Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - On May 10, 2015, the Sunday Trust Newspaper published an editorial titled “The Sorry Record of Madam Ngozi”, which seems to be a piece deliberately aimed at destroying the reputation of the Finance Minister and Coordinating Minister for the Economy Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.
A paper that has its logo as “The Newspaper that you can Trust” has shown that it does not and cannot adhere to its own guiding principle because of its bias, prejudice and knack for unprofessionalism. Daily Trust Newspaper Group cannot be trusted and I will explain why in the following paragraphs.
The Finance Minister had always said from the beginning when oil prices took a nose-dive that 2015 will be a difficult year for the country given that it has lost half of its revenue.  She and her team went to work immediately the problem started, putting in place adequate measures to see us through this challenging time.
A cut in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) overhead, travel and training were initiated along with further cuts in the cost of governance such – 23% cut in the National Assembly and 25% at the State House; a luxury tax was put in place; the work that has already started on increasing revenue through the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) was accelerated; and a cut in overall government expenditure was introduced. Government also prioritized payment of salaries.
For the Sunday Trust to say sarcastically that government “went a borrowing”, it means that the paper has chosen to be selective in reporting the facts in order to suit its agenda. There is room for borrowing in the budget every year as approved by the National Assembly and this year is not different.
There is no household or country that loses half of its income and does not feel the pinch. The most important thing is to stay focused in tackling the issue, which is exactly what the Finance Minister is doing. Papers like Sunday Trust should encourage the incoming administration to focus on measures to properly manage the economy and ensure salaries and pensions are paid the way this administration has done. They should desist from demonization of the Finance Minister. Her record of accomplishments is known the world over, so the paper is wasting its time on negatives.
We must also remember that under the late Presient Umaru Musa Yar’Adua government, a 50% increase in wages was awarded to civil servants. With that comes an increase in pensions as well and this happened when the Finance Minister was not in government. These are issues this government is faced with and Dr. Okonjo-Iweala has been dealing with them without demonizing anyone.
Sunday Trust went further to claim that the Minister “controversially rebased the economy and claimed that it is the biggest in Africa despite the stark reality of epileptic power supply, very high unemployment and grinding poverty”.
Again, it is unbelievable that a whole Editorial Board of a newspaper can be this ignorant and myopic! Papers like Sunday Trust are so preoccupied with sowing seeds of discord and hatred that they stand truth on the head. Our school children who read papers are in trouble if this is all an Editorial Board can produce. It is shameful.
Whether Sunday Trust likes it or not, Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa and that is a fact. Rebasing of the economy does not mean that all the challenges faced by a country disappear immediately. It is a critical exercise that helps policy makers plan appropriately.  We cannot move blindly and expect a miracle. 
We now know that we have a more diversified economy with services at 51% from 26; Agriculture 33% from 22; Movie Industry at 1.2% from  0.1; etc. Going forward, the government understands the potentials and opportunities and will therefore be in a better position to make the right decisions. If the paper does not like this, it can advise the incoming government to reverse it.
The data from rebasing also shows that the non-oil sector is actually growing while the oil sector is contracting. The important news here is that if we plan accordingly, Nigeria can indeed reduce its dependence on oil. This will take time but it is achievable.
On unemployment, the record speaks for itself. We are not where we would like to be but we have made tremendous gains in the past three years. We have been creating 1.4million jobs yearly. The agricultural sector has undergone serious reforms that have seen us produce more food. Ten million farmers have been captured in the e-wallet scheme that has made it easy to get improved seeds and fertiliser to those who need them.
The Federal Government’s entrepreneurship programme Youwin has created 3,900 entrepreneurs, about 27,000 direct jobs and about 88,000 indirect jobs. Our youths have shown that when supported, they are capable of contributing to the economy through the creation of more jobs and this is what the programme is about.  
On the issue of governors being unable to pay salaries, it is important to note that some governors have been doing a good job. States have been advised to prioritise payment of salaries in these difficult times. If they choose to do otherwise, they should answer to their people.  
It is only in Nigeria that people who cause a problem turn around to blame someone else including even the victim. These same governors energetically fought against savings in the Excess Crude Account (ECA) and are now crying wolf.  The Finance Minister started the practise of publishing all monies accruing to the states. People should ask questions about how their money is being used.
The paper also claimed the Minister spent eight years in power and is “about to hand over an economy that is in ruins”.
Okonjo-Iweala and her colleagues in the economic team achieved what no government in Nigeria had ever done during her first four years in office under President Olusegun Obasanjo by helping the country obtain debt relief to the tune of $30billion. Without that, the country could not breathe under the load of debt. It was suffocating and was stagnating. She has spent her second coming under President Goodluck Jonathan setting up a solid macroeconomic and institutional foundation under the leadership and support of the President.
She started Youwin, Growing Girls and Women in Nigeria (GWIN), Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Corporation (NMRC), Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN), operationalised the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF), pushed Government Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS), Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System ( IPPIS), Treasury Single Account (TSA) and all the biometric and electronic platforms. These are facts. Try as much as it can, Sunday Trust cannot rewrite history!
Nigeria has strong fundamentals with difficult challenges at this time like all oil exporting countries. The Finance Minister has done a classic job to hold the economy together. The policies that she and the economic team put in place to shore up the economy are the same ones that the All Progressive Congress (APC) is now saying it will adopt.
Rather than launch vicious attacks on a woman who has worked very hard for the country at enormous personal cost, including the kidnap of her mother due to her fight against oil subsidy fraudsters, Sunday Trust should focus on being a professional organization.
Constance Ikokwu
Media Adviser to the Minister of Finance/Coordinating Minister for the Economy
*Photo Caption - Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

