Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

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*Photo Caption - Selected list and photos of PSC Industries Ltd. products.

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release ] –  The Chief  Press Secretary to Abia State Governor, Mr. Charles Ajunwa, has described as laughable and a distortion of facts the assertion by the All progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) candidate in the 2011 governorship election in Abia State, Chief Reagan Ufomba, that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its candidate, Governor Theodore Orji stole his mandate.
The chief press secretary who was reacting to a statement credited to Chief Ufomba  in the Daily Sun newspaper of Monday, February 3, 2014 captioned “Gov Orji stole my mandate in 2011" wondered how the APGA candidate could accuse  Governor Orji of stealing his mandate even when he came a distant third in the polls with abysmal figures as shown by INEC results. He said the gap  between the PDP and APGA in the 2011 election was glaringly wide and did not give room for accusations.
Mr. Ajunwa stated that the PDP and its governorship candidate, Chief T. A. Orji have always enjoyed the massive support of the people of the state in comparison to the APGA, its candidates and activities in the state which have remained in the obscurity.
The chief press secretary maintained that the PDP-led government headed by Chief  T.A. Orji has endeared itself to Abians  and Nigerians through well thought out people-oriented governance which has touched every strata of the state and for which the people are extremely grateful. According to him, the Chief  T.A. Orji’s mandate in Abia State is divine and responsible and that is responsible for the many landmark achievements that Governor Orji has recorded and will continue to record in the state, adding that the massive crowd of Abians that usually throng public events involving the governor is evident of their love and support for the government of the day.
He further said that the legacy projects of Chief T. A. Orji in the state in less than eight years far outweigh  what past administrations put together were able to achieve and advised the opposition in the state to have a rethink instead of distracting the governor.
Mr. Ajunwa admonished Chief Ufomba to concentrate on how to rebuild his crisis ridden party rather than find faults where there is none, and reminded him that elections are not won on the pages of newspapers but through hard work and past antecedents of individuals.
*Photo Caption – Chief Reagan Ufomba


[ Masterweb Reports: Report from Abia ] –The Senior Special Assistant on Print Media to Abia State Governor, Chief Theodore Orji, Mr. Eddie Onuzuruike, has described as irresponsible a recent comment by the former governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu, portraying the state as backward.
Kalu in his uncharitable and self-serving manner had said during a recent programme aired on African Independent Television (AIT) that Abia is not working.
“Kalu is a drowning politician who is looking for something to hang   onto. He has lost face with Abians after inflicting pains on them during his inglorious eight years rule.
“In his characteristic manner, Kalu blamed his self-inflicted travails on the high flying Governor of Abia State, Chief T.A. Orji (Ochendo).
“While it is not our intention to dignify the misguided comments of a drowning man, nonetheless, it is pertinent to address some of the issues he raised in order to put the records straight.
“It was a common knowledge that Abia State under Kalu’s visionless leadership was converted into a family business. Kalu who crowned his mother, Eunice Kalu, ‘Mother Excellency’ outsourced Abia State Government machinery to his mother. If Kalu meant what he told the world that he only spent security votes during his eight-year tenure, then he should ask his mother to furnish him and indeed the people with what she did with the Abia State funds which she had unlimited access to. Kalu’s mother from 1999 to 2007 not only demonized democracy in Abia State but she turned the whole system into what became known as ‘mamacracy.’
“Kalu’s mother who practically ran all the local governments in the state apart from dipping her hands into the councils’ funds, infiltrated the civil service and introduced nepotism and clannishness as state craft. Kalu’s mother humiliated politicians by taking them to shrines, she made the traditional rulers to look like puppets. Kalu’s mother turned agencies and parastatals into her trading out posts and shops. She forced Abians to congregate at coven at Nweke Street, Aba, to peal melons in a share show of shame,” he said.
Continuing he said: “Where was Kalu when his mother converted PPA to a private political association and used touts and marabouts to harass citizens and party men and the PPA primaries conducted in her kitchen? Where was Kalu when the mother appropriated shops in Ariaria and Aha Ohuo markets? Where was Kalu when the drains in Aba were filled with tipper loads of sand? It was public knowledge that Odinukonamba took Kalu and siblings to Aso Rock to negotiate with government because of the atrocities they committed in Abia State.
“With all these, how can you reply Orji Uzor Kalu who like Nero was fiddling while Abia burnt mercilessly due to the machinations of his menacing mother.
“Kalu deserves pity because he is being consumed by envy having seen that Abia, the state which his family  held down for eight years has finally woken up and is marching forward in leaps and bounds following the positive touch of Ochendo.  Kalu and his mother should bury their heads in shame that the state they left floundering is now standing firm on a solid foundation laid by Ochendo.
“Today, Abia State has been redesigned with LEGACY PROJECTS that can be seen across the state.  Kalu squandered the resources of the state prosecuting his grandstanding and self-securing politics instead of building a new Government House, new workers’ secretariat, and new markets to expand the commercial base of the state.  He did not see the need to give Abia a solid infrastructural base and provide security for the state.
“Fortunately for Abia, the man who succeeded Kalu has chosen to be different and sees governance as a vehicle for service to the people.  He has given them what Kalu could not give.  The people are happy for it because they are now having a new experience of people-oriented governance.
“Rather than engaging in mindless campaign of calumny, we advise Kalu to deflate his over inflated ego and applaud the man T.A. Orji, who has changed the face of Abia for posterity.
“The government needs not reply Kalu because he was never in charge as his mother was the de facto governor of Abia State. Kanu who never governed Abia State, was a mere jellyfish grandstanding for his mother. We are waiting until Kalu’s mother who had indepth knowledge of government from 1999 to 2007 comes out to make public statement. Abians are keenly watching for such a day.”

