly (IWA)

Arrival of Guests 8.00 am - 10.00 am
Introduction of Guests 10.00 am - 10.30 am
Opening Ceremony 10.30 am - 11.00 am
Goodwill Messages 11.00 am - 11.40 am
Keynote Speech 11.40 am - 12.00 noon
Cultural Dance(s)and/or Music 12.00 noon 12.10 pm
Paper Presentations(15 minutes each) 12.10 pm - 2.30 pm
Question And Answer Session 2.30 pm - 3.30 pm
Refreshment And Cultural Dance(s) 3.30 pm - 4.00 pm
Closing Remarks 4.00 pm - 4.10 pm
Vote Of Thanks 4.10 pm - 4.20 pm
Closing Ceremony 4.20 pm - 4.30 pm

-Masterweb Reports
How the transport sector could serve as a catalyst for transformation in any sector of the economy once again attained front burner status as experts and stakeholders in the aviation sector converged in Lagos to examine how to sustain a formidable road map to turn the aviation industry into one of the major planks of development.
The seminar with the theme: “Evolving a road map for transformation of the air transport sector in Nigeria “, being the eighteenth in the series of the League of Airports & Aviation Correspondents (LAAC), annual event provided another platform for experts, leaders and players in the sector to examine issues bordering on how to evolve a workable and sustainable template for turning around the gateway to economic development.
The seminar  drew participants from aviation parastatals including the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA),Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB), the Nigeria Police, airlines, ancillary service  providers    including Nigerian Aviation Handling Company ( NAHCO), Plc, Skyway  Aviation  Handling Company Limited ( SAHCOL), Para- military agencies including Nigeria Customs Service, Immigration and other  stakeholders.
Setting the tone for the seminar, the chairman of LAAC, Mr Chukwuemeke  Iwelunmo explained that the theme of this year’s seminar is apt given recent developments in the industry , stating that the transformation train appears to have come at the appropriate time, given the obvious decay of airport operational equipment and infrastructure resulting from  neglect by government.
Identifying the eleven airports remodeling project as a major plank of the transformation agenda of government, Iwelumo observed that the aviation sector was on its way to regaining its lost glory.
He applauded the leadership courage of the current minister of aviation, Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah, in tackling the myriad of infrastructural challenges in the industry; even as he observed the pains domestic operators are grappling with over failure to complete the installation of the air field lighting system of the 18 left runway at the domestic wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos.
He called on the minister to expedite action in making public the outcome of the report of the committee set up last year to investigate the high cost as well as scarcity of aviation fuel.
Giving his assessment of the state of affairs of the aviation sector, he brought to the fore the current travails of private sector carriers, which is accentuated by the absence of a national carrier, even as he canvassed the strengthening of capacity for the airlines by government.
Others issues that he dwelt on revolved around the need for airlines to pay up their debts to enable aviation service providers meet their statutory obligation.
Conference examined the challenge of dearth of pilots and engineers and other key professionals in the industry, which has become obvious owing largely to inability to train younger professionals to replace the old ones.
Considering the obvious security challenge in the country, conference notes that there is need to ensure adequate security in all the airports, as well as the need for all security gadgets installed to be in optimal capacity, rather than exposing irregularities in the system.
Conference however calls on government to consider the media as partner in developing the aviation and allied sectors of the economy, even as it continues to condemn in the strongest terms, the lingering sealing off of the Press Centre at the Presidential Wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos.
While delivering the key note address, the director general of Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority ( NCAA), Dr Harold Demuren, noted that the conference theme is symmetrical  with the master plan of the aviation , which was unveiled in Abuja by the minister of aviation.
Demuren noted that apart from the development of a master plan, an implementation framework is necessary to confront the sector’s numerous challenges.
Key among the components of the master plan, which the minister has unveiled for the industry include how to develop hubs in line with international standards and best practices; develop the requisite capacity and manpower to meet the needs in the industry.
Others are the need to change the business model of the industry into self sustaining model, through increased private sector participation to reduce financial burden on government; maximize the contribution to the social-economic development of the Nigerian economy as well as the attendant foreign direct investment.
On the harsh economic climate resulting in airlines groaning, he canvassed the need for government to encourage the financial institutions to provide financial instruments that would ensure local airlines have access to low interest rate on loans.
The presentation did not hesitate to canvass a regime of waivers for aircraft parts imported by domestic airlines, as doing such will afford local carriers the needed revenue to improve their operations, even as it noted that funds accruable could be used for aircraft purchase and training of personnel.
The issue of airport tariff and charges that should be reviewed was brought to the front burner, even as government was urged to look into how the needed succor should be provided for local operators.
In his keynote address, the minister of aviation, Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah, canvassed for synergy among stakeholders in the ongoing efforts to transform the sector, even as she called for consolidation among domestic airlines to enhance their capacity in a globally competitive environment.
The minister also unfolded plans to partner the ministry of petroleum to ensure the availability of aviation fuel at affordable prices.