[ Masterweb Reports: Odimegwu Onwumere reports ] - Papa, I am now living with grief. I have realised that grief has no gender. You knew me as your brave and fearless son. But I must confess that your unexpected passing away on March 28 2015, has not only humbled me, but has also kept me in a box of rumination.
I had expected that you would grow into a very old man, as you never showed any sign that the end was about to come. For the years I knew you, you never felt sick. This is my point!
Your humility that was embedded in ultra wisdom, which I had thought that with time I would make sure that I optimally tap into them, have eluded me. At least, I had expected that I would be inviting you as long as I can’t count to visit me. You were doing so, but not much as I had wanted it to be, expecting when your older age would come.
Your passing away, just like a thunderstorm, is one grief that sucks. And trying to avoid the grief, is robbing me of my life. I have taken much alcohol that I stopped a long time ago, but found out that it was not helping. I am befriending grief and it has seemed that I’m in a pilgrimage of grief since the sad event occurred.
Although, it was not your idea to invite this grief to becloud me, as I could remember you holding my hand on that hospital bed and telling me that nothing will happen to you. I promised to come back on Thursday, but here I am in shock of your demise. This is a pilgrimage of loss!
I had an interpersonal bond with you, no matter the challenges that we had as father and son. I’m yet to accept that grief is a healthy human feature to heal his or her loss. Yours is immeasurable. I can only accept it, because sages of different ages had characterized grief as normal, indisputable, vigorous and a widespread way of responding to the loss of a beloved one.
But if there is a scale to measure the weight of the one lost, no store in the universe can have such scale to measure your germane qualities and contributions to my existence. And if there should be such scale, it can only show the eloquent account of my devastation, as your contributions to my living cannot be contained in any book of the world. You were a father to many and friend to all, regardless!
This wound that death has inflicted on me will never heal, even though that with time it might not be raw, as it is now. I am longing for you now. I am finding it hard to assess the energy and strength to bear the beginning of this new era in my life.
Papa, even though that you were a Christian (Catholic), I have the belief that you have passed through the natural process of birth, death and rebirth, known as reincarnation. You have dropped the physical body from this world(less) cave to evolve in the world beyond mortals. But if death is a destiny, you did not create your own. I would not say that death is Karma, because you lived an upright man, who was so accommodating, even to your detriment.
As the first child and son of Dibia Ihebuzoaju Paul Onwumere, you showed love beyond your mother’s kitchen. If you could die, you have made me not to fear death again, as I was once doing. You have made me to upgrade my belief in the fact that death is a spiritual prospect. And you embraced death perhaps knowing that it is a natural cycle of life, just as a friend had to tell me on seeing my grief that “death is a rebirth.”
You have sojourned to be perfect in oneness with your Chi (Your God). To the mortal, you are dead, but you are in the uppermost state of consciousness. If I must say, you did as you could in making sure that all the businesses of this world that makes a man, you did them all.
Papa, ga nke oma! You would be remembered in this life time by all and sundry that knew you and shall be consumed by history by generations to come in our lineage and beyond. Hence, I will keep you like lamp that keeps burning, even though that you have burnt part of your incense.
Your Son,
Odimegwu Onwumere (Nze Obimgbegbuo).
*Photo Caption - Ichie L.M Onwumere; Nze Egedinogwu