*Phone Caption – As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Paul Martins writes ] – Good day Sir; I am writing to you concerning what could be a dangerous situation at Ijegun to Ijagemo road of Igando/Ikotun local council development area, Lagos state Nigeria. Because of the early winter thaw, and the rainy weather lately, there has developed series of potholes . This problem started as a small group of potholes I believe, which have since merged together into a gap which grows daily. The hole is now roughly five feet wide and getting large enough to swallow the rear of an entire car.
The roads are now deteriorating so quickly they are becoming impassable in anything other than a HGV or Tractor and even they run the risk of the road collapsing and sliding into the ditch. Boundary Lane at Hundred End is predicted to catastrophically fail anytime soon, endangering lives for the want of a bit of maintenance.
According to the contributions that was outlined to be done by our honorable of our constituency, Hon. Omotayo Aramide Oduntan (Mrs) who has been a member from July 4th 2011. which are:
* Rehabilitation  of federal water project in Alimosho constituency II (January 2012);

* Repairs of bad portion on Ijegun road;


* Silt clearing on Ijegun road and drainage, January 2012);


It is unfair to have this rigorous lies on the Lagos state house of assembly website. Looking at our political office holders ranging from the local government to the house assembly, Ijegun/Ijagemo has recorded the worst representatives in the whole local governments in Lagos state. I said that because there is no one that is trying to bring any developmental projects to the area and if there is one I am challenging him/her to speak out. At this juncture, I would like to remind the elected that you were elected to protect the yearnings and aspirations of your electorates in which you will be accountable on the Day of Judgment for betraying them. The worst of all is the present member of the lagos state house of assembly representing Alimosho constituency II that has spent almost seven years (7) without achieving anything for the community rather moved away from ijegun to lekki and spend the government money on her house and trips to America and the unfortunate part is that we have not been seeing or hearing from her during any proceeding defending any interest of her constituency.

At the end, I would like His Excellency the executive governor of Lagos state Barr. Babatunde Raji Fashola to intervene and assist in the provision of good road using any means, even if it has to be collecting the grant apart from staff salary and running cost to execute the same laudable projects other local governments have been doing.

Finally, I would want the entire indigenes of the local government to come together and decide for the local government for who to be elected in the forth coming election  to prevent the present elected officer from turning their sits as their personal belongings that they have inherited .Dear indigenes we have decided to write not by insinuation or to achieve any political ambition but just to enlighten you and wake you from slumber.

