Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] – It was with shock and disbelief that the Igbo youth as represented by the Ohaneze Youth Wing read with the statement credited to the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), aimed at inciting the northern delegates at the on-going National Conference to vote against the core demands of Ndigbo at the conference, i.e. a Sixth state for the South East and recognition of zones in the constitution as federating units.
1.      If the statement is true, then the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has taken a line of aggression against the Igbo nation, exhibiting a tacit systemic arrogance that amounts to total disrespect and lack or love for Ndigbo and therefore should not expect same from us.
2.      It portrays the ACF as a group that has for long benefited from the structural marginalization of Ndigbo in the Nigerian project, and are willing to go to any length to maintain the tilted status quo.

3.      Therefore, the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) is ungrateful to Ndigbo for having selflessly protected their interest in the past; Nigerian independence was postponed by 2 years at Zik’s request to enable our “Northern brothers” to be ready. It was largely Igbo senators especially Chief Ken Nnamani, the then Senate President and Senator Uche Chukwumerije that shot down the 3rd Term Agenda at the National Assembly in 2006.
4.       Their assertion that the South East does not have enough land mass to ask for a sixth state is ridiculous since large land mass does not always imply large population. After all, most states in the Far North are as sparsely populated as the Sahara Desert. Had the Festus Odimegwu census approach been allowed to fruit, we would have known the true Nigerian figure.

5.      It will be hypocritical to refuse to assign the 6 zonal structure a constitutional role since it has conventionally become part of Nigeria’s political structure. In fact, delegates to the conference were nominated with respect to their geo-political zones.

6.      It is equitable that the zones should be the federating units rather than the states. The states need to aggregate resources so as to be econo-politically strong enough to counter balance the Federal Government politically. It will also enable them to execute mega infrastructural projects such as refineries, regional highways/ monorail network, etc which many individual states cannot afford.  This has led to the current trend towards regional integration by most zones.
7.      Consequently, we wish to re-affirm the stand of Ohaneze Ndigbo that “power shall go from the South South to the South East, in unbroken succession.”
8.      Finally, we wish to also state that we are watching the unguarded vituperations of some northerner elements, especially the recently released memo of the Adamawa State Governor Rear-Admiral Murtala Nyako which is aimed at re-enacting the infamous pogrom of the late 1960s; we are aware of these antics, but they should also be knowledgeable enough to know that the variables of 1966-1970 have changed both internally and externally.
Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro
National/Worldwide Youth Leader, Ohaneze Youth Wing.

*Photo Caption – Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, Ohaneze Youth Wing Leader. *Isiguzoro can be reached in Nigeria at 07034380211 or 8028597244. Call to congratulate him.

[ Masterweb Reports ] – Distinguished ladies and gentlemen; I have the honor and privilege to address you today as we celebrate this year’s annual Workers’ Day. The 1st day of May of every year has been set aside world-wide, to appreciate the contributions that workers of the world make in the development of mankind. Here in Abia State, we have good reasons to celebrate our workers for their improving productivity, and especially for their stabilizing effect on our polity, and the peaceful environment that our people enjoy everywhere.

The theme of this year’s Workers’ Day is : ‘Building Enduring Peace and Unity – Panacea for Sustainable National Development’. This is coming at a very unique time in Abia State and coincides with the era when our Government is consolidating our legacy projects.      
It is our aim to consolidate our legacy projects to provide the foundation that will drive the new face of Abia, towards a sustainable and predictable development. Now more than ever before, our State desires industrial harmony and the security of lives and property to move our development forward, and I know I can count on our Workers cooperation to do all these.

I salute our workers of the State for having kept faith with our Government as we struggled in the past years to strengthen our nascent democracy, preserve our security of lives and property; create job opportunities to empower our youths, and pursuing our legacy projects as a preferred development strategy.      
Our efforts have achieved results in the health sector, in the agricultural sector to improve food security and create employment; in re-building our neglected infrastructure, improving our commerce through provision of new markets and in improving our educational system, etc.