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[ Masterweb Reports: Fejiro Oliver reports ] - Your Excellency, Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa (SIAO), I can only imagine what will be going through your mind now, since you won the election that will make you become the 4th Governor of our dear Delta State. I would have sent this long missive to you privately but I want the heaven and earth, including Nigerians to bear me witness that I bared my mind to you. It will be one of the most sincere pieces to you since you won the election and not the ones told to you by lobbyists telling you what you want to hear. I will also send the link of this letter to you and millions of Nigerians phones when it’s eventually published. Forgive me for not saying ‘Congratulation’ to you before I called my witnesses. I told you that just a day after you were declared the winner of the election, when I came to see you in company of Comr. Reuben Izeze, the Ughelli South House of Assembly lawmaker elect, but you were so busy that you never took notice when I entered the sitting room to shake your hand and told you those words. May I now publicly tell you “felicitation”.
Sir, your victory can only be ascribed to God and Deltans. It will be demonic for anyone to take the glory when we all know what happened prior to the primaries and even after. When I came to your house on that day, I prayed silently in my heart that the God who you have always called should give you the Wisdom of King Solomon to pilot the affairs of the State. The prayer was necessary when I realized that all of a sudden, your abode have become the Jerusalem of many, including those who never wanted you to see the victory dance. I realized that day that the hawks have gone to town to beat their chest on how they ‘delivered’ you, as if they were the ones that pressed the finger prints of over Seven Hundred Thousand Deltans on the Peoples Democratic Party.
You may not know this your Excellency, but I have to open up to you. If there is any man you owe the goodwill Deltans saw in you through the media and someone that can lay down his life for you; that person is your Special Adviser, Hillary Ibegbulam. Unless those close to you have been deceiving you; you were not a good product in the media; neither were you in the good book of Deltans who spend most of their time on the Social Media where assessment of candidates are made. To them, your coming into the race is to continue the looting spree while covering up the monumental fraud of the past. There is no hiding the fact that like many Deltans I once classified you among the looters of our common treasury and did some negative reports against you. Despite all my well publicized opposition of your candidature, Hillary who is more than a brother and friend to me will only laugh, telling me how wrong I was and that I needed to know the man called ‘Ekwueme’ before I can assess him. He never argued my reports or shouted.
Alongside your Personal Assistant, Raymond; they made me saw a man who was serious about bringing prosperity to Deltans. With Alex Okunbor and Dantes Odogwu also speaking of your good intention for the State to me, I threw in the towel of opposition and joined the prosperity train, with so much conviction that my career meant nothing to me at that moment, except to use it and see that only your name was heard in the media while doing my very best against our collective rivals. If any other persons have told you that they brought me on board, Sir, these men led by Hillary were the media master stroke and today I can walk head high that a battle we successfully fought since the primaries is ending up in Unity House.
Reports are already flying about various lobbyist coming to you for appointment into your cabinet, and while we cannot condemn it since it’s part of the political process, I just want to tell you to beware the Ides of March. There are already talks by your tribal brethren that “this is OUR government”, since an Anioma person is in charge and thus they will dominate this government since they are not sure of when next they will get it. Your Excellency, I could have dismissed this as gossip but with what happened during the campaigns, I can tell you that other ethnic groups are already feeling sidelined.
Permit me to narrate to you a bit of this tribal matter that you have to disassociate yourself from. In the course of the campaign, my humble self was acknowledged of leading the media in your favor, through reports, articles and social media posts. A work which I was doing with purity of heart and pro bono drew envy from the duo of one Barrister Eugene Uzum, who was the ICT personnel in the campaign office and another of his legal colleague, one Cletus Uwakina (who are unable to practice because they cannot cope with legal challenges). They both connived to write something negative against me in some Facebook groups, which drew the ire of Deltans especially Urhobos who read the post. The arrogant Uzum (His issue will be discussed fully another day) told his clique that if my wings was not clipped, I will be taking over the media from them (Aniomas) if you emerge as the governor. It took the intervention of Hillary, Hon. Kingsley Emu, Dantes Odogwu, Alex Okubor and hundreds of Deltans before I could let it go off my mind and continue my work. Hon. Festus Okubor was told point blank in one of the Facebook group by one Elohor Emonefe that they (Okubor) are already planning to kick me out because I am an Urhobo man.
This ugly incident is already happening with various associations about to be formed, all from Anioma extraction; that will pay you visits to drum into your ears on why you should favor Delta North more than any other tribe. Sir, let it be told this people loud and clear by you that during your campaign, you didn’t do so only in Delta North but in the entire state, with beautiful manifesto in each of the LGA that you visited. Let it be known to these tribal warriors that you are not a governor for a region but the entire State. Let the likes of Uzum be aware that appointment into your government is by competence and absolute loyalty and not by ‘kporakpo’. One of the silent positions already generating tribal argument is the Special Adviser on Student Matters, which was brought to my knowledge. As one who is detribalized, I placed the issue before Deltans on Social Media for the students and youths to chose and one name dominated the rest. Your Excellency, the student body is too dicey to be a political or ethnic matter, but one that they alone can decide who best fits them. In the poll conducted, permit me your Excellency to let it be known to you that the same Comrade who coordinated the students for you during the campaign was unanimously chosen by them, with hope that you will graciously appoint him into the position. The students’ yearn for Comrade Ezekiel Okoh.
Now that you have won the election, you are going to have sycophants all around you, and if there is one person who will still tell you the truth and yet stand by you, know that you have a partner in me. I do not seek to be appointed into your government as the Uzums and Uwakinas of this world fear and currently desire to be appointed as Media Special Advisers when they know nothing about its working. All I seek is that I can come back again before Deltans in 2019 and tell them to give you their votes since you delivered on your promises. All I seek is that I can call/sms your phone lines and tell you what Deltans are saying about your government and you will quickly make amends. All I seek is that you will still be very accessible in government house as you were during the electioneering process. I am contented with playing my role at the National level as an anti corrupt investigative journalist, activist and be the Vanguard against corrupt practices and bad governance. I will however be available to serve you and my state in whatever capacity that will move us forward. Your Excellency, permit me to say that if you are going to complete eight years as we campaigned to Deltans, your achievements alone will speak for you. Do not forget that the PDP is no longer the ruling party and as such, the federal might to ‘influence’ votes will no longer be there by 2019. You have to hit the ground running with positive changes.
You owe no one apologies on what happened during the primaries and subsequent election. You owe no one explanations on how you successfully won the hearts of Deltans. If any of the aspirants had the human resources at your disposal, they would have used it against you. The only people you owe explanations are Deltans who will question every move you make and every decision you take.
Deltans are very impatient people who will quickly call for your head in the next 100 days if nothing positive is seen. You have no excuse whatsoever to give them, for they stood under the sun and rain to make sure you emerge as the winner. Sir, you have already made your first blunder even before you began, by appointing 98 persons as those to see to the smooth transition process. You have entered the unenviable hall of shame as the governor elect with the most bloated committee members when the President Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari has just 19 members in his own committee. Your government should not be one that will reward friends, families and politicians, except those who truly contributed to your victory right from the primaries. No, it should be a government where Deltans are rewarded with prosperity for giving you their cherish mandates. You owe only God and your conscience on how you will run the state in the next four years. Let your conscience be your guide.
Four years in politics comes faster than four years in the tertiary institutions and only your performance can promote you to the next level. I do not see you ending as just a governor but the Vice President of this country, but what you make of this governance will determine if you will get that. The failure of this government will not affect you like those of us who staked our integrity and credibility for you. Yes, I personally put my life on the line of duty just to defend you and will still do, so that you can succeed. Your failure will be our shame and regret for sticking out our neck. You should not fail us.
I hope to see you on May 29th when we will all be worshipping God for a glorious victory just as you promised at the Oshimili Arcade during your declaration that if you win, we will not be partying but giving glory to God; but before then; I would written the detailed part two of this letter to you.
Accept my highest form of loyalty my governor.
Fejiro Oliver ( Email: ), an investigative journalist who was abducted and imprisoned by the government of Niger State in 2014 for exposing the rots in the State and the corrupt governance style of Governor Babangida Muazu Aliyu reports.
*Photo Caption - Delta Governor-Elect Ifeanyi Okowa

