Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports ] - In what appears to be a repeat of the Lady Uzoma Okere’s treatment by naval officers in Lagos, a prominent politician in Eket local government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Hon. Ekanem Willie was in the early hours of Sunday August 24, 2014, viciously battered and assaulted by a naval officer believed to be attached to the Navy Basic Training School, Onne, Port Harcourt Rivers State after he ran away with fuel worth of three thousand Naira. The ugly and unnecessary display of smartness by the rogue naval officer who name is yet to be known happened at Stevegrad Filling Station along........ Read More.
*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports ] - In early February 2014, our organization (International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law) discovered existing ethno-religious domination in the Nigeria Police Force (NPF). The discovery was in respect of promotion of senior police officers carried out constitutionally by the Police Service Commission (PSC) and operational posting and assignment of duties, which are constitutionally performed by the Inspector General of Police (IGP). The discovery was also made in respect of the lopsided arrangement of names of serving senior police officers ranging from CSPs to DIGs. In the same February 2014 (4th, 5th and 6th), we addressed a three-part letter of protest to your important public offices seeking redress. Few months later, the Police Service Commission publicly promised to investigate and address the lopsidedness complained of. On 4th June 2014, new promotions comprising two AIGs, seven CPs and a number of other........ Read More.
*Photo Caption - Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Intersociety, 41, Miss Elems Street, Fegge, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Peregrino Brimah reports ] - The Boko Haram terrorist movement released a latest video to update Nigeria on their current status. In it they claimed the formation of a nonsensical caliphate, plagiarizing from the concurrently running operations of fellow loony ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria.
In the 40 minute video released by the usual publicists, only one important message and piece of information was of note: Boko Haram is scared of the Civilian-JTF. The man who spoke in the video, claiming to be Abubakar Shekau – the serially replaced leader figure – sounded several “warnings” to the Civilian-JTF, literally begging them (us as I feel a part of their association with their permission) to leave the terrorists alone. “Shekau” severally threatened to kill us for slaughtering his men in hundreds. He even went as far as describing the process in which the Civilian-JTF professionally screens which of his members to kill. Shekau said: “you ask of them which of them have blood on their hands; which of them have actually killed people and all those who admit to having murdered you humiliate and kill them.”
This is not the first time that in new videos the only enemy and threat “Shekau” warns are the Civilian-JTF. In his video release after the Giwa barrack attacks, Shekau similarly made no mention of the Nigerian army, but only promised fire and brimstone on the Civilian-JTF. In this recent video, “Shekau” said he will kill us whether we continue to kill his men or not, so funny, he said he will “kill us, the Civilian-JTF as a prevention of our later becoming infidels.” Rather desperate, angry and senseless.
In summary, the Nigerian army are Boko Haram’s friends. I do respect them a lot and appreciate the ultimate sacrifice they are making, but the truth is the truth. The Nigerian government has completely succeeded in embezzling all the funds needed to maintain the great army Nigeria is known for. Our troops are sent to battle Boko Haram, ill-equipped, hungry, unmotivated and unsupported. This is why they are deserting the army in hundreds and fleeing to Cameroon when they are close enough to the border. It is not their fault. Why should they die when the executive leadership protects and dines with the politician sponsors of terror? When the Jonathan administration in five years of limitless terror, has not apprehended and punished a single politician terror sponsor? The army chiefs are dancing with president Jonathan as they divert the billions budgeted for security. Boko Haram loves the Nigerian army, whoever watched the latest video will see once again the glee with which the terrorists received new loads of Nigerian ammunition from stores the Nigerian army ran and left behind. Yes, the terrorists easily pick up APC’s, tanks and ammunition from the army. They no longer need to import their “sophisticated” weapons from Libya, they get it freely from the stashes Lt. Gen. Minimah sent to Borno. Shekau literally said, “thanks Minimah” in his latest video.
For now, the only way to defeat Boko Haram is for us people to rise up and PUSH the president of Nigeria to approve the acquisition of arms by civilians, hunters, farmers and community patriots in the affected northeast, so they can continue destroying the cowardly Boko Haram. It is paradoxical, the Nigerian army is afraid of Boko Haram while Boko Haram is afraid of the Civilian-JTF. The Civilian-JTF have the motivation, courage and rightful anger that makes them the only resort Nigeria has to defeating Boko Haram; as well as being masters of the terrain.
The Chibok parents recently made the ultimate sacrifice by deciding and telling Nigeria’s president that they had “performed the burial rites of their daughters,” and now “needed the bodies,” that the President can go ahead and order the invasion of Sambisa and sacrifice any of their daughters he has to in the process of defeating Boko Haram once and for all. With that went the last excuse Nigeria’s President sold for the inability of his sabotaged military to defeat Boko Haram.
Nigeria is desperate. We urgently need to get the last civilian response to end this terror. Will President Jonathan listen to us? Well, I am not counting on it. He is known for dancing when our blood is being “shared.” But as a people, as Boko Haram keeps killing our loved ones and gaining territory, we must do our best and petition the government of Nigeria to act responsibly- and immediately approve and support the proper arming of the available thousands of patriotic Civilian-JTF youth and volunteers from around Nigeria to destroy Boko Haram before Boko Haram destroys us. This pogrom has lasted way too long. It is time to hang these bush rats.
Dr. Peregrino Brimah ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau.