Through these many competing demands, the workers of Abia State continued to work hard, support and trust our Government, and you did not embark on any disruptive industrial actions. Instead, you imbibed the spirit of amicable settlement and peaceful resolutions wherever there were some disagreements. I commend you for this.

I especially salute the leadership of the NLC and TUC of Abia State, for working to support our security and peace efforts in the State, which have earned us the recognition as one of the most peaceful States in the Nation and as an investment friendly State. That is why the Abia economy is now taking an upwards swing. In all your supports to our Government, the leadership of  Abia workers has not abandoned the needs and rights of our workers in your interactions with our Government.

I also acknowledge that the workers of Abia State have been alive to your social responsibilities, and it was your votes that helped liberate Abia from the clutches of oppression, making it possible for our Government to focus on the needs of our citizens, especially the welfare of our workers and in the improvement of our overall economy.

That is why in the past, we did not hesitate to implement the new national minimum wage for workers, even paying above what other States committed to.

Just like I promised you during our last workers’ day celebration, we are fast concluding the construction of a befitting new secretariat complex, and our workers are already moving in there to occupy the spaces. I am now happy that our workers can now work in a relative comfortable environment, and we will also continue to promote our workers as-when due, as well as provide the necessary incentives that promote a healthy workforce.

Recently, I commissioned one of our housing estates in Isieke, this and our other estates at Amuba and Adelabu are all focused on providing decent and affordable accommodations for all categories of workers. We will continue along this line.

Through our Labor desk that is manned by your former Chairman of State NLC, we continue to enjoy a harmonious working relationship with all labor unions.

We will continue to seek this path of cooperation with our workers, so that together, we will build full support and acceptance of government’s good intentions to serve all Abians.

Our Government will continue to build on the primary areas of cooperation with our Labour Unions, especially through mutual understanding of all issues affecting Labour and our collaborative  pro-activeness in addressing all sore areas. I am confident that these paths will be mutually useful in addressing all outstanding labour issues in our State.

I am very pleased to note the implementation of the minimum wage bill in three parastatals of our State – which were outstanding when we celebrated last year, especially in ADP, Abia Library Board and Abia State Council for Arts and Culture. I assure you that we will soon commence the implementation of out-standing arrears of payments to these workers.
We will continue to promote the independence of some of our State parastatals where necessary, to enable them assist in improving our State IGR, and also address any other existing disparities in the payment of the minimum wage in our State.
I am aware that some of our Teachers’ salaries are paid in arrears, including that of the Health Management Board, Teaching Hospital Aba and the Project Implementation Units (PIU). Our Government is working very hard to clear these arrears.

Also as a pensionable worker myself, I am very sensitive to the plights of Abia pensioners, and know that our government has been in arrears in meeting our obligations to retirees, especially in the payments of gratuities and accruing pensions. We are very anxious to meet such obligations to all pensioners and doing whatever is possible to address the issues.

Our Government is doing everything possible to improve our financial status, especially our internally generated revenue, so that we will be able to honor our obligations to all workers and retirees as-when-due.

We are also committed to the prompt payments of salaries and special allowances due to medical and health workers. That is why I recently set up two committees to review and harmonize the fees and levies payable to the State, so that both the State and the tax-paying public can reach a dependable platform for improved and predictable IGR.

The welfare of Abia workers will continue to occupy a primary position in the agenda of our Administration, and I am proud of the cordial relationship existing between Labour and our Government. This collaborative approach is certainly the sure route to follow if we must reach the collective prosperity, security and welfare of all Abians.
I am aware that there are two other outstanding promises I made to Abia workers that are not fully fulfilled. One of these is our Government’s resolve to assist Abia Workers to build your befitting Labour House in the State, for the promotion of labour values. I want to restate here that our Government is ready to step in when Labour makes the first move to realize this project. That is why we have made an allocation of a plot of land to Labour to house the project.

The second outstanding promise I made to Labour, is the provision of buses to your Unions. I have already made good on this by providing one bus to your Union, and the others will come in due course as we manage our lean resources.