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[ Masterweb Reports: Fejiro Oliver reports ] - President Goodluck Jonathan may have lost the election and is victimized by many Nigerians for failing to put Nigerians back on the path of greatness. This writer is not exempted as one of the core persons who used the Social Media effect to discredit him, and still do up till date. If only he had done to the rest agencies what he did to the Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) by appointing one of Africa’s best corporate guru, Ngozi Olejeme to take charge, perhaps the story surrounding his loss would have been different today. Just perhaps, he may have been preparing for his swearing in for a second time in few days from now. Despite my condemnation of him; I cannot take away the credit he deserves.
As one who is very familiar with the social media and its power to make or mar an individual, agency or a government; I get reports concerning Olejeme on my news desk, and I begin to wonder where all this evening school writers were when the name NSITF was never known in the country until she came on board. It beats my imagination when we forget that the agency was never a place to be considered a career centre until she was appointed to revive it.
There is no painting the fact that NSITF only existed in government papers and not in the minds of Nigerians, but all of a sudden; it has become the choice place to be considered for Nigerians seeking employment. The Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) was established by Act No. 73 of 1993 to succeed the defunct National Provident Fund with mandate to provide a Social Insurance Scheme for employees in the Organized Private Sector. Prior to the enactment of the Pension Reform Act of 2004, it can be said that the Fund executed this mandate to the satisfaction of all.
However, with the coming of the Pension Reform Act, also called PRA 2004, though desirable in all of its ramifications, mark a turning point in the existence of the NSITF was on the flip side a big challenge for NSITF. Before the Act, NSITF had operated as a very successful government Agency from 1994 to2004. And just as it was about to stabilize as a Pensions provider came PRA 2004 and everything halted for NSITF. In fact, the Fund was almost disbanded.
Nigerians may not know but they deserve to know that the NSITF they love today once had less than 200 staff on its payroll before the coming of the Board Chairman, with most of the staffs resigning in droves to more lucrative agencies, as salaries were not paid. A staff tells it better what the death zone called NSITF was before Olejeme mounted the saddle.
“She has given life back to a dead organization that is today providing employment to hundreds of Nigerians and paying injury claims promptly to workers under the Employees Compensation Scheme, ECS, of the Fund. Like an amazon she fought from all fronts to reposition the agency in the mind of government, stakeholders and the people. She was the person that led the pressure on government to sign into law the Employees Compensation Act, ECA, 2010 that gave life back to the Fund. Getting the law passed by the National Assembly and getting President Jonathan to sign it into law were no mean feats.
To people who understand the workings of government, these are lifetime achievements that cannot be glossed over by this kind of evil propelled campaign of calumny. Dr Olejeme again moved to win the confidence of stakeholders to buy-in to the Employees Compensation Scheme, ECS, set up to activate the ECA. The implementation of this Scheme, the first of its kind in the country, has ensured that workers in the country receive compensation for injuries sustained at the workplace or in the course of going to work. Claims are being promptly paid. Unlike other workers schemes, the ECS does not require the worker to prove his or her case.
Only recently Olejeme again successfully got government to approve a social security package that now covers all categories of Nigerians, akin to what is operational in the developed world. The law providing this cover has been passed by the National Assembly, it is only waiting for the signature of the President”