On the vexed issue of security  and the sealing off of the Press Centre, the minister affirmed that as regrettable and inconveniencing as the matter appears, government is resolute in not taking lightly issues of security even as he expressed optimism that something positive is in the offing.
In his contribution, president of Aviation Round Table affirmed that the challenges the Nigerian aviation industry is grappling with , is not different  from what other  parts of the world are grappling with , even as he raised concerns over the  calibre of professionals who drew the road map for the sector, which is serious need for reassessment.
Ore highlighted that the validity of the roadmap, could only be ascertained if it had the input of stakeholders, before it could be subjected to serious analysis and ultimate endorsement.
In his contribution, Mr Gbenga Olowo canvassed a rechristening of the seminar’s theme, to reflect understanding the road map for the aviation sector, even as he called for self examination by all players in the sector on why aviation growth and development has taken a nosedive in the past few years.
He raised issues bordering on ageing professionals in the industry, the bust and boom of many domestic airlines, the factors responsible for the growth of the industry, and surgical operations financially on why Nigerian carriers are not doing well at the expense of other carriers.
His presentation was not limited to how the creation of a level playing field, will bring about four strong carriers out of the 22 carriers on the list of the NCAA, as continuous injection of funds into the carriers without proper consolidation is the way to go for the industry.
Olowo canvassed that until the right policy is in place, through government supported consolidation, operators could pull their aircraft together to form a strong carrier, such that there are sufficient aircraft for the strong carriers to emerge, through what he described as “Magnet approach”.
The harsh experience of many domestic carriers has made Nigerian operators a good case study of how not to run an airline, with a schedule that cannot guarantee profitability.
The state of Nigerian airports also drew the attention of speakers. He called for the remodeling of the airports based on the airport master plan instead of remodeling in beats and inconveniencing airport users and operations.
On the part of the Unions in the industry, the president of Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association of Nigeria ( ATSSSAN), Comrade Benjamin Okewu noted that rather than criticize the road map of the ministry of aviation, it is incumbent to rally round the transformation train of government to ensure that ongoing projects are not thwarted for the ultimate benefits of aviation stakeholders.
At the level of the unions, he noted that the clarion call is to keep abreast with the transformation agenda of the government and support the ministry, which appears from experience to have had the courage to remodel the airports.
On the controversial issue of setting up a national carrier, Okewu affirmed that the time is now to set up a national carrier, which is instrumental to the development of airport hubs, manpower development and operational capacity that could provide the platform to compete with foreign carriers.
If the manpower depletion in the aviation sector must be addressed, the establishment of a national carrier is key is closing the gap.
With the increasing passenger traffic, there is no going back on the need for government to remodel the airports, as a model for the development and growth of the industry.
In his contributions, the managing director of First Nation Airways, Mr Kayode Odukoya called for consistency in government transformational measures that will fast track the growth and development of the aviation sector.
The operators, he affirmed are well aware of the operational challenges of the industry, which government could have a full understanding of, if a forum is created for input gathering.
The need to find a common thread and work out ways of pursuing it is key to the development of the industry, even as access to robust funding at minimal interest rate remains key as the indicators that will form the pathway for the recovery of the industry from collapse.
Conference also considered ways and means of interfacing aircraft manufacturers, with funding and acquisition window that will be good for the sustenance of the industry, with reduced interest rates.
The mix of long haul operators and the distribution of passengers to the hubs must be given adequate consideration, as it opens opportunities for Nigerian operators to provide fueling, catering and other revenue enhancing window.
Discussions, as the setting up of a carrier will boost the nation’s economy amid the plethora of investment window it offers without injection of public funds, rather it will be purely private sector driven.
In his presentation, the managing director of Nigeria Airspace Management Agency ( NAMA),  Engineer Nnamdi Udoh,  called to domestication of whatever model is adopted as a road map for the development of the aviation sector, that is predicated on a foundation that could endure.
He also called for realistic target given the peculiarities of the Nigerian environment, even as he cautioned against ambitious projects that could be realistic, timely and measurable.
He raised a poser: If there is a robust business plan before government could be swayed by sentiments to float a national carrier without recourse to the sustainability of such a carrier.
His presentation also touched the raw nerve of the industry, which he described as proliferation of unviable carriers, proposing mergers and consolidation as a way forward.
Mr. Chris Aligbe in his presentation applauded the minister of aviation for the giant strides in coming up with a roadmap for the industry which never existed. He called on stakeholders to key into it irrespective of its deficiencies. He however, disagrees with the floatation of a national carrier, owned and operated by government. Rather, he recommends flag carriers operated by private concerns to fly the nation’s flag.
He recalled the absence of political will by past ministers of aviation to turn around the sector.
If the airline sub sector must be delivered from collapse, the hiccup of owner manager syndrome must be removed, because failure by the operators to look inwards has not accelerated the growth and development of the industry.
This has become imperative, as the need for government to by way of legislation and policy create a platform that will bring about the consolidation of domestic carriers, because examples abound all over the world on how government policy has accelerated the growth and sustenance of the airline industry.