Paul Martins ( Email: ).
*Photo Caption – Map of Lagos State

[ Masterweb Reports: Eddy Aghanenu reports ] - One of the first things one learns in a secondary school is on letter writing. We were taught that letter wring is the act of communication between two persons. There is a sender and a receiver. It is the best way of putting one’s thoughts, requests and other ideas into writing. It is meant to be a private communication between the people involved. It is rare for letters to be for public consumption. When letters are therefore meant for public consumption, it therefore means that the writer or sender wants such a letter to be for public debate.
Reading letters from our leaders especially former and current presidents provides an insight into how our leaders work. It also exposes some of the things ordinary citizens may not be privy to. When Chief Obafemi Awolowo in the second republic, wrote a public letter to then President Shehu Shagari about the collapsing economy, it was like a bombshell on the nation. Chief Awolowo in his usual meticulous manner, reeled out figures to show that the economy was in tatters. President Shehu Shagari in his reply mocked Chief Awolowo and likened Chief Awolowo to the shepherd who was crying wolf where there was none. The banter between President Shagari and Chief Awolowo provided enough ammunition for beer parlour discussions. Andy Akporugo, then editor of Sunday Times turned the epistles of both leaders to a satire. Chief Awolowo became the villain who never saw any good in the NPN led federal government. The import of his letter was lost on the nation. Few months after Chief Awolowo’s letter, there was austerity measure declared by the federal government to arrest the dwindling economy. Today, the nation has not recovered from not heeding Chief Awolowo’s letter. The economic storm has not abated. 
It was therefore with the same curiosity that one read Chief Obasanjo’s letter to the president. Chief Obasanjo’s open letter to the president was surprising since he had unhindered access to him. Moreover, GEJ is his godson. What would have gone amiss to necessitate the writing of such a venomous letter to the president? Was it because the son is no longer a baby and is indirectly telling the father that he can find his way in the murky waters of Nigerian politics without being led by the father? Was the president becoming too independent? Was it true that GEJ never replies nor acts on the previous letters written by the former president? What was OBJ trying to prove by making his letter public? That he is a statesman? Does one become a statesman by writing letters, more so when the writer was in a position to correct the ills he was accusing the president of?
As stated earlier, letters between leaders gives the led an insight into the workings of government. Such is OBJ’s letter to the president and the reply. OBJ’s letter has explicitly done so. Nigerians are becoming aware of how elections are being organized in this country. How else can one construe this portion of Chief Obasanjo’s letter:“I worked for both President Shagari and President Yar’Adua to succeed me not just because they are Moslems, Northerners or Hausa-Fulani, but also because they could strengthen the unity, stability and democracy in Nigeria. We incurred the displeasure of ethnic chauvinists for doing what was right for the country.“? Could it then mean that the votes of Nigerians never counted in all the elections organized by OBJ? In other words, all elections organized by OBJ were rigged in favour of his preferred candidates.
Chief Obasanjo states further that   I do not know if Chief Obasanjo practiced these while he was in office.

Eddy Aghanenu ( Email: ).
*Photo Above – As seen.

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[ Masterweb Reports ] - Sir, I implore the help of the Federal Nigeria His Excellency President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan because I felt cheated by the official Central Bank of Nigeria (Mrs. Grace Williams or commonly called by the name of DR . Mrs . Joy Peter with a cell phone number : 2348121911949 with email address : Mrs. Joy Peter said to me that there are funds that have been expressed by my Noble President DR . Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is in my name for $ 10,700,000 usd in the Central Bank of Nigeria and I was asked........ Read More.
*Photo Caption - President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

[ Masterweb Reports ] -Nigeria Masterweb and Africa Masterweb (both aka Masterweb) wish all our readers / well wishers and good men and women of the world "Merry Xmas and Prosperous 2014". May all your wishes come true. Our success is from your loyalty and support. Thank you and God Bless.
The Birth of Jesus:

While Mary was still engaged to Joseph, she miraculously became pregnant through the Holy Spirit, as foretold to her by the angel. When Mary told Joseph she was pregnant, he had every right to feel disgraced. He knew the child was not his own, and Mary's apparent unfaithfulness carried a grave social stigma. Joseph not only had the right to divorce Mary, under Jewish law she could be put to death by stoning.