Those who want write fail to tell Nigerians that until Olejeme became the Board Chairman, NSITF can only be classified as a local wing player with no international link, but in her five years of leadership, the agency can boast of a training relationship with ILC (International Labour Training Center) in Turin, Italy, where 26 staff have been sent to be trained on compensation scheme.
Umar Munir Abubakar who is the agency Managing Director/Chief Executive of the fund and was the Director of Administration when the PRA 2004 was enacted is among those who searched for ways on how the agency can benefit from international relationship, especially within the Africa continent, by looking for the ones who operates the same kind of scheme with NSITF. Of course they found a partner in Zambia who calls theirs ‘Workers Compensation Fund’ which has been operating since 1942. In his own words “So we identified Zambia, we talked to them, they asked us to send our people for attachment which we did. And right now as I am talking to you, we have a working relationship between us and Zambia workers compensation fund. Some people were there for some months on attachment. I, myself and some staff went to south Africa, we went to their compensation fund and studied it.”
The ICT met by Olejeme which was in place from 1994 to 2004 was never functional as there were lots of problems, with inability to produce statement of accounts which set the agency up against clients, since they could not produce enough data and records to show. What the attention seeking writers don’t know is that apart from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) NSITF is the only agency in the federation that has Oracle in Social Security Solution and one of the best in Africa. If this is no mean feat, wait. Oracle chose the Olejeme led institution as the best public institution in Africa!
Internationally Abubakar NSITF has chucked up some achievements under its belt. Within the last three years of its operations, Nigeria was elected as a member of the ISSA bureau. Stakeholders say this is a major achievement for Nigeria.
INovember last year there was a social security conference in Doha, Qatar where the MD was elected member of the ISSA bureau. And the last time appeared in the bureau was well over 10years ago or about 15 years when Ahmed Rufai (the former MD of NSITF) was elected a member.
Apart from Nigeria, other countries that are in the Bureau are Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire and Tanzania. The agency has been given hosting right ISSA technical seminar in Nigeria, which is coming up in January, next year.


Chief R.U Uche who is the President of Nigerian Employers Consultative Association (NECA) and a member of the Board of the Fund says of her“As you know a healthy work force is number one item for increasing productivity, as it is now, we have been very much the witness to the idea that the Fund has grown in numbers from year to year. From a Very modest beginning in 2011 we are talking about, maybe, tenfold increase since then. We are happy for that”
“She is a woman that has passion for social security and the welfare of employees and it has shown both by the way she conducts the Board meetings and the way we have been able to implement this Act to the benefit of employees, she is truly a leader”
Also speaking on the person on the Chairman of the Board, Dr OlusegunOshinowo, Director General of (NECA) a major stakeholder in the affairs and operations of the NSITF says the appointment of Dr Olejeme has been critical to the successes recorded by the Fund so far.
“She has provided commendable leadership, she is a team player, I must say, and she has enormous respect of the social partners and to that extent we would want to say that the scheme has done very well”
Dr Emeka Wogu who was the immediate past Minister of Labour and Productivity, the supervising ministry of the NSITF refused to crucify her saying “I have not heard any incidences of conflicts or conflicts between the Board and management, not to my knowledge, so that means that underscores the administrative sagacity of the distinguish lady, the Chairman Dr Olejeme and we have not had any reason to say she has not done her job as a Board Chairman diligently, she is a nice woman, she is a woman who was consistent on the need to have a new NSITF with a new face”
Fejiro Oliver ( Email: ), an investigative journalist who was abducted by the government of Niger State in 2014 for exposing the rots in the State and the corrupt governance style of Governor Babangida Muazu Aliyu reports.
To be continued...
*Photo Caption - Dr. Ngozi Olejeme

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[ Masterweb Reports ] - A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, has congratulated the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.), describing his victory in the March 28 presidential election as being well deserved. Eze in a statement issued Wednesday morning in Port Harcourt also congratulated Nigerians for their wise choice in voting for Gen. Buhari and the APC, describing this as the beginning of the rebirth of the country.
 Setting an agenda for the incoming Buhari administration, Chief Eze, the former National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP), said: “Nigerians expect nothing less than the reinvigoration of our economy, arresting the menace of corruption which was the hallmark of the outgoing PDP government led by President Goodluck Jonathan, eradication of the menace of Boko Haram and reassurance on the security of lives and property of Nigerians, particularly making tangible efforts to get the Chibok girls out of the dungeon of Boko Haram, creation of jobs for our teeming youths, as well as embarking upon policies and projects to unite our country and renew the faith of Nigerians in good governance.”
 Apart from celebrating Gen. Buhari, whom he described as Nigeria’s Nelson Mandela, Chief Eze also congratulated other APC icons for the heroic roles they played in liberating Nigeria from the shackles of PDP. “The list is long but at the top of it are our distinguished leaders, namely, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Ogbonnaya Onu, Atiku Abubakar, the indomitable G7 Governors, former PDP National Chairman, Alh. Abubakar Baraje, former National Secretary of PDP, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, and former Vice Chairman of PDP, Dr. Sam Jaja,” Chief Eze said.
 He noted that “when the G7 Governors, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Alhaji Abubakar Baraje, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, Dr. Sam Jaja and other patriotic Nigerian leaders met at the Yar’Adua Centre Abuja to do a parallel Convention after the leaving unconstitutional PDP Convention at the Eagle Square on 31st August 31, 2013 to form the defunct New PDP, very few people gave the group any chance of surviving, but that proved to be the beginning of the end of PDP’s days in power.”
Chief Eze expressed gratitude to the visionary G7 Governors, namely, Babangida Aliyu (Niger), Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso (Kano), Sule Lamido (Jigawa), Aliyu Wamakko (Sokoto), Murtala Nyako (Adamawa), Abdulfatah Ahmed (Kwara) and Rotimi Amaechi (Rivers) for giving him the opportunity to contribute his quota to the revolution that culminated in APC’s ascension to power. He recalled: “Exactly on 9th September, 2013 I was appointed the National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New PDP and with the help of the then National Chairman of the party, Alh. Abubakar K. Baraje, and National Secretary, Prince Oyinlola, Nigerians could bear witness that we did our best to salvage the dying PDP but President Jonathan and Bamanga Tukur did not give us any chance in this regard, thus leaving us with no alternative than to merge with other progressive parties on November 26, 2013 to form the APC but without the Governors of Niger and Jigawa states, both of whom chose to remain in PDP.
 “We took the struggle to emancipate Nigeria and free her from charlatans and the shackles of the undemocratic elements impoverishing and misgoverning our country to APC and today that August 31, 2013 move has succeeded in giving us this new hope we all are currently cherishing.”
 Chief Eze prayed for God to give APC leaders the wisdom to carry along every interest bloc in the party so that APC may continue to witness the growth and progress. “Along this line, I wish to appeal for the even spread of appointments so as to give everyone a sense of belonging. As much as I appreciate the efforts of the APC National Working Committee (NWC) to ensure justice in the appointment and zoning of offices, I respectively appeal to them to ensure that justice is done to the party’s component groups since it is a historical fact that APC is an amalgam of the defunct Action Congress of Congress, All Nigerian Peoples Party, Congress for Progressive Change, New PDP and a faction of the All Progressives Grand Alliance,” he said.
 He equally advised that the South-South and South-East geo-political zones should not be punished because of the voting pattern as the elections in the two zones were massively rigged in favour of PDP and the results did not in any way reflect the wishes of the people of South-South/South-East.
 The APC chieftain advised the party and President-elect Muhammadu Buhari to be wary of the May 28th proposed dinner with outgoing President Jonathan. This, he said, “is laden with a lot of suspicions and undefined motives and should be discarded to avoid us being caught in whatever sinister motive is behind the idea. The handover should be done publicly on May 29th as is the tradition. There is no need for any dinner and secret handing over to Gen. Buhari.”
*Photo Caption - Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

[ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] - Prof Attahiru Jega, as far as I am concerned, is the hero of Nigeria's democratic transition and the international community seems to share the same views. I wrote a piece published on march 12th, 16 days to the elections titled, “Prof Attahiru Jega: Hero of Nigeria’s Democratic Innovations-Needs Int’l Community and Progressives Support Now” where I asked the international community and all true progressives to rally support behind Prof Jega. Another one titled “Antagonists of INEC Card Reader not Working for Jesus Christ” where I said that it is unchristian to fight measures meant to stop electoral fraud. Following the piece, I received quite a number of inquiries from some international organizations and persons who wanted to know why I believe in Jega's neutrality and competence especially based on the backdrop of concerns raised by the ruling party, on the use of the controversial Card Reader.
My answers were that Jega's Card Reader was meant to minimize incidences of electoral malfeasance and that only election riggers are against him, especially those who planned to sit inside select party chieftain's house and write fake results in the manners it has been written since 2003. I also informed the enquirers that the use of card reader, if perfected in subsequent elections, will make it easy to detect electoral fraud and enable me change my governors, senators, council chairmen at will, without worrying about their electoral criminality.  I was relieved when day’s later strong international support came Jega’s way in the person of the United States Vice President, Joe Bidden, who called Jonathan and Buhari on phone and expressed support for the use of the card reader.
According to the statement issued to that effect, “U.S. Vice President Joe Biden spoke yesterday with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari ahead of the Nigerian presidential election, which is scheduled for March 28…
“The Vice President further expressed the United States’ support for the Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission and its work to deliver free, fair, and credible elections, in part through its essential efforts to distribute Permanent Voter Cards and help ensure that electronic voter card readers are in place and fully operational”  
Various insiders informed me of Prof Jega’s ordeal from three weeks before the rescheduled polls to even during the collation of results. This man's life was threatened, his phones tapped, his Resident Electoral Commissioners (REC’S) and key staff were infiltrated, he was blackmailed with treats of  death, exposure of some financial deals concerning INEC contracts, his relations were contacted, his friends induced to persuade him to play ball. The ruling party also tried to induce him with mouth watering offers.  Presidential aides pressurized him, Service Chiefs summoned him improptly, all to break his will. There was attempt to kidnap him days before the elections, and the Collation Centre drama from former cabinet minister Orubebe failed because other accomplices who are meant to disrupt the collation processes, chickened out at the last moment.
A party chieftain told me that it was Governor Fayose of Ekiti State that suggested the idea of kidnapping Jega before the elections. President Jonathan was said to have rejected it on the grounds that the operation may go awry and harm the electoral umpire,  thereby incurring the wrath of the international community. I believe that Jega somehow got the hint that Jonathan rejected the plot to kidnap him before the elections, which is to the credit of the incumbent president.
This academician stood his ground, and laid down his life for this election to take place. Had Jega compromised, collected the billions promised him, resigned under pressure, jettisoned use of card reader or chickened out, probably another civil war would have ensued in Nigeria because the opposition parties were also ready to return fire for fire and bullet for bullets Therefore Jega is my hero of democracy.  President Barrack Obama' understanding the pressures this man passed through, had given him a Certificate of Commendation.
Unlike previous elections, only few states are still contesting results in their localities, and most have congratulated the winners including Lagos, Sokoto and even Kaduna State where Vice President Sambo,s candidate and incumbent Governor Yero lost and conceded defeat to the opposition.
Below are excerpts from the piece on Jega stating why I believe that the INEC chief is my hero of democracy?  Read here;
Prof Attahiru Jega: Hero of Nigeria’s Democratic Innovation-Needs Int’l Community and Progressives Support Now.
Prof Attahiru Jega has proven to be the hero of democratic innovations through the insistence on using card reader as means of authenticating voters in the upcoming 2015 elections, in a nation where satanic madness is raging over the transparent conduct of elections.
1n 1999, Prof Eme Awa was in charge of National Electoral Commission of Nigeria, saddled with conducting a free and fair election after God delivered Nigeria from the grip of the late dictator, General Sanni Abacha. In the 1999 elections, Chief Olu Falae was rigged out by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo through the help of then military dictator Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar, former Military dictator, Gen Ibrahim Babangida and multi millionaire businessmen like Former Governor of Abia State, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu.
In 2003, it was the turn of Edo born Sir Abel Goubadia to conduct election and he superintended a process whereby General Muhammadu Buhari, former military dictator and flag bearer of ANPP was rigged out with the help of Vice President Atiku Abubakar who gave President Obasanjo insight into how modern day vote robbery could be executed.  In that election, Obasanjo who according to security reports came a distant third with Buhari (ANPP) and Odumegwu Ojukwu(APGA) leading, became the winner of the fraudulent election.
In 2007, Professor Maurice Iwu , a friend of Atahiru Jega, was drafted from the United States by Senator Andy Uba to lead the electoral body. This professor of pharmacy promised Nigerians that he will conduct a free and fair election even if it is the last sacrifice he will make before he dies.  When Obasanjo came with his do or die rigging format which must stop Atiku and Buhari at all costs, Maurice Iwu superintended over the worst election in the history of Nigeria. During Goubadia’s time, at least ballot boxes were stuffed with fake ballot papers but during Iwu’s time, ballot papers became useless and areas where elections never held produced winners and the losers are always advised to go to PDP controlled courts. In that same year, General Buhari was rigged out in favor of his kinsman late President Umoru Yar’adua and the later, while disparaging the Maurice Iwu superintended process, promised to institute electoral reforms. He never lived to fulfil his promise.