There must be alternatives on the way, in the fast tracking of a roadmap for the industry as the roadmap that accentuated the building of a new terminal in Abuja, the MMA 2, facility, as well as the building of a new terminal at the General Aviation Terminal (GAT), at the domestic wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos.
Except operators come together on how to forge mergers and consolidation, the existing carriers will pale into insignificance, when the new national carrier if floated.
In the open forum, the national president of the National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers (NAAPE), Engineer Isaac Balami, observed the porous service delivery by airlines, which have fallen below the bar in service delivery characterized by incessant flight delays and cancellation, which is dovetails into poor training for their personnel.
His presentation raised posers over the expatriate quota in the aviation sector, which has reduced indigenous professionals to be second fiddle, affirming that if operators harp on training of Nigerians, the industry could move forward, as empowerment is a key indicator in the quest for transformation.
Stakeholders also raised concerns over the seemingly cosmetic measures taken to turn around the aviation industry, not minding the deficiencies in the new approach at righting the wrongs of over many years.
Wrapping up the discussions, managing director of IRS Airlines calls for inclusion of all strata of the industry, including identifiable and achievable milestones, as well as the need to address the security challenges as the way to make the roadmap workable, even as he called for proper identification of the challenges of the industry, rather than a diagnosis of the industry.


-Masterweb Reports (Release By Presidential Amnesty Office)
Following the growing penchant for some persons to pick on the Presidential Amnesty Programme over occasional security breaches in the Niger Delta, the Amnesty Office wishes to reiterate once again that the Amnesty Office is not a security agency and that the mandate of the Presidential Amnesty Programme does not include curbing crime or enforcing laws in the Niger Delta.
Yes, it is true that the Presidential Amnesty Programme has aided the stabilization of security conditions in the Niger Delta by successfully overseeing the disarmament, demobilization and currently reintegrating the entire 26,358 Niger Delta ex-agitators who accepted the offer of amnesty and enlisted in the Amnesty Programme in two phases; however the Amnesty Office has neither the powers, competences or wherewithal to stop any person who willfully decides to commit crime in the Niger Delta. The Amnesty Office neither has guns nor ammunitions; thus cannot physically combat willful crime or criminality in the Niger Delta. The very critical role of enforcing extant laws that deal will crime in the Niger Delta and other parts of the country is constitutionally vested on the Nigeria Police, the State Security Services and of course the Armed Forces as currently represented in the states in the Niger Delta by the Joint Military Task Force (which now goes by the name Operation Pulo Shield).
The Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and the Chairman, Presidential Amnesty Programme, Hon. Kingsley Kuku once again affirms his confidence in the ability of the gallant officers and men of the JTF to protect vital oil and gas installations in the Niger Delta and also to deal decisively with person or persons who for any reason or reasons attempts to attack oil facilities or generally attempt to breach the peace in the zone.
For emphasis, it must be clarified for the umpteenth time that pursuant to its mandate, the Amnesty Office, aided by gallant officers and Men of our Armed forces pursued a very successful disarmament campaign and huge cache of arms and ammunitions were submitted by the ex-agitators prior to their being admitted into the post-amnesty Programme. Disarmament was concluded in December 2009 but the arms and ammunitions collected were stored at the 82 Division of the Nigerian Army in Enugu and in compliance with extant DDR codes as spelt out by the United Nations, these arms and Ammunitions were on May 25 2011 completely destroyed by the Nigerian Army in Lokpanta, a boundary town in Enugu State, under the watch of the Amnesty Office. With the destruction of the arms and ammunitions, the Presidential Amnesty Programme exited its Disarmament component.
Similarly, the Amnesty Office has successfully pursued and completed the Demobilisation of the entire 26,358 Niger Delta ex-agitators enrolled in the two phases of the Programme. The Demobilisation exercise which was carried out in two camps: Obubra in Cross River State and Akodo in Lagos State entailed biometric documentation, wellness check, nonviolence transformational training, series of counseling and career classification for the ex-agitators. In December 2011, the Amnesty Office completed and exited the Demobilisation component of the Presidential Amnesty Programme. 
With the completion of the full demobilisation of the 26,358 ex-combatants enrolled in the first and second phases of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, our great nation entered history books as one of the few countries in the world that achieved a successful closure to the Disarmament and Demobilisation phases of its DDR Programme. True, virtually all the 24 United Nations-piloted DDR interventions in Africa since 1992 are still battling to achieve full Demobilisation even with huge financial and technical assistance from the United Nations and several other international partners. Some of the nations still battling to exit the Demobilisation phase of their DDR Programmes include Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Given the successes of the DDR Programmes in Nigeria and Burundi, there is currently a global push to transfer all such programmes from the United Nations and other international agencies to national governments just like is currently the case in Nigeria.  
Perhaps the most critical other component of the Amnesty Programme is the Reintegration of the ex-agitators. That is exactly where we are today. Following the completion of their non-violence training and career classification in camp, the Amnesty Office has successfully placed a total of 10,395 former Niger Delta agitators in skills acquisition/training centres as well as in formal education within the country and offshore. Similarly, about 12,067 transformed ex-combatants are currently being processed preparatory to their deployment to reintegration centres to pursue either formal education or vocational training in the 2012 fiscal year. Several of these trainees have graduated and a number of them have secured gainful employment. The Amnesty Office is also collaborating with key governmental institutions to aid the self-employment of many of the graduates.