To whom much is given or promised, much is expected. Therefore, as we celebrate today’s workers’ day, I urge all our workers to renew their faith, support and devotion to our Government, knowing that our Government means well for all Abians, and we are workers’ friendly. We cannot develop this State without your full support and sacrifices.

Our Government is in a hurry to develop this State, and all our efforts are directed towards making Abia better for all citizens, including workers. That is why we must build a sustainable economy of Abia State, and a more secured State, where our workers are full partners. God willing we will not fail Abia State and we will not fail our workers!
I will end this address by renewing my confidence in the abilities of Abia workers, and as we celebrate today, I call on all of us to rededicate to the over-all work ethics of our service, and to drive this commitment to the service and well-being of the good people of Abia State.

May God bless the workers of Abia State! Long live Abia State and the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Thank you.

*Photo Caption – Governor T. A. Orji

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Distinguished ladies and gentlemen; Today, we join many other States and our Nation to celebrate the World Malaria Day. This occasion always affords everyone a chance to share experience and obtain new information necessary in the implementation of an integrated malaria control activities, so that the concerned Nations can support each other in the on-going efforts to eliminate malaria. 
The global importance accorded to this event highlights the level of threat which malaria has come to pose in the effective health care delivery of many Nations, including Nigeria.

Mosquito, as we all know is the major carrier of malaria parasite which is bred in stagnant water, including ponds, containers, pots etc. Our vulnerable children are mostly the victims of malaria parasites, and whenever treatments are not administered in time, these lead to deaths or disabilities.   
Today, malaria continues to threaten more than 40% of the world population,  making it the public enemy number one, outside those other challenges that are man-made.

Every year, more than 500 million people suffer from malaria and over a million children die from malaria related diseases; while 90% of world malaria deaths occur in Africa alone. Malaria remains one of the biggest problems in Africa contributing to loss of active man-hour amongst our workforce and it is indeed threatening to our economy.

To wage an effective fight against malaria, this year’s edition of World Malaria Day has adopted as its theme: ‘Invest in the future: Defeat Malaria’.  
This theme is significant as it serves as a wake-up call for policy makers and the citizenry to act now, if we must defeat malaria and save the future threat it poses to our health, especially our vulnerable children who are our future leaders. 
The World Malaria Day commemoration is also set aside to challenge our communities to mobilize to fight malaria, and to especially sensitize and draw media attentions to the scourge of malaria. These activities are necessary if we must win the war against malaria.

Today, it is more evident that healthy communities create more vibrant, inclusive and active people and economies that thrive and serve the Nation. Since the Millenium Development Goals were launched, we have been seeing good evidence to show that fighting malaria is a good investment that saves lives and also speeds up the economy.    
This is one good reason for all of us to recommit our energies to fight, prevent and control malaria in our environment and in the Nation. 

Any input we make to fight malaria will lead to further reduction in ill-health and deaths due to malaria; it will increase political commitments by Governments, and also improve access to technical and financial resources from national and international partners, who are equally concerned with the fight against malaria.    
This is why all of us must sustain our efforts to contain malaria in this Nation, so that the fragile gains already achieved is not reversed in malaria’s favor. We can only succeed when malaria remains at the top of State, National, International, and community political development agenda.

In Abia State, we have achieved significant landmarks through our commitment to fight malaria in the following areas: - We have expanded access to early and reliable diagnosis through our health care centers spread through-out the LGAs, especially present in the rural areas. We have provided anti-malaria treatment to malaria affected areas through de-flooding and distilting of blocked drainages.      
Our Government has created rapid response capabilities to cope with emergency situations that can breed mosquitoes; provided vector control intervention in malaria endemic zones, and support for research and training for medical staff on malaria related issues at all levels. Abia State will continue to support all efforts to sustain the war against malaria in all its ramifications.  
I must however, commend the Federal Government of Nigeria, the leadership of the Federal Ministry of Health and the International Community for the supports afforded to our State in our fight against malaria. I am also very proud of the Roll-Back Malaria Initiative by the WHO and the Global Fund, which have significantly contributed to the success of our fight against malaria.