In 2011 it was the turn of another fellow comrade and unionist to conduct elections. Prof Jega helped Jonathan and the PDP a lot especially in the north where in areas that are Buhari’s strongholds, the PDP reduced Buhari’s votes and increased Jonathan’s to ensure that the mandatory 25 percent in 2/3 states were met. In the South East where Buhari refused to campaign, the PDP had a field day and inflated the votes of Jonathan and there is not much APC party agents can do.  Jonathan became winner and Buhari wept back home to Katsina while Jega smiled to the banks.
In March 2014, I wrote an article titled ’ Presidency 2015: Jonathan and Ijaws to teach Hausa-Fulani Bitter Lesson – Part 1  where I stated that “The fact as I state it now will play out in 2015- APC will surely get more number of votes cast, and meet the constitutional requirement of 25% in 2/3 states of the federation to win the presidency, but  Jonathan will  manipulate the elections and declare himself the President of Nigeria with the help of Attahiru Jega.-and there is nothing the North can do about it” It took the entire PDP eleven months to discover that what I said on March 3rd is true and that APC is about to win the election, is why they rushed to postpone the February 14 polls.
The only difference in the prediction is that a proactive north went to work on Jega and prized him out of the grip of Jonathan. I was following the transmutation of Jega from being a Jonathan boy to being an independent man, ready to give Nigeria a free election. Curiously, following the widely circulated write-ups, especially among political circles in the north, a jittery northern elites tasked Jega on his loyalty.
While the PDP relaxed, believing that Jega will still play ball as expected, the northern elites, traditional and religious leaders after the revelations had series of private talks with Jega, where they demanded to know his allegiance in the forthcoming polls.  In some places some persons threw stones at him and called him a betrayer. They forced Jega to become neutral with the electoral process. To this effect, Jega started putting in place measures that will eliminate rigging in Nigeria- THE MOST POTENT BEING THE USE OF CARD READER. This device will eliminate 80 percent of the electoral fraud in Nigeria and that is where Jega fell off with the ruling party.
A prominent Northerner wrote to thank me for the write-up exposing how Jega will rig the election for Jonathan. He promised that they will work on Jega and extract a neutrality pledge from him. This they did before end of August 2014. The PDP were doing newspaper, television, and billboard campaigns talking all sorts of irrelevant things until it  dawned on them two months to the election that the warning I gave about a year ago that APC will win the election is just about to happen. All efforts by the ruling party to intimidate, blackmail, induce or frustrate Jega to cave in to another electoral manipulation failed. Jega had embezzled enough in INEC, he wants to leave a legacy for his family name. He also doesn’t want to face the wrath of his northern people who are not in the mood to allow a single of their vote counted for Jonathan, Thus these circumstances had forced Jega to a state of neutrality in the elections.
Jega’s neutrality and innovation of card reader technology, whichever way it came about, is the second  greatest achievement of the Jonathan regime,  the first being  the National Conference he successfully hosted.  The problem with Jega’s innovation is that if it is implemented, the PDP chieftains who scammed Jonathan of billions of naira in campaign money, transferred same to their personal overseas accounts and made few noises on the pages of newspapers are in trouble of amalgamated loss. They failed to campaign for Jonathan, They failed to distribute money or mobilize people on the grassroots until APC effectively penetrated and mobilized the grassroots, then they woke up and wanted the use of card reader  jettisoned.
Therefore Jega’s card reader is the panacea to a rigging virus which reared up its head during the Shagari era when Awolowo was allegedly rigged out of Presidential election and probable run-off in 1979 before the infamous Supreme Court interpretation of 2/3 majority threw  Awo’s presidential ambition to the dustbin.
I am a Christian, Cleric and activist with considerable influence within many political, ecclesiastical and professional circles and I am spiritual enough to know that Jesus Christ cannot support electoral robbery, manipulation, rigging or scuttling of the people’s mandate. Therefore any Christian who justifies rigging is working for Lucifer- and I certainly will not work for Lucifer. I have told my colleague Archbishops, Bishops, Apostles, Venerable, Pastors this and most of them have agreed with me in principle; Muslim clerics should educate their colleague accordingly, if their Qur’an does not justify rigging.
Jega can be a devout Muslim; I do not give a damn. He could even marry four wives, I do not care so much. Jega can make his beard to be longer than that of Osama Bin Laden and he can even do his own Sallat twenty four times daily which is his business.   Jega has proven to be a better follower of Jesus Christ than Prof Maurice Iwu, a knight of the Catholic Church.  Jesus forced Zacheaus in Luke 19 vs 8 to return his loot back and the later said to the Lord (Jesus), “Behold, Lord, half of my possessions I will give to the poor, and if I have defrauded anyone of anything, I will give back four times as much.”
Jega is returning back the people’s mandate stolen through years of successive rigging, especially  from the Shagari to the Obasanjo era back to the people. He is a hero of democracy; he should be supported and not vilified. INEC must insist on the use the card reader or else let the military postpone the election and go on with their Interim Government option.
Certainly, God had used Jega to answer the prayer of some Nigerians (including myself) that an institutionalized way of stopping corruption should be kick started. Jega is a hero of democratic innovation who is fighting electoral corruption and Nigerians and the international community should come to his aide before something worse becomes of Nigeria.
Obinna Akukwe ( Email: ), Director General, Igbo Mandate Congress (IMC)) reports.
*Photo Caption - Prof Attahiru Jega