Hon. Kuku also seeks to stress once again that the fact that several former agitators in the Niger Delta accepted the offer of Amnesty does not in any way mean that the region no longer has aggrieved persons. But he insists that all aggrieved persons any where in Nigeria should seek and embrace nonviolent and peaceful ways to express themselves, especially given that the Federal Government under His Excellency, President Goodluck Jonathan GCFR, has clearly shown that it has the capacity to listen and act in the greater good of the citizenry.
Flowing from the above, it is abundantly clear that the Amnesty Office has been discharging to the best of its abilities, the responsibilities and mandate assigned to it and as enshrined in the Amnesty Proclamation. Indeed if the Amnesty Office was charged with security duties, perhaps we would have pursued it doggedly and surely profound results would have been achieved by now.
Beyond the fact that Amnesty Office is not charged security duties, it must be made clear that aspects of the Amnesty Proclamation that deals with the development of critical infrastructures in the Niger Delta is domiciled in the Ministry of the Niger Delta while the Petroleum equity component is domiciled in the Federal Ministry of Petroleum. For example, the Amnesty Office is aware that a number of the ex-agitators have secured pipeline protection and surveillance jobs from the Ministry of Petroleum. Details of this can only be sourced from the Ministry of Petroleum since Amnesty office is not involved at all. 
As the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta, Hon. Kingsley Kuku is on a daily basis in touch with leaders and stakeholders in the Niger Delta. These leaders and stakeholders are clearly of the view that the Amnesty Programme is making the desired impact in the zone. Indeed they are also of the view that the humble efforts of the Amnesty Office have helped to save the economy of our dear country from imminent collapse. Like most discerning Nigerians are now aware, the key objective of the Presidential Amnesty Programme is to stabilise, consolidate and sustain security conditions in the Niger Delta as pre-requisite for promoting economic development in the zone, which we all know is the nation’s oil and gas base. I make bold to assert that the target of restoring peace, safety and security in the Niger Delta using the instrumentalities of the Amnesty Programme, has been reasonably met; and as a result, the nation’s economy has rebounded. From a production level of a paltry 700,000 barrels of crude oil per day as at first week of January 2009, the relative peace that now prevails in the Niger Delta has aided the remarkable growth of Nigeria’s oil production to between 2.6 million barrels per day as at today.
To further underscore the fact that the proclamation of amnesty for former agitators in the Niger Delta as well as the successful management of the post-amnesty Programme saved the economy of our great nation from a looming collapse, kindly note that with Nigeria producing as at today 2.6 million barrels of crude oil per day as against the abysmally low 700,000 barrels per day at the peak of the Niger Delta crisis in January 2009, the Amnesty Programme is currently making production savings of 1.9 million barrels per day for our beloved country. If these savings are computed with prevailing exchange rate of N160 to $1, daily production savings for Nigeria and its Joint Venture (JV) partners currently stands at N33.4 Billion per day. If this sum is broken down further especially given that oil production in Nigeria hovered between 2.4 and 2.6 barrels for all of 2011, it would be discovered that savings for Nigeria and its JV partners for year ending 2011 is estimated to be a whopping N6 trillion! 
Henry Ugbolue
Head, Media and Communication
Presidential Amnesty Office

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Radio Biafra London)

After two years of absence the legendary Radio Biafra London (RBL) is back on air and will resume on SATURDAY 21 APRIL 2012 at 8pm broadcasting twice a week on 11870 kHz frequency on the shortwave band from its London Studio to all African countries with concentrated footprint in Nigeria. Listeners in the Greater London area can tune into 94.3FM at the same time whilst those outside London and elsewhere in the world can follow the program online by visiting and clicking on the daily broadcast play button.

RBL is a public service broadcaster and will serve as the eyes, ears and voice for millions of dispossessed, disenfranchised, abandoned and oppressed people of various ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. According to Nnamdi Kanu the Director of Radio Biafra London, the reason for the resuscitation of the popular radio station is to set a largely misinformed public free from the twin evil of tyrannical rule of a cabal of ill-educated and institutionally corrupt men and women and the sponsored sectarian killings directed against Christian Southerners living in Northern Nigeria by terrorists operating in the name of Islam. It will also serve to articulate a solution to the plight of impoverished and confused Igbo families abandoned by their leaders in Northern Nigeria to a fate worse than those endured by black slaves in plantations in the Americas.

Radio Biafra London will use and deploy every available resource to campaign for the rights of all oppressed indigenous peoples of Southern Nigeria to determine how they wish to structure their societies and live their lives. Radio Biafra London would broadcast debates on issues of national and international importance affecting the lives and rights of the indigenous peoples of Biafra and indeed indigenous people of all ethnic persuasions in Nigeria.

