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Politicians Around The World Are Gradually Decimating Organized States

Politicians Around The World Are Gradually Decimating Organized States

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – I am beginning to think that politicians – apart from the ones that are involved in the early days of their nationhood – all over the world (but particularly African politicians) are the same and are the architect of the various crises ravaging mankind outside of natural disasters. There is nothing I hate so much as hearing an incumbent repeatedly lament that he cannot perform because of the activities of his predecessors in office. Why should a normal human being hide under the cloak of an earlier administration’s action or inaction, in office, to fail to perform and he would not abdicate his office? I loathe rulers who pass buck.
Can you imagine President Jacob Xuma - of South Africa - blaming apartheid regime and the governments before his administration as being responsible for the woes of South Africa now? His party, the ANC, has ruled South Africa for about 18 years since post apartheid era and President Jacob Xuma – who came to power with all manner of rhetoric and gimmick against Thabo Mbeki is – is giving frivolous excuses for his failure to deliver the dividends of democracy to his people. All indices point to the fact that South African economy has been nose diving in the recent years following collapse of apartheid.

And my question to all these uncreative politicians has been, did you ever take time to study the magnitude of the problems facing your state or country before thrusting up yourself to be voted into a ruler-ship position? If you did, were you not sensible enough to assess that you have or do not have the ability and the capacity to reverse the anomalies facing your nation or state or local government before strutting to be allowed to rule?

I sincerely hope President Xuma and co do not mess up South Africa to the point where apartheid regime gives the shade of an option or alternative form of governance. African nations are in dire need of leadership. We have had rulers all along.

In a bid to rule at all cost, most politicians all over the world today resort to cheap and populist songs which they sell to the electorate and as soon as they are voted into power they begin to put the blame of inability to perform on previous governments. And I ask again, what did you think of before asking to be voted for? To blame past government or to correct what the past government did wrongly or what it did not get right?

You get a mentally bereft, materially poor and dull human being who bulldozes his/her way to power position when he knows that he is not capable and creative enough to manage society. In a couple of months he becomes stupendously affluent and the citizenry and the state become stupendously poorer.

Then he starts trotting around the globe and roaming about in motorcades (within the state) with intimidating security agents of the state. Before you say jack, he/she turns around to blame previous administration for his inability to perform. And to add salt to the injury he would not honorably resign since it has become clear, even to him/her, that he/she has no solution to excruciating socio-political maladies staring his nation on the forehead. He serves s out his term aimlessly without any improvement and even goes all out to get reelected. He does not even struggle to leave the state of the economy the way he met it. He/she keeps meandering through until he finishes allowable term. The then relapses into what we call elder statesman from where he remotes the polity. He foists his offspring on the state to keep the looting game.

So from one administration to another, nations get poorer while these jokers get richer. The world is getting to a point where there will be total collapse of organized state and the politicians should prepare to face the consequences.

After singing the “Change We Need” song, President Obama of USA only managed to win a reelection (by only less than 2% over Romney of Republican) with the new slogan “Forward” and swaggering that Americans have decided and that he will be cutting tax from wealthy Americans to give the poor instead of proving how he will create more jobs to empower the middle class. And this is the kind of song that is easily bought by an impoverished electorate whose impoverishment is directly related to the politicians’ inability to steer the state ship in the right direction.

And at the same time it has been noted that the American congress is the costliest in the world. Why is it not easier for the executive and congress to start by reducing their pay pack and allowances, by 50%, which has constantly been rising since the past two to three decades irrespective of the economic tumble? The only thing that remains constant is the wages and allowances of politicians. They take the option that will tend to punish anyone else except themselves in times of economic difficulties which they initiated, in the first place, by their selfish actions.

Politicians spend more time consciously politicking (with the lives of the electorates) than they ruminate over scientific approach to solving socio-political problems of their countries. Effectively, up to 40% of their term is spent on politicking and political campaigns, another 30% on their personal lives and only 30% is spent on the rest of government activities which is mostly characterized by awarding contracts that never get to a logical end through which they stash away national wealth.

Today, President Obama is strutting on how he will veto the tax-cut policy if the congress fails to play ball to avoid what they have dubbed “fiscal cliff”, whatever that means. Politicians all over the world are fund of messing up the economies of their nations and when they do, they come up with some amazingly senseless phrases.

The question that comes to mind when President Obama swears to go ahead and implement tax cut from the wealthy class is, did they become wealthy illegally and if yes, why not prosecute them instead of talking about cutting their wealth for a “fiscal cliff” which they did not originate? Who are in this wealthy class? Are they chieftains of industry? And if you cut their money just because they are wealthy, will there not be a backlash on jobs and will the tax cut be the final solution to the so called “fiscal cliff”?

But the point worth making is that if tax cut becomes arbitrary, the middle class and, in fact, everybody else will soon become a victim. Politicians do not have a scientific approach for resolving societal problems. And it is a fact that when politicians are on a final lap of their term, there is nothing they have to run for again. They will tend to put up a bubby trap before leaving office so that when their successors come in, the buck passing continues and the citizenry continues to suffer for it.

We saw similar thing when President Jonathan of Nigeria who told us how he went to school without shoes and bags (and the slogan of ”Breath of fresh air and transformation” with sub slogan of “GOODLUCK”) suddenly turned out to become a President who would use over 1 billion naira for only feeding annually and turns around to blame Nigeria’s backwardness and woes on amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates.

There is this notion that Nigeria runs the second most expensive National assembly with its 109 senators and 360 reps and myriad of aids and it is on record that Alhaji Sanusi Lamido Sanusi of the Central Bank of Nigeria once alerted that the Nigerian national assembly takes a whopping 25% of Nigeria’s total national budget. Alhaji Maitama Sule – a onetime permanent representative to the UN – said that much (even though I do not see him much different from the rest) in The Punch of July 20th 2012 as reported by one Olusola Fabiyi.

Today, President Jonathan runs the highest number of ministers and aids than any other government before his, while he keeps threatening us with revolution and teasing us with an unfounded notion that he will become the best president at the end of his first term and at the same time signaling to us (in his recent media chat of 18th Nov. 2012) that one term of four years is not enough for any government to carry out any development that will be visible. What an absurdity? We have heard this over and over again and yet when a new person comes in, it rubbishes what his predecessor has done by restarting the whole process, all over, so as to create a room for the vicious looting and sharing of national wealth amongst its political cronies.

This is the same administration that has failed to shirk off corruption even with glaring evidence and chooses to punish Nigerians by removing what they call “subsidy”, a vague term that is being used to polish corruption. Is the wages and allowances of politicians fixed in heaven? Reasonable logic shows that a 50% cut in National Assemblies’ wages and allowances and that of the executive is even bigger and better savings than the indirect taxation on fuel being meted out on the populace in the name of “oil subsidy” removal. And 50% cut from their wages and allowances still leaves them with more than enough funds to leave their ostentatious lives.

We are seeing how President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt is gradually trying to become a 21st century dictator a few months after he backed a “revolution” that toppled Hosni Mubarak on the allegation of high handedness and corruption. Haba. What do these politicians take the rest of us for? This is a president who was alleged to have touched his private part while starring at Julia Gillard’s legs and breast. You now see the caliber of people who present themselves to electorates to be voted into high offices. I did a piece at the onset of the Arab spring era which I gave the caption “Egypt: A Revolution with yet no direction”.

In that piece, I had written thus: “A half backed revolution, from the forgoing, is worse than none. Even though most of the protesters at the Tahir square in Egypt have one concept in common and that is that the ship of the Egyptian state - as piloted by ousted captain Mubarak - is not headed in the right direction, none of them has an alternative direction. Or at least, no one amongst them was bold enough to handle the rudder and start the redirection that will take not less than 36 months to finally dismantle the vertices of dictator they are combating.”

Furthermore, I had in the aforementioned piece said that “… It is on this note that I am not comfortable when people insinuate that what is happening in Egypt now is a revolution. I call it mere protest. If it must be a revolution, Egyptians must insist that the army should go back to barracks while from among the protesters should a group of assembly be raised to oversee a general election that will usher in a democratic government that will not have the coloration and smell of Mubarak’s dictatorial establishment.

A thorough revolution, as we see from history and from definitions of it, comes not just to make a monarch or a dictator flee his country or abdicate his reign, but with strong and sustained radical socio-political quake that demolished the structures that had sustained the monarch or the dictator. The dictator should not be given the opportunity to flee his country but should be brought back to answer for every one penny fraudulently acquired and numerous human rights abuses during his reign.”

From all indications, one is not now certain if President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt has anything to offer. It has become another kangaroo case where he is arrogating extreme power to himself after supposedly being elected into office by Egyptians.

From Belusconi of Italy, Sakozi of France, Syrian Al Sad, and the states of Yemeni , North Korea , Greece, Namibia, Mali, CDR, Angola, Afghan, etc, the story is the same. Rulers live in affluence while citizenry scotch in abject poverty. The middle class has almost vanished in so many nations of the world.

The major difference between politicians of civilized world and that of under developed nations (particularly of African states) is in the style of wealth accumulation and storage. Whereas the politicians of developed nations are hamstrung by their laws on where they keep their loots or wealth acquired by virtue of their status, the developing nations’ politicians stash their wealth away in more “stable” economies of the developed worlds, thus creating capital flight out of their economies. The politicians of African nations look inferior to their counterparts in civilized worlds and above all, they behave as if their state is doomed to collapse.

The similarity is that both are treacherous, they both come out richer than they were; their nations come out poorer than they were.

You need to see where these politicians converge under all manner of names: g5, g8, g20, AU, UN, etc, in Viena Austria, New Zealand, Adis Ababa and every other most benign countries in the best of environment to discuss about issues ranging from energy, ecosystem, ecology, ozone layer depletion, world peace, terrorism, Middle East issues, etc. You would almost think they are in a fashion parade. Then thereafter they parade themselves before journalists and give communiqué. Several years down the line, the situations get worse and so you wonder what they actually go to discuss.

But if you reason that no discovery or invention has ever taken place in atmosphere of absolute comfort, you would understand why politicians and rulers – world over – may not be the best group to foster social engineering that will usher peace to mankind. Politicians and rulers, all over the world, get confused when they get to power and begin to enjoy absolutely unimaginable comfort. Thinkers and creative people who bring about situation that add value to humanity either do not come from rosy background or they debunk their cozy environment in search of knowledge and wisdom. They are not people who stuff their local and foreign accounts with wealth stolen from national treasuries of their countries. They do not leave their immediate environment when they search for solutions. They do not enter jet plane to fly across and around the world.

Some politicians of these days come from a much decadent background to become super rich without any tangible effort other than feasting on state treasury. Most are usually offspring of past corrupt rulers who brought their countries to the nasty and messy situation such states are into. Most of them cannot run companies successfully and they make life uncomfortable for entrepreneurs who venture into politics.

They also asphyxiate entrepreneurs with heavy and double taxations with little or no infrastructural development that will encourage entrepreneurs. So what you get is a situation where these frustrated entrepreneurs employ the teaming youths for a very undeserving remuneration thus creating a very gullible and focus less and less patriotic youth population. These youths become vulnerable to manipulation by the same politicians who use them for all manner of nefarious activities in their bid to grab power at all cost. The state keeps suffering while these uncharitable politicians blossom shamelessly.

The first step in reversing this trend, of organized state collapse caused by politicians, is to make leadership less and less comfortable and attractive. People who aspire to lead should denounce or be made to denounce extra inducement. They should not be allowed to leave in separate places called government houses. They should be made to live as ordinary citizens while government functions should be carried out on exigency basis. They must be made to live with the populace and face the same conditions so that they will understand the realities of the people they claim to be serving. They must be banned from travelling oversee for medical treatment. Their families must be banned from schooling abroad.

The second step is for the electorate to realize that politicians are not doing them any favors. They should stop being helpless in their own land. They should rise to the occasion by voting out whoever chooses ostentatious live instead of using their country’s wealth to develop their State. The citizenry should evolve more nationalistic instinct and think more of the future of their countries than the prevailing quest to get rich quick even at the expense of national growth and sustainability.

The third option is to ban anybody who does not have a vocation from standing any elective position or even taking up any public appointment. Politics should not on itself become a vocation for anybody. You should be one of a University teacher, an entrepreneur, scientist, a mason, an accomplished lawyer, a medical expert, an accomplished engineer, etc before being eligible to hold public office. People who get elected should have gotten to the pick of their chosen vocation. Politics and politicking should be seen as pure service. People who get wealthier after engaging in public service should be sanctioned by the law.

Most of the people who parade themselves today as politicians (at least from Nigerian perspective) do not come from any definable vocation. Most of them do not have the capacity and any inkling of what is required to move an organized state forward because they do not understand what an organized state means to the citizenry in the first place. It is time social scientists got up to formulate what should be the minimum credential for one to answer a politician. At the moment, the only credential in Nigeria is if you are not good in anything but treachery.

Chris Onyishi ( reports from Enugu, Nigeria.

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