 [ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - On behalf of our nation (Nigeria) and the Nigerians, World Pastors’ Forum Commission in Nigeria is expressing gratitude unto God for the just concluded peaceful general election in the country beginning from the Presidential, National House of Assembly, Governorship and State Houses of Assembly which went smoothly without any upheaval as an answer to the prayers of Saints in the country.

We prayed for peaceful election and God answered our prayers disgracing all the prophets of doom for the country. To be sincere to all Nigerians, we owe God thanks for preserving our nation and for the fact that, the situation in the country after the election did not turn us to be refugees in another country.

Indeed, the commission would like to congratulate the President-Elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) and Prof. Yemi Osinbajo as the Vice President-Elect for their unprecedented victory on March 28 Presidential Polls. Without any iota of doubt, it is a call to greater responsibility implementing the expected promised change that Nigerians would love to see. I therefore call on Gen. Buhari to be magnanimous in victory and use his stature as a statesman to reunite the country.

Likewise, the commission would also like to congratulate all State Governors’ Elect for their unparalleled victory on April 11 Governorship election. Indeed, it is now time to get ready to deliver the dividends of democracy to the electorate for them not to feel being used to get to the position of power to realize selfish ambitions. However, with our mandate in the commission as a global spiritual platform of ministry without walls on an itinerary mission, giving spiritual leverage, addressing spiritual cases with joint force of pastors by standing in the gap empowering families, leaders, churches, pastors and the governments.

The commission would continue to encourage all Nigerians not to relent in our prayers for the nation as well as for the incoming administrations at the Federal and State levels for peace, the endowment of the spirit of wisdom, courage and sound health. It is our collective spiritual responsibility recognizing the place of prayer in nation building (Ps 127:1).

Therefore, as we anticipate the transition of government, both the incoming government and Nigerians must pay attention to the following to make Nigeria great:

  • Pursuing the interest of Nigeria above personal interest, away forward
  • Government at all levels and well meaning Nigerians must embrace responsibility of empowering other Nigerians for a better future. It takes Nigerians to make Nigeria great so, we should see 20 years, 30 years and 50 years down the line now.
  • Embracing righteousness in all sectors as it exalts a nation (Prov. 14:34).
  • Pursuing the unity of Nigeria without any segregation or discrimination on the basis of the religion, tribes and political affiliations.
  • Knowing fully well that there is no peace for the wicked.

Finally, I would love to commend the INEC Chairman, Attahiru Jega for his efforts, courage and innovative processes to ensure free and fair election in the country. Final salutation goes to President Goodluck Jonathan for a keenly contested race and for conceding to defeat based on the outcome of the election. The President has no doubt earned his place indelibly in the history of the country.

This is a victory for Nigeria; this is a victory for our democracy.
God bless World Pastors’ Forum Commission
God bless Nigeria.

Apostle Sunday Igbalaloju
World Pastors’ Forum Commission (WPFC)
*Photo Caption - Nigeria President-Elect General Muhammadu Buhari(rtd.)