Radio Biafra London further wishes to give advance warning to all looters, embezzlers, kidnappers, sponsors of terrorism, child traffickers, corrupt judges, crooked university lecturers, murderous Nigerian security forces and all thieving individuals masquerading as public officials who steal public funds thereby preventing developmental projects from impacting positively on the lives of the ordinary people. These looters and workers of iniquity will be named and shamed. There will be no hiding place for common thieves who use the cover of high political offices to steal in the name of Nigerian politics. For Radio Biafra London, there will be nothing like no-go-areas in what can be reported, discussed and analysed. The governing principle of the Public-Right-To-Know of the issues affecting their lives will be rigorously upheld.


Editorial Board of Radio Biafra London


-Masterweb Reports
Public Statement By Intersociety-Nigeria  
Before Dr. Chidi Odinkalu, Board Chair, Nigeria’s National Human Rights
Commission Goes The Way Of Others Felled  By  State Bullets Or Killer-Gas
(Onitsha-Nigeria, Sunday, 15th day of April, 2012)-The leadership of
International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law strongly
believes that the Chairman, Board of Governing Council of the National
Human Rights Commission, Dr. Chidi Odinkalu, one of the few young
Nigeria’s “legist” scholars, may go the way of other Nigeria’s “social
engineers” felled by State bullets or killer-gas substances, unless
sustained local and international campaigns are initiated to ward off such
possible reality.
Having critically x-rayed the circumstances surrounding the 11th day of
April 2012’s open criminal invitation extended to the NHRC’s chair by the
Acting IGP, Mohammed Dikko Abubakar, through his DIG, Force Criminal
Investigations Department in Abuja, who delegated it to one Dan Bature, a
Deputy Commissioner of Police, we fear that Dr. Chidi Odinkalu may have
become a “ candidate of formal and informal police criminal invitations”,
with the latter likely to be “he has gone to Abuja”, a euphemism for State
murder and extra-judicial execution of targeted citizens.
Dr. Chidi Odinkalu was issued with non-adjudicative criminal summons over
his legitimate assertion on March 5, 2012 at a public function, to the
effect that the Nigeria Police Force,” by estimates, carries out more than
2,500 extra-judicial execution of detainees yearly”, as a result of which
the Acting IGP claimed that it was “vexatious”.  We wish to state,
expressly, that the criminal invitation extended to Dr. Chidi Odinkalu by
the NPF amounts to gross abuse of office, executive irresponsibility and
recklessness. It is also tantamount to inviting a judge, criminally, to
explain his or her reasons for delivering a judgment, whether substantive
or orbiter dictum (or dicta). It saddens our heart that the Acting IGP and
his Force Headquarters does not seem to understand the basic provisions of
the law of the land, yet they claim to be “ officers of the law”.
For records, Dr. Chidi Odinkalu, by virtue of his position as the Chairman
of the Board of Governing Council of the NHRC have rights, privileges and
immunities of a High Court Judge, whether formal or informal. This is
expressly in accordance with the NHRC’s Amended Act, signed into law by
President Goodluck Jonathan on 26th day of February 2011. The new amended
Act confers on the Commission the powers of a High Court in its core areas
of jurisdiction such as summons, investigations of complaints, their
findings and actions. Funny enough, it is the NHRC that is legally
empowered to summon any Nigerian including the IGP, and not the other way
round. The express meaning of the new “high court” powers of the NHRC is
that if any Nigerian including the IGP, whether acting or substantive,
feels aggrieved by the Commission’s summons, investigations, findings and
actions, he or she deserves a right under the law to go to the Court of
Appeal to challenge them, and certainly, not a high court. When clearly
compared with the summoning powers of the Police, which are strictly
restricted to criminal matters, the former’s are superior to the latter’s.
The forgoing simply means that the NHRC is now in the same jurisdictional
league with the National Industrial Court, Election Tribunals and Judicial
Commissions of Enquiry. The question now is: can the NPF criminally summon
heads of the Election Tribunals, the National Industrial Courts and the
Judicial Commissions of Enquiry? The express answer to this question is
that the NPF is legally incompetent to do so.
Other than the powers of a High Court status of the NHRC, it is also
deified internationally in line with various international rights
instruments assented to by Nigeria. Reckless conducts by State security
establishments such as the one under discussion, brought about the
establishment of State Human Rights Commissions by the member-states of
the UNO, after the 1990s’ plan of action on human rights so as, among
other things, narrow the gap between the independent rights NGOs and the
State, which perpetually sees rights issues and their campaigners as a
threat and coupist As crude and homicidal as the Sani Mohammed Abacha’ s
military regime was, it still created the present NHRC, though with  a
leprous decree in 1995. This is the same Commission (now with widened
responsibilities) that the supposedly democratic Nigeria Police Force is
bent on defiling with utter impunity. Also, Dr. Chidi Odinkalu is an
appointee of the Presidency with a tenure, whose appointment was duly
confirmed by the Nigeria’s Senate. If the NHRC Boss is credibly seen as a
threat to national security or grievous violator of the law, which he is
not presently, the NHRC Amended Act of the Federation 2011 empowers the
President and the Senate, and not the NPF to handle same legally.  In the
event of sanction or removal from office for possible gross misconduct,
the Amended NHRC Act empowers the President to request for the removal of
the NHRC Boss from the Senate, which, in turn, will effect his or her
removal via a simple majority vote. The best the NPF top headship could
do, under the law and present circumstance, is to report him to his
appointing authority, the President, with incontrovertible pieces of
evidence pertaining to his or her alleged gross misconduct. By virtue of
the said Act, the NHRC Boss takes no directives from any government agency
including the President, except where he or she engages in gross
misconduct.  It is obvious that the top leadership of the NPF is crudely
ignorant of these basic legal provisions that prompted it to act
professionally illiterately. The Force, therefore, acted irresponsibly,
abashedly, absurdly, abusively, recklessly and shamelessly.