[ Masterweb Reports: Abayomi Awelewa reports ] - British American Tobacco Nigeria (BATN) Limited has restated its commitment to the successful implementation of the Lagos State Public Place Smoking Law, which came into effect on August 17. The company said that it would continue to support key stakeholders in the country to drive a fully compliant and well regulated tobacco sector in a transparent and responsible manner.


The statement came against the backdrop of a reaction to BATN's recent sensitisation of officers of the Lagos State Police Command on the Lagos State Public Place Smoking Law.

The company stated that it was surprised that a Lagos-based NGO would fault the sensitisation of enforcement agents on the recently passed Lagos Public Smoking law. Freddy Messanvi, Area Director, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, BAT West Africa, said that the company believes that this was a task which such NGOs should spearhead.
Messanvi stated that help is needed from NGOs and other stakeholders to enhance understanding and appreciation of the law, and not a time to engage in industry de-normalisation tactics. Other issues requiring the urgent attention of all stakeholders include stemming the increasing tide of illegal trade within the sector and using the funding that the NGOs get from their international partners to build the capacity of agencies who work on tobacco control to ensure that there is compliance with stated laws and regulations.
He said that engagement with stakeholders such as the recent sensitisation event of officers of the Nigeria Police in Lagos was held in accordance with the World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, FCTC, Article 5.3. The sensitisation of the Police was done in public and the engagement was transparently conducted.
In a welcome development and quite contrary to the norm, Lagosians have in recent times been empowered to understand what exactly the law says. The Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, LASEPA, which is tasked with enforcing the Lagos State Public Place smoking Law, had embarked on sensitising Lagos State residents on the provisions of the law which came into force on August 17, 2014.
Recently, a public hearing was held by the Joint Committee on Health and Justice of the House of Representatives. Stakeholders at the public hearing welcomed further regulation of the sector but tasked the legislators to ensure that the legislation was balanced and enforceable. Pro-industry stakeholders at the public hearing also asked the legislators to ensure that there is balance in whatever law that is passed.
In recent times, stakeholders have asked NGOs involved in tobacco control to get more involved in consumer education and funding of research of alternative and healthier products for consumers, who insist on smoking as these areas are critically needed in countries like Nigeria.

The Lagos State Public Place Smoking Law has been generally acknowledged as a balanced law and one worthy of being a model for other such legislations. 
Abayomi Awelewa
1, Rainbow Drive, Peace Estate
Off Kudirat Abiola Way
Oregun, Lagos
Mobile: +234 803 390 5221+234 803 390 5221
*Photo Caption - A smoker