Although Joseph's initial reaction was to break the engagement, the appropriate thing for a righteous man to do, he treated Mary with extreme kindness. He did not want to cause her further shame, so he decided to act quietly. But God sent an angel to Joseph in a dream to verify Mary's story and reassure him that his marriage to her was God's will. The angel explained that the child within Mary was conceived by the Holy Spirit, that his name would be Jesus and that he was the Messiah, God with us.
When Joseph woke from his dream, he willingly obeyed God and took Mary home to be his wife, in spite of the public humiliation he would face. Perhaps this noble quality is one of the reasons God chose him to be the Messiah's earthly father.

Joseph too must have wondered in awe as he remembered the words found in Isaiah 7:14, "Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel."

At that time, Caesar Augustus decreed that a census be taken, and every person in the entire Roman world had to go to his own town to register. Joseph, being of the line of David, was required to go to Bethlehem to register with Mary. While in Bethlehem, Mary gave birth to Jesus. Probably due to the census, the inn was too crowded, and Mary gave birth in a crude stable. She wrapped the baby in cloths and placed him in a manger.

The Shepherd's Worship the Savior:
Out in the fields, an angel of the Lord appeared to the shepherds who were tending their flocks of sheep by night. The angel announced that the Savior had been born in the town of David. Suddenly a great host of heavenly beings appeared with the angels and began singing praises to God. As the angelic beings departed, the shepherds decided to travel to Bethlehem and see the Christ-child.

There they found Mary, Joseph and the baby, in the stable. After their visit, they began to spread the word about this amazing child and everything the angel had said about him. They went on their way still praising and glorifying God. But Mary kept quiet, treasuring their words and pondering them in her heart. It must have been beyond her ability to grasp, that sleeping in her arms—the tender child she had just borne—was the Savior of the world.
The Magi Bring Gifts:
After Jesus' birth, Herod was king of Judea. At this time wise men (Magi) from the east saw a star, they came in search, knowing the star signified the birth of the king of the Jews. The wise men came to the Jewish rulers in Jerusalem and asked where the Christ was to be born. The rulers explained, "In Bethlehem in Judea," referring to Micah 5:2. Herod secretly met with the Magi and asked them to report back after they had found the child. Herod told the Magi that he too wanted to go and worship the babe. But secretly Herod was plotting to kill the child.
So the wise men continued to follow the star in search of the new born king and found Jesus with his mother in Bethlehem. (Most likely Jesus was already two years of age by this time.) They bowed and worshipped him, offering treasures of gold, incense, and myrrh. When they left, they did not return to Herod. They had been warned in a dream of his plot to destroy the child.