Today, I would like to thank all participating organizations, individuals and exhibitors who are present to commemorate the World Malaria Day celebration. Many of you have engaged in Malaria walk-out, and in different ways demonstrated your commitments to promote and provide valuable information that lead to the elimination of malaria in Nigeria. 
I commend you and enjoin you to continue to share experiences and join efforts to ensure we protect all people at risk of malaria disease. All these interventions are necessary for us to completely eliminate malaria by 2015.

I will equally like to express my gratitude to the State Ministry of Health, the Roll-Back Malaria Team, the Reckitt Benckiser Nigeria Ltd, and the National Malaria Control Programme, for organizing today’s event which is concluded to fight malaria. 

I have a firm belief that in no distant future, Nigeria will be a malaria free zone, so that we begin to address other national challenges more successfully. It is our duty to give our children a healthier future, and that will be a world without malaria!

I thank everyone for your active participation and God bless you! 

*Photo Caption – His Excellency, Governor T. A. Orji 


[ Masterweb Reports ] – Distinguished ladies and gentlemen; I am very pleased to be here today to commission this new landmark project – the Abia State Eye Center. This is yet another significant addition to our many health-care legacy projects spread across our State, which include 701 Primary Health Centers spread across our political wards, diagnostic centers at Umuahia and Aba, a Chest Clinic at Umuahia; the upgrading of Amachara General Hospital as a part of Abia State Specialist Hospital for training of our medical personnel etc.
In our persistent search for the increased good health and well-being of our citizens, I cannot stop repeating that I am proud to be a Governor of healthy citizens in Abia State, for it is truly only a healthy citizen that will enjoy the dividends of democracy. That is why we are today adding the Eye Center to serve our citizens.
In commissioning this significant project today, I make bold to say again that I will like to be remembered as a Governor that prevented blindness and removed the burden of avoidable blindness from the citizens of our State. My goal is to return Abians to their 20:20 eye vision, so that they can better appreciate the good work of our Government of Abia State as pursued through our legacy projects.
The burden of preventable blindness is not only in Abia, it is a national and global problem. World-wide, 39 million people are blind, and 246 million have severe or moderate visual impairment; while 90% of these people leave in the developing countries including Nigeria. It is recognized that cataracts is the leading cause of blindness, while glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness world-wide.
But the good news is that up to 80% of the World’s blindness is either treatable, or preventable – using known and cost effective means. Other causes of blindness are harmful eye medication, eye injuries, eye complication of hypertension and diabetes and uncorrected errors of refractions and childhood blindness.    
These are where projects like our State Eye Center, would make a major impact through early intervention to prevent avoidable blindness.
Our State is one of the South-Eastern States that have unacceptable high prevalence of low vision and blindness of 4.63% of the total population, and this is too high when compared with the national prevalence rate of 0.7%. An estimated 68% of all those affected live in the rural areas and are elderly people already frail and having other health issues. 
These situations left unattended, certainly have economic disadvantages that affect the productivity of our population. This is why we have now stepped up to address the situation in Abia State through the building of the Abia State Eye Center.
In establishing the Abia State Eye Center, we have invested in the best technology in the market, so that our citizens threatened with blindness will use the center to restore their 20:20 vision. This technology will also address the main causes of avoidable blindness and focus on impacting on many of our afflicted citizens to ensure that no one can needlessly go blind. 
You have already heard from the Chief Medical Director of this Specialist Hospital about the origin of the Eye Center project and the diagnostic center which we have established here. My thoughts are always focused on improving Abia and bringing to our State those quality projects that improve life, no matter where I am or what I am engaged in.
That is why our Government has not shied away from investing in the cost of this Eye Center. The building that houses the Center was renovated to make it ICT complaint for the installation of the Equipment at a cost of N25 million, while the eye equipment itself cost us N87 million. Our Government is happy that we have made this pro-people investment here to improve the health of all Abians and beyond.   
It is our goal to provide easy access to comprehensive eye care which will be integrated into our health system to serve all Abians. We would also work to ensure that those with unavoidable blindness are taken good care of to enable them achieve their full potentials within a rehabilitation service centers.
It is possible to achieve many of these goals through the Eye Center we commission today, which is fully equipped with the latest state of the art instruments for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of eye problems – made possible by the followings:
Its state of the art infrastructure that is fully air conditioned for patients and staff comfort.
It has an ultra modern digital vision assessment machines.
It includes a Digital Intraocular pressure machines
It has well-equipped examination rooms of international standards, with slit lamps, direct and indirect ophthalmoscopes and digital lensometers.
It has a state of the art ultrasound machines, latest central visual field machine, optical coherence tomography and layer by layer machines for eye examination.
The Center has a standard eye theatre with Phaco Machine and digital operating microscope
It has a standard ophthalmic pharmacy and optical workshop.
It is equipped with a dedicated internet service linking all the examinations and instruments for proper data collection and storage.
And finally, we have collaboration with other Ophthalmic centers, local and international for standardization, evaluation, monitoring , training and retraining of ophthalmic manpower for the State Eye Center.
I have taken these efforts to enumerate the functioning of this quality Eye Center we have provided to assure all Abians that we have gone for the best and that we truly care about you and your health, especially your fight against eye problems and blindness. I therefore encourage all Abians to feel free to patronize the State Eye Center for all your eyes problems. You need not go elsewhere or even to India to search for your eye treatments
With this Eye Center we commission today, I am confident that our Government has attained a comprehensive and robust Health Care System capable of taking integrated care of the health and well-being of our citizens in all areas. We assure you we will continue to do more!
I am very pleased to have our dear brother, the Hon Minister of Health, Prof Onyebuchi Chukwu – here to commission the Abia State Eye Center. Your contribution in sustaining and giving depth to Mr President’s transformation agenda in the Health Care Sector will remain commendable for all time. You have also shown enormous support to Abia State in all our activities and drive to upgrade the health care system in our State and we thank you.
I thank everyone that has been involved in the pursuit of this goal and project, especially the Chief Medical Director of our Specialist Hospital, our Ministry of Health and our Consultants. I believe you will all continue to persevere and never relent until we have attained the goal of a predictable health Care system in Abia State that our citizens can rely on at all times.
Thank you.
*Photo Caption - Governor Theodore Orji