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - Boastful Junior Minister of Federal Ministry of Education, Chief Nyesome Wike, a governorship aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), was today exposed as all noise and no substance as ‘Hurricane Amaechi’ blew across Wike’s place of origin and purported stronghold, Obio-Akpor Local Government in Rivers State. WIke’s loud boasts of being the political strongman of the area were exposed as tissues of lies by his own people as Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) and State Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), stormed the local government area as part of his ‘Meet the People’ tour.
Before the visit of Governor Amaechi to Obio-Akpor, his Chief of Staff, Chief Tony Okocha, and Hon. Lawrence Chukwu, the CTC Chairman, had for the past two months toured the area and prepared the people for the visit through several philanthropic activities that earned the Chief of Staff the nickname, Chief MKO Abiola of Rivers State.
Governor Amaechi was enthusiastically received at each of the Wards by an unprecedented crowd. It was more of a home coming for the Governor, who used the opportunity to throw more light on his government’s projects in each of the Wards. Women – both old and young – chiefs, elders, men, artistes, political leaders, non-indigenes, the handicapped, youths, masquerades and even children all gathered to pay homage to a son who has redefined politics as agent of change.
According to the speakers while addressing Amaechi in most of the communities, “Developmental strides shall continue to speak for you, even in 2015 and beyond. The network of roads, schools, hospitals and healthcare centres, human capacity developments, empowerment of Rivers people by the State and Local Government councils, all these communities are beneficiaries. You have broken the jinx of underdevelopment in most of the communities in Rivers State.”
The turnout of non-indigenes was something else and, according to Alh. Usman Lamido and Mr. Chris Omerulu, who spoke on behalf of the non-indigenes, “We have seen the developmental strides in Rivers State. What you have done in the state has compelled us to say we will support you anywhere you go. We will follow you anywhere you go. Sir, your people shall be our people and our people shall be your people. We will follow you because you have established yourself as a trailblazer, agent of change, patriotic and detribalised Nigerians that have given us hope in a vibrant and united Nigeria.”
Hon. Ike Chinwo, a one-time member of the Federal House of Representatives and a political heavyweight from Obio-Akpor, observed that Governor Amaechi’s visit can only be described as a political hurricane and uprooting of any structure Chief Wike may have had in Rivers State. He further stated: “I must congratulate and commend Chief Tony Okocha for not only demystifying Chief Wike in his Local Government to demonstrate to the entire world that Chief Wike is just deceiving President Jonathan and his cohorts that he is on ground politically while he is just an empty noise-maker.”
Reacting to the encomiums poured on him in most of the communities, Chief Tony Okocha stated: “I am happy that since I assumed office as the Chief of Staff to Governor Amaechi, I have erased indiscipline, corruption, criminal acquisition, insubordination to the Governor, arrogance, nepotism and have promoted acts of excellence in the affairs of governance in the government unlike when Wike held sway as the Chief of Staff when he runs the office in a very unholy manner where corruption and other evil vices were the hallmarks. Most importantly, I have sustained the vision and focussed governance by the Governor; at least he now sleeps with his two eyes closed than when a blackmailer, saboteur and backstabber was the Chief of Staff.” 
Governor Amaechi, on his part, explained at each place he visited that the tour is not political as he is the Governor of Rivers State and political leader of all the political parties in the State, including APC, PDP and others. He thus explained that he did not embark on the tour to campaign for any political party but to showcase his feats in all parts of Rivers State that include quality roads, model health centres, model primary and secondary schools.
Addressing the people of Mgbuesilaru Community, where he upgraded and recognised the Nye-Weli Chieftaincy Stool of Eze Ejike Wali to second class chieftaincy stool, Amaechi explained the role he played in the political appointment of sons and daughters of Ikwerre land and notable politicians. “I shunned ethnic politics in the Assembly when I was Speaker, which paved way for the appointment of Justice Iche Ndu as Chief Judge. I also supported the move for the election of Hon. Austin Okpara as Deputy Speaker of Federal House of Representatives,” he said. 
Governor Amaechi called on eligible voters in every community he visited to participate in the upcoming voter registration exercise.
The communities visited were Mgbuesilaru, Rumuodara, Eliowhani, Iriebe, Elelenwo, Rumuokwurusi and Atali. Others were Woji, Rumurolu, Rumuogba, Rumuibekwe, Rumuomasi, and Rumuobiakani.
In almost all the communities, the people thanked Governor Amaechi for empowering the people of Obio/Akpor LGA through Sir Tony Okocha and the CTC Chairman, Dr. Lawrence Chukwu, in skills acquisition, provision of vehicles, payment of SURE-P, monetary assistance for business and trading purposes for widows and indigent persons in the communities.
Long Live APC!
Long Live Rivers State!!
Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,
SSA Media and Public Affairs to the State Chairman, APC Rivers State
*Photo Caption - Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi

 [ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - Chevrolet today announced it is hosting 11 children from around the world - including Mfanelo Mabale and Nokuthula Nkabinde of Johannesburg, South Africa - in Manchester, England this week to serve as mascots for Manchester United's Premier League season-opener on Saturday at Old Trafford.
Mfanelo and Nokuthula - along with children ages 10-13 from Brazil, China, South Korea and the United States, among other countries - were selected to be part of Chevrolet's "What Do You #PlayFor?" campaign to bring football fans closer to their beloved sport and spread the power of play around the world.
"Enabling these children to live the dream of being on the Old Trafford pitch with the Manchester United first team is an unprecedented and dramatic way to celebrate our global partnership with the club and usher in a Chevrolet opening match tradition,"    said Tim Mahoney, chief marketing officer, Global Chevrolet. "Watching them walk onto the pitch is sure to inspire football fans everywhere, and certainly will be special for their families and friends, as well as everyone at Chevrolet and Manchester United."
In addition to serving as mascots, Mfanelo, Nokuthula and nine other children will attend Manchester United's famed Soccer School, meet club players and legends, receive a tour of the Club's iconic Old Trafford stadium, and more.
"We are delighted to welcome such a diverse line up of mascots to Old Trafford," Manchester United Group Managing Director, Richard Arnold said. "This is the first time our mascots have travelled from such a wide range of countries and the occasion truly demonstrates the Club's global fan base and worldwide appeal. It is rare for 11 mascots to lead out the team and their inclusion shows both Manchester United and Chevrolet's desire to mark this very special day."
The children were selected to serve as mascots due in part to their love of the game, determination to overcome a variety of challenges, and use play to realize anything is possible.  The opportunity to be a mascot is part of Chevrolet's "What Do You #PlayFor?" campaign to bring football fans closer to the sport and spread the power of play around the world.  Each child's story is featured at
Since announcing its partnership with Manchester United in 2012, Chevrolet has tapped into the scale and passion of football to spread the power of play worldwide, including donating nearly 1 million nearly indestructible balls from One World Futbol Project for use by more than 26 million youth in 60-plus countries in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. 
Chevrolet also recentlyrevitalized a pitch in Bandung, Indonesia, on behalf of a local organization that uses soccer to increase the quality of life for people living with HIV and drug addiction, and Chevrolet donated a pop-up pitch and pickup truck and trailer to help transform gang-laden streets in Chicago into a place where children can play and learn valuable life skills. Manchester United legends attended both events to work with coaches and kids on a variety of soccer skills and techniques.
To celebrate its new, seven-year Manchester United shirt sponsorship, Chevrolet is inviting fans around the world to upload photos of themselves wearing a digital version of the new shirt at  Chevrolet also recently released a video on featuring Manchester United players, legends and fans paying homage to the history of the club's shirts that has attracted more than 10 million views.
About Chevrolet
Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of the world's largest car brands, doing business in more than 140 countries and selling more than 4.9 million cars and trucks a year.  Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature spirited performance, expressive design, and high quality. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at
About Manchester United
Manchester United is one of the most popular and successful sports teams in the world, playing one of the most popular spectator sports on Earth. Through our 136-year heritage we have won 62 trophies, enabling us to develop the world's leading sports brand and a global community of 659 million followers. Our large, passionate community provides Manchester United with a worldwide platform to generate significant revenue from multiple sources, including sponsorship, merchandising, product licensing, new media & mobile, broadcasting and match day.