[ Masterweb Reports: Intersociety reports ] The Return Of Police Siege In Anambra State: How Personnel Of The Nigeria Police Force Run Riot On Innocent Citizens - (An Open Letter To IGP Mohammed Abubakar, Onitsha Nigeria, 21st of December, 2013)-It is no longer the police teaming up with the law abiding members of the public to fight crimes and their committers, rather, it is now the police teaming up with criminals to fight and punish the law abiding members of the public for being law abiding and avoid being in conflict with the criminal law. This ugly scenario has risen to an apogee in Onitsha, Nnewi and Awka zones of the State, with Onitsha zone being the hardest hit. In Onitsha zone, for instance, it is now a crime to be law abiding and saintly to be criminal.
In its 2013 World Human Rights’ Day report, issued in Onitsha on 8th of December, 2013, the Anambra State Branch of the Civil Liberties Organization named Okpoko Police Station in Ogbaru LGA of Anambra State as “the most corrupt policemen (station) in Anambra State”. The roguish police station is headed by SUPOL Emeka Ugwu. The “most money conscious officer” labeling went to SUPOL Tony Onyakhire, the unit commander of the Okpoko Unit’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). The “officer with a compromised mindset” went to SUPOL Friday Onoja, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Awada Police Station in Idemmili North LGA of Anambra State. On the positive side, the Anambra CLO gave CSP Shehu Meikudi, the DPO of Fegge Police Station in Onitsha South LGA of Anambra State “a role model and a disciplinarian” award.
In addition to the foregoing, the leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law agrees with the Anambra CLO that Okpoko Police Station is the doyen of corruption in the present Anambra State Police Command. It is also correct to say that its two pillars of corruption are predicated on roadblock and police station extortion and bail fees. Its main victims are traders conveying their wares from one
place to another. Also, among all the units of the Special Anti Robbery Squad of the Anambra State Police Command, the Okpoko Unit is the most degrading, corrupt and commercialized, followed by the Onitsha Central Police Station’s Unit. The Awkuzu SARS Headquarters remains unrivalled in terms of homicidal atrocities. In other words, it remains the “Anambra Killing Field”, surpassing threefold the records of the Anambra State Criminal Investigations Department. The Awkuzu SARS also has the “most expensive police bail fees chart” in the entire Anambra State Police
Out of the three zones of Onitsha, Awka and Nnewi, police formations in Onitsha are the most corrupt and criminally minded; followed by Awka zone including Awkuzu SARS and Ogidi Police Station; and Nnewi zone. In the field observation and investigation carried out recently by the leadership of intersociety to ascertain the level of compliance concerning the January 2012 country-wide ban and dismantling of most of over 3,500 police roadblocks by the Inspector General of Police, Mr. M.D. Abubakar; it was found that the compliance level in Onitsha zone has fallen to 20% from its post January 2012 level of 60%. That of Nnewi zone fell to 40% from the referenced level of 70%; while that of Awka zone stood at 60% from the referenced level of 80%. This simply means that the IGP’s order is in a verge of collapsing in Onitsha zone; shaky in Nnewi zone; and under threat in Awka zone.
It is recalled that IGP Mohammed Abubakar had on 30th of January, 2012, ordered the instant dismantling of over 3,500 police roadblocks across the country owing to hardships and death of many innocent citizens arising from the criminal policy. As at that time, Southeast geopolitical zone had over 1,500 police roadblocks and constituted about 60% or N32. 2Billion of the total criminal proceeds of over N53Billion raked in through roadblock extortion in three years, between 2009 and 2011( Intersociety 2011). The dismantling was substantially sequel to the Intersociety’s twin report of December 2011 on police killings and corruption in Nigeria. The IGP later constituted and stationed a number of special police checkpoints mounted by the Federal Highway Police patrol teams, which were stationed in strategic road checkpoints with official tags and identity cards. He also
ordered for motorized patrols by the Zonal and the State Police Commands. The policy under reference was not only celebrated by many Nigerians, but it helped in a great deal in remedying the battered image of the Nigeria Police Force and endeared the present IGP to the hearts of many, if not most Nigerians particularly the road users. In spite of this noble image remedial approach by IGP Mohammed Abubakar, the directive is still observed in breach and has risen to an apogee in recent weeks especially in Anambra State. Our field checks few days ago (December) showed that the personnel of the State Police Command including general duties, SARS and anti-riot, have flooded Anambra roads again especially in Onitsha zone. Some of the areas they were sighted harassing, molesting and extorting people are Onitsha Niger Bridgehead(up and under), Niger Street, Creek Road Roundabout, Port Harcourt Road by Upper Iweka, Upper Iweka by Aba Park, Owerri Road by Obodoukwu Road, Obodoukwu Road by Ede Road, Oraifite Street and Ezeiweka Road( Awada), Upper Iweka Under Flyover and Upper Flyover, Modebe Avenue, Nsugbe/GRA Road, Owerri Road by Rojenny Stadium (joining federal highway police team), Atani Road by Odekpe Central School, all in Onitsha zone. Others are Nnewi-Okigwe Federal Road by Azia/Isekke Road junction, Nnobi/AwkaEtiti Road by Ichida town, Ekwulobia Roundabout, etc.