Furthermore, what the NHRC Boss has said is less than 0.1 percent of the
current realities with respect to police corruptive and homicidal
activities in Nigeria. Apart from the “Criminal Force” Report of 2010 by
NOPRIN & OSIWA, from which the NHRC Boss derived his assertion, there are
other newer and older similar reports by leading and respected local and
international rights groups such as the Intersociety’s twin reports of
December 2011(Police Corruption As Human Rights (roadblock extortion &
related issues) & How 54,000 Nigerians Died Outside The Law Since 1999).
There are also others like: “Killing At Will (AI-UK)”, “Rest in
Pieces”(HRW-USA), “Everyone’s in the Game”(HRW-USA) and the Nigeria’s
State of Human Rights Report of 2009 by the US Department of State, etc,
all documenting heinous homicidal activities of the NPF as well as other
police-bred killings in Nigeria since 1999.
Therefore, the criminal invitation extended to the immunity-bearing NHRC
Boss by the NPF is criminally, harmfully and homicidally intended. The
sheer ignorance of the law of the land in this respect, by the top
leadership of the NPF led by Mohammed Dikko Abubakar, is also shocking and
saddening. Instead of this clear witch-hunting of an innocent and
conscientious top public citizen by the NPF, the clarification
invitations, not criminal summons, should be holistically extended to the
leaderships of the Access to Justice, CLEEN Foundation, International
Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law, Network on Police Reforms
in Nigeria & Open Society Institute for West Africa & its founder (George
Soros); Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Madam Hillary
Clinton & her US Department of State as well as members of the NBA who
have instituted civil  cases seeking for compensatory justice over the
extra judicial activities including unlawful  killings of their clients’
relatives by the personnel of the NPF, being some of the respected bodies
that have documented and issued various reports of police atrocities in
Nigeria, if the Force is truly desirous of unearthing the alleged
unjustifiable homicidal activities of its personnel including pretrial
We, hereby, call on the President & Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
and Chairman, Nigeria Police Council, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, to direct the
Secretary to the Federal Government to conclusively and satisfactorily
investigate this height of abuse of office and professional misconduct by
the top leadership of the NPF, with a view to sanctioning those involved,
apologizing to the NHRC Boss, saving his dear life, effectively protecting
his revered office and saving the Federal Republic of Nigeria of this
unpardonable embarrassment and more to come. The Acting IGP and his
personnel must be stopped by the President from further harassing and
intimidating the respected NHRC Boss. Mr. Mohammed Dikko Abubakar’s
confirmation as the Nigeria’s substantive IGP should be tied to his
culpability or otherwise in this horrible national and international
embarrassment of the Government and Great People of the Federal Republic
of Nigeria.
While commending the NHRC Boss, Dr. Chidi Odinkalu, for his courage and
sagacity, we wish to call on other reputable civil society organizations
local and internationally to rise in fierce defense of the NHRC and its
boss by ensuring that its independent status and activities are not
stifled by any State coercive agencies particularly the NPF. Efforts must
also be ensured and intensified to ensure that Dr. Chidi Odinkalu does not
go the way of other irreplaceable social engineers in Nigeria, felled by
State bullets and killer-gas substances such as Alhaja Kudiratu Abiola.
Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chairman, Board of Trustees
+234(0) 80333601078, +234(0) 8180103912,
Comrade Justus Ijeoma, Head, Publicity Desk
+234(0) 8037114869

-Masterweb Reports
Everybody who knows the state of commercial airline business in Nigeria before the advent of ARIK Air Ltd would only but thank the owner, Mr. Arumeni  Ikhide for introducing what can rightly be described as an  innovation in air transport in Nigeria. Today, one can enter domestic flights in Nigeria with confidence that he is entering a brand new plane. I understand the company does not also joke with maintenance and that it is generally passionate about safety.
But somebody needs to tell him that air transport business is more of a service industry.  At the heart of the operations is the quality of service, otherwise, with all the new planes, it will be a white sepulchre that is externally attractive but rotten inside. Going by the quality of services Arik offers, I am afraid that is what it is turning into. The Managers of that company need to act urgently. People are complaining of lack of good services by the company.  Before you know it, the pent-up resentment will have great effect on the company. At that time, it will be too late!