Hi-resolution photographs are available on

Media enquiries:
Nandi N. Matomela | Sub-Saharan Africa Communications Co-ordinator | General Motors South Africa 
Mail: | Tel: +27 41 403 9215 | Mobile: +27 83 929 8785+27 83 929 8785
Other Contact: 
GM Africa  - Email:
*Photo Caption - Chevrolet logo

[ Masterweb Reports ] - 1.     Ohanaeze Youth Wing rejoices with our Muslim brothers on the occasion of this year’s Eid El Fitr celebration. In the spirit of Sallah, we enjoin them to promote peaceful co-existence by imbibing the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.
2.     In the same vein, we ask the Northern Governors’ Forum under the leadership of Dr. Babangida Muazu Aliyu of Niger State to reassure Ndi-Igbo domiciled in the North of their safety and their continued preparedness to ensure the safety of lives and properties of all Nigerians in their respective states.
3.     This has become necessary owing to recent statements emanating from the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) listing Igbo investments in the North as targets of possible attacks based on unfounded claims of victimization of Hausa/ Fulani Muslims in Imo State.
4.     We challenge such Hausa/Fulani Muslims who were allegedly victimized by Governor Rochas Okorocha’s Government to make their identities known. In the spirit of oneness, the Ohanaeze Youth Wing shall use all legal means to champion their cause.
5.     Based on intelligence reports that Boko Haram is working assiduously to setup bases in Eastern Nigeria, we ask security agencies in Ala-Igbo to be alert and not to be distracted by ongoing attempts to politicize issues of national security.
6.     We urge Dr. Aliyu Mu’azu to emulate Governor T.A. Orji of Abia State, who as Chairman, South East Governors’ Forum has always assured Hausa/ Fulani Muslims and all other non-Igbos resident in Ala-Igbo of their safety.
7.     From our intelligence reports, Ndi-Igbo in north are apprehensive since no Northern leader, especially the Governors has come out to condemn the Anti-Igbo statement from the ACF.
8.     We commend Ndi-Igbo in the North for being peaceful and we enjoin them to remain vigilant while living harmoniously with their hosts.
9.     Obviously, the present threat to Ndigbo is in response to their perceived support for President Jonathan’s 2015 re-election bid.
10.  If within 21 days the Northern Governors’ Forum does not deem it necessary to reassure Ndi-Igbo in their domain of their safety, the Ohanaeze Youth Wing shall take necessary action.
Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro
National President, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Wing Worldwide
*Photo Caption - Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro

[ Masterweb Reports ] - Christians and pastors in Nigeria interested in pursuing seminary Education at the bachelor's, master's, or doctoral level now have the opportunity to complete all of their courses online and free of charge with a full scholarship at North Central Theological Seminary, an accredited online religious vocational institution of higher learning based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Candidates interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree program must have a high school diploma or equivalent. To pursue the Master's program, they must have a bachelor's degree in any vocation, and for admission into the doctorate program, a master's degree in........ Read More.
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[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - The Abia State Government has directed all property owners and developers in urban areas of the State especially in Aba, Umuahia, Ohafia, Abiriba to immediately visit the Purpose Clause Verification/Authentication Office of the Ministry of Physical Planning & Urban Renewal at New Secretariat, Umuahia, to verify and authenticate the titled purpose clause of their properties.
A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Charles Ajunwa said affected in the exercise are residential, commercial, industrial, public and other buildings.
According to the release, owners of such properties are requested to show evidence of approved developments (where applicable) within 30 days from the announcement, warning that failure to comply with the directive within the stipulated period will lead to the revocation of such titles.
He said that such properties include hotels, filling stations, corporate buildings, private educational institutions, banks, warehouses, churches, etc.
The statement adds that the government has provided three major markets that are of international standard – the Ubani Ibeku Modern Market, the Allied and Artisan Market at Ohiya and the Industrial Market at Azueke where traders can conveniently do their business, and directs all traders to relocate to any of the markets in their own interest.
Charles Ajunwa
Chief Press Secretary
*Photo Caption - Governor T. A. Orji of Abia State

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - The Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has described as shocking and retrogressive, the impeachment of 15th July, 2014 by the Adamawa State House of Assembly, of the Governor of Adamawa State, Admiral Murtala Hamman-Yero Nyako (retd).