The foregoing illegal police roadblocks monitored, did not include those mounted by the Federal Highway Patrol teams in designated areas like Onitsha-Enugu Dual Carriage Way by Nkwelle-Ezunaka junction, Onitsha-Enugu Dual Carriage Way by Umunya, Onitsha-Enugu Dual Carriage Way by Amansea, Onitsha-Owerri Dual Carriage Way by Nnewi Old Road junction, Onitsha-Owerri Dual Carriage Way by Okija Bridge and Isekke/Orsumoghu Road junction. The criminal routines of these illegal police roadblock squads are random demand for strange vehicular papers from their operators and receipts of wares being conveyed or carried from one place to another. Even when such vehicular operators and wares’ conveyors provide all
particulars known to Nigeria’s body of laws in matters of tort and crime laws, further flimsy demands are made so as to find ways to extort them or arrest and take them to police stations, where they are brutalized and cowed to pay illegal and astronomical bail fees or “buy back their wares” or both. In some cases, the criminal police officers label vehicles driven by their owners and wares being conveyed as “stolen or contraband” all with intent to extort.
The Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), on its part, engages in mass raids and arrests usually when people are retiring to their residences from works or businesses. Such criminal activities are also carried out in the evening time and in the streets during relaxing and retiring hours and early morning when people are rushing to their places of work. The victims are passersby, private and commercial motorcycle and motor vehicle operators and their passengers and wares. At times, the SARS operatives demand for strange papers and particulars from their victims and at the
other times, they arrest and brutalize their victims indiscriminately. Sometimes, victims of SARS are set or framed up and labeled “receivers of stolen goods or items looted from house breaking or burglary”. Those arrested are usually bruised before taking to Okpoko Police Station, where they are subjected to further torture and other inhuman or degrading treatments, after which they are held captive with a threat to transfer them to Awkuzu SARS Headquarters and label them “armed robbers” with possibility of being killed summarily without diligent criminal
procession including fair trial. Usually, to avoid being so labeled and executed, victims of SARS mass raids and arrests pay huge unlawful bail fees demanded of them by their captors (SARS). Though the criminal activities complained of are carried out by different SARS Units across Anambra State, but the Okpoko Unit is the worst perpetrator, followed by the Onitsha CPS Unit, then Awka CPS Unit, Nnewi CPS Unit, Ekwulobia and Ihiala Units.
Out of numerous recorded SARS mass raids and arrests particularly in Onitsha zone, that of 29th of October, 2013, is most callous and shocking, and therefore, worthy of mentioning. On the said date, between 7:00pm and 8:20pm, the Okpoko SARS Unit squad personally led by SUPOL Tony Onyahkire; its Unit Commander, invaded New Road/Abazuonu Street, Ihitenansa and Upper Acha Street all in Iyiowa Odekpe Layout in Ogbaru LGA of Anambra State with three 18-seater hired buses and arrested forty (40) adult residents of the area including husbands and wives, nursing mothers and pregnant women. They were arrested in front of their residences and street sales stores. Names of those arrested are: Ebuka Uchendu (male), Ejike Chukwuka (male), Mmaduka Isabel Chinenye (female), Ekene Olegeme (male) and Chinazo Olegeme (female)(sibling), Sunday Ugochukwu (male), Onyeka Enemuo (male), Patrick Chukwu (male), Chigozie Amachu (male), Udeme Usara (male), Emeka Obi (male), Amara Offordum (female), Ime Ekarika (male), Gift Donald
(female), Izueke Ethelbert (male)(matcheted & wounded), Eric Ndukwe (male), Nonso Onumaegbu (male), Ebuka (male), Joseph Ugwueke (male), Sir Lawrence Chukwudebere (male), Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Okafor (husband & wife).
Others are Patricia (female & pregnant woman), Uchenna Okonkwo (male), Marcel Ogbuefi (male), Chiamaka Ekechi (female), Uchenna Nwaebo (male), Chigozie Eke (male), Johnson Chibueze (male), Monday Nwali (male), Uchenna Nwabueze (male), Victor Okeke (vigilante) (brutalized & bruised), Nnaemeka Ugwu (vigilante), Okafor Chigozie (male), Offordile Tobechukwu (male), Ozoude Chinonso (male), Uzochukwu Chibuzor (male) (brutalized & bruised),Emeka and John Nnakaelo (sibling) and Okoye Andrew (male). They were packed like sardines in the three 18-seater buses alongside others arrested on their way to Iyiowa and taken to Okpoko Police Station where they were crammed in a batcher and asked to pay N10,000 each or risk being