[ Masterweb Reports: Obituary ] - With gratitude to God for a long and fruitful life, the entire family of Nnanyi Mecha Udonsi of Ndi Ekea Compound of Okon Aku Ohafiai, in Ohafia Local Government of Abia State regrets to announce the passing of their mother, wife, grandmother, aunt, sister, and mother – in – law. ........ Click For Burial Arrangements.
*Photo Caption - Late Madam Chijioke Eke Udonsi.  Call 08035200337 for inquiries on burial arrangements.

[ Masterweb Reports:  Dr. Peregrino Brimah  reports  ] – The nation is in an aggravated and unprecedented state of emergency. Our most vulnerable children who are the recurrent major victims of the nation’s severe security problems are again being subjected to severe danger. Up to 200 school girls remain captured by terrorists in the northeast. These are our children, our daughters, cousins and nieces who have been abducted by the so-called Boko Haram terrorists and are now being held at an unknown destination. It cannot be imagined what these girls, the latest kidnap victims are being put through in captivity by these known, Godless rapists and murderers.
Nigeria’s state security has proven it is incapable of resolving this latest crises as it has been in all in the past. This latest kidnap episode adds to a list of abductions over the past four years that the security establishment has failed to resolve. The deadly lies spread by our nation’s military, under the president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, the minister of defense, Aliyu Gusau and the NSA Sambo Dasuki, claiming to have freed the abducted Chibok school girls, goes further to show their insensitivity, lack of commitment and intent to further recklessly endanger the lives and fate of our missing girls. Such a preposterous, malicious lie, made to the global concerned audience was in an attempt to further jeopardize the lives of the girls and compromise local and international efforts to facilitate their release.
It is time for ordinary Nigerians to step-up in this national tragedy. Our girls in school in this tough clime, are by all means the most important corner stones of our future. We cannot and must not leave them to their fate. It has already been three days with the terrorists. These girls are suffering unimaginable and unrecoverable physical and mental harm if they are still alive.
We are making an urgent call for all able-bodied Nigerian and foreign hunters and youth to proceed to the northeast and join the parents and army in the search for these abducted children. All hands must be on deck. The parents are already combing the bushes for their wards; we cannot leave them alone in this dangerous and desperate mission. Their children are our children, tomorrow, who knows, it may be our children and their help we may solicit.
The Civilian-JTF is on the ground to coordinate our mission. They will inform of the safe methods of participation. They will also be on ground in the search to help in eliminating Boko Haram terrorists encountered. All tunnels and caves should be sought out and explored. This is a holy obligation to free our children from their abductors and oppressors.
We call for donations of supplies, walkie-talkies, torch-lights, batteries and all other financial assistance that can aid in this hunt, recover and eliminate mission. ENDS has recently donated some walkie-talkies and Taser torchlights to the Civilian-JTF which may be helpful in these hunts in outskirts where communication may otherwise be impossible.
We also call on all international bodies and even SWAT teams that can assist Nigeria to please join and assist us in this time of national tragedy and need. The governments of Chad, Cameroon, Niger are also implored to assist in this search, recover and eliminate mission. The terrorists could be hiding with these girls in areas on their territory.
Dr. Peregrino Brimah  ( Email: reports ).
*Photo Caption – Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] – All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) condemn in totality the wanton killing and destruction of lives and public properties in Nigeria, especially the recent gruesome massacre at Nyanya Abuja and the abduction of school girls in Borno state . We send our heartfelt condolence to the families that lost Dear ones in that dastardly act and we pray that God will give them eternal rest in his Kingdom.
APGA as always stands for peace, unity ,harmony and transparency ,therefore we find it difficult to understand why anybody will have a hand in the plot or participate in the act of taking out lives of human being ,be it political, religious or remonstrating purposes . Human life is sacred and should be treated as such, nobody should take it no matter the reason or provocations.