I am a frequent flyer of Arik. At each time the quality of service keeps deteriorating.  One is bound to witness greatest lack of love for the company by those that work for it.  Clearly they are not interested in its growth and development. This is bad.  Part of the doctrine of dignity of labour is that one must love any work he does through which he eats and keeps the body moving. If you are a road sweeper, and you make daily living through that, you are expected to love the job.
On the 4th of April, 2012, I and some friends were supposed to travel by Arik to Lagos for the Service of Songs for the wife of the Managing Director of Fidelity Bank plc. The flight was to take-off at 4:50 pm. We had earlier given money to somebody to purchase the tickets for us. He did at NICON Hilton Hotel at Abuja. The first mischief was that they told him they did not have seat in their  Business Class, because one of us wanted to travel on that class. He bought economy class for all of us.
The guy was at the airport two hours before departure time only to be told half way that the counter had closed. He was almost stranded. We arrived at the Airport at exactly 3:35 pm. We thought all we needed was to collect our boarding passes, go into the departure hall and relax over some drinks. Behold, the guy had not checked us in. In fact, he told us how they refused to attend to then in preference to some passengers he suspected must have greased their palms.
My friends AND I was exasperated at how things had fallen apart in the country.  People complain of what our leader do, yet they do worst in their little positions. At last we decided to go beyond the counter and meet a higher, understanding officer. We were directed to one Mr. Ogaji Dabim, introduced as the Duty Manager.  Tactically, I asked him when boarding for that plane was supposed to end, he said at 3:10. I pointed it out to him that it was clearly written that boarding stops 30 minutes before departure and should have ended at 4:20 pm. He could not lie about this one because we ourselves were at the Airport at exactly 3:45.  When I made it clear to the guy that I will tell this story to the whole world, he became panicky.  One of us who was told at the point of purchase of ticket that there was no business class was upgraded at the airport, after he paid N13,000.  This was how he issued boarding passes to all of us, but before we finished all this, we missed the flight and did not travel again.
This was not the first time I witnessed such treatment from Arik. The pathetic thing about this is that when one had succeeded in the past, he would find out that many empty seats still remained in the plane.
What would easily be deduced for events at ARIK is that they have strong corrupt syndicate that specialises in selling half of the seats for flights only to say that the flight is fully booked. What they now do is to collect extra money from the back from people for their pockets and sell those tickets to them. At one occasion when I was desperate to travel, I had to pat extra N5,000 naira to make the trip.  They often end up not selling everything that once one entered the plane, one would be surprised at many empty seats in a supposedly fully booked flight.
The foregoing is not good for the owner of ARIK. We know how capital intensive airline business is. By introducing ARIK, the owner had done us good, He is providing for us what Nigerian Airways could not do. It will be bad if, due to poor management, he allows those who cannot buy plane tires to ruin his business.
Mr.  Charles Ugonna, Abuja

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I wish to use this medium to express to you, Gov. Peter Obi of Anambra State, my own State,   my hearty congratulations, as well as my immense gratitude for your wise and bold educational and academic revolution in our Anambra State by Your Government returning the schools to the Missions. How great and best is this in the history of Anambra State!! Words are not enough to express the immensity of my joy at listening to the radio announcement and newspaper reports of this educational revolution.
All your achievements in Anambra State have been crowned by this particular event.
There is another revolution I will advise you to launch in our State, and that is the Agricultural Revolution, otherwise known as Agrarian Revolution, the type which Doctor. Mike Okpara, the Premier of Former Eastern Nigeria launched in 1962 in the then Eastern Nigeria. Premier Mike Okpara launched what he described as his "Quinquennial Agrarian Revolution" (1962-1967).
In this Agricultural Revolution, the Government of Eastern Nigeria during the regime of Doctor Mike Okpara, fully and successfully utilized farmers, Multipurpose Cooperative Societies, Cooperative Community Farms and Cooperative Farm Settlements to increase the production of food crops and also cash crops. The Agrarian Revolution of Premier Doctor Mike Okpara was very successful. He achieved massive, accelerated, tremendous and unprecedented production of food crops, as well as cash crops, flooding Eastern Nigeria and its environs, with abundance of foodstuffs, livestock and eggs, thus turning Eastern Nigeria into a land flowing with milk and honey.
I participated in drafting the memo, with which the then Eastern Nigeria Government lunched the Cooperative Farm Settlement Scheme in 1963. I was the First Cooperative Officer to supervise Igbariam Cooperative Farm Settlement in1963.
This is my third letter to you on your praiseworthy performances in our Anambra State. The first was when you got elected for the first term of office. The second is when you scaled through the impeachment imbroglio, and the third is this letter of congratulation and gratitude for your widely acclaimed educational/academic revolution, which is well- spoken of in the highest terms.
Keep the flag flying and do not be distracted by detractors.
John. N.P. Okonkwo,  Formerly Hon. Commissioner under
Three Military Governors in  Old Anambra  State

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Obinna Akukwe)
Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God is the most respected Pentecostal pastor in Nigeria. This former teacher and lecturer in mathematics from the University of Lagos was among the first set of academia in Nigeria to become disciples of the then ‘church ratist’ Pentecostalism. Then from the early seventies to the early nineties to be a Pentecostal is akin to being an outcast. Families prefer a drunkard in their fold than a Pentecostal.  Pentecostalism was associated with non-violent but radical trait of Christianity where the congregation is not interested in the things of the world, fashion of the world, music of the world etc.
During my own time, my father had to drive me out of the house in 1986 because, according to him, I failed to genuflect before the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I had to live from church hall to queer places until my elder brother came around from his postings and normalized the situation temporarily. My school fees and pocket money was withheld and I was treated with contempt as a religious rebel. Such was the fate of Pentecostals till Pastor Anwuzia of Zoe Ministries made Pentecostalism fashionable.
Pastor Adeboye was among the people who gradually led the migration from extremist Pentecostalism to moderatism. This was coupled with various testimonies of creative miracles like healing of blindness, lameness and other incurable health condition under the power of God which used to be hallmarks of his conventions then.
The emergence of Archbishop Benson Idahosa, Pastor Joe Anwuzia and Prophet Gabriel Oduyemi birthed the introduction of prosperity into the Pentecostal fold. Pastor Adeboye believes in prosperity, preaches prosperity, healing, salvation and spiritual maturity.
He runs a loose administrative structure which gives his pastors the freedom to exhibit their peculiar spiritual gifts of prophecy, healings, teachings, worship or a combination if the person has the grace. The Redeemed pastors are not perpetually in fear of frequent transfers like their Living Faith counterparts. In terms of pastoral allowances, Redeemed pastors receive more pay than other structured Pentecostal churches perhaps except Living Faith Church. During our time, pastors are sent to a field with a horn speaker, mat, stove, huge Bible and Matthew Henry’s Commentary and a member to house the new work in his apartment. The pastor were to use his ‘God of Elijah’ anointing to bring down the rest of the chairs, instruments, place of worship, members etc or you die of hunger and starvation. The Redeemed Church will have none of it. They equip every branch with minimum requirements including migrated membership to enable the new branch start up with less friction.
In terms of sermon delivery, the Redeemed style is simple and devoid of logical sequence and revelational wordcraft  associated with Living Faith Church. Bible students are not excited about their message pattern , they view it as too simplistic . Messages in Redeemed Church is delivered with high level of simplicity, devoid of intellectual flair that one begins to wonder what a professor is doing in that environment. However, the cohesive family like relationship in their fold beats that of any Pentecostal fold in Nigeria and have held the church together like a rock.
In terms of organization, the church is second only to Living Faith. In terms of worship, it towers above other Pentecostal church. In terms of hierarchical structure, it has the most disciplined hierarchical order. A district pastor with 100 members in his parish takes precedence over a parish pastor with 5000 Congregationalists such that  the parish pastor must surrender pulpit at the presence of the district or any other senior pastor. This is just to ensure discipline and order. They have low turnover of pastors as you will see those who started with Pastor Adeboye still in the fold.
The daily devotional ‘Open Heavens ‘is the most incisive daily devotional in circulation. It showcases the teaching ministry of Pastor Adeboye .The Redeemed Camp has a sitting capacity of over four million members and during conventions and Holy Ghost Congress the visitors could reach six million. Pastor Adeboye possesses unusual grace. During Holy Ghost services people run to the altar arena in response to alter call, before Pastor Adeboye finishes counting one to ten, yet one cannot pinpoint the highpoint of the message that drew such crowd of sinners out for repentance.
Pastor Adeboye have influenced pastors all over the world , the Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church, David Oyedepo refers to him as his ‘father in the lord’, same goes for many other pastors. Newsweek Magazine in 2008 named him among 50 most influential persons worldwide. Pastor Adeboye have built a solid institution of religion, having all administrative and managerial effectiveness in place including the Redeemers University. With a membership of over eight million it is time for the Redeemed Christian Church of God to move to the next level.
The followers of Pastor Adeboye should come out of hiding and praying and lead in the transformation process of Nigeria. Enough of collecting anointing from Pastor Adeboye. Redeemed members have collected enough. It is time to utilize those collected over the years in the quest for a new Nigeria. The membership of RCCG can only do their leader and the nation good if they elect to find their ways into politics, civil society groups, human rights and other change movements in Nigeria so that they can help in the rescue of this nation out of imbecile political leadership. There is enough power of God angling around the ministry that ubiquitous faithful prefer to collect it, store it, hoard it until it becomes stale and they rush to Redeemed camp to collect another one. This cycle is a disservice to the nation. With a membership above eight million, the Redeemed members should rise up from slumber and use the spiritual resources at their disposal to checkmate evil in the armed forces, economy, politics , business and other sectors of the ailing nation. This is the greatest service they can do for God, Christendom and the best 70th birthday gift they can give to Pastor Adeboye who turned 70 on the 3rd of march.