“We never thought that Adamawa State lawmakers would allow external forces to cause them to impeach a Governor that was not only duly elected but also enjoyed the overwhelming support of the people of Adamawa State just to satisfy the selfish and evil plots of undemocratic elements operating from Abuja. To us, this is a retrogressive development aimed at rubbishing a man who has sacrificed so much for the unity and progress of Nigeria as a nation,” Rivers APC Chairman, Chief (Dr.) Davies Ibiamu Ikanya, said.


Continuing, Ikanya said in a statement issued in Port Harcourt: “It is a pity that Nyako have to pay for the sin of spearheading the election of President Jonathan both at the 2011 PDP Presidential Primaries election and the general election proper of Mr. President in 2011. This is one of the reasons why also Rivers State is under siege for given Mr. President the highest number of votes during the 2011 Presidential election. We are not used to crying over spilled milk but we will like to assure Adamawa people that we are solidly behind them, not minding the efforts of some undemocratic forces to put our democracy in danger. Impeachment is a normal exercise in any democracy but any induced impeachment like that of Adamawa State is condemnable. It beats my imagination why the PDP-led Federal Government should be putting our democracy in danger by luring and forcing some disgruntled and misguided lawmakers to be making efforts to impeach Governors of only APC-controlled states.  The cases of Edo and Nasarawa states readily come to mind. The world is watching and let us sees where all these rascality acts will lead us to as a nation”. 


“We all should be on guard before these undemocratic elements collapses our democracy just because of their desperation to install President Jonathan for a third time as the President of Nigeria against the letters of our Constitution that says that nobody should act as a President for more than eight years. Should these elements succeed in their evil plot, they will be making President Jonathan to preside over this nation for over ten years and maybe thereafter make him a LIFE PRESIDENT!”

Meanwhile, Chief Tony Okocha, the Chief of Staff to Governor Chibuike Amaechi, has reiterated that the sad event that took place in Adamawa State will never be allowed to happen in Rivers State as the majority of the lawmakers in Rivers State are true progressives who are loyal to both the APC and Governor Amaechi and who will never give in to such rascality as exhibited by the Adamawa lawmakers.

Chief Okocha maintained that efforts by the powers that be in Abuja to use the renegade Group of 6 Lawmakers to unconstitutionally unseat Governor Amaechi will come to nothing since the majority of Rivers State lawmakers have resolved to swim and sink with the mandate of the Rivers State people embodied in the person of Governor Amaechi. “I wish to assure all APC faithful and the entire good people of Rivers State that they should continue with their normal business activities as no effort by some unscrupulous undemocratic elements will succeed in thwarting or tampering with the mandate they freely gave to Governor Amaechi as I am very convinced that we are capable and ready to defend the mandate no matter the odds,” Chief Okocha said while thanking the APC Youths League Rivers State Chapter and Igbo Professionals in Rivers State that came to pay him a solidarity visit. 


While the Rivers State APC Youths League was led by Comrade Hart Lawson accompanied by Solomon Okocha, Chris Okah among other leaders of the group, the Igbo Group was led by a business mogul in Rivers State, High Chief Ubaka Williams, and was accompanied by the Secretary, Barr. Obinna JK Chukwu, Chief Uchenna Okokoba the leader of Non Indigenes in Rivers State, among other great Igbo leaders of thought.


Chief Okocha further assured the two groups that with the feats recorded by Governor Amaechi in the areas of education, health, agriculture, infrastructure and good governance, APC is a sure bet to retain the Brick Wall (Government House) come 2015 not minding the resolve of PDP bigwigs to resort to rigging and intimidation as they are sure that the Rivers State people have abandoned them.

Comrade Hart Lawson and Chief Ubeka in their remarks said: “We are here on behalf of the good people of Rivers State to assure our performing Governor of our unflinching support and readiness at any time to defend and protect the mandate we freely gave to Governor Amaechi.”

Long Life APC!

Long Life Rivers State!!

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,
SSA Media and Public Affairs to the State Chairman, APC Rivers State
*Photo Caption - Impeached Governor Murtala Nyako Of Adamawa State