It is on record that all the states under APGA are peaceful and should be emulated by other states under different political parties. We in APGA are calling on people from other political parties ,ethnic groups and religious background to always eschew peace ,love and harmony ,they should Endeavour to  live in peace and understanding ,respect others choice of party and religion.
We call on the President to use his good office and checkmate this reckless killings and also curb the menace that are springing up especially from the Northern part of the Nation.
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Long Live All Progressives Grand Alliance.
Stanley Chira
Acting National Publicity Secretary
All Progressives Grand Alliance
APGA Secretariat, No. 41b Libreville Street
*Photo Caption – APGA logo

[ Masterweb Reports ] – Distinguished ladies and gentlemen; I am very pleased to be here today amongst my friends and the good people of Bende Local Government Area. Your LGA and your people continue to play very prominent roles in the politics and economy of our State, our Government and the Nation, - and that is why I am very excited that you have chosen this day and this occasion to accord me a civic honour and reception. I thank you immensely!
When we started this journey to wrestle the governance of our State from oppressive and despotic leadership, Bende LGA and its good people were solidly with me, all the way. And through thick and thin and the rough and tumbles of the politics of our State, you have remained solidly behind and with me. 
You deserve my appreciation and honor, but instead you are today raising your support and loyalty by organizing this civic reception for me. I think you deserve my immense appreciation and I thank the entire people of Bende LGA for this singular gesture.
I want to remind you that with the solid support of Bende LGA and its people over the years, we have been able to lay a solid foundation for the sustainable political and economic wellbeing of our State, where Bende LGA and its people are active participants and beneficiaries. You still deserve more and you will get more!
With your support, we have leveled the political playing field and opened-up our political space to the greater participation of our citizens, without the over-abrasive control of godfathers and godmothers. We have given back to all of you your dignities to aspire and to win political offices without administering vile idolatry oaths.    
                                                                                                                               And we have stabilized and secured our environment to protect your lives and property from violent criminals and kidnappers, and you can now dream great dreams and pursue them in peace.    
These are intangible values that should make living worthwhile for any man or woman. And I am sure that none of you is ready to go back to Egypt? No, forward ever, backward never!
As we prepare for the way forward come 2015, I know some of you may be pressured to try new games with promises of a new garden of Eden in Abia State. But you should never be deceived again by those whose stock in trade is to weave a veil across your eyes and lead you to Amargedon.       
I urge you to stick to our winning team, stick with our great Party the PDP, and together we will do it again. I have been assured by many of you that there is no shaking in Bende LGA, and with the crowd I see today in this civic reception, I believe you, just as I have always done before!
Our Party PDP will continue to pursue the path of equity, fairness and justice, and the playing field will remain free of manipulation at all levels, without the imposition of candidates from the ward levels to the highest level. 
But we will not allow our active and functioning system to be inflicted by a dangerous virus that has no political value. I urge you to be vigilant and resist such intrusions!
Once more I must thank the good people of Bende LGA for the elaborate ceremonies of this civic reception, especially the efforts you have put into driving it through. I really appreciate you, the organizers and the entire people of Bende LGA who are here. May the Almighty God continue to bless and replenish you!
One last word, our collective and individual loyalty to our great Party PDP must remain unshakeable and we will fight to maintain Abia State as a foremost PDP State in the Nation. The rewards are evident in the winds!
Thank you and God bless you.
*Photo Caption – Governor T. A. Orji

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Distinguished ladies and gentlemen;  I am delighted to address this special gathering of our farmers and citizens, here to mark the commencement of the 2014 Cropping Season in Abia State. Our State is largely an agrarian State committed to the agricultural transformation agenda of the Federal Government of Nigeria. And that is why we will continue to do whatever is required to promote an agrarian culture and other events that support farming activities in our State.

The occasion of today affords us a unique opportunity to take stock of how agriculture has performed in our State, especially under our Administration, so that we can effectively plan ahead to promote activities that support agricultural growth for this year.   
I therefore thank all stakeholders in the agricultural sector who are here to support today’s activities. Your presence certainly underscores the significance you attach to agriculture in the promotion of your lives and that of our citizens.

I need to mention here that since the inception of our Administration, we have left no one in doubt of our firm resolve to take agriculture to the highest level in this State. We recognized that agriculture which should be the bedrock of our Nation’s economy was relegated to the background in the era of increased oil resources, and we resolved to reverse the situation and restore our State to the path of sustainable economic growth.

We are also aware that any nation that is unable to feed its population can neither develop nor experience a stable polity, and that is why our State joined with the Federal Government of Nigeria to restore and chart a new economic future through the Agricultural Transformation Agenda, now on-going.     
With the Federal Government, our State has now focused on transforming agricultural activities in our areas from a subsistence level, to a level that can provide rewarding wealth creation and business ventures.

We expect this focus to bring in a new way of doing things in the agricultural sector, especially putting a new human face to agriculture that will make it attractive to our youths and agro-investors.           
We expect this to lead to a new value-chain approach in the production of agro-commodities, while providing risk-sharing and incentives that reduce the cost of inputs. That is why I urge our citizens to take more active interests in the farming sector as a way of the future, and you can begin right from here!

Besides, the agricultural transformation activities we envisage are the only sure ways to creating massive jobs to take our people out of poverty and raise new wealth builders. It is in this regard that our Administration has resolved to return agriculture to the front burner of our economic growth, and be the source for ensuring both food security and creation of massive jobs for citizens. 

This is why we have resolved to put not less than 65% of our available rich and arable lands and our networks of flowing rivers and water bodies in the State to the production of surplus food, abundant fishes and other aquatic food – both for consumption and for cash. Our Administration will be there to support all genuine farmers willing to invest in the sector and take the risk to excel.

That is why I am excited today on the theme of this year’s cropping season ‘Transforming Agriculture for food security’ – which is both apt and timely and in consonance with our Administration’s agro-policy directions. 
Our Administration has resolved to establish Liberation Farms – as model farm projects in the 17 LGAs of our State and we believe that this will not only expose rural farmers to the best farm practices, but will encourage farm entrepreneurs to produce surplus crops, livestock and fisheries, and through that generate enormous wealth and massive employment for our teeming youths.

Presently, our Liberation farms at Okeikpe (Ukwa-West) and Lodu (Umuahia-North) are training more than 100 youths in modern agricultural skills. I have also approved the take-off of other Liberation Farms at Isiala-Amaba (Isuikwuato LGA) and Idima Abam (Arochukwu LGA), and these will absorb more youths for training.

Our State has vigorously pursued the privatization of State-Owned agricultural concerns to improve performance output. We have brought in entrepreneurs with adequate financial and human capital to invest in such projects so as to turn them quickly into centres of agro-excellence and job creation areas.     
That is why we have successfully privatived the Cocoa Estates at Agbozu Uzuakoli and the Abia Rubber Company; while the Abia Palm Ohambele (Ukwa), Nkporo Oil Palm and Ozuitem, - and Ulonna Palm Estates are now being prepared for privatization.

Other investors are also coming in to partner with us in the Cassava Production and Processing, - all with the objectives of boosting the economy of Abia State and attracting massive investment in the agro-sector. 

Already, a 6,000ha Cassava Production/Processing Center in Abiriba – in partnership with the Federal Government of Nigeria is on-going, and has the potential of turning the cassava enterprise in Abia State to a gold mine. In fact, clearing and survey work is currently going on the cassava sites at Abiriba, and I use this opportunity to thank the people of Abiriba for making available their land for this laudable project.

Our State will continue to support and encourage communities and our development partners who have keyed into our agro-development agenda to ensure that farm/infrastructural activities are scaled up to serve our people. I commend especially our partners in the IFAD and FADAMA 111 Projects.

As we continue to work very hard to attain a bumper harvest from this year’s farming activities, I have directed our Ministry of Agriculture to undertake the following facilitative actions to ensure we achieve our goals:

•       Ensure the registration of more Abia farmers so as to benefit from the smart input subsidy of Abia State and the Federal Government under the GES Scheme.

•       Initiate and conclude the privatization of Ulonna North Farm Settlement, Ozuitem Palm Estate, Ukwa and Nkporo Oil Palm Estates, among others.

•       Ensure the procurement of some tractors to be deployed to the food producing LGAs to enhance land preparation.

•       Improve the skills of our farmers through seminars, workshops and improved extension services of the State ADP.

•       Strengthen extension services under the ADP, with the State government, in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development providing 22 motorcycles for distribution to extension workers at the grassroots. In fact the motorcycles are here for distribution today!

•       Strengthen the task force put in place to checkmate the damage to crops by cattle herdsmen which is currently resulting to community conflicts in many parts of the country and

•       Providing support services such as pest and disease control services, and improved storage system to reduce waste of farm produce.

I will continue to commend our farmers and all other stakeholders in the agricultural sector for your commitments and dedication to advancing the fortunes of agriculture in our State. I have faith that this sector has the potentials to turn around the economic fortunes of our State, our people and our Nation.      
I therefore urge you to continue to make the necessary sacrifices for the realization of the agricultural transformation action plans of our State, and it is my honour and privilege to formally declare the 2014 Cropping Season open!

Thank you and God bless Abia State and the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

*Photo Caption – Governor T. A. Orji


[ Masterweb Reports ] - The leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law-Intersociety wishes to write Your Excellency over the above subject. 1.Crime Fighting & Dislodgement Of Criminal Entities: This is so far so good. Your Excellency’s efforts in this aspect are commendable. But caution should be taken to avoid giving the concerned security agencies, particularly the Anambra State Police Command sweeping powers. Such sweeping powers will not only defeat the very aim of making Anambra roundly secured, but will also put the State under police siege with accompanying abuses and corrupt practices including torture and extra judicial killings, reckless mounting of roadblocks and extortion, trumped up allegations and charges, indiscriminate and reckless arrests, unlawful detention and pre-trial extortion. It is also very important to remind Your Excellency that “a criminal” in strictest sense and according to........ Read More.
*Photo Caption - Governor Willie Obiano