labeled “armed robbers” and transferred to Awkuzu SARS for possible summary execution or subjected under huge bail fees conditions. By the time, the Intersociety team led by Comrade Justus Ijeoma got to the Station, over seventy citizens were counted as total number of those arrested and detained by Okpoko SARS. They were dumped in two small batchers without gender separation and made to excrete in two plastic buckets for the two batchers. Our timely intervention not only cost the criminal SARS squad the sum of N700,000, which they would have raked in
illicitly on a swoop from their over seventy detainees on average of N10,000 for each detainee, but also the sum of N20,000 forcefully demanded and collected from Sir Lawrence Chukwudebere and Mr. Norbert Okafor was refunded to them by the leader of the SARS Unit, SUPOL Tony Onyahkire amidst apologies. All the arrested citizen residents were detained till about 9:30am 30th of October, 2013, when they were released unconditionally owing to our intervention and insistence. Till date, such criminal raids and arrests have not abated. They were repeated on 2nd and 9th of December, 2013, respectively, by the Okpoko SARS Unit between 5: pm and 6:30pm in areas like Atani Road by Orange Drugs Industries Limited in Ogbaru LGA of Anambra State.
Following from the foregoing, therefore, the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar is put on notice over the foregoing atrocious acts of his personnel in Anambra State. The State is now under siege. The most shocking thing is that criminal activities particularly road and street extortion and brutalization are again on the increase in the State. Criminal entities have taken over the State especially the city of Onitsha and its environs. Anambra Roads are now “Onitsha Main Market”, where for you to pass especially with your wares or personal belongings, you must part with police and innumerable militant extortionist youth groups. In one of our field observation tours, we encountered a leader of one of such innumerable militant extortionist groups ordering a police officer who also extorts to “mind his own business and let him mind his own as well, because we are in this business together with the same intent”. Such is the ugly scenario playing out in Anambra State, especially Onitsha and its environs. The IGP must address these criminal activities of his personnel as a matter of utmost immediacy and public importance.
The Onitsha Area Commander, Mr. B.C. Wordu and his DPOs of Onitsha CPS, Fegge, Inland Town, Okpoko and Atani as well as the Awada and Ogidi DPOs, who are under Awka Area Command, should be particularly queried and code-sanctioned for dragging the remedying image of the NPF and the IGP back to their inglorious epoch. The new CP of Anambra State Police Command, Mr. Usman Akila Gwary must be directed to put an immediate stop to these atrocious and illegal acts and make all roads in the State conducive so as to allow the citizens of the State to celebrate the 2013 Christmas as free born Nigerians and not as those under captivity.
Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chairman of the Board
08033601078, 08180103912
Comrade Justus Uche Ijeoma, Head, Publicity Desk
*Photo Caption – Ademola Aderinto being manhandled and eventually shot dead Monday, January 9, 2012 by Nigeria Police officers at Ogba, Lagos State, Nigeria, during Occupy-Nigeria protest against fuel subsidy removal. *Occupy Nigeria is a socio-political protest movement that began in Nigeria on Monday, 2 January 2012 in response to the fuel subsidy removal by the Federal Government.

[ Masterweb Reports: Federal Ministry of Finance Press Release ] - In the past few weeks, the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has been the subject of high profile media attacks from several quarters.
The aim of these elements is to unduly politicise the management of the economy through a campaign of falsehoods and distortions.
The pronouncements of these political vested interests are based on false information and outright lies disguised as objective comments.
Fortunately Nigerians are wise to their antics and this campaign to damage the name of the Coordinating Minister, like previous ones, will fail.
We urge Nigerians to continue to be vigilant to the increasingly desperate actions of these elements. Where appropriate, we will continue to clarify the issues and point out the true situation in specific areas of the country’s economic management.
Many thanks.
Paul C. Nwabuikwu
Special Adviser to the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance.
*Photo Caption - Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Minister, Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria.