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Ohanaeze Ndigbo Holds Election November or December

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Holds Election November or December

 [ Masterweb Reports ] ..As Ohanaeze Holds It’s Election, A Call For All Igbos In The Diaspora & Home To Participate Directly or Indirectly: The Apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo will hold its General Elections between late November and December this year. The Amb Raph Uwechue regime is expected to hand over to a new Executive Committee by the end of January 2013. Uwechue's regime witnessed a flurry of activities such as the settlement of the Ezigbo issue in the Diaspora, the stronger political understanding between the South East and South South which paved the way for the emergence of Goodluck Jonathan in 2011, the detachment of Ohanaeze Ndigbo from the whims and caprices of political actors , the successful hosting of IGBO DAYS , the building of bridges of understanding with other power blocs and socio-cultural organisations in Nigeria such as AFENIFERE , AREWA AND SSPA, the contribution to the emergence of the SGF, the design of a modern secretariat for Ohanaeze Ndigbo and other visible and invisible achievements.
Like in all human activities there may have also been some areas he could have improved on such as the regularity of IMEOBI and General Assembly meetings . However National Executive meetings were regular and lively. Also the issue of the OHANAEZE FOUNDATION nearly created some sore notes but the facts and realities have been adumbrated and hopefully resolved. . Any other outstanding issues will expectedly be handled by the incoming Executive Committee.Ndigbo like to know and ask questions on how they are ruled or led and its part of our democratic culture which is of course a good attribute.

Some Igbos think that Goodluck Jonathan has not fulfilled his promises to Ndigbo considering the enormous support given to him by Ndigbo. This Author is challenging Goodluck Jonathan to prove those that hold this view wrong . Am from Umuahia and I know that moving from Umuahia to Enugu where I reside is a nightmare. The day International flight begin to land in Enugu is the day I will believe that Enugu Airport is international indeed.

Coming back to the Ohanaeze Ndigbo election, the critical issues the incoming National Executive will address include funding of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, state creation in the south east, ensuring that the federal governent include oil producing states of the south east, which now includes Anambra and even Enugu, in the Amnesty program( There is no reason why MASSOB ACTIVITSTS) should not also be considered for the AMNESTY PROGRAMME, federal presence in Igboland, a credible census in Nigeria, the 2015 political contest , the MASSOB QUESTION etc.

It is therefore imperative that only tested and patriotic Igbos are elected for various Ohanaeze positions in the oncoming election.

We shall keep You posted on the election and the possible candidates.

Chuks Ibegbu reports.

Chuks Ibegbu
A Chieftain of Ohanaeze Ndigbo & Writer On National And International Issues.

*Photo Caption - President-General Ohaneze Ndigbo, Ambassador Ralph